Jessica, Roy, and I all like to flirt with strangers when we go to a bar. Roy and I are happily married, and Jessica has lived with us for about 6 months now as a third to our relationship. All three of us enjoy the thrill and excitement of seducing a stranger and having sex with them. It was a little difficult at times because the person or persons we were flirting with would quickly figure out that the three of us were with each other romantically.

Roy came up with an idea that we could take turns acting single. The other two would act like they were a couple, and friends that came out for a few drinks with them.

Tonight, was Jessica’s turn to act single. But I was really in the mood to flirt and pick up a stranger tonight. I asked Jessica if we could trade turns. She thought about it for a little while and said yes, with conditions.

OK, Jessica had me a little scared now. What were her conditions going to be? This is Jessica we are talking about. She could say that I had to walk into the bar totally nude or in a see thru dress with nothing under it, or something else crazy like that.

I reluctantly asked her what her conditions would be. She smiled with a big evil grin on her face and said, “I want you to wear a remote-controlled sex toy tonight. And, I will have the remote control.”

I told her that there was no way I would trust her with the remote. She looked at me, gave me a kiss, rubbed my pussy a bit, and said, “Those are my conditions. How bad do you want to pick up a stranger tonight?”

I gave her a mean look and reluctantly agreed. I really wanted to let my hair down tonight and have a stranger fuck me hard.

The three of us got dressed up. I inserted the remote-controlled sex toy and slid my thong on. Feeling the mild fullness from just having the toy inside me actually felt really good. Jessica and I put on short skirts and heels. We were going to go to a local bar that was a little classier and did prefer their patrons to dress nicely. Plus, the three of us like to dress to kill when we go out on the prowl.

On the ride over to the bar, Jessica had to test the remote control without warning me. I jumped a little because it startled me. I reached over and pinched her on the thigh. She laughed and said for me not to worry, she would only use the remote at appropriate times. Does she really think I trust her? Ha! I did warn her that pay backs can be hell.

When our ride arrived at the bar, the three of us got out of the car and walked into the bar. We looked around and found a table near the bar but also had a great view of the dance floor. Roy pulled both our chairs out and slid them in for us as we sat down.

Roy sat down beside Jessica and gave her a little kiss so anyone looking our way would think that the two of them were a couple. I sat across from them so it would look like that I’m just a friend of theirs that came out for a drink with them.

Sometimes we don’t come in together. We mix it up and on occasion, the one of us that is playing single goes inside to the bar about 10 or 15 minutes earlier. We also reverse that from time to time where the one of us playing single comes in a little later.

Roy ordered us a round of drinks and the three of us started to chat. Of course, I was already scanning the bar to see what guys or girls sexually attracted me. I saw several that got me tingling down there.

I decided to take a little stroll around the bar. I asked Jessica to watch and when I returned to the table to let me know who took an interest in me.

I walked down the side of the bar and smiled at a few guys. I winked at one that was especially hot. I made sure that I was strutting a little as I walked around. I wanted to make sure people knew I was wanting to draw some attention.

On my way back I saw two guys smiling at me that were standing at the bar. I smiled back and stopped to chat with them for a few minutes. I flirted with them a little and made sure I was rubbing up against each of them from time to time.

I put my foot on one of the barstool rungs so my thigh would be in great view, and it would cause my skirt to ride up a little. That seemed to get both of them a little excited.

After chatting and teasing these two guys a little longer, I returned to the table where Roy and Jessica where seated. I smiled at them and sat back down to have a little more of my drink.

I asked Jessica to point out who she thought showed an interest in me besides the two guys I just flirted with at the bar. She pointed out several guys that watched me walk by them. She pointed out one guy that she said was checking out my butt very closely. I glanced over at him and smiled. He quickly looked away like he got embarrassed that I saw him looking my way. Ahhh.. A challenge! I like challenges.

The three of us ordered another round of drinks. We continued to chat, and Roy and Jessica continued to act as a couple. Roy had his hand on Jessica’s thigh and was lightly rubbing it. He was using his nails to lightly scratch the inside of her thigh from time to time. That was one of many things that drove Jessica a little crazy. She loves it.

Jessica saw that I noticed she was getting a little horny. So, she decided to turn on the remote sex toy I had inside me. I jumped just a little. She left it on for a minute or two, just enough to get me sexually excited. Once she saw me breathing a little heavy, she smiled at me and turned it off. OK, this remote-controlled sex toy thing may have been a really good idea. I smiled back at her and licked my lips very provocatively.

I decided to walk by the shy guy and have a little fun. As I walked by him, I winked at him. He seemed to gulp and looked like he was trying to get the courage to say something to me but could not.

I slid in beside him at the bar to order a drink. I made sure that I leaned over and pooched my butt out so he would have a good view. I could see his eyes move to my butt and since my hip was actually touching him, I could feel he was shaking a little.

Right then, Jessica decided to turn the sex toy on! I jumped just a little and let out a small moan. Boy, did that make him nervous. I started flirting with him and talking to him. He was doing his best to respond to me, but he was still very nervous.

Jessica turned up the sex toy and it was making me a little weak in the knees. I asked him if the seat beside him was taken. He said no and I then asked if he minded if I joined him. He stuttered a little as he said sure. He then pulled the bar stool out so I could sit down.

Once I sat down, Jessica turned off the sex toy. I’m surprised she did not leave it on. Maybe she will keep her promise and only use it at appropriate times. Though, as horny as it was making me, I didn’t really care. I was liking it.

I introduced myself to him and he said his name was Devyn. We chatted for a bit, and he seemed to finally relax around me. So, I started to flirt with him as we got to know each other.

I could see Roy and Jessica in the mirror behind the bar. It looked like Roy has gotten Jessica all hot and bothered. She was touching him a lot. When Jessica gets really horny, she tends to touch the person she wants to have sex with a lot. She was all over Roy. I’m absolutely sure that he did not mind at all.

I still kept my eyes on the two guys I flirted with at the other end of the bar, just in case Devyn clammed up on me and my plan to seduce him did not work out. I like to leave my options open. Especially when it comes to sex. I had no plans to leave the bar without picking up someone to fuck. I was in the mood for raw, hardcore sex.

While I was sitting next to Devyn, I let my skirt ride up just enough so he could see the thong that I was wearing. It was white, so it stood out under my little black skirt. The bar had black lights, so the white thong actually glowed.

I noticed that he kept glancing down between my legs, so I was sure he had a good view. It was fun watching him try to get a glimpse up my skirt without getting caught. I let him get away with thinking that I was not noticing him taking a peek up my skirt for a while.

I started to tell him how much I love slow dancing. I was hoping that would get him to make some type of move on me. When the next slow song came on, I looked at Devyn and said, “I love dancing to this song.” He stumbled on his words a bit but managed to ask me if I would like to dance. I smiled at him, leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek as I said, “Yes, I would love to dance with you.”

We stood up and he actually took my hand and led me to the dance floor. I was pleasantly shocked.

We started to slow dance and we put our arms around each other. I nestled my head on his shoulder so he could feel my breathing against his neck. He must have gotten some courage because he pulled me in tight to him.

I started to rub his back a little. That made him pull me in even tighter. I then let my hands wander a bit and moved one to his lower back. I started to breathe deeper so he could feel and hear my breath against his neck.

He slowly started to move one of his hands down my back towards my butt. I could tell he wanted to place his hand on my butt but was a little scared too.

I decided to give him a clear signal that it was OK. I moved my hand down to his butt and grabbed one of his butt cheeks. I left my hand on his butt and squeezed from time to time.

That apparently worked. I felt Devyn moving his hand down to my butt and when he touched it, I moaned slightly. That seemed to get him a little excited. I could feel he was getting a little hard through his pants.

Jessica apparently decided that I needed a little more sexual excitement and turned on the sex toy again. She had it set to low and pulsing. WOW, did that feel good.

I started moaning a little louder in Devyn’s ear and he had no clue what was going on inside my pussy. That was actually thrilling.

Once we finished dancing, I told him that I should introduce him to my two friends, so they don’t think I ran off without them. He agreed and we started walking over towards Roy and Jessica.

When we got to the table, Roy stood up and I introduced them to each other. Roy played his part well and told Devyn that he was glad Danielle met someone here so she would not feel like a third wheel. Perfect!

We sat down and Roy ordered us a round of drinks. We all chatted with Devyn and made him feel welcome. He now appeared to be fully relaxed and not nervous anymore. I guess those two other hot guys are just out of luck tonight. Maybe another night, I’ll take both of them home with me.

Jessica starts moving our conversations to the sexual side. She started telling Devyn how her and Roy loved going to swingers clubs. Devyn’s eyes opened wide and told her that he wanted to go to one but could not find a woman that was interested in going with him to a swingers club.

Jessica looked him directly in the eyes and said, “What about asking Danielle? She goes with us to the swingers clubs all the time.” My eyes got a little big when Jessica said that. I then turned and looked at Devyn like I was waiting for him to ask me.

The sexual tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. I just continued to look at him. When I saw him swallow very hard, I said, “If you ever want to go, I’ll go with you.” He relaxed again and said, “I would love to take you.”

I then said to Devyn, “It’s a date, the four of us will go to a swingers club together and see how much trouble we can get into.”

The three of us started telling Devyn about some of the sexual adventures we have had at different swingers clubs we have gone to.

I felt Devyn put his hand on top of my thigh. I opened my legs a little and placed my hand on top of his. After a minute or two, I slid his hand down to my inner thigh. I rubbed the back of his hand back and forth to signal to him that I was enjoying his touch.

I then started to move his hand up and down my inner thigh very slowly. I took my hand away and Devyn continued to stroke my inner thigh. I placed my hand on his inner thigh and started to rub it very provocatively.

I slowly moved my hand until I could feel his cock through his pants. He was getting hard. I started to massage his cock very gently.

After a few minutes I felt his hand going further up my skirt. He started to brush against my pussy. I looked at him and told him how I had a remote-controlled sex toy inside me, and that Jessica had the remote. He looked a little shocked. I told him to place his hand on my pussy and I would show him.

He cupped my pussy and I told Jessica to turn it on. I asked him if he could feel the vibrations. I was still massaging his cock through his pants and could feel that he had gotten extremely hard. I leaned over and told him to kiss me.

As I was kissing him, Jessica turned the sex toy up a little. Devyn started massaging my pussy harder. I think I could easily cum fairly soon.

Jessica got our attention and said, “I have an idea. Why don’t the four of us go back to our place and have a foursome?”

I squeezed Devyn’s cock a little harder, looked him directly in the eyes, licked my lips, and said, “That sounds like a lot of fun. Want to fuck both Jessica and I?” Devyn looked a little nervous again and said, “Are you serious?” I said, “Of course.” Devyn said, “I would love to. I have never done anything like that before.” I told him, “You won’t be able to say that after tonight.” I leaned over and gave him a big kiss and said, “Let’s go.”

Roy got us a ride share to take us all back to the apartment. When the car was close, the four of us went outside to wait for it. Once the car arrived, the four of us climbed in the back seat. It was a tight fit, but we managed to all get in.

Devyn was sitting between Jessica and me. Jessica and I both started to rub his thighs and play with his cock through his pants. He looked very nervous and looked like he was about to shoot his load in his pants. The two of us slowed down so he could relax a bit and actually get to fuck us both before he exploded.

The car pulled up in front of our apartment and the four of us went inside. Roy made us some drinks. Jessica and I went in the bedroom and changed into some very sexy lingerie. We then went back out to the living room. Roy put on some music and Jessica and I started dancing for the guys. Devyn had a big grin in his face. I could tell he was having a good time.

Jessica started giving Roy a lap dance while I gave Devyn one. While I was grinding a little in his lap, I reached down and unzipped his pants. I then dropped down to the floor in my knees and slid off his pants. I could see Devyn’s bulge through his underwear. He was very excited.

I looked over at Jessica and Roy. She had already had his pants off and was giving him a blowjob. Jessica was not wasting any time.

I suggested that the four of us move to the bedroom so we could be more comfortable. I stood up and took Devyn’s hand and led him to the bedroom.

Once the four of us were in the bedroom, Jessica helped me to remove the rest of Devyn’s clothes. Once we had him nude, we undressed Roy. The four of us then climbed into the bed.

I told Devyn to lie back on the bed. I straddled him, slid his hard cock into my pussy, and started to ride him. Jessica straddled his face and lowered her pussy onto his mouth. Devyn started to lick and suck on her pussy.

Jessica and I were facing each other and wrapped our arms around each other and started to kiss. Roy came around behind me and started to massage my neck and shoulders. Boy, did that feel good.

Jessica and I both started moaning. That seemed to really get Devyn excited. You could hear him moaning while still eating Jessica’s pussy.

After several minutes had past, Jessica and I changed places. She started riding his cock while I was sitting on his face being orally pleasured.

Roy got behind Jessica and told her to bend over so he could take her anally. When she did, Roy lubed her ass, teased it, and fingered it until she was relaxed. He then applied a little more lube to his cock and slid it slowly into her ass.

Jessica started to moan and shake a little. That excited me. I could feel an orgasm coming on. I started sliding my pussy back and forth across Devyn’s mouth. I was getting very close to cumming.

I watched Jessica taking both Roy’s and Devyn’s cocks deep inside her. She was getting close to exploding.

I started rubbing her back while she was being double penetrated by the guys. She started getting very loud with her moaning. She was starting to orgasm.

Seeing her and hearing her orgasm, caused me to start trembling and brought on a full body orgasm. I started to scream in ecstasy. I collapsed onto Jessica’s back and just laid there while my body had one orgasm after another.

Jessica started to have a second orgasm. Both the guys were starting to get very vocal, so I know they were about to shoot their loads deep inside Jessica.

Jessica let out one last scream as both Roy and Devyn started to cum at the same time. I could feel her body go limp and she just laid there shaking.

The four of us just laid there holding each other until we recovered. Once we could move again, we laid back on the bed and chatted about the experience we just had.

Devyn was very excited and talkative about what just happened. As he relived the experience, Jessica and I massaged his cock and balls gently. I told him to remember that he promised to go with me the next time Roy, Jessica, and I went to a swingers club. He smiled and promised that he would.

After Devyn got dressed and left, Roy, Jessica and I went back into the bedroom and the three of us cuddled as we fell asleep. I really enjoyed tonight and look forward to possibly playing with Devyn again. I also hope I will run into those two hot guys at the bar again. I could really have some fun with them.