I used to work with a guy a few years back, and the two of us basically became instant friends the first time we met. We would go to lunch together and just chat about anything and everything while we ate. Occasionally we would meet after work for a quick drink before we each headed home. We built a very close and deep friendship over time. I never really talked to Roy about him except in passing, because our friendship was purely platonic. We just really enjoyed each other’s company. We were becoming best friends.

About a year after I met Jeffrey, he broke the news to me that he had taken a new job. His new job required that he travel all over the world. He explained how it was basically his dream job. I hated losing a very close friend but understood. He did promise that the two of us would always get together whenever he was in the US, regardless of how far away he was. I told him that I was going to hold him to that promise, and that I would miss my best friend deeply. I cried, he cried, we both cried, and hugged each other.

It was about four months later when I got a call from Jeffrey that he was in the US for a few days. He said that he was up in Virginia but would take a plane down to Florida to see me. I was very excited and could hardly wait for him to arrive. I told Roy that Jeffrey was going to be here tomorrow for just a day, and I was going to pick him up at the airport and take him to his hotel. He said, “That sounds great. I hope the two of you get to catch up. I know you have missed your friend.”

The next day came, and I picked Jeffrey up at the airport. We gave each other big hugs and told each other how we missed each other. I took him to his hotel and dropped him off so he could rest from the flight. We decided to go out for happy hour that evening. I went home to relax but was too excited about Jeffrey being in town. I thought Roy was going to slip a Xanax in my lunch. Roy told me to go have a good time and that he would catch up on some work he needed to get done.

I went and met Jeffrey at the hotel bar, and we had a few drinks while we caught up. He said that he had to fly back up to Virginia tomorrow, and then fly to Japan for about a month. After that, he would be back in the US for about a week. I made him promise that he would be all mine for that entire week. We laughed a bit and he said that he really missed me and that I would have him all to myself for that whole week.

We continued to talk, and he told me about his travels. His schedule was crazy. I would love to travel a little but not that much. He was never in one spot long enough to really explore it. But he loved his job, and I was very happy for him. Jeffrey said that if the two of us were going to keep meeting like this, he felt that he really should meet Roy and get to know him. I agreed with him and said I would set something up the next time he was here.

When it came time to leave, we both cried, hugged, and told each other how much we were going to miss each other. Jeffrey headed back to his hotel room, and I headed back home. This was way too short of a visit. But it was really nice seeing him again.

When I got home, I told Roy how I hated the Jeffrey was only able to visit for just a few hours. But it was better than not seeing him at all. I let Roy know that Jeffrey would be back in 5 or 6 weeks and would be able to stay for about a week. Roy said he would make sure not to plan anything for that week so I could spend all the time I wanted visiting with Jeffrey.

The next day, Roy noticed that I was basically moping around the house. He asked me why I was so down. I told him I missed my friend. We talked about it for a little while. Roy said to me that he thinks that it sounds like I like Jeffrey a little more than just a good friend. Roy continued and told me that from his viewpoint, I may feel a lot closer to him than I want to admit. I said that Jeffrey was just a really good friend.

Roy then asked me if I was even a little sexually attracted to Jeffrey. I told him maybe a little. But I never wanted to act on it since he and Jeffrey have never met. Plus, I did not want to take the chance of losing a really good friend if Jeffrey was not sexually attracted to me.

Roy then made a very blunt statement to me. He said that I was sexually attracted to Jeffrey both physically and emotionally, and that I just didn’t want to admit it to myself. I told Roy that I cared a lot for Jeffrey, but I loved him and only him.

Roy and I talked some more, and Roy brought up a point that is making me really think. He asked me, what were we exploring with Jessica? Before I could answer he also asked me what my feelings towards Jessica are? I told him that I deeply cared for her and felt a very strong bond with her both sexually and emotionally.

He then asked me if I loved Jessica. I told him that I do, but the love I feel for Jessica is different than the love I feel for him. Roy said that he loved Jessica to, and it felt different than the love he has for me.

Roy and I have been exploring a polyamorous relationship with Jessica and are basically both in a very romantic relationship with her. She is planning to move in with us as soon as her apartment lease is up. The three of us spend the night together a lot as it is.

Roy then asked me what was the difference between Jessica and Jeffrey? I told Roy that we both loved Jessica, and both have a deep sexual relationship with her. Jeffrey is just a close friend of mine.

Roy then asked me a question. He wanted to know, what if Jeffrey secretly feels about you, what I feel about Jessica? I kind of smiled and said, if that was true, it would feel really nice. Roy then asked me if I would like to possibly explore a polyamorous relationship with Jeffrey.

I told Roy that it was different. Jessica is a bisexual girl, and Jeffrey is a straight guy. Roy then said to me, so, two straight guys can’t build a very close and dear friendship and have a deep loving relationship with a super sexy girl? I smirked at him but saw now exactly the point he was trying to drive into me.

Roy then said, “Who knows, we could have four people in our extended polyamorous family that all feel some type of love for each other. Of course, the love would be different than our love for each other.” Roy also asked me, if I would have a problem if Jessica ended up being sexually attracted to him also? I said, “No, as long as it did not interfere with Jeffrey’s and my friendship.”

Roy then bluntly asked me if I had the chance, would I want to have sex with Jeffrey, and possibly build a loving relationship with him. I told Roy that yes, I do want to have sex with Jeffrey, and a possible close relationship with him but did not want to take anything away from our relationship and the one we are building with Jessica.

Roy then said, “I guess we need to find out how Jeffrey really feels about you and also find out if he is open to a possible polyamorous relationship or would possibly just enjoy swinging with us.” Before I could get my thoughts together to reply, Roy said, “Why don’t you see if Jeffrey would like to go out with us for drinks and dancing when he gets back in town? We could make it a double date. Jessica can be my date, and Jeffrey can be yours.”

I told him that actually sounded like a wonderful idea. I then told him how Jeffrey said if he and I were going to be seeing each other when he is in town on a regular basis, he insisted that he get to meet you. He basically did not want to take up a lot of my time if you did not feel comfortable with it.

Roy said, “Then it’s a double date then. Set it up with Jeffrey. We can then just see where the double date takes us all.” I gave Roy a big hug and kiss and told him how much I loved him. We actually had really good sex that night.

The next day, Roy told me that he did not want me to think he was pushing me into a sexual relationship with Jeffrey. He only wanted for me to have a very emotionally and sexually fulfilled life. I told him that was all I wanted for him too. I felt a tear going down my cheek and gave Roy a big hug and kiss. I started to think how wonderful it is to be in a relationship that is so secure and so open that we both can explore and share all types of experiences with each other, including emotional and sexual ones.

Later that week, Jeffrey called to say hi and see what I was up to. I told him that Roy would love to meet him and get to know him. Jeffrey was very happy about that. I then told him about Roy’s idea that we go out for drinks and some dancing. Jeffrey said it sounded fun and it was a date.

I then said to Jeffrey, “Speaking of dates, I need to explain something to you so it’s not a shock when we all go out.” I had to explain our relationship with Jessica. After I went around in circles explaining how the three of us had a deep emotional bond with each other and the three of us had sex with each other and as a group on a regular basis. Jeffrey’s responded, “So the three of you are basically a couple. That’s really cool.” I was actually a little shocked with his response since we really never talked a lot about sex before. I guess Jeffrey is open minded. I learned something new about my friend. I also warned him about Jessica. He thought she sounded fun. I still told him to expect the unexpected from her.

We chatted about a ton of other things, and I told him to let me know the date he would be back in town. I also told him how much I was looking forward to being able to spend more time with him instead of just a few hours.

When it got closer to the week that Jeffrey was going to be in town, Roy and I filled Jessica in on what our plans were to make sure she was OK with it. She loved the idea and said she was excited to meet Jeffrey. I told her don’t get too excited because it was my friend. Jessica smiled at me, flipped her hair, pushed me down on the couch, straddled my lap and started kissing me. She then said, “What if I like him too? We share Roy, maybe we can share Jeffrey too.” I smacked her on the butt and said, “We’ll see, but he is still my friend.” We laughed a little and gave each other nice tight hugs.

A few days before Jeffrey was due to arrive, I started getting very nervous about Roy and Jeffrey finally meeting each other. I know I should have introduced the two of them a long time ago. I really hope the two of them get along well. I told Roy that I was getting nervous about the two of them meeting and apologized for not introducing them when I first started to become friends with Jeffrey.

Roy said, “I have female friends that you have never met. When it’s time for us to meet one of the other’s friends, it will happen. Like it’s happening now. We don’t have to meet everyone the other makes friends with.” Roy then continued, “If one of us has a friend that we are sexually attracted to, or feel extra close to, don’t we let the other one know?” I said, “Of course.” Roy then said, “Let’s plan a fun night out for Jeffrey and make his meeting me for the first time as comfortable as possible. No need to be nervous about me meeting him. The one you have to worry about is Jessica and her strong sex drive.” I told Roy that if needed, I would sit on the little bitch all night. We laughed and went on with our day.

The evening was finally here for our double date. The three of us were going to walk over to the hotel Jeffrey was staying at and introduce everyone. It was just a couple of blocks away. We would then head out to a nightclub that was just a few blocks away from the hotel. When the three of us arrived at the hotel, I looked at Roy and Jessica, and told them to be on their best behavior.” They both laughed and said not to worry about it.

I knocked on Jeffrey’s hotel door. When he opened the door, I just about tackled him. I gave him a big hug and told him I was happy to see him. He said, “I can see that. You almost knocked the breath out of me.” He invited us in, and I introduced Roy and Jessica to him. The four of us sat down and chatted a bit before we headed to the nightclub. So far, the three of them seemed to hit it off. So far, so good. Jessica was also behaving so far.

The four of us headed to the elevator. Jessica elbows me and says, “You didn’t say anything about him being this cute.” I gave her a look and told her to behave. She smiled, and said, “I just said he was cute.” When we got down to the lobby, we headed out the front door of the hotel. The four of us walked to the nightclub.

When we got inside the nightclub, we found a table near the dance floor that was also near the back so we would not have a lot of people walking past our table constantly. We picked a table in the back that was also a little quieter so the four of us could talk. Roy and Jeffrey pulled out our chairs, and Jessica and I sat down. I sat across from Jessica and had Roy on one side of me and Jeffrey on the other. The table was small, so we were all close enough to talk to each other without shouting.

The waitress came by and took our drink order and returned shortly with our drinks and a snack plate. Roy and Jeffrey talked and got to know each other. They seemed to be getting along very well. They discovered they had a lot of common interests besides me. After my nerves had calmed down a little, I wanted to know what Roy thought of Jeffrey. So, when a slow song came on, I asked Roy to dance.

We excused ourselves from the table to head to the dance floor. I did give Jessica a “you better behave” look. She smiled at me and winked. OK, I was a little nervous leaving her alone at the table with Jeffrey. No telling what she might say.

As Roy and I danced, I asked him what his first impressions of Jeffrey were. He said that he thought he was a very nice guy and it seemed like he was easy to get along with. He also said that the two of them like a lot of the same things. He then told me that so far, his impression of Jeffrey was positive. After the song ended, we headed back to the table. I did not want to leave Jessica with him unsupervised for too long.

When we got back to the table, Roy reached his hand out to Jessica and said, “Come on, you’re next.” Roy looked over at me and winked. Jessica and Roy headed for the dance floor and Jeffrey stood up and pulled out my chair so I could sit down.

The first thing I asked Jeffrey was if Jessica talked his ear off. He said that they talked about his work and travels. He also said that she seems like a very sweet girl. Now I’m confused. Jessica seemed to behave for once.

The next thing I asked Jeffrey was what he thought of Roy. He said that the two of them seemed to get along fine and they both enjoyed many of the same things. He also said that he felt better about dominating my time when he is in town, now that he has met Roy.

Roy kept Jessica out on the dance floor for a few songs to let Jeffrey and I talk. When they returned to the table, Roy bent over and gave me a kiss. The two of them sat down, and we ordered another round of drinks. So far, the night was going great. I found myself a lot more relaxed and not as nervous as I was before Roy and Jeffrey met.

A little later, a very sexy slow song was played. Roy stood up and grabbed Jessica’s hand and said, “Let’s all go dance. Danielle loves this song.” Roy just set me up. Hmm… Jeffrey looked at me and said, “Would you like to dance?” I smiled at him and said that I would love to. The four of us headed to the dance floor and started to dance.

Now I was a little nervous again. Jeffrey put his arms around me and pulled me in close. I was actually shaking just a little. I wrapped my arms around him, and we started to dance. He did notice that I was shaking a little. He asked me why I was shaking. I squeezed him and said, “I’m just happy to have my friend here for the week.” He said, “I’m happy to be here with you too.” He squeezed me back and we continued to slow dance.

The four of us danced for several slow songs. When a fast song was played, we went back and sat down at our table. Once Roy sat down, Jessica sat down in his lap instead of on her chair. She wrapped one of her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. I saw that Jeffrey smiled when she did that. The four of us continued to talk and Roy and Jeffrey got to know each other a little better.

A little later, Roy and Jessica started to tell Jeffrey how the three of us met. I think I am being setup again, but I have had enough drinks to not really care. This may be a good way to find out if Jeffrey is still sexually attracted to me. I know he was a little when we first met.

Jessica described what happened at the gym, and how she got trapped in the locker room watching an orgy we were having after closing with several guys and a girl who worked there. Jeffrey kept looking at me from time to time just smiling. I’m sure I was blushing each time he looked my way.

After Jessica finished telling the story, Jeffrey looked at me and said, “You little vixen, I never knew you were that open minded. I love it.” He then told us about a threesome he had with two girls that both of us worked with when we first met. He said, it just happened. I looked at him and said, “Why did you not tell me, your best friend about that?” I did not give him time to respond. I continued and said, “You don’t keep juicy stuff like that from your best friend.” I then punched him on the arm and said, “Don’t do it again.” He laughed and said he would tell me everything from now on.

Jeffrey said he needed to go use the restroom and that he would let the waitress know we needed another round of drinks. Once he was out of ear shot, Roy said, “I think you pretty much have a green light to make a move on him. He seems very open minded.” I told him that I really wanted to but was nervous about it. Jessica said, “If you want, I’ll help you. We both could seduce him. If things go wrong, you can blame it on me and the drinks.”

I thought about it and took Jessica up on her offer. When Jeffrey got back to the table, I pulled my chair closer to his and leaned my head on his shoulder and said, “It really is so good to see you.” A few minutes later, Jessica stood up and came over and sat in my lap. She put an arm around me and gave me a kissed me. She then looked over at Jeffrey and said, “Isn’t Danielle the sexiest girl you have ever seen?” I pinched her on the butt, and she said, “Ouch! And she is frisky too.” Jeffrey laughed and said, “Yes, she is extremely sexy.”

I thought, OK this may actually work. Jessica then got off my lap and said, “Danielle, sit in Jeffrey’s lap. I want a picture of you two.” I hesitated a second, but Jeffrey pulled out his chair a bit. I took a deep breath and sat down in his lap. Jessica then said, “Put your arms around each other and give each other a kiss.” Jeffrey gave me a kiss on the cheek. Jessica said, “No! On the lips like the two of you have the hots for each other. I want a good picture the two of you can remember when he is not in town.”

Jeffrey looked at me and said, “Oh hell, why not?” He then leaned in to kiss me and I met him halfway. We gave each other a nice romantic kiss. Jessica took the picture, but Jeffrey continued to kiss me for a few extra seconds.

When we stopped kissing, we looked at each other and I said, “That was nice.” Jeffrey was actually shaking a little and said, “Yes it was.” OK, that got me really horny. I felt that he had gotten a little hard down below. I guess maybe he is still sexually attracted to me. I know I blushed a little and when I looked over at Roy, Jessica was back in his lap and the two of them were kissing. I cleared my throat and they looked over at me and Roy said, “What the two of you were doing looked very enjoyable, and we wanted in on the action.” OK, that was a little embarrassing, but I am actually glad Roy said that. It seemed to break the ice a little between Jeffrey and me.

Another slow song began to play. Jessica hopped up and said, “Let’s dance.” She grabbed Roy’s and headed for the dance floor. Jeffrey asked me if I would like to dance, and I said I would love to. I got up off his lap and he escorted me to the dance floor.

While we were dancing, I decided that I had to make some type of move because Jeffrey was still a little nervous and did not want to get Roy mad at him. So, I got Roy’s attention and mouthed to him and pointed to Jeffrey’s hand on the small of my back and then pointed to my butt. Roy danced Jessica over behind me and then took Jeffrey’s hand and moved it down to my butt. Jeffrey looked at me like I just did it. I whispered to him that Roy was the culprit. He turned me a bit so he could see Roy.

Roy smiled at him and then turned Jessica’s butt towards him and squeezed her butt cheek. He then smiled at Jeffrey and moved away from us on the dance floor. Jeffrey started to shake a little. I whispered in his ear that it was seriously not a problem. I then said, “See? Roy does not mind at all. You can do whatever you want to me.” I then laid my head on his shoulder and squeezed him tight.

We actually danced a few slow songs with his hand just holding my butt. About halfway through the third slow song, I felt his hand tremble as he slid it down to the bottom of my dress. I whispered to him, “It’s all right.” He then slid it up under my dress and started to rub my right butt cheek. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I now knew that Jeffrey was sexually attracted to me. I looked up at him and kissed him while we danced. When I did, he pulled me in tighter to his body. This was very nice. The only problem now, was that I wanted to have sex with him very badly. But I don’t want to scare him off by being too aggressive.

When the song ended, we returned to the table and sat down. Jeffrey pulled his chair over beside mine. I put my hand on his knee and just left it there as we talked. After another song passed, Roy and Jessica returned and sat down. Jessica pulled her chair over and moved it beside Jeffrey. Roy pulled his around and moved it beside me. Now all four of us where sitting side by side looking towards the dance floor.

We decided to order another round of drinks and another snack tray. All four of us were a little hungry. Once our drinks and food arrived, we all dug in. We continued to chat with each other. Somehow Roy moved the conversation to swinging. Jeffrey actually seemed interested and wanted to hear about some of our sexual adventures. I’m learning a little more about my best friend.

Roy placed his hand on my thigh and started to caress it. He pulled my leg towards him so he could move his hand down to the inside of my thigh. He started caressing the inside of my thigh very gently. It was turning me on. I started to get a little nervous again.

Jeffrey was sitting with his legs spread open a little listening to Jessica tell him about one of our first sexual adventures the three of us had. Roy whispered in my ear, “Hook your leg over Jeffrey’s.” I looked at him like he was crazy. He then said, “Just do it. Trust me.” I took a deep breath and moved my leg, so it was over top of one of Jeffrey’s legs. He looked over at me and smiled. He then placed his hand on my knee as he continued to listen to Jessica.

Now I was sitting there with my legs spread open and a little nervous. Roy slid his hand up to my pussy and started to massage it. I gasped and tried to suppress a little moan. But it still came out faintly. Jessica noticed what Roy was doing and placed her hand on Jeffrey’s leg. She started to caress his leg as she continued telling him about our swinging adventures.

Jessica then reached over and placed her hand on his hand that was resting on my knee. She left it there a moment and then started to move it up and down my thigh. Jeffrey tensed a little but quickly relaxed. Jessica then guided his hand down to my inner thigh that was resting on his leg. She let go of his hand and moved hers down my inner thigh to about an inch from my pussy. She then said, “Danielle, you got that sexy red thong on that I love. Look Jeffrey.” OK, that was not expected.

Roy quickly moved his hand back up my inner thigh so Jeffrey could get a good view. Jessica then said, “It feels really soft. Feel it, Jeffrey.” When he did not move his hand right away, Jessica grabbed his hand again and moved it to my crotch and said, “Feel how soft it is?” For a second, I pretty much wanted to crawl under the table. But Jeffrey did feel it and said, “It is very soft.” Jessica then said, “So is Danielle’s pussy.” I almost died of embarrassment when she said that. Jeffrey just smiled but actually kept feeling my thong.

Roy started to caress my inner thigh once again and had me breathing deeply. Jessica then took her hand and placed it on Jeffrey’s crotch and started to play with his cock through his pants. He tensed up big time for a moment. But she continued to tell him about things the three of us have done while swinging like she was not doing anything to him.

When she first grabbed his crotch, he squeezed my pussy when he tensed up. I gasped and let out a little moan. Jeffrey quickly removed his hand and I said, “No, it’s fine, I’m enjoying you touching me.” He smiled and placed his hand on my inner thigh and started to caress it. Now I had Roy and Jeffrey both caressing my inner thighs. I was starting to get very horny.

A few moments later, Jeffrey did manage to get the courage up to move his hand back to my pussy. He just left it there for a few moments and then started to massage it. I gasped and this time I could not suppress my moan. I’m sure Jeffrey heard it. He continued to play with my pussy while Roy was caressing my inner thigh. I was really liking what the two of them were doing to me.

I looked down at Jeffrey’s crotch and saw a nice size bulge that Jessica was playing with. When Jessica noticed I was looking, she said, “He has a nice cock. You need to check it out.” She looked back at me and raised her eyebrows. I knew exactly what she was waiting for. So, I reached down and started massaging his cock through his pants and said, “It is nice.” Jeffrey’s face was a little red at this point. I don’t think he has ever been in a situation like this.

It was near closing time for the nightclub. Roy said, “Let me go clear our tab and the four of us can head over to our apartment for a nightcap.” Jeffrey offered to pay the bill, but Roy told him that he was our guest and would not hear of it. Once Roy paid our tab, he came back with two twenties and left them on the table for a tip to our waitress. Jeffrey said that he had to at least help with a good tip and tossed two more twenties on the table. Our waitress is going to be pretty happy.

The four of us walked over towards the apartment. Roy had Jessica’s arm escorting her and Jeffrey had mine. I still had the first date jitters but they kind of felt nice. When we got to the apartment, we went inside, and all sat down to chat some more. Roy made us all drinks and brought them to us. We don’t have a lot of seating in our living room, so I sat down in Jeffrey’s lap and Jessica sat down in Roy’s.

It wasn’t long before Jessica said, “Danielle. I have a fun idea. Why don’t we do a strip tease for the guys? And if they’re lucky, lap dances.” Roy looked at Jeffrey and said, “Sounds like fun to me. How about you?” Jessica jumped up out of Roy’s lap and grabbed my hand and pulled my up out of Jeffrey’s lap. She dragged me to the bedroom while she was saying, “We need to change into some really sexy clothes first.”

When we got into the bedroom, Jessica said, “Sorry about surprising you with that, but I wanted to talk to you in private. It was the first thing I could think of to get us alone for a moment.” I looked at her and just shook my head with a smirk on my face.

Jessica then said, “Have you decided if you want to have sex with Jeffrey?” I replied, “Of course I do. I’m very nervous, but I really do.” Jessica then said, “Why don’t we give them a strip tease they will never forget and then I’ll recommend that the four of us continue our lap dances on the bed?” I took a deep breath and said, “Let’s go for it.”

Jessica and I decided to go all out. We each put on a garter belt, stockings, a thong, see through bras and heels. We freshened up each other’s makeup and put on a brighter shade of red lipstick. Jessica said, “There, we both look highly fuckable. Let’s go get fucked.” Jessica has a way with words.

Jessica poked her head out of the bedroom door and told Roy to put on Danielle’s stripper music set. Jeffrey looked over at Roy. Roy then said, “Danielle used to be a stripper and yes, she still loves the slow seductive songs.” Roy then got up and put on the music. He sat back down and took a sip of his drink.

Jessica and I then walked very sexily out into the living room where the guys were sitting. We started to dance around the room very seductively. After the first song was over, we slowly took off each other’s bras. Jessica started to suck on one of my nipples. I leaned my head back and let my long hair grace my back.

When the next song started to play, I dropped to my knees in front of Jessica and slowly removed her thong. I licked up the inside of her thigh and across her pussy. I then stood up and Jessica dropped to her knees and slid my thong down to my knees. She reached around and grabbed my ass and kissed all over my lower stomach and pussy mound. She then slid my thong to the floor, and I stepped out of it.

Jessica and I danced very seductively with each other for another song. We let our hands explore each other’s bodies while we kissed. The guys seemed to be loving the show. When the next song started, we both got down on all fours and cat crawled over to the guys.

I climbed up on Jeffrey’s lap to where I could get to his pants. I looked at him and said, “I can’t give you a really good lap dance with these pants in the way, now, can I?” I undid his belt and unzipped his pants. I slid them off and started to nibble on his cock through his underwear. I felt him tense up and heard him moan. I looked up and smiled at him and moved up to about eye level with him and unbuttoned his shirt. I smiled when I discovered that Jeffrey has a really nice chest. I started to kiss his chest all over.

I then climbed up the rest of the way and straddled his lap. I moved up and down simulating like I was having sex with him. I could feel him getting very hard. I started to kiss Jeffrey while I was pretending to ride his cock. He got even harder. I then slid back down to the floor and removed his underwear and started licking his cock and balls. His cock was extremely hard, and he was breathing heavily. I started giving him a blowjob and taking him deep into my throat. Each time I went all the way down on him, he tensed up and moaned.

Roy then said, “Why don’t the four of us take this to the bedroom where it will be a lot more comfortable?” I replied back, “Sounds like a good idea.” Jeffrey’s eyes got very big. I stood up and grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom. They four of us climbed up onto the bed. Roy turned the lights down low.

Roy laid down on the bed and propped himself up on some pillows and spread his legs open a little. He looked at me and told me to come lay down on him face up. I was a little confused about what he was doing. But I laid down, so his cock was resting between my ass cheeks. He reached around me and started to massage my breasts. I looked down and Jessica was behind Jeffrey and reaching around him playing with his cock.

Roy then hooked his legs over mine and spread them wide apart. Roy then said, “Jeffrey, she is all yours tonight.” Now I’m nervous and full of sexual tension. I’m still not understanding the position we are in though.

Jessica got up on her knees and whispered in Jeffrey’s ear. He then moved between my legs and started to eat me. Oh boy did I gasp! I could see Jessica stroking his cock from behind him. She was reaching through his legs. She then positioned herself with her head between his legs and started to suck on his cock. Jeffrey was moaning and I was feeling those vibrations through my clit. Oh, this was feeling wonderful. Each time I moaned out loudly, Roy would squeeze my breasts. I could feel Roy’s cock swelling between my butt cheeks.

Roy then whispered in my ear, “Tonight is about you and Jeffrey. Jessica and I are just here to have this experience with you.” When I heard him say that I teared up a bit. That was so sweet. I felt so much love for Roy and Jessica swell up inside me. I understood the position Roy and I were in now. He was being as close to me as possible to share the experience with me and calm my nerves.

I relaxed and enjoyed being eaten by my best friend. I felt an orgasm coming on and just closed my eyes and let it happen. Roy squeezed by breasts tight when I approached the top of my orgasm. I let out a loud moan and felt my body tremble a little. It felt wonderful.

I opened my eyes and saw Jessica whispering in Jeffrey’s ear again. He then moved up between my legs all the way and started to rub the tip of his cock up and down my pussy. I gasped again and smiled at him. I then felt him penetrate me and slide his cock deep inside me. I gasped several times and moaned out loudly. His cock felt really good inside me.

Roy continued to play with my breasts while Jeffrey was fucking me. Roy started to nibble and kiss my neck. I saw Jessica had moved beside me and was caressing Jeffrey’s back. She then slid one of her hands between us and started to massage my clit. OK, now this is getting extremely intense. I screamed out a little and that seemed to excite Jeffrey. He started fucking me harder.

I pulled my legs back towards my chest so I could feel Jeffrey going in deeper. Roy held my legs back for me and spread them as wide as they could go. Jeffrey was fucking me harder and harder. I was going to cum again.

As I started to orgasm, I felt Jeffrey’s cock starting to throb. That drove me crazy, and my body started to tremble again. I could tell this was going to be a big orgasm. I screamed out in pure ecstasy. Jeffrey’s cock seemed to swell much larger and was throbbing more intensely. I could then feel him cumming inside me. That pushed me over the top and I started to shake uncontrollably. I was gasping and screaming. It was getting hard to catch my breath. I came and came and came. It felt wonderful.

Jeffrey left his cock that was still throbbing inside me as he caught his breath. He bent over more and kissed me. I reached up and wrapped my arms around him and squeezed. I told him that I really enjoyed that. He said he really did too.

When Jeffrey got up, Jessica put a wedge on the bed and told me to lay face down on it. When I did, Roy got on top of me and slid his cock deep into my pussy from behind. Damn did that feel great. He fucked me very slowly so I could just enjoy it and relax.

After a bit, I could feel Roy’s cock starting to throb. That along with his moans, felt very soothing for some strange reason. I then felt him cumming inside me as he continued to stroke. When he finished cumming, he just laid on top of me holding me. I really loved it.

I looked over at Jessica and thought, everyone had and orgasm but her. I motioned for her to come over. I asked her if she would like me to eat her since she did not get to have any fun. She laughed and said, “I had a blast. Tonight, was about you and Jeffrey. Tomorrow night, you and Roy can ravish me.” I then said, “That’s a promise.” The four of us cuddled up and went to sleep. If this is going to be an ongoing thing, we are going to need a bigger bed.

I had wonderful dreams that night. I dreamed about Roy, Jessica, and Jeffrey. We were all out camping and sitting by a fire. It was a wonderful dream.