“The Sybian Rodeo” starts off with Danielle telling Roy about a Sybian rodeo that was going to be held at one of the swingers clubs. Roy quickly figures out that Danielle wants to go.

When the day of the Sybian Rodeo arrived, Danielle and Roy got dressed up and headed to the swingers club. Danielle originally only wanted to watch. But she got talked into it by another couple. Danielle signs up and starts to get nervous.

The DJ announces that the Sybian rodeo would start in 15 minutes, and the contestants should go to the stage and get undressed. Danielle looks a little nervous walking over to the stage.

The contestants mount their Sybians and the rodeo begins to see who could survive the longest. What happens throughout the rodeo will blow your mind. How much can these girls take? Can Danielle survive the continuous stream of orgasms? What did the DJ surprise the girls with? Find out by reading the story linked below.

The Sybian Rodeo