Roy and I went out with Gavin for dinner. He brought up a new idea he had for something new to add to his private home swinger parties. He described a box that someone would get inside and had several holes in it that guys could stick their cocks in and the person inside the box could sexually play with them. The way he described it; the box basically had glory holes all over it. He said that it was just a vision in his head and would love for us to toss out ideas that would make it something really fun and enjoyable.

Oh boy did I have ideas! I told Gavin that I thought that it needed to be big enough for two people to be in the box at the same time. It should also be tall enough to stand up in. I also let him know that I felt the width should allow a girl inside the box to suck on one cock while still being able to press her pussy or ass against another hole so someone could be fucking her at the same time. That one got a smile out of both Gavin and Roy.

I continued to let Gavin know about my ideas for the box. I thought it should have holes on each side, including the door at different heights. It should also have a couple of holes in the roof of the box. The box should have two round stools that spin and can have their height adjusted easily.

The interior of the box should be black and be lit inside by a dim red light. I also told him that I thought each hole should be covered by a stretchy material, maybe thin black rubber, with a slit in it. That way light from outside would not enter the box.

I then told Gavin my final idea for now. That idea was it should have something like an adjustable swing in it for creative use by whoever is inside the box.

OK, I will admit it. I basically took over the design of this new glory hole box. Gavin did seem very interested in my ideas though. He wrote down everything I said. At the end of our conversation about the box, Gavin said to me, “Since you are the main designer, you should be the first one to get to use it.” I smiled and said, “Of course. Just let me know when you have it ready.”

A few weeks later, Gavin sends me a text message saying that the new glory hole box was ready, and that he would have it setup for this Saturday’s party. I sent him a text back letting him know that Roy and I would be there and that I was ready to play in the new box.

While Roy and I were relaxing for the evening, he brought up that he would really love to play with Heather sometime soon. I said, “Why don’t I contact her and see if she wants to come to Gavin’s party with us?” Roy loved the idea and I got in touch with her. She said that she would love to go and see the two of us again. Since Heather lived fairly close, Roy offered to pick her up and bring her back to our place so the three of us could split a pizza before we head to the party. She liked the idea and said that it was a date.

When Saturday came, Roy went and picked Heather up and I placed the order for a pizza for the three of us to share. When Roy got home with Heather, I could see that Roy had lipstick on his face and lips. I walked over to them and gave Heather a big hug. I then looked at Roy and wiped some of the lipstick off of his face and asked him, “What was this? Are you injured honey?” Heather got a very submissive look to her face and blushed a little. Roy said, “Heather attacked me. I almost suffocated!” I looked over at her and she had a big smile on her face and blushed a little more. I then walked over to Heather and grabbed her. I pulled her in close to me and gave her a very passionate kiss. I then looked at Roy and said, “There, I attacked her back for you.” We all had a laugh and went into the living room to wait for the pizza to arrive.

After we had our pizza, Roy got us a ride share and we headed to Gavin’s beach house for the swinger party. I filled Heather in about the glory hole box on the ride to Gavin’s. The driver kept looking back at us in the mirror. He looked like he was not sure what he was hearing. We all pretended not to notice him taking glances at us in the mirror. That was actually a little fun.

When we arrived at Gavin’s, the three of us got out of the car and went inside. Roy headed to the kitchen to make the three of us drinks while I took Heather to find Gavin so I could introduce the two of them. When I found Gavin, and introduced them, he said that he was glad to finally meet her. He said that he has seen her at the sex club a few times but was never able to catch her alone to say hi. Heather then told him, that he no longer had an excuse to not to come over and say hi. From the way Gavin was acting, I do believe that he is a little intimated by her. I really liked seeing outgoing Gavin a little shy.

After we chatted with Gavin a little, Heather and I went off to find Roy and get our drinks. Gavin told us to feel free to check out the new box and that it was in the main sex room. He handed me a key to the room and told me to lock it back when we checked things out. He let me know that his plan was to open the main sex room to the party guests at 11 PM. When we found Roy, we got our drinks and the three of us went and mingled with the guests. We knew a lot of the guests and met several new couples and singles. It looked like a nice turnout.

Around 10 PM the three of us decided to go check out the new glory hole box. I unlocked the sex room door, and we went inside. I closed and locked the door behind us. Gavin had the new glory hole box setup a few feet off the foot of the orgy bed. It had holes of different sizes all over it. I checked one of them out and saw that he used a soft neoprene thin sheet of rubber over each of the holes with a slit down the center. In fact, the outside of the box looked just like I had envisioned.

We went around to the door of the box, and I opened it to check out the inside. It had two adjustable round swivel stools in it, and I could see it did have a sex swing that you could drop down from the roof of the box. The dim red lighting in the box was perfect. I guess Gavin really did like my ideas. It looks like he used them all. I was now getting excited to play inside it.

Heather looked very intrigued by the glory hole box. She checked it out very closely. I could tell that she wanted to play in it too. At that point I said, “Heather. Why don’t you join me in the box tonight?” She smiled and said, “I was hoping you would ask. I would love to.” Roy loved the idea of both of us being inside the box. He said, “I love it. I get to have fun with both of you tonight.”

Since it was getting close to 11 PM, Heather and I decided to go ahead and get ready for fun in the box. Roy went back out to mingle and flirt with some of the guests. He said he would be back when the sex room was open for use.

Heather and I stripped down and stowed our clothes. We grabbed a few towels and wash clothes and a bottle of lube. We got in the box and closed the door behind us. We sat down on the two stools and decided to get each other nice and horny while we waited for cocks to start poking through the holes. We were both hoping a girl or two would also try the larger glory holes.

It was 11 PM and we could hear people starting to come into the room. We took turns eating and fingering each other while we waited for the fun to begin. It must have sounded strange hearing a box moaning.

After a few minutes, a cock slid through one of the glory holes. Heather said, “That’s Roy’s cock.” I replied, “You have a good memory to remember what his cock looks like. It’s been a while.” Heather smiled and blushed a little. She then said, “Roy’s face was not the only place he had lipstick.” I raised my eyebrows at her, and she said, “I kinda gave Roy a blowjob on the way to the apartment. I actually didn’t give him a choice.” I shook my head and laughed a bit. I started to remember how aggressive Heather is.

I reached up and started stroking Roy’s cock. I looked over at Heather and said, “We’ll share until more cocks appear.” We then went back and forth sucking and deep throating Roy. I could feel him tense up each time I went all the way down on him. While Heather was sucking on him, she started sucking deep and fast. After a bit, she winked at me and went all the way down on Roy and held there. I could actually feel Roy causing the box to shake a little. I thought he was about to cum when Roy pulled his cock out of Heather’s throat and the glory hole. I guess he was not wanting to cum yet. Heather did look a little disappointed. We both did get a good little laugh out of that though.

It did not take long for another cock to appear through a hole. This was very large, and I recognized it. It was Gavin’s cock. All ten inches of it. I looked at Heather and her eyes were huge. I told her that it was Gavin’s cock, and it was all hers. I wanted to see just how deep she could take that huge cock of his. She smiled, rolled her stool over to it and grabbed it with both hands. She looked like a kid in a candy store.

I watched her suck on Gavin’s cock and played with her pussy while I was waiting for another cock to appear through a hole. She kept trying to go deep on him but kept gagging. She was at the point where her eyes were starting to water. She said that she was determined to take him all the way down her throat. I suggest that she stand up and bend over so she could tilt her head up and back to open her throat up.

She did and started to take him gradually deeper into her throat. I reached between her legs and started to massage her clit to give her encouragement. She would come up for air every now and then and catch her breath. Each time she went back to trying to deep throat Gavin, she got it in a little deeper.

When she came up for air again, her eyes where watering like crazy. She said, “I’m just gonna go for it.” She then went all the way down on Gavin and took all 10 inches of his cock deep into her throat. I heard Gavin moan out very loudly. I’m sure Gavin has trouble finding a girl that can deep throat him all the way.

After she held his cock all the way in for a moment, she started rocking her body back and forth and sucking all 10 inches of him. Each time she took him all the way down into her throat, Gavin moaned out. For some strange kinky reason, watching her deep throat that huge of a cock was turning me on. I started imagining I was doing it. I played with her and myself while waiting for my turn with the next cock that appeared.

A few minutes later, two cocks appeared through holes that were side-by-side. I reached over and started stroking both of them. While I stroked the two cocks, I watched Heather continue to deep throat Gavin. By Gavin’s sounds, I could tell he was going to blow his load very soon. Heather went all the way down on Gavin and I could see Gavin’s cock throbbing by the bulge in Heather’s throat. I could see that she was swallowing over and over with his cock deep down her throat. That drove Gavin over the edge. He came down her throat and moaned out very loudly. When Gavin finds out it was Heather that gave him what was most likely the best deep throat blowjob he has ever had, I bet he will wish he had said hi to her at the sex club when he first saw her.

When he was through cumming, Heather slid his cock out of her throat and mouth very slowly. Once she removed his cock completely, she gasped and took a big breath. She smiled and said, “I did it!” She looked like she just won the lottery. I asked he if she wanted one of the cocks I was stroking. She said, “I’ll take the smaller one. I need to recover a bit. Boy does Gavin cum a lot.”

She rolled her chair over and we started to suck on the two cocks. We decided to race and see who could make their guy cum first. We both went at the cocks fast and intense. My guy was a little larger and I had a little trouble deep throating him at the start. Once I got the right angle and relaxed my throat, I was able to take him all the way down my throat. I decided to try Heather’s move and swallow the best I could while holding his cock deep. I swallowed several times and it sent him through the roof.

I then started to suck him all the way in and out. I swallowed each time I went all the way down on him. He exploded and shot his load sooner than I expected. It choked me a little, but I managed to swallow his load and keep sucking on his cock. I could hear him moaning and feel him flinching. I kept at it until he could not take it anymore and pulled his cock out of my mouth and the glory hole.

I looked over at Heather and she was still working her cock. I joined her and started licking and running my lips up and down the shaft of his cock. Heather did the same on the other side. We acted like we were trying to French kiss each other with his cock in the middle. It did not take long before we started to feel his cock starting to throb.

The moment he started to cum, Heather took him in her mouth and sucked on him as he came. After he finished cumming in her mouth, we went back to what we were doing. We used his cum as lube while we ran our lips up and down the sides of his cock. We got the poor guy whimpering a bit. We kept it up until he pulled his cock out of the box. Heather and I kissed for a bit and then noticed more cocks starting to poke through the holes.

We had two cocks sticking in the box on one side and two more sticking through holes on the opposite side of the box. I then got an idea. I told Heather that we should fuck and suck these cocks. She loved the idea.

We both stood up and bent over and slid cocks deep into our pussies. We then started sucking on the other cocks sticking through the other holes. We were able to rock back and forth fuck the two cocks while deep throating the other two. We got a good rhythm going. I reached back through my legs and started playing with my clit. It did not take long before I was moaning and getting close to cumming.

Heather started to play with herself too. She really started moaning. It was muffled because she did have a mouth full of cock. Hearing her got me even more excited. I started to play with myself a lot more intensely. I also started pounding my ass against the glory hole harder and harder. I could feel the guy’s cock throbbing deep inside my pussy. The moment he came, it sent me over the top and I came hard. My legs started to tremble, and I thought they were going to collapse. I finally just pressed my ass back against the glory hole and let the guy continue fucking me. The guy had stamina. He kept fucking me until he came a second time.

The guy I was deep throating and giving a blowjob to, came in my mouth and then pulled his cock out quickly. I guess he was a light weight. I would have continued sucking his cock longer. I looked over at Heather and she leaned back and opened her mouth. I moved my mouth over hers and let the cum drip out into her mouth. We then started kissing for a few moments.

We sat back down on our stools and watched the holes to see what would appear next. A long cock poked through one of the glory holes and Heather started to stroke it. I looked at her and said, “I have an idea.” I stood up and released the sex swing from the ceiling and adjusted its height to the hole with the cock sticking through it.

I climbed up on the swing, adjusted the thigh straps to hold my legs back and spread apart, and then told Heather to guide his cock inside me. I moaned as his cock penetrated me. The fullness I felt with his cock deep in my pussy felt great. I told Heather to rock the swing back and forth. Feeling his long cock slide in and out of me got some extreme tingles going. Heather started to play with my clit while rocking me in the swing. I could feel my body already starting to tremble again. I laid my head back in the swing’s headrest and closed my eyes.

Heather and the guy with the long cock brought me to orgasm very quickly. Damn that was a good one. Heather whispered in my ear that she had an idea and to just keep my eyes closed and relax. I felt her pouring lube down my pussy. It caused me to quiver as it ran down around his cock and across my asshole. I felt Heather massaging the lube into my ass. She then rocked the swing back far enough to remove his cock from my pussy and guided it deep into my ass. Oh, did I moan out as his long cock went all the way in. Heather started rocking the swing again and playing with my clit. She then slid two fingers inside my pussy and finger fucked me while massaging my clit with the palm of her hand.

The feeling of his long cock taking me anally while Heather was fingering me and massaging my clit sent me into a euphoric state of mind. I was loving it. I came over and over. My entire body was trembling. I was in ecstasy. I felt the guy’s cock throbbing deep inside my ass and that caused me to cum again. I could feel him shooting his load inside me and that caused my entire body to orgasm. Heather was playing with my G-spot and started to massage it harder and harder. She told me to relax and not hold back. She whispered in my ear to push. At the same time, she fingered my G-spot very intensely and I squirted all over the guys and the side of the box. It felt amazing. I came extremely hard.

Heather stopped rocking the swing and I could feel the guy’s cock still inside my ass throbbing very gently. That felt wild. I liked it. He left his cock inside me as I recovered enough to get out of the swing. Once I slid back in the swing and felt his cock slide all the way out of my ass, he removed it from the glory hole, and I got out of the swing. Heather attached it back to the ceiling so it would be out of the way. We sat back down on the stools to see if any more cocks would appear through any of the glory holes.

What happened next, we did not expect. Within minutes every hole had a cock sticking through it. Even the two holes on the ceiling of the box. We both giggled a little and raised our eyebrows. I looked at Heather and said, “Looks like we got our work cut out for us.” We each started stroking cocks and sucking on them. I grabbed one of the cocks that was sticking through a hole in the ceiling with a hand full of lube and started milking it. He seemed to like it. His cock started to throb pretty quick.

The guy I was milking felt like he was about to cum. I then got a devious idea. I looked down at Heather that was stroking two cocks and sucking on another. I aimed the cock at her head and jerked him off. He shot his load all over her head. She looked up at me and gave me an evil look. I said, “Oops.” I then grabbed the other cock that was sticking through the ceiling and started stroking it with long and fast strokes.

It did not take long to get him off. I aimed his cock at Heather, and he came all down her back. Heather looked up at me again and said, “So you want a war? Huh?” She sucked the guy off and once he came in her mouth, she stood up and started sucking on my boobs with a mouth full of cum. It rolled down my stomach and pussy.

For the next 15 or 20 minutes, we kept aiming cocks at each other as they came. We also started to scoop cum up off the floor and smear it all over each other. By the time we finished getting all the guys off, the two of us were drenched in cum from head to toe. We sat there giggling and laughing at each other. We actually had a great time. It was messy but it was a lot of fun.

After a few more minutes, the door to the glory hole box opened. Standing outside the door were Gavin and Roy. Heather and I looked at each other and then back at the guys. We must have looked like two girls that got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. The two of them just stared at us shaking their heads. Roy then said, “You two do know that this is not the bukkake room at the sex club. Don’t you?” I stood up and tried to hug Roy. Gavin wrapped a towel around me and picked me up and said, “Off to the shower with this one. Roy, grab Heather.”

The guys carried us to the showers and tossed us in. Gavin said, “You two can have all the fun you want. But I’m not letting you out until you both are clean.” Heather and I soaped each other up and washed each other’s hair. The entire time we were laughing and giggling about what we just did. We really did have a lot of fun.