“A Different Kind of Lazy Susan” starts off with Roy, Jessica and Danielle talking about what to do for fun. They decide to go to a swinger house party being held by some of their friends.

Once the three of them got dressed up and arrived at the swinger house party, they went inside and started mingling with the other guests. Roy got the three of them some drinks and they sat down on the couch. Roy and Danielle sat down beside each other, and Jessica sat in Roy’s lap with her legs across Danielle’s legs. This gave Danielle a great view of Jessica’s pussy. Danielle and Jessica decided not to wear panties to the party.

As the night progressed, the three of them flirted with the other guests. Danielle had fun embarrassing Jessica as best she could. Jessica was drooling over one of the guys and Danielle let the guy know by pulling up Jessica’s skirt and showing him that she was not wearing panties.

As the three of them explored the party, they noticed a sex playroom with a round table in it. The table had several chairs around it. Danielle asked the party hosts what it was for. One of the hosts asked Danielle if she knew what a lazy Susan was. She was then told to round up several people and she would show her how to play this new sex game they thought up.

Find out exactly what the sex version of a lazy Susan is and what wild times occurred in that room that night. Let’s just say it was one wild ride. Read all about it in the story linked below.

A Different Kind of Lazy Susan