The swinging lifestyle has several main swinging types and some subsets of the main swinging types. In this article let’s answer the question many new swingers have: What are the different types of swinging?

The main swinging types you will encounter in the swinger lifestyle are soft swing, full swing, voyeurism and exhibitionism. There are also two major subsets of the main swinging types. These are open swinging and closed swinging.

Now that you have the quick and dirty answer to what are the different types of swinging, let’s explore each type and the main subsets in more detail.

The Different Swinging Types

The swinging lifestyle includes several main styles swingers participate in. There are also several main sub styles within the main swinging types.

I’ll be covering the main styles and subsets of swinging styles you will most likely encounter while exploring a swinging lifestyle.

One thing you will need to keep in mind is that the definition of each swinging type can vary depending on who you are playing with. Each swinging couple or single swinger may have their own definition for a swinging type. These definitions are usually fairly close to what I will discuss in this article but can vary a little.

Since the definitions can vary between swingers, it is best to set any ground rules or limits up front before sexually playing with other couples or singles.

All of the swinging types we will explore can and do cover threesomes, foursomes and larger groups of people.

Let’s start off with exploring the different main types of swinging from mild to wild. Then we will dive into the swinging subsets.


A lot of couples in the swinging lifestyle like to watch other couples or groups having sex. You will find this quite common at onsite swinger clubs. Many have large rooms with seating areas around a central bed to view couples or groups playing.

Another popular voyeur activity with swingers is to watch your partner having sex with others. Sometimes the more the merrier.

If you see an open door or cracked door to a sex playroom at a swingers club, it’s usually an invitation to watch. Just don’t hog the view, let others enjoy the sex show too.

If you are watching another couple or group having sex, do not ever just join in. If they want you to join in, they will invite you. Also, if you are up close to the action, don’t just touch someone without being invited to do so.

Don’t ask if you can join either. This can ruin the fun the couple or group is having. Plus, if they don’t want anyone to join in, it makes the situation awkward for everyone. Awkwardness is a mood killer. Just wait and see if you are invited to join.

Since we will be talking about exhibitionism next, I bet you can figure out that voyeurs and exhibitionists get along pretty well in the swinger lifestyle.


An exhibitionist is someone that enjoys being watched having sex or just showing off.

Many swingers, let me change that, a lot of swingers love to be watched having sex. So, if the thought of someone watching you and your partner having sex turns you on, you will have no problem finding couples and singles to watch the two of you.

Sometimes only one partner likes to be watched and loves to put on a sex show for others. If one partner likes to be an exhibitionist while the other likes to be a voyeur, you have a lot of opportunities to make you both happy at swinger clubs or parties.

You could have your partner put on a masturbation show for a group of swingers. Or they could have sex with a group of people while you watch.

The exhibitionists at a swingers club will be easy to spot. They will be right out in the open or in a room with the door wide open.

If you are having sex with your partner or a group and want someone that is watching you to join in, invite them. Don’t get pushy though. They may just want to watch.

If someone tries to join in without you inviting them, by all means feel free to flat out tell them no. Just joining in without an invitation is very rude and frowned on. This goes for uninvited touches also. Many clubs will throw someone out that does not respect a simple no.

Let’s now move on to a little more physical action with other couples or singles. We will be exploring what is called soft swinging next.

Soft Swing / Soft Swinging

Soft swing is a popular choice for new swingers. It lets you test the waters with firm rules in place. You need to set your rules together with your partner and make sure you both understand them.

Here are some of the popular rules couples use if they choose soft swinging.

All types of foreplay is fine. But vaginal penis penetration is not allowed.

Oral sex is fine including penetration with the fingers.

Some swingers allow anything except kissing.

Another rule most soft swingers set is that they both have to play together. No single partner playing and no separate room playing.

If you choose soft swinging, make sure the other couple, single or group understand your limits and rules. Also, make sure you both understand the other’s limits and rules.

Soft swinging has less of a tendency for one partner to get jealous. Jealousy can ruin a relationship. So, if you are new to swinging you may want to set more rules in the beginning and less rules over time.

Soft swinging has allowed more couples to experience the swinger lifestyle that were not ready for full swinging.

Soft swinging is a great way for couples to explore the swinger lifestyle and what it offers. After they are comfortable with the lifestyle they may choose to move on to full swinging.

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Let’s now take a look at full swing.

Full Swing / Full Swinging

When most people think of the swinging lifestyle, what they usually picture in their mind is what is called full swing or full swinging.

Full swinging is when couples exchange partners for full sex including intercourse. Full swing allows for full sexual release of desires and allows for easier fantasy exploration.

Full swing usually does not have the boundary limits that soft swing has. Some couples may have their own personal boundaries though. So, make sure you bring up boundaries before full swinging with another couple, single or group.

Full swing is the most popular form of swinging that couple participate in. Be careful though. Full swing can bring up jealousy if you are a couple new to swinging. You may want to consider soft swing at first.

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Now let’s look at some subsets of these main types of swinging.

Open Swinging

Open swinging is a subset of the main swinging types. Open swinging is also known as same room swinging.

It basically means if a group of swingers get together for sexual play, all of the sex happens in the same room. This includes one on one sex, threesomes, group sex, orgies and gangbangs.

Some groups participating in open swinging allow voyeurs to watch them play.

Let’s now look at another popular swinging type subset known as closed swinging.

Closed Swinging

Closed swinging is also known as separate room swinging. This type of swinging is usually only practiced by full swing swingers. You will see it rarely practiced with soft swing swingers.

Separate room swinging is where couples swap partners and then go to different rooms to have sex.

Separate room swinging can be a more intimate experience. It is also free from interruption by others in the group.

Another benefit of closed swinging is fantasy fulfillment. If you have a fantasy that your partner is not into, you can fulfill it with someone else.

Closed swinging is also great for testing a sexual act or fantasy before you introduce it to your partner. You may want to see if you actually enjoy something before you talk to your partner who is most likely going to like it.

Some swingers use closed swinging to fulfill a fantasy that they don’t want their partner to know about. This can be beneficial for some people while causing guilt emotions for others. So be careful that you don’t ruin your relationship.

Separate room swinging can be a great way to explore your sexuality but only if you and your spouse are very secure in your relationship. This form of swinging is not recommended for couples new to the swinger lifestyle. You can always add this extreme form of swinging later, when both of you are ready.

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