Roy went out with the guys to do a little bar hopping. So, I took advantage of having a nice quiet apartment. I read a little and then decided to take a bubble bath. I made myself a drink and grabbed an erotic book and got in the bathtub to relax.

The erotic story I was reading got me a little horny. I then thought about having some really good sex with Roy when he returned home. I decided that I was going to surprise him. Roy always sends me a text message when he is getting ready to head home. So, I decided to start planning my sex surprise for him.

I wanted to be well rested when he got home. So, after my bath, I took my phone into the bedroom so I could take a nap and still hear when he sent me a text message. After an hour or so of napping, my phone woke me up. It was a text from Roy saying he would be home in about an hour. I sent him a message back telling him I would be waiting for him in the living room. I got a thumbs up back.

I started to think about what I wanted to be wearing when he arrived home. I wanted it to be something super sexy as my plan was to seduce him. I decided to put on a black garter belt and stockings, a very tiny red thong, and sexy heels. I couldn’t decide what to wear for a top, so I decided to go topless.

I did my hair nice and sexy and put on some very seductive makeup. I wanted to look like a seductress that was out to get seduce her prey. I made myself another drink and grabbed the erotic book I was reading. I went into the living room and got comfortable.

I read a few more pages of my book and was getting all tingly. So, I decided that I wanted to be extremely horny when he got home. I continued reading my book while I masturbated. I wanted to be to the point where I had to have sex no matter what.

Between reading the erotic story and playing with myself, I got myself to that point. I was so hot and horny that I was ready to be fucked. I continued to edge myself and build the sexual tension to almost the edge of no return. I was breathing heavily and even shaking a little. I had gotten my adrenalin flowing a bit and was ready to jump Roy the moment he got home.

I finally heard the front door open. I jumped up and dimmed the lights and stood up and put one leg on a bench and got in a very seductive pose. I tilted my head down a little so I could give him a very submissive but seductive look when he walked into the living room. I was past the point of being ready for sex. I wanted to be manhandled and fucked hard!

Roy came around the corner into the living room. When he saw me, he stopped dead in his tracks and took a deep breath. He looked very shocked and confused. He asked me what was going on. I said, I think you can figure that out. He then said, “I know you got my text because you responded to it.” I told him I got the text that he would be home soon. I asked him if he sent another one.

Roy then said, “You didn’t read the whole text did you, Danielle?” I told him that I read he was coming home, and I wanted to surprise him. He then said, “In about 15 or 20 seconds you’re going to surprise a lot more people than me.” Now I was confused. I said, “What?” Roy then told me that the message also said the guys were coming back with him. He then said that he also asked if I wanted something from the store.

He then said that the guys were putting the beer in a cooler and would be coming in as soon as they finish. I said, “Oh shit! I worked myself up to the point that I have to have sex no matter what!” He gave me a hug and asked me if I could wait till later to have sex. I told him that I was at the point that I had to have it now.

Roy told me the only thing he could think of to solve my sexual needs now was to seduce everyone or I could tell them that you are sick, and we have to cancel the night’s plans.

I asked Roy what they looked like. He said, “You are really horny, aren’t you?” I told him I was way beyond that. He told me they were all my type and all single. I smiled and gave Roy a big kiss and told him that I’ll take option one. He said, “OK, I’ll follow your lead and see if we can make this happen for you.”

A few seconds later, I heard the guys coming in the front door calling to Roy find out where he was. I sat down on the couch and took several deep breaths waiting for them to come in the living room. It now appeared Roy was not going to be my only prey tonight.

When the guys walked into the living room, their eyes got very big and all four of their jaws dropped open. They all then looked over at Roy. One of them asked, “Should we leave? Apparently, we are interrupting something.”

Roy then said, “Guys, this is my wife, Danielle. Danielle, you already know Gavin extremely well. Meet Derrick, Gunner, and Nelson.” All of them stumbled over their words except Gavin. I could tell they were all a little embarrassed. I was sitting there almost naked. Gavin walked over to me, bent over and gave me a kiss and said, “Looking sexy as always, Danielle.”

Once the introductions were painfully over, I told a little lie. I said, “I know you guys wanted to continue partying, but all the clubs closed early on Sundays. So, I thought you guys could pretend you are at a strip club, and I was a stripper.” I stood up and walked very seductively towards them. I then said, “Does that sound fun?” The three new guys immediately looked at Roy. He said, “Don’t look at me. Danielle asked you a question. You may want to answer her before you piss her off.” Roy then laughed a little to lighten the extreme sexual tension that was building in the room. Gavin spoke up and said, “Sounds like a party to me. I’m in.”

Roy then said, “Everyone grab a drink and have a seat. I’ll go put on some music so Danielle can entertain us.” That seemed to relax the guys a little. They all grabbed drinks and sat down around the living room. Roy put on some very sexy and seductive music. I winked at him and mouthed, “Perfect.”

Now I had five guys that were going to be sexually pleasuring me tonight. They just didn’t know it yet. Well, Roy did, and I’m sure Gavin suspected, but the other three guys had no clue that they were soon to be my sex toys.

I started dancing very seductively around the room making sure I passed by each of the guys closely. After I teased the guys for a bit, I decided it was time to turn up the sexual tension a bit.

I walked over and climbed up on Gavin’s lap and pretended I was riding his cock. I moaned a little and let my hair fall across his face. He placed his hands on my hips and leaned his head back so I could kiss on his neck while I was giving him a lap dance.

I got off his lap and walked over to the next guy and gave him a lap dance. I could feel his body shaking he was so nervous. I loved it.

The next guy I gave a lap dance to got extremely hard the moment I started grinding on his cock and moaning. He was breathing so heavy, I thought he was going to cum right then. I moved on to the next guy because I had plans for him later.

After I gave everyone a lap dance, I moved back to the center of the room and rubbed my pussy through my thong as I danced. I could see everyone was loving the show. I thought it was time to ramp up the sexual tension even more.

I lowered the sides of my thong to the point you could see about half of my landing strip and then pulled them back up high on my hips. I then turned around and bent over a little as I pulled them down to so they guys could almost see my pussy from behind. I then pulled them back up very slowly.

I turned around and walked seductively around the room again. I then asked the guys if they wanted me to remove my thong. Everyone smiled and nodded their heads yes. I then said, “If I am going to remove them, I need something in return from each of you.” Gavin and Roy smiled as they knew exactly what I was going to demand in return.

I then said, “I want all of you to strip down to just your underwear.” Derrick, Gunner, and Nelson looked a little nervous about my request.” Roy and Gavin stood up and stripped down to their underwear and sat back down. I walked over to Derrick and said, “Let me help you.” I reached over and unbuttoned his shirt. I then pulled it back exposing his chest and abs. He was in very good shape. I ran my nails down his chest to his pants and unhooked his belt.

I told him to stand. When he did, I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants and slid them down. I nibbled on his cock a little through his underwear and then told him to sit back down.

I moved over to Gunner and Nelson and told them both to stand. I then told them to unbutton their shirts. I ran my hands down their chests and abs to their cocks. I gave them both a little squeeze through their pants and said, “These pants have to go.”

I told them both to strip for me down to their underwear. I danced around them touching their bodies as they fulfilled my request. They both were shaking a little. I loved the feeling of control. Once they had stripped down to their underwear, I started to play with their cocks through their underwear. Once they were both hard, I pushed them on the chest and told them to sit back down.

Now I had five guys in just their underwear. I thought, what should I do next? I walked out of the room and said I would be right back and for everyone to get a fresh drink. I went into the bedroom and got a few sex toys and a few bottles of lube. I went back to the living room and set out the toys and lube on the end table. I could see Gavin and Roy chuckling a bit as Derrick, Gunner, and Nelson’s jaws dropped.

I started to dance around the room again and slowly remove my thong. I would give them a glimpse of my pussy and pull them back up. I teased all of them by doing this and finally walked over to Gunner and told him to help me remove it. He slid it down my legs to my feet. I then stepped out of it and bent over and picked it up off the floor. I ran it up Gunner’s face and moaned as I did. I then tossed it over on the floor in the corner of the room.

I decided to try something that I hope would drive them all crazy. I also was hoping I could do it. I walked over to the end table and picked up an 8-inch realistic looking dildo that had a girth just a little bigger than an average cock. I applied flavored lube all over it and stroked it a bit.

I moved to the center of the room and dropped to my knees and started to move up and down like I was riding a guy cowgirl style. I moaned while I did this. I then started to suck on the dildo. I went down on it further and further. I then tilted my head back and slid it all the way into my throat. I held it there for several seconds and then slid it back out. I looked at the guys and smiled. I then licked my lips. It worked! They were all looking at me in amazement including Roy and Gavin.

I then picked out my next victim and cat crawled across the floor to them. I started to nibble on Nelson’s cock through his underwear. He started to breathe heavily and moan a little. I looked up at him and said, “This would be so much more fun if these weren’t in the way.” He quickly slid them off and to his ankles. I had him step out of them and I tossed them over with my thong.

I grabbed his hard cock and started to suck on it. Every few strokes, I took it deeper. He was starting to shake a lot. I then stood up and danced around the room a little more. I looked over at Roy, he had already taken off his underwear. So, I walked over and climbed up on his lap and slid his cock inside me. I started to pump up and down and moan in his ear. He loves that.

After a few minutes, I got back up and looked at the other guys and said, “If you guys want to play with me, you really need to take off your underwear.” Gavin of course ripped his off quickly. The other two guys looked at each other and then stood up and dropped their underwear to the floor.

I walked over to the kitchen counter and asked Gavin to come over and give me a boost to help me up on the counter. Gavin walked over and helped me up. I laid back on the counter and said, “I want each of you to eat me, one after the other, and each of you better be good.” Roy walked over with a small pillow and placed it under my head so I could be comfortable.

Gavin grabbed my legs and pulled them wide apart and buried his face in my pussy. I squealed a little because it startled me. He began to eat me. He was licking and sucking and running is tongue around my clit and pussy opening. It felt really great!

The other guys came over to the counter I was laying on and started to caress my body while Gavin was eating me. I started to moan loudly because it felt so good. Each of the guys took turns eating me. I was loving all of the attention.

After each of them ate me a few times, I looked at Roy and told him to make me orgasm. He started to eat me and suck on my clit. I started to squirm and moan. I felt him tickling my ass with his finger. That drove me close to having an orgasm. He continued to eat me and play with my ass until I tensed up. He then went at it hard. It drove me over the top. I had a very vocal orgasm. I was screaming in ecstasy as I came. I kept myself tensed up a bit because I did not want to release just yet. I wanted to be fucked!

I sat up on the counter and asked Roy and Gavin to help me down. I walked back to the living room and told the guys to sit back down. I started to seductively dance and sexually tease each of the guys. I could see that all of them were very horny.

I wanted to drive them all close to the edge. So, I told them that I wanted them to masturbate while watching me dance and play with myself. But they were not allowed to cum. I continued this until I could tell that they were all close to cumming. I then told them to stop and just watch me dance.

I got down on my hands and knees and cat crawled over to each of them and licked each of their cocks. This was driving them crazy. It was driving me sexually crazy to. I could feel my body getting extremely excited. I needed to be fucked bad.

I crawled back to the center of the room and told Gunner to come to me. When he got there, I got up on my knees and took his hard cock into my mouth. I sucked him for just a minute or so and then told him to lay down on the floor.

I threw my leg across him and straddled his hips. I lowered myself down onto his hard cock. I could hear him moaning as I took it deeper and deeper inside me. It felt great. I started to pump up and down a little and grind my clit on his mound. I was very horny. I then looked over at Derrick and Nelson and told them to come over and lay down on each side of Gunner.

Once they were laying down and comfortable, I reached over and dripped some lube on both of their cocks. I started to stroke each of them nice and slowly. I could feel both of them raising and lowering their hips a little. They both started breathing deeply and letting out little moans.

I looked over at Gavin and told him to come over to me. I then told him that I wanted him to play with my ass. He picked up a bottle of lube and went around behind me. I felt him put his hand on my hip as he got down between Gunner’s legs. I bent over just a little to give Gavin better access.

He poured lube down the crack of my ass and let it run across my asshole. That gave me little shivers it felt so good. He then started to rub a finger around the opening to my asshole and tickle it a bit. It kept making me tense up and relax. It felt wonderful. I started to moan a little louder.

I then felt Gavin slide a finger inside me. He started to finger-fuck my ass very slowly. I felt my ass relaxing. He then inserted a second finger and pushed them both in deep. I gasped and let out a loud moan.

A few minutes later, I felt him pull his fingers out. He started rubbing my lower back with one of his hands. I then felt a little pressure on my asshole as he slid his cock inside me. He started fucking my ass with short strokes. Each time I felt my ass relax a little more, I felt him sliding his cock in deeper.

Once my ass was fully relaxed, Gavin started fucking my ass a little harder and deeper. It was causing me to gasp and moan. I felt my body starting to tremble a little. I looked over at Roy and told him to come to me. I told him that I wanted him to fuck my mouth. I trusted him and knew he would not go in deep until I was ready.

He knelt down in front of me and placed his hands on my head. He slid his cock in my mouth and started to pump it in and out a few inches. The sensations of having three cocks fuck me while I was jacking off two others was extreme. I felt so much power and so much pleasure at the same time.

I felt myself coming close to having another orgasm. My body was starting to shake, and I felt my pussy starting to pulsate. It felt so good. I pulled off of Roy’s cock for a moment and screamed, “Fuck me harder!” I then went back to sucking Roy’s cock. Gavin and Gunner both started to thrust their hips hard. You could hear our skin impacting. The impacts were sending little shock waves through my clit. I tensed up and let the orgasm build. I winked at Roy, and he started fucking my mouth deep. I could feel him going into my throat. I moaned when he went deep. That seemed to drive him a little crazy.

I was having a very strong orgasm. I relaxed and let it happen. The release felt so wonderful. Once I went a little limp, the guys kept fucking me but very slowly. They were letting me recover some so I could continue to be sexually pleasured.

While they were fucking me slowly, I started to stroke Derrick’s and Nelson’s cock rapidly. They both started to squirm and moan. I kept stroking them fast. Nelson started to moan loud and started to cum. He covered his entire stomach and chest. I kept stroking him very slowly to get every last drop out.

A few moments later, I could feel Derrick’s cock throbbing in my hand. He let out a moan and shot his load. These two guys could cum a lot. After I was sure I had every last drop out of their cocks, I rubbed their cum all over their chests. Both of them glistened in the dim light. I could see they were spent.

Gavin started to fuck me faster in the ass and I started to moan again. That got Gunner to start fucking me hard. Roy was still fucking my mouth and I could feel him starting to throb. I knew he was about to cum. Each time he thrust in; I pushed my head towards him to take him deeper. He started to moan and shake. He then started to cum in my mouth. I could feel him trembling as he shot his load. After he came, he started to fuck my mouth very slowly for a little longer. He finally could not take any more and sat down on his heels and started caressing my hair. That made me feel very close to Roy. We were sharing this sexual experience together.

When I started to cum again, Roy moved to the side of me and braced my body so I would not collapse from my shaking. I could feel Gavin and Gunner pulsating and throbbing deep inside me. I finally tensed up and screamed. I was having a full body orgasm.

A moment later I felt the two guys cumming. It seemed like they were cumming and cumming. I felt very warm down below and very full. That pushed me over the edge, and I tensed up one last time and moaned out very loudly. I then went totally limp and was breathing very rapidly. I felt euphoric. I felt sexually fulfilled. Roy held me tight until my breathing slowed.

Gavin pulled his cock out of me and stood up. Roy and Gavin picked me up off of Gunner and carried me to the bedroom. They cleaned me up and gave me a back massage as I drifted off to sleep. I had very sensual dreams that night and even relived the wonderful sex I had in my dreams. I woke up the next morning very happy, and still feeling a little euphoric. I went around the house feeling very proud that I got five guys off all by myself.