Roy and I were sitting around the apartment, and we were getting bored. So, we decided to get dressed up and head to one of the local bars we both enjoy.

I put on a very short skirt and a tight-fitting top. Since the bar we were going to does not have a strict dress code, I put on a pair of sneakers for comfort. Since my little skirt was black, I picked out a sexy red thong to wear.

Once the two of us were ready, we decided to walk to the bar since the weather was nice. It’s just a little over a mile away so, it did not take long to get there.

When we first walked into the bar, we looked around and found a table by one of the pool tables. We sat down and ordered drinks and a cheese plate to snack on.

The bar was playing some really good music tonight. I was dancing to the music a little in my seat and just having fun. It was an enjoyable night out. Roy took one of the cheese sticks and fed it to me. I was in one of those moods and started pretending I was teasing a cock with it. Roy gets a little embarrassed when I do things like that, but it’s fun watching him squirm a little. It actually turns me on just a bit.

I noticed that two hot guys that were standing by the bar noticed what I was doing. I smiled at them and decided to have a little fun with them and flirt a bit. I stared right at the two of them and took my finger and slowly rolled my tongue around it and then started sucking on it slowly. I remove my finger from my mouth and smiled at the two of them again.

I actually think I made them both a little nervous. Both of them seem to be fidgeting a little and they quickly turned back around to face the bar. I actually enjoyed teasing them.

Roy placed his hand on my thigh, leaned over and asked me which one of those two guys was I attracted too? I looked at him and said, “Actually both of them.” Roy gave me a kiss and slid his hand up under my skirt and rubbed my pussy through my thong for a few seconds. I tensed up a little and realized that I was a little horny.

We ordered a second round of drinks and chatted a little about a sexual adventure the two of us have been planning. This was turning out to be a very enjoyable night out.

I saw a friend of ours come in the door, waved at her and went over to get a hug and say hi. We chatted a bit and she told me that she was here to meet two of her guy friends to shoot some pool.

Shannon looked around the bar to find them. Once she spotted them, she pointed them out to me. It was the two hot guys at the bar that I was teasing earlier! I told her what I did to them, and she laughed and said, “You have got to meet them then.”

She said, “Let me go let them know I am here, and I’ll bring them over to your table so you can meet them.”

I went back over to our table and sat down with Roy. Shannon walked over to her friends and gave them both big hugs. She then looked our way and I smiled. I was actually a little embarrassed now.

Shannon started walking over to our table with the two guys in tow. They seemed a little nervous also. So, I said to myself, what the heck and decided too just be myself. I smiled and Roy and I stood up from the table.

Shannon introduced Josh and Kirk to us. I was going to shake their hands, but I thought to myself, they are both too hot for just a handshake. So, I gave them both a big hug and made sure my cheek pressed against theirs.

The five of us sat down and Roy and I started to get to know Shannon’s two friends. Roy and I knew Shannon very well, we have had a threesome with her on many occasions.

After we got to know each other a little, they seemed like nice guys. Josh and Kirk decided to shoot a game of pool. They both stood up and selected pool cues and started to play.

Kirk needed to make a shot from the side of the table where we were sitting. He bent over the table to make his shot with his ass pointed towards us. I grabbed Shannon’s thigh and squeezed. She looked at me and said, “I take it you like the view.” I realized just how hard I was squeezing Shannon’s thigh and let go. I looked at her and said, “Sorry, but that view was great.” We both laughed a bit and continued to watch them play.

The next time one of them bent over to make a shot in front of us, Shannon reached over and smacked him on the ass. Josh turned around and looked at us and Shannon quickly said, “Don’t look at me. Danielle did it.” That little bitch just threw me under the bus! Oh, I’ll get her back.

She just smiled at me with a big grin. Shannon scooted her chair over right next to mine so we could talk easier. We started talking about how she met Josh and Kirk. She said that she used to work with them at a previous job and that the three of them hung out from time to time.

While Shannon and I were talking, I noticed she had her hand on my thigh. So, I placed mine on hers. I knew she would not have a problem with it since the two of us have had sex with each other many times.

As we watched her friends shoot pool, Shannon started to slowly caress the inside of my thigh and kept moving up my thigh towards my pussy very slowly. OK, watching two hot guys and Shannon sexually flirting with me got me all hot and bothered.

When Josh and Kirk returned to the table, Shannon and I decided to play a game of pool. We got up and went over to the pool cue rack and started looking through the cues.

Shannon looked at me and had an evil smile on her face. She said, “Want to have some real fun?” I knew exactly what was going through her mind. I said, “You know I do.”

We started playing with the pool cues like they were cocks. She looked back at the three guys and licked her lips. She looked back and me and said, “Now that we have their attention, let’s have some real fun.”

As we shot pool both of us started teasing the guys by bending over a little further to make a shot. I could feel my short skirt riding up, so I know they had a good view of my red thong.

Shannon unbuttoned a few of the buttons on her blouse so you could get a good view of her boobs when she bent over to make a shot. I made sure I got a good view of them each time she bent over. Shannon has a nice set of boobs and I love to play with them when Roy and I have sex with her.

We both continued to sexually tease the guys for a bit. I then had an evil little thought. I was bending over to make a shot when I stood back up and looked at Josh. I asked him if he could help me line up this shot. He agreed and came over to the table.

I bent back over and asked him to get behind me and lean over me like he was making the shot. I could tell he was just a little nervous with my request.

He got behind me and bent over my back and took the cue in his hands along with mine like he was going to make the shot.

I pushed my ass back into his crotch and moved it like I was sitting down on a comfortable pillow. I told him to lean a little more into me so I could feel him lining up the shot. He did as I requested but he started to shake a little.

He started moving the cue back and forth lining up the shot. I said, “I see, take long slow strokes.” I swear I heard him swallow hard. I could even feel his cock getting a little hard.

Shannon and I continued to play and tease the guys. The next time it was my shot, Shannon walked over to the table to sip on her drink. She was standing behind Josh and Kirk rubbing their chests and talking to them. Both of them had great chests. Watching her do that turned me on even more.

When we finished playing pool we walked back over to our table. Shannon stat down beside Roy and told Josh and Kirk to sit down beside me and ask how I met Shannon. I looked at her with an expression on my face like, tell them everything? She looked at me and nodded her head and smiled.

Shannon turned back towards Roy and the two of them started chatting. I was sitting between two hot sexy guys that I wanted to touch all over and tell them about how Shannon and I have had sex?

The three of us chatted a bit and I finally got the courage up to move our conversation to how Roy and I have sex with Shannon frequently.

I hinted around the bush a little and finally told Josh and Kirk how we met Shannon and about our threesomes. They both appeared to not know how to respond to that. I placed my hands on their thighs and told them how I am bisexual and love to have sex with guys and girls.

They seemed to be getting a little excited but nervous at the same time. So, I took a deep breath and slid my hands to the inside of their thighs and started to rub.

They both immediately looked over at Roy like they did not know how to respond. Roy looked at them and said, “It looks like the two of you may have bitten off a little more than you can chew.” He smiled and turned back around to Shannon and kissed her. When Roy did that, they seemed to sigh a little with relief and the three of us continued to talk.

I excused myself for a moment and told them that I had to go to the lady’s room. I asked Shannon if she would like to join me. She smiled and stood up. The two of us went to the lady’s room.

I really did not need to use it. I just wanted to talk to Shannon alone for a minute. I asked her if she had any problems with me trying to seduce her two friends. She told me that I better because both of them were sexually attracted to me.

Before we left the ladies room, I took a little advantage of Shannon. We kissed a little and I played with her boobs for a few minutes. She then looked at me and said, “Let’s go seduce these guys.”

When we returned to the table, Shannon sat back down beside Roy, and I stood behind Josh and Kirk. I had to take advantage of the moment. I put my hand on their shoulders and slowly started to move them down to their chests. I then rubbed their chests for a few minutes. This was getting me even hotter.

I then sat back down between the two of them and started to flirt with both of them a little. I guess the guys relaxed a bit because I suddenly felt each of them place a hand on my thighs.

I let them rest their hands on top of my thighs for a minute or two. I then opened my thighs a little hoping they would take the hint that it was OK with me for them to get more intimate with me.

After a few more minutes I could feel the two of them inching down to the inside of my thighs. They rested their hands there for a bit and then Josh started to move his hand back and forth along my inner thigh.

Kirk’s hand was not moving and felt like it was shaking a bit. So, I put my hand on his and started moving his hand back and forth along my inner thigh. Once I noticed he seemed to be comfortable, I removed my hand and let him continue to stroke my thigh on his own.

I opened my thighs a little more and placed my hands in their laps. They continued to caress my thighs. I felt Kirk move his hand up my thigh further and lightly brush my pussy. His eyes got a little big, because he apparently noticed I had taken my thong off while I was in the lady’s room.

I looked over at Shannon and Roy and could see that she was stroking his cock through his pants. Roy had his hand on the small of her back and was whispering in her ear. Shannon seemed to like what he was saying as she tilted her head back and closed her eyes for a moment.

Kirk and Josh where now both taking turns caressing my inner thighs and stroking my pussy. I could tell I was starting to get wet. I actually let out a quiet little moan. This seemed to turn the guys on as I felt both of their cocks grow a little.

Both Josh and Kirk started playing with my pussy at the same time. One was drawing circles with his fingers around my clit while the other one was sliding a finger or two inside me just a little and moving it in and out. This was driving me crazy.

After I could not take anymore and wanted to be fucked hard, I suggested that the five of us take a walk and smoke a little pot. Everyone seemed interested, so we all left the bar and started walking down the street that led back towards our apartment.

We lit up a pipe and all took a few hits off of it. We were all getting a little high and started talking about what Roy and I would do to Shannon that drove her up the wall. She started telling Josh and Kirk about some of the sexual adventures the three of us have taken. Our conversations had all turned to sex. I wanted both of these guys to take me even more.

As we started to walk by the park, Roy suggested that we all go find a place in the park to sit and talk. The park was by a canal and seemed to be deserted. It was closed for the night, but we went down by the canal at the edge of a stand of trees so hopefully the cars driving by could not see us.

We all sat down and kicked back. Shannon sat down between Roy’s legs, and I sat down between Josh and Kirk. We smoked a little more pot and chatted a little while.

I felt Josh and Kirk starting to play with my inner thighs and pussy again. I spread my legs so they could do whatever they wanted to me. I kissed each one of them and unzipped their pants so I could reach in and play with their cocks.

They both had gotten very hard. I could feel they both had pre-cum starting to flow. I removed my hands one at a time and licked the pre-cum off of my fingers. This seemed to excite both of them a lot.

I continued to stroke their cocks while they played with my pussy for several more minutes. I then decided to slide their pants down a little to give me easy access to their cocks.

I leaned over and started sucking on Josh’s cock. I felt Kirk spreading my legs open. I adjusted myself so he could easily get to my pussy. He went down on me and started eating me. Now, this was more like it.

After I sucked Josh’s cock for a while, I moved so I was in doggy style and started to suck Kirk’s cock. Josh moved behind me and started orally pleasuring me from behind. I pooched my ass up a little to give him better access. He started licking both my pussy and ass. It felt really good. I could feel my ass relaxing, apparently, I was in the mood for anal. Maybe I could get them to take me at the same time.

I continued to suck on Kirk’s cock and decided to deep throat him a little. Each time I went all the way down on his cock, he moaned and tensed up.

After a few more minutes, I told Kirk to lie down on the ground face up. I straddled him and slid his cock inside my pussy as deep as I could take it. He was a little on the large side, so I felt a nice feeling stretching sensation. It felt good. I started to pump up and down on his cock to get adjusted to his size.

Once I was comfortable with Kirk’s size, I told Josh to take me from behind. I bent over and started to kiss Kirk. Josh moved behind me and started to play with my ass with his tongue. It felt great!

After he had my ass nice and relaxed, I felt a little pressure on my asshole. I could feel him sliding his cock into my ass. I gasped as he entered me. He was also a little larger than I was used to taking anally.

He started to rub my back as he slowly penetrated me from behind. That relaxed me just enough so I could take the size of his cock in my ass and enjoy it.

I could feel him going deeper inside me with each stroke. I felt like I was already starting to cum. I was not ready to just yet. I relaxed a little more and enjoyed the sensations and fullness of the two of them filling both holes. The long strokes each was taking felt amazing. I was a happy and very horny girl.

I started thinking that I was going to kill Shannon for not introducing these two guys to me a long time ago.

I could hear both Shannon and Roy moaning, so I knew they were taking good care of each other.

As Kirk and Josh continued to fuck me, I could feel a strong orgasm coming on. I started to get a little loud with my moans and then realized we could be caught. So, I bit down on my lip just enough to muffle my moans of ecstasy.

As I got close to coming, I started French kissing Kirk. I’m not a big French kisser but I was doing it to muffle my screams as I was cumming.

When I started to cum, I could feel both Kirk and Josh’s cocks start to throb inside me. I knew they were about to cum. I felt both of them tensing up and trying to muffle their moans as they both came inside me at the same time.

The feeling of their cum and the throbbing of their cocks inside me caused me to cum a second time. My entire body started to tremble as I collapsed onto Kirk. Josh laid down on top of me and our breathing synced together. It felt great and soothing.

We must have laid there for 15 or 20 minutes. Once I recovered, I sat up and looked over at Roy and Shannon. Shannon was laying on top of Roy with his cock still inside her. They looked so peaceful; I did not want to wake them.

I gave them a few more minutes while I talked to my two new guy friends. We all finally got up and cleaned up the best we could.

Roy and Shannon said they really enjoyed the sex show. The three of us blushed a little and just smiled. Kirk said, “Next time, we are charging admission.” Josh agreed with him. Hmm… I guess I may have two new best guy friends with benefits.

We all headed home and made a promise to each other that we would all do this again.