Did you know that many women enjoy the creampie sexual experience? Let’s look at why they do, and why many men also enjoy giving a woman a creampie.

What Is a Creampie?

Just in case you have never heard the term creampie or creampied used in reference to sex, let me give you the quick definition.

A creampie is a term used when a guy cums inside a woman’s vagina or in her ass. It is also referred to as being creampied.

The name creampie was selected because cum inside a pussy or ass with a little oozing out looks like cream filling in a pastry.

Creampies Are a Rare Experience for Many Women

Being creampied is actually a rare experience for many women because most men pull out before they cum.

This single fact leads to many women that have never experienced a creampie while having sex.

Another reason that many women have never truly experienced a creampie by multiple men is because of the mess that does happen. Many women don’t want the dripping of cum and the cleanup that follows. It’s always much easier to just wipe cum off the body.

Between these two reasons, some women lose out on the actual single or multi guy creampie experience.

Single and Multiple Guy Creampies

This article is mainly about why many women enjoy being creampied by multiple guys in a single sex session, but the information shared can also relate to being creampied by a single guy.

While reading this article and the many reasons why so many women do or would enjoy a creampie, multiply the experiences by the number of guys cumming inside the woman one after another.

Having multiple guys creampie a woman intensifies the experience she has.

Some of the best sexual encounters for women to get to experience multiple men cumming inside them one after another are MFM Threesomes and properly setup gangbangs. If these types of sexual encounters interest you, read about them in these articles: Why Do so Many Women Enjoy a MFM Threesome? and Why Do Many Women Love Being Gangbanged?

Let’s start off by exploring why women enjoy being creampied and touch on why men also enjoy giving a woman a creampie. Then we will move on and explore actual scientific reasons why women enjoy creampies and not even be aware of them.

Why Many Women Love Being Creampied

Let’s explore some of the main reasons a woman loves to experience being creampied during a sexual encounter by multiple men one after the other.

Some women get extremely horny just thinking about having sex with multiple men at the same time. This alone can add to the enjoyment of being creampied or open her to trying the creampie experience.

With that in mind, let’s move on and start exploring why a creampie experience can be so enjoyable for both the woman and man.

Most Women Love to Experiment Sexually

Women tend to get bored of having sex the same way night after night. They tend to look for new ways to have sex to make it more exciting to them.

So, women tend to experiment with sex techniques to keep sex exciting. But many women suppress this tendency due to what they have been taught as they were growing up by their parents and society.

The women that break away from the bonds of society tend to have a much more enjoyable sex life and explore their limits and break their antiquated boundaries.

Creampies by Multiple Guys Feel Really Naughty

Feeling really naughty can turn on women big time. Women that love to buck society and venture into sex acts that society has labeled as taboo really love the excitement of being that really naughty girl.

Society has labeled being creampied for sexual enjoyment as one of those taboo things. Especially being creampied by multiple men.

So, if you are a woman that gets turned on by being very naughty, creampies may be one of the ultimate naughty experiences you can try.

Creampies Offer Women Additional Sexual Sensations

Many women love the sensation of a throbbing cock deep inside them. They also love the feeling of warm cum being shot deep inside their pussy. Now multiply that feeling my several men. The woman gets to experience that feeling multiple times during sex.

Having a man cum inside you is also the ultimate way for a woman to share and experience a man’s orgasm. When the man pulls out to cum, he deprives the woman of the shared experience.

Creampies also give sex a more natural feel and brings the sex experience to a more natural completion.

Now think about it. How would feeling several men in a row having an orgasm while inside you feel? Many women think it feels great.

Creampies Allow the Woman to Experience Better and More Complete Orgasms

Creampies can give a woman the opportunity to have more complete vaginal orgasms. Many times, when a woman goes to orgasm, it excites the guy to the point he usually pulls out and cums, before the woman reaches the peak of her orgasm.

If the guy creampies her, he can continue to fuck her longer, giving her a better chance to orgasm completely. Also, the feeling of the guy’s cock throbbing and the feeling of his cum shooting inside can give the woman the final push to fully orgasm.

Now multiply having a complete and more full orgasm multiple times as several men creampie the woman.

Orgasms that conclude without pulling out, have a feeling of completeness that is not felt if the guy pulls out to cum.

Stronger Feelings of Sexual Accomplishment

Making a guy cum can give a woman a feeling of sexual accomplishment. Having the guy cum inside her so she gets to experience his orgasm can make the feeling of sexual accomplishment stronger.

Now take that feeling of accomplishment and multiply it from making multiple men cum during a single sexual encounter.

Benefits a Man Receives by Giving a Woman a Creampie

It’s not only women that can enjoy and benefit from creampies. Many men also enjoying cumming inside a woman.

They enjoy the feeling of being inside the pussy while they are cumming. Especially if the woman is having an orgasm and they can feel their cock being milked.

Men can also have more complete orgasms by cumming inside a woman instead of pulling out to cum.

On the messy side, some men love seeing their cum drip out of a woman’s pussy after they finish having sex.

Scientific Reasons Why Women Enjoy and Benefit From Creampies

Let me start by saying that I wish a lot more in-depth research would be done on this subject. Very minimal research on the subject of why many women enjoy and want to be creampied. But I do feel enough has been done to give us a glimpse into the matter at hand.

I am not a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, or a scientist. So, none of the information I am going to share on the subject should be taken as coming from an expert. All I am doing is passing on information I have found while researching the subject of creampies.

The first thing I discovered was that the normal primal urge of almost all women to have a guy cum inside her has been suppressed by society as taboo unless the couple is attempting to conceive a child. Having multiple guys cum inside a woman is looked at as extremely taboo by society.

Before I get into any particulars that I found, let me share something very important to the subject with you. The vaginal and anal walls are very absorbent. Nutrients and compounds introduced either vaginally or anally can be absorbed into the bloodstream similar to how B12 is absorbed sublingually under the tongue.

Research has shown that semen and sperm can have many benefits other than reproductive ones. Semen contains many antioxidants and essential nutrients. It also contains beneficial hormones and various inflammatory compounds.

Now, let’s move on to some specific benefits of creampies that the minimal research has shown as being possible.

Semen Contains Antidepressant Compounds

Semen contains compounds that show antidepressant qualities. These compounds help to relax the female so the sperm can reach the eggs to fertilize them easier. The main antidepressant compound in semen is nerve growth factor.

Nerve growth factor has been shown to be missing in brains of those who suffer major depression. What studies have shown and hint to is that increasing NGF leads to a person being happier.

NGF has also been found to have anti-inflammatory qualities as well as antioxidant qualities.

Semen Contains Anti-Anxiety Compounds

Semen contains many mood-enhancing compounds. These include oxytocin, melatonin, serotonin, progesterone, and estrone.

Most people have heard of oxytocin. It is sometimes referred to as the cuddle hormone. The reason for it being referred to as the cuddle hormone is because oxytocin released into the body causes the person to feel more connected to the person they are with and more affectionate.

Oxidative stress is one of the causes of anxiety. This can usually be felt as brain fog and overall fatigue. Semen is rich with antioxidants and may protect against anxiety.

Semen Contains Many Health Hormones

If you look at the makeup of semen, you will see that it contains many healthy hormones. I’m not going to go into the benefits of each one since that would fill volumes of books. You can look up the benefits of each of these hormones on the web if you are interested in learning about them.

Here are some of them that I have not previously mentioned:

Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
Luteinizing Hormone (LH)

Creampies Could Increase a Woman’s Sex Drive

Testosterone is one of the main hormones that give someone a strong sex drive. It’s very prominent in males but lower in females.

Since semen contains testosterone, it could possibly increase a woman’s libido when it is absorbed through the vaginal or anal walls.

Do Some Research on the Benefits of Semen for Women

You may have heard about some of the scientific information about women and semen that I mentioned before. But take it as hinting at, and not fully researched fact, since a lot more research needs to be done on the subject.

The reason I brought it up here was to give possible clues for a scientific reason many women enjoy receiving creampies from multiple men.

If this subject interests you, take some time and do your own research on the subject. If you find any highly trusted studies, please let me know so I can share them with our readers.