Roy, Jessica, and I were having dinner when my phone rang. I saw that the call was from Jeffrey, so I answered it instead of letting it go to voice mail. He told me that he was going to be in town for a few days before heading to Japan for a few weeks and that he needed some serious stress relief.

The company Jeffrey works for has him traveling all over the globe. He has an open invitation to stay with us anytime he is in town.

I told him that some friends of ours were having a private swingers house party Saturday night and that the four of us should go. He thought it was a great idea and sounded like a great way to relieve some stress.

I let him know that I was looking forward to seeing him when he arrived in town Saturday afternoon. When I hung up my phone, Roy and Jessica could tell I was very excited to see him. It had been about four months since he was here visiting last.

Saturday came and Jeffrey was running a little late. His plane had been delayed. I went to the airport to pick him up and greeted him wearing what I was going to the swingers party in. I got a lot of stares, but Jeffrey loved it.

Once the two of us hugged and kissed we headed to the car. We got to chat a little while I drove us to the house. Jeffrey told me that he was really looking forward to the swingers party as he needed some major stress relief.

He told me how he was working with a new client that was a royal pain in the ass to deal with. But the money was good, so he will just deal with it.

When we arrived at the house, Roy and Jessica were ready to head to the party. Jeffrey ran in and took a quick shower and put on his party clothes. He looked hot! OK, I’m horny and we have not even gotten to the swinger party yet.

Roy called us a ride share and the four of us headed to the swinger party. When we arrived, we went in and thanked the hosts for inviting us. They knew Jeffrey and were also happy to see him and that he could make it to the party.

We started mingling with the other party guests. We ran into many friends and met several new couples and singles that hopefully will become new friends.

Later in the evening I saw Roy and Jeffrey talking to each other. When these two talk without Jessica and I around, I get a little nervous. These two always seem to plot things together that involve either me or Jessica, or both, in some type of sexual situation.

Of course, I grabbed Jessica and the two of us went over to see what they were talking about. They said that they were just catching up. Why do I not believe them? I could sense those two were up to something.

Later that night, I asked Jessica if she knew what the guys were up to. She started to act a little nervous and stumble on her words a bit. She kept changing the subject. I then knew that she either knew what they were planning or was in on it. She then acted like she saw someone that she really wanted to say hi to and quickly scurried off. That little bitch! I’ll remember this.

Hmm… I just realized, the three of them have disappeared and left me alone. I guess I’m going to grab another drink and go make my own fun. I saw several guys and girls I would love to play with. I’m going to go flirt with a few and see what trouble I can get in.

I started to walk around and flirt with a few people and was starting to get a little horny. A few minutes later I see Roy and Jeffrey heading my way with smiles on their faces. OK, I guess it’s time to see what they are up to.

When they approached me, they both gave me a kiss on the cheek. I also felt both of their hands grab my ass. So far the two of them are acting normal.

Roy then told me that they had a surprise for me. Jeffrey grabbed my hand and started leading me to wherever the three of us were going. They led me down a hallway to a room at the end.

Roy opened the door and the three of us went inside. The room was dimly lit with red lights. It was very quiet in this room.

I looked around and saw that this was a sex room filled with all types of interesting furniture.

The first thing I saw was a padded sawhorse bench with arm and leg rests that could be adjusted.

The next thing I noticed was a sex machine that looked like it could be adjusted to different heights and angles. It was also on wheels so it could be moved around the room. Now that looked interesting.

In the corner was a Saint Andrews Cross. It had wrist and ankle restraints hanging from it. In another corner was a sex swing hanging from the ceiling.

I also saw a V shaped padded bench that the width of the ends could be adjusted. Beside that was a spanking bench that you could lean over.

Over by one of the walls was a box with a what looked like a very well-padded toilet seat on the top. The box was open in the front, and I could see a pillow lying below the opening. I believe they called this a queening box.

I then noticed another interesting piece of furniture. It was a low table with a slightly reclined seat on top of it. On the sides it had arm rests. From what I could tell, you would sit back in it, pull your legs way back and a padded bar would lower over the back of your thighs and lock in place.

On another wall was a table full of sex toys. It had both female and male sex toys arranged on the top of the table.

The wall behind it had all types of whips, paddles, crops and flogs hanging on it. That made me just a little nervous seeing those.

Another table had all types of restraining devices laid out on the top. Those made me a little nervous too.

On the back wall was a large bed with a stockade at the foot. It looked like it could be adjusted up and down. The bed had black sheets on it and a few pillows and sex wedges.

There were a few more pieces of furniture in the room that I had no clue how they were used.

I noticed that on one of the walls was a large window that was almost the length of the wall. I could see that on the other side of the window was another room with couches facing the window.

I’m assuming that it was a viewing room that people could use to watch what was going on in the sex room.

I have to be honest here. This room was amazing, and I was actually getting very turned on by what I was seeing and thinking. My imagination was starting to go a little wild.

Roy and Jeffrey moved me to the center of the room and undressed me. They both kissed and played with me a little while they were removing my clothes. I was enjoying this.

Jeffrey went behind me and I felt him sliding something over my head. I quickly realized that he was putting a blindfold on me.

I then felt both of them grab my wrists and raise them up above my head in a wide V shape. I then realized that they were putting wrist restraints on me. I got a little nervous about this, but it also turned me on.

I was now standing in the room blindfolded, nude, and with my arms restrained above my head and out to the sides.

I heard both of them walking away from me. I then heard the door open and the two of them leave the room.

They left me here alone in the room, restrained and blindfolded, totally nude. All types of things were going through my mind. I could feel my adrenalin kicking in a bit. I was nervous but sexually excited at the same time.

After a while, I heard the door to the room open and someone walking in. I then heard the door close. I took a deep breath to try to calm my nerves a bit.

I could feel someone breathing on my neck. They started to run their hands all over my body very sensually. They started to kiss me and run one of their hands down to my pussy. I could feel them gently massaging by pussy and rubbing my clit. Their other hand was playing with my breasts.

I had no idea who it was, but they were sexually exciting me and I was enjoying it. I let out a few little moans and rocked my hips a little pushing into the hand that was playing with me.

After a few minutes, they stopped. I could hear them walking back towards the door. I heard the door open and close behind them as they left the room.

What they had been doing to me felt so good, I wanted to play with myself. But I couldn’t since my hands were still restrained above my head. I also started to wonder if anyone was in the other room watching me through the window. That did add a little excitement to what was going on.

I heard the door open and this time I could hear two sets of footsteps coming towards me. When they reached me, they ran their hands all over my body for a minute and then unhooked the wrist cuffs from the restraints above my head.

The two of them picked me up off the ground and carried me to another area in the room. I felt them lowering me onto something.

As my body started to touch what they were lowering me on to, I felt my ass cheeks spread a little. I knew then that they had sat me down on the queening chair.

They spread my legs wide apart and attached what felt like a spreading bar. It attached to my lower thighs just above my knees and kept my legs spread. They moved my hands down towards my knees and restrained them to the straps on my lower thighs.

I could hear someone moving around on the floor between my legs. The other person had moved behind me and started to massage my shoulders. I liked that.

Moments later I felt someone licking my pussy. They were moving their tongue back and forth between my clit, the opening in my pussy and my ass. OK, I’m really enjoying this.

I started to breathe heavily and getting extremely sexually excited. The person that was eating my pussy was really good at it. I felt their tongue go in and out of my pussy. They moved to my clit and started to suck on it while drawing tiny circles around my clit with their tongue.

They then moved to my ass and started licking around my asshole very lightly. That was driving me crazy. I started to moan louder. They moved back and forth between pleasuring my pussy and ass. I was in heaven. Getting a shoulder rub and getting sexually pleasured.

After a while my body started to tremble, and I started to orgasm. I got very vocal as I came. The orgasm was amazing. At that moment I decided that Roy was going to build me a queening box. I wanted one of these.

The two people started to caress my body as I recovered from having a strong orgasm. This felt really nice.

Once I was recovered, they took off the restraint on my thighs and stood me up. They walked me back across the room slowly. I then felt them raise my hands above my head and attach them back to the restraints I was originally in.

I could hear them walking away from me and leaving the room. I started to wonder what was going to happen next. Just thinking about what could happen next made me extremely horny. I wanted more.

After a few more minutes, I heard the door open again. I could hear footsteps coming towards me. I could hear the click of heels, so I knew it was a woman that had come into the room.

I could hear her walking around me just saying, Hmmm… I then felt her running something over my body as she continued to walk around me. I was hoping that it was not a riding crop, but I’m sure it was.

She continued walking around me rubbing the riding crop across my body as she circled me. She then said, “What should I do with my little girl toy? Hmmm…” Now I was really nervous but extremely horny at the same time.

She smacked me on the ass lightly with the riding crop and then ran it up the inside of my right thigh to my pussy. OK, that caused my legs to shake a little. I started to breathe deeper.

She moved around in front of me and placed one of her hands around my throat and squeezed the sides gently. She started to kiss me, and I felt myself going a little lightheaded. She then let go of my neck and I felt euphoric. She ran the riding crop up my other thigh and started to play with my pussy with it. I was very nervous but was already feeling like I was going to orgasm.

Suddenly, she said, “I know exactly what I am going to do with my new girl toy.” That got my adrenalin going. I could my eyes watering up a little. My pussy and lower regions were tingling.

She unhooked my wrist restraints and led me across the room. I quickly realized that she was restraining my arms and legs to the Saint Andrews Cross. She had me facing the cross. OK, now I am really nervous but extremely sexually excited. I could feel my adrenalin kicking in even more.

I could hear her walking across the room and when she stopped, I could hear her saying, “Hmmm…”

After a minute or so, she walked back over to me and started caressing my back and butt. She then moved her hands and started rubbing them up and down my inner thighs. I felt some of my juices start to run down my leg. She rubbed her hand across the juices and then I heard her smack her lips. She said, “You taste very sweet. Let’s make them flow.”

She reached her hand between my thighs and started to play with my pussy. I tilted my butt back a little so she could get to me easier. She slid her fingers inside me and started to finger fuck me. OK, I’m scared but loving this.

She stood back up and started to run her fingernails down my back. It tingled a little but felt good. She then reached down and ran her fingernails up the inside of one of my thighs. I felt my legs start to tremble. I could feel my juices starting to drip a little down my inner thighs. I don’t think I have ever gotten this wet.

She then stepped back and started to lightly strike my butt and thighs with a flogger. The light tingling actually felt good and sexually excited me more.

Occasionally she would strike my butt with it harder. It was likely she flicked it once in a while. That hurt and caused me to gasp, but each time she did it, I could feel very strong tingles in my pussy. The pain from the harder strikes was both painful and pleasurable. She was apparently good at it. She had me right on that fine line between pain and pleasure.

She continued to flog me lightly for a little while. Once she had me trembling in excitement, she started to play with my pussy again. She said, “Now your juices are starting to flow nicely.”

I heard her walking across the room again and rolling something back. She told me to pooch my butt out a little. I felt her insert a sex toy deep inside me. I then heard the sounds of a motor as the toy started to go in and out of me slowly.

She said, let me know when it goes too deep. I did and she backed its stroke length to go as deep as possible inside me without hurting. She turned the speed of it up a little. It felt really good.

She started to lightly flog my ass again. The sensations were wonderful. As I started to get closer to having an orgasm, she turned the speed of the sex machine up more. I could feel myself pushing back on it each time it was all the way in. She asked if I wanted it to go deeper, I screamed, “Yes!” she adjusted it, so it went deeper inside me with each stroke. I was getting very close to cumming.

While she was still lightly flogging me, she reached around me and started to play with my clit. That drove me to the point that I had an entire body orgasm. The orgasm was extremely intense, and I actually blacked out for a second or two.

She stopped the sex machine and removed the sex toy from inside my pussy. She then started to caress my body all over while saying, “You’re a good girl sex toy, I want to play with you again someday.”

Once I was recovered, she unhooked me from the cross and led me back across the room. I was expecting to be restrained like I was before. But she led me to the bed and had me get up on it in a doggy style position. She then had me move down to the foot of the bed and placed my head and hands in the stocks.

I could then hear her leaving the room and closing the door behind her. Several minutes later I heard three people coming into the room. I could hear one set of footsteps that was wearing heels.

When they reached the bed, I felt someone climbing up onto the bed from each side. They started to caress my body. I felt someone standing in front of me starting to rub my temples. This was feeling very nice.

They continued to relax me for a few minutes when they released me from the stocks. One person moved me to the corner of the bed. I felt the bed moving as they were apparently arranging themselves for what was to come next.

They laid me back on the bed. I felt someone straddle my face. When they lowered their self to my mouth, I could tell they were female.

The moment I started to eat her, I could tell by the taste that it was Jessica. I immediately thought that it was time to pay the bitch back for being in on this!

I started to eat her and once she started to moan, I moved my tongue to her ass and started lightly licking it in circles. I knew this drives her crazy. Once I had her starting to orgasm, I held on to her hips tightly. When she started to scream in ecstasy, she tried to raise off of my mouth because she could not take anymore.

I held on to her tight and continued to eat her. Her entire body started to tremble. I kept going. She was screaming very loudly that she could not take anymore. This was payback time. I kept eating her and ramped up the intensity.

When she finally collapsed onto me, I could feel her body having convulsions. I was happy now, the other two rolled her off of me and moved me back to the corner of the bed. I could still feel the bed shaking from time to time as Jessica laid their having tiny convulsions.

I felt the other two moving about the bed. Once they seemed to settle down. I felt a hand grab mine and pull me towards them. I was positioned straddling one of their heads facing their lower body.

I lowered myself down onto their mouth and they started to eat me. It felt good and from the technique they used I could tell it was Jeffrey. He pushed on my back a little to get me to bend over and suck his cock while he was pleasuring me orally.

When I felt around to find his cock, I felt two cocks side by side pressed against each other. I then felt the second pair of legs. I immediately knew it was Roy. The two of them had gotten in a position like girls do when they play with a double dong.

I started to stroke both cocks in my hand and was thinking, why have we not done something like this before? It’s definitely turning me on.

Once they were both nice and hard, I lowered my head and started to suck on both of their cocks at the same time. I had to position my head so I could get both cocks in my mouth comfortably.

Once I found that magic position. I started to suck their cocks deeper into my mouth. Both of them started to moan. Jeffrey’s moaning was a little muffled though since my pussy was in his mouth.

After a bit, I sat back up and removed my mask. I was done with the mystery and just wanted these two guys to fuck me.

I then got off of Jeffrey’s face and moved and moved down and straddled their cocks. I started thinking, I am extremely sexually excited, and I have taken very huge cocks into my pussy before. Why not both of their cocks at the same time?

I moved down so the heads of their cocks were pressed against the opening to my pussy. I rocked back and forth a bit until I felt both cocks penetrate me. I started to pump up and down taking them deeper and deeper inside me.

It felt strange having two cocks inside my pussy but felt very erotic. It was exciting me, and I could feel another orgasm coming on. I started to play with my clit as I rode both of their cocks.

When I started to tremble, my guys started to moan. I could tell they were both ready to explode. I could feel both of their cocks starting to pulsate deep inside me. That brought me to the edge of cumming.

I started to play with my clit harder and harder. I started to scream in ecstasy as I orgasmed. My body was shaking, and I could feel both of my guys cumming inside me. The feeling of two guys cumming inside you would be hard to describe. All I can say is that it felt wonderful.

I collapsed down on Roy, and we held each other as we recovered. Jeffrey caressed my ass gently as all of our breathing synced together. I could see Jessica still curled up in the fetal position having tiny convulsions. I just laid there thinking how much I love my extended family.