Girls night out had finally arrived. I was looking forward to seeing how much trouble the girls and I could get into. We always have a great time, and I always come home extremely horny.

I put on a super sexy outfit, did my hair, and put on very sexy makeup with bright red lipstick. I actually looked more like I was going to a swingers club instead of the local bars. But the girls and I like to see who can get the most attention from the guys at the bars we go to.

I went in the living room and told Roy to take off his pants. He looked at me like I was crazy. I told him again to take off his pants. He finally did. I then told him, the underwear too. He gave me a little smirk and took them off.

I walked over to him and pushed him back on the couch and dropped to my knees. I grabbed his cock and started to play and suck on it. He was still looking at me like I was crazy. I then said to him, “You do remember how horny I am when I come home from a girls night out, right?” He said, “Of course.” I then explained to him that I wanted him to be able to last a very long time when I get home. I then told him to just sit back and cum in my mouth.

He relaxed knowing he did not really have a choice. I gave him a really good blowjob and deep throated him a lot. He finally came in my mouth. Actually, a little more than usual. I opened my mouth to show him and then swallowed. I then opened my mouth again and licked my lips to let him see that I did swallow every last drop. I smiled at him and stood up.

Roy asked what girls I was going partying with. I told him I was meeting Julia, Amber, Naomi, Vanessa, and Shannon.

Roy smiled and told me to tell each of them hi for him and to smack Julia on the butt and tell her it was from him. I told Roy I would do a little more than just smacking her on the butt.

I then said that I would see him when I got home and that he may want to wash the lipstick off his dick. I put on fresh lipstick and headed out the door to meet the girls for a fun night out.

When I arrived at the first bar we were going to, the other girls met me outside. They all looked very hot and sexy. After we greeted each other, we headed into the bar to find a table.

Once we were seated and had our first round of drinks, we looked around the room and started to point out the guys we would fuck on a first date. We have this game we play. We have a competition on seeing who can get the most numbers from guys. But the one rule is that the number has to come from a guy we would want to have sex with. I planned to win tonight. I already see a lot of hot guys that give me tingles down below.

We had a lot of fun flirting with the guys. I danced with a few that I especially liked. I think the guys bought the rest of our drinks while we were here. I already had four numbers but one of the other girls had five. I needed to do something to catch up to her.

I was wearing a very short mini skirt, so I knew exactly what to do. I grabbed a pen off the table and walked over to the bar where there were several hot guys standing. I accidentally dropped the pen in front of them and bent over at the waist to pick it up off the floor. Of course, I had my butt pointing towards them. I had a bright red thong on, so I’m sure it stood out very well when I bent over.

I then stood up and turned around and pulled the back of my skirt down and acted like I was embarrassed. That got the guys’ attention and they all tried to comfort me and let me know I had nothing to be embarrassed about. I chatted with them and walked away with two more numbers.

When I got back to the table, the girls looked at me like I cheated. I smiled and reminded them we only had one rule and both the guys I got numbers from I would love to have sex with. So, I did not break any rules.

We talked a bit more and I then brought up the idea that we should go over to the male strip club. It was only a few blocks away and we could walk. Everyone thought it was a great idea. We went to clear up our tab and found out that the owner of the bar covered the only round that was not bought for us. We told the bartender to send him our thanks. We left two twenties on the bar as a tip. We wanted to make sure the bartender that served us was taken care of. We all like him. In fact, Roy and I have had a threesome with him on a few occasions.

We walked down to the male strip club. Well, we actually strutted. We got plenty of whistles and cat calls as we headed to the strip club. When we got there, we asked to be seated as close to the main stage as we could. They found us a table that was perfect. We could all see the guys on stage easily.

We sat down and ordered a round of drinks and a round of shots. We wanted to do this right. When the drinks and shots came, we all grabbed a shot, held it up and quickly downed it. I’m sure anyone looking our way enjoyed the faces we made.

There were not a lot of customers here tonight. It was basically us and a few other small groups of girls. Oh well, that means more attention for us from the guys. I hope the male strippers can handle us. We tend to get extremely rowdy on girls nights out.

We had a great time flirting and cat calling the male strippers. We almost got asked to leave because we got a little to touchy feely at times with the male strippers. We were just having fun. I don’t think the girls noticed, but I got one of the dancers’ numbers and found out what regular bar he goes to. Going to have to get Roy to go with me and see if we can accidentally run into him.

It was finally closing time and all of us were extremely horny. I suggested that we could go back to my place and take sexual advantage of Roy. All of them knew him and liked him. In fact, Roy and I have had threesomes with each of them a few times. Everyone seemed to love the idea. So, we made out a plan of attack on how to seduce him and make him our sex toy for the night. From what we had planned, I think we all grew horns. We were very horny girls that were now on a mission to be sexually pleasured.

Once we finished our drinks, we called a ride share to take us all to my place. I also sent Roy a text message telling him to take his special blue pill because I was heading home, and I was very horny. I thought about telling him to be waiting for me naked, but I decided that was a little too evil.

We actually had to call two ride shares because there were six of us. On the ride home, I started thinking about if Roy would survive six extremely horny girls. We laughed a little on the ride conniving what we were going to make Roy do to us and what we were going to do to him. The poor driver looked a little scared.

We finally arrived at my place, and I told the girls to keep very quiet as we went into the apartment. I did not want Roy to have any advanced notice of our sneak attack.

I told them that I would go in first and for them to follow a little behind me very quietly. I told them to listen for me saying and I brought… And then come running in.

I opened the door and walked into the apartment. I saw Roy and told him that I was extremely horny and that I brought five other very horny girls with me! They came running in and screaming a little. Roy’s eyes got very big, and I swear he looked around trying to find an escape route. But the six of us had him trapped.

Roy nervously gave each of them a hug and said he was glad to see them again. He also said that he hoped we all had a good time. Poor Roy, each of the girls were looking at him like he was their prey and were about to pounce on him.

Roy always jokes about wanting to be the center of a reverse gangbang. It looks like that may be what is going to happen tonight. I hope he did take his special blue pill. He is going to need it with the six of us being as horny as we are.

We all made ourselves some drinks and went in the living room to get the after party started. Amber and Vanessa escorted Roy over to the couch and pushed him back on to it. They both sat down, one on each side of Roy.

I sat down on the recliner and Julia sat down on my lap. Of course, I started playing with her boobs. I love them.

Shannon is usually the shy one in our group but surprised me tonight. She grabbed Naomi’s hand and pulled her out into the middle of the room and started to seductively dance with her. Go Shannon!

I looked over at Roy, and Vanessa already had her hand on his crotch rubbing his cock through his pants. He did not seem to mind at all. Amber had one hand on his chest caressing it and nibbling on his neck. Roy looked happy, but a little scared at the same time.

I then noticed that Shannon and Naomi were taking each other’s clothes off and groping each other. Looks like we got a little sex party starting.

Julia told me to stand up and she then slowly took off all of my clothes. She gently kissed each body part as it was exposed. A few places she kissed gave me shivers. I then undressed her the same way. We started to slow dance with each other. Feeling her naked body pressed against mine felt really nice.

We kissed and danced for a bit and then I sat back down in the chair. Julia told me to slide forward a little. She got down on her knees and spread my legs open wide. She started to eat me very gently at first. Then she got more aggressive and started to tongue fuck me and suck on my clit. She went back and forth. I tilted my head back and started to moan.

I then felt her tongue start to explore my ass. She started to massage my clit while she was licking very gently around my asshole. The sensations her tongue was giving me were intense. I loved it. She asked me where I kept the lube. I told her to check my little shoulder bag by the chair.

She grabbed the bag and started looking through it. She looked at me and said, “You have a little of everything in here. Lube, condoms, a small towel, a cock ring, and a small vibrator. Damn girl!” I told her that Roy and I like to be prepared for anything. Especially for heat of the moment sex with strangers. She smiled and took the lube out of the bag.

She applied some lube to one of her hands and started to eat me again. I felt her massaging my asshole with the lubed fingers. That got me moaning again. Naomi and Shannon walked over to us. Shannon went behind the chair I was sitting in and reached over the back and started to massage my breasts.

Naomi got behind Julia and started to play with her pussy from behind. Julia was sitting on her heels with her legs spread a little. This gave Naomi a nice opening between her legs to slide her hand in.

I looked over at Roy, and Vanessa and Amber had taken all of their clothes off and were in the process of removing Roy’s clothes. I knew Roy was being taken well care of. So, I relaxed and enjoyed what the girls were doing to me.

I felt Julia slide a finger inside my ass. She started to do a come here motion with it. That felt extremely good. She then slid a second finger deep into my ass and started to finger-fuck it. While she was doing that, she was sucking on my clit and running her tongue around it. I was breathing heavily and knew that I was going to orgasm very soon.

As I felt the orgasm coming on, I told Shannon to pinch my nipples and squeeze my breasts. That was all it took to make me orgasm. I screamed out and my body tensed up. I was cumming! The girls got very rough with me at this point. That sent me over the edge and my entire body started to tremble. The more I screamed, the rougher the girls got.

I was soon having a full body orgasm and moaning out very loudly. They kept stimulating me a little longer and then finally stopped and just held me. I was shaking and panting. That felt wonderful.

After I recovered a little, I looked over at Roy to see what he was doing. Vanessa and Amber were tag teaming him with blowjobs. Vanessa would deep throat him and the second she lifted her head; Amber would go down on him all the way. They were going back and forth. I could see that it was driving Roy crazy. I yelled over to them and said, “Don’t let our sex toy cum yet. We are nowhere near done with him.” Roy looked a little worried at that moment. I looked at him and said, “I sure hope that special blue pill is working. You’re gonna need it.” Several of the girls giggled at what I just said.

Shannon said, “I have an idea!” I thought, hmmm… Shannon’s getting over her shyness a lot tonight. I asked her what her idea was. I think we should all go in the bedroom and everyone but Roy, lie down on our backs around the edge of the bed. We then pull our legs up to our chests and spread our legs open wide. Then, Roy goes around the bed eating each of us a little and tease us by sliding his cock inside us for just a few seconds. I looked at her and smiled.

I stood up and said, “Let’s go!” When we got to the bedroom, Roy dimmed the lights and all of us girls got on the bed and assumed our positions. Roy went over to Shannon first and started eating her. She started to orgasm almost immediately. I guess she was very horny. I then felt the bed bumping. I knew Roy was fucking her hard. She screamed and moaned as she reached full orgasm. The bed stopped bumping and I heard Shannon let out a breathy sigh.

I then heard Naomi starting to moan. The sound of her moaning always seems to make me tingle. I cheated a little and started to play with myself while I was waiting my turn. I bit down on my lip so I wouldn’t accidentally moan out and get caught.

Once Roy brought Naomi to orgasm, he moved on to Amber. I could actually feel the bed trembling while Roy was eating her and fucking her. He must have hit the spot she likes perfectly.

It was Vanessa’s turn next. When Roy started eating her, she got very demanding and was screaming for him to eat her harder. I heard a smack sound and knew Roy had smacked her on the ass nice and hard. She seems to love that. I heard her grunt and the orgasm. I felt the bed bumping again and heard her grunt each time Roy pounded in her deep. Once she went limp, Roy moved on to Julia.

Julia was beside me and reached over and started to play with my pussy while Roy was eating her. Yes, she caught me masturbating. She turned her head towards me, and we kissed. I could hear her breath and knew she was getting close. Roy then slid his cock inside her and started to fuck her. It was not long before Julia was trembling and having one hell of an orgasm. I pinched her nipples as she reached the peak.

Now it was finally my turn. Roy went down on me and started to eat me. I pulled my legs tight to my body and spread my legs open as wide as I could. I felt him slide his tongue down to my ass and started licking around my asshole. That caused me to start to orgasm very quickly. When I was close to the peak of my orgasm, I screamed out, “Fuck me!” Roy slid his cock deep into my pussy and started pounding me hard. My clit was loving it!

I had a very strong orgasm this time and it took a little while for me to catch my breath. I was feeling very sexually satisfied. But I had five other girls and Roy here in the bed with me. I was not going to let things end yet. We all had more orgasms to have.

I looked over at Amber. She was sitting at the corner of the bed by the nightstand. I told her to open the drawer and toss everything that was in it onto the bed. When she opened the drawer, I could see her smile. She took the entire drawer out and turned it upside down over the center of the bed.

Now we all had dildos of various sizes, vibrators, anal plugs, anal beads, flavored lubes, and several other types of sex toys to play with. We all grabbed a toy and lube and got busy using them on each other. Roy was somewhere in pile of girls; I just could not find him. This had quickly turned into an orgy.

I was eating someone, just did not know who. I felt a toy being slid into my pussy. It was large and was making me feel very full. I loved the feeling. I then felt someone tickling my ass and sliding something inside it. I then felt pulsations going through my ass. It was a butt plug we have that can give all types of wonderful sensations. I was feeling myself starting to orgasm again.

I heard all types of moans blending in with my own. I had no idea who was doing things to me, and I did not care. It could be a bunch of total strangers for all I cared. I was feeling very animalistic and just wanted to cum over and over.

I then heard Roy moaning very loudly. I knew he was cumming. Hearing him set off tiny orgasms that rolled throughout my body. Our little orgy continued until none of us could take any more. We all ended up falling asleep in a big pile of naked bodies.

The next morning, I heard Roy saying, “Get out of the bed you lazy bunch of sexy women! Breakfast is served.” He then rolled a cart into the bedroom with seven plates that had eggs, bacon and hash browns on them. He passed them all out and then joined us in bed.

Shannon then said, “This was the most fun I have ever had. When can we do it again?” I guess Shannon lost all her shyness last night.