So, you are going to go to your first swingers club and don’t know what to expect. Let’s take a quick look at what you should expect and then go into detail on what you can expect from a visit to a swingers club.

Here is what to expect at a swingers club.

When going to a swingers club you should expect to see and meet a lot of friendly people. You will also see a nightclub or bar atmosphere. Don’t be shocked if you see nudity and sex if it’s an on-premise swingers club.

Now, let’s explore all the fun and exciting things you may see or encounter when visiting a swingers club.

What to Expect at a Swingers Club

Many of the following amenities and events can be found at swingers clubs. Some will depend on if the club is an on-premise or off-premise club.

The size of the swingers club will also help to determine what you will find.

Let’s start off with a quick discussion of club security.

Swingers Club Security

Many swingers clubs have security inside and outside the club. These security guards are here to help make sure everyone has a good time and is safe.

You may find them patrolling the parking lot and outside areas. If the club has a fence around it, they will also be monitoring it, so no outsiders attempt to enter the club by going over the fence.

You will also see security at the front door. Be prepared to possibly have your cooler, purse, and bags searched. Besides illegal items, they also look for weapons, cameras and cell phones.

If you have a cell phone, they may insist that you check it at the door and pick it back up on your way out.

Another place you may see security is keeping an eye on the inside of the club. If you have a problem or are being harassed by another guest, just alert them to what is going on.

The swingers club security is your friend. They are there to help make your club experience a safe and enjoyable one.

Swingers Club Check-in Area

When you first enter a swingers club you usually enter through a check-in area. They may ask to see IDs so have them available.

They will make sure you are a member and collect any door fees. You can usually check your coats here. They may also ask you to check your cell phones.

Many swingers clubs print name tags and ask you to wear them while in the club. Tags printed for couples usually have both names on them.

Some swingers clubs use a color coded dot system that shows a little about you. These colored dots are placed on the name tags. Here is a sample color code you may see being used.

Green – Soft swing
Orange – Bisexual
Blue – Ready to party

Some clubs also have a sticker that new members to the club place on their name tags. Enjoy being labeled a newbie to the club. You will get special attention and assistance from many members and club staff.

If the club you are going to uses a color code system, look for a sign near the dots that explain what each color means.

Swingers Club New Member Orientation

Many swingers clubs have a new members orientation. Some make it mandatory for all new members while others just highly recommend it.

If the swingers club you are attending has a new member orientation, I would highly advise attending it. It’s well worth your time.

New member orientations usually include going over the club rules, the history of the club, events the club holds, times the club is open, and club etiquette. If they use a color code system, they will also explain the meaning of each colored dot.

New member orientation usually includes a tour of the swingers club.

Attending a new members orientation is a great way to meet other couples that are also attending the club for the first time.

Did I say, if the club has a new member orientation to take it?

Swingers Clubs Are Full of Friendly People

When going to a swingers club, be prepared to see and meet lots of friendly couples. Swingers are one of the most outgoing and fun-loving people you can meet.

If the club allows singles to attend parties, be prepared to also meet many single males and some single females.

You will find that most swingers are far from shy and will just come up and say hi.

You should do the same. Just start mingling with other couples. Even if it’s just a hi, nice to meet you.

Expect to Be Approached in a Swingers Club

When you go to a swingers club, expect to be approached by other people at the club. You are here to meet new people.

You will be approached by couples and singles. Get to know them. Getting to know them does not mean you will be sexually playing with them.

If you are ever asked to play and you don’t want to with them, simply say no thank you. In the swinger world, no means no.

Also, don’t be afraid to approach other couples and singles. Mingle with the crowd. Get to know other couples. You can also get to know singles if you desire.

Swingers Club Dress Codes

Most swinger clubs have dress codes that they do strictly enforce. Before attending a party at a club, make sure you find out if they have a dress code and what is considered appropriate attire.

The dress code of a swingers club can vary between days of the week and weekends.

You will see many clubs requiring the men to wear dress pants and dress shirts. Some even require ties. Some clubs allow more casual wear for men.

Women are usually encouraged to dress to kill. Women can usually dress as sexy and as skimpy as they desire.

At some clubs, dress changes as the night progresses. It can go from formal wear to, skimpy, to totally nude.

When going to a swingers club, you want to dress to impress.

Swingers Club Themed Parties

Themed parties at swingers clubs are very common. Many offer discounted entry fees if you come dressed in the party theme.

Here are some typical themes you may see when going to a swingers club.

Sheer Pleasure – Women dress in sheer clothing.

Fetish Party – Dress in fetish clothing.

Bikini Madness – Women can dress in just a bikini.

Secret Agents – Men and women dress as secret agents.

Black Light Nights – Wear clothing and body paint that glows under a black light.

Lingerie Party – Women dress in lingerie.

You will find that most parties are aimed at the swinger women. They are designed to let the women cut lose and just have sexy fun.

Swingers Clubs and Nudity

If nudity offends you, don’t go to a swingers club. If you go to a swingers club, you will see nudity. The later it gets, the more nudity you will see.

Most clubs have areas where nudity is allowed and areas it is not. But after some people get a few drinks in them, they tend to forget what area of the club they are in.

So, if seeing nude people is a problem for you or your partner, stay away from swingers clubs.

Girl on Girl Action in Swingers Clubs

Many couples in the swinger lifestyle have a female partner that is either bisexual or bi-curious.

When you attend a party at a swingers club, you will see girl on girl action going on. From flirting, to kissing, to OK I think they need to get a room.

So, if seeing to girls kissing or having sex offends you, swinger clubs are not the place for you to go.

Many couples start off playing by letting the girls have sex while the guys watch. Then after a while the guys join in.

Swinger Club Games

Some swingers clubs have games that can be played at different times of the evening.

These games are designed to help couples meet other couples. I highly recommend that you participate in these games. You can meet a lot of new couples playing these games.

Swingers Club Contests

Check and see if the club you are going to attend has any contests. These can be fun to enter and to watch.

Many swingers clubs have contests. Some of the typical contests include costume, dance, lip sync, and scavenger hunts.

Some have some very wild contests that I’ll leave to your imagination to figure out.

Bar or Nightclub Atmosphere Inside Swingers Clubs

You will find that most swingers clubs have a bar or nightclub atmosphere to them. The main area is usually setup with seating, dance floor and a bar.

Some clubs may have one area setup like a nightclub and another more casual area setup like a bar.

Swingers Clubs Are Usually BYOB

Most on-premise swingers clubs are BYOB (bring your own beer and alcohol). Before attending a new club, find out if they sell liquor or if you need to bring your own.

If they are BYOB, they will normally have a designated area you can leave your cooler. Some also let you check your alcohol at the bar.

If you check your alcohol at the bar, make sure you bring a little tip money for the bartenders. They are usually volunteers.

Bar areas will normally have mixers, cups, straws, ice and garnishments for the guests.

Swingers Club Dance Floor

I don’t think I have ever seen a swingers club that did not have a dance floor or dance area.

The dance floor is a great place to get a little up close and personal with a couple you just met. Take advantage of the dance floor. It’s a great place to get the blood flowing.

Of course, you will also see plenty of girls dancing with girls on the dance floor. Don’t try to butt in. Just enjoy the show. If the girls see you watching them, they may invite you to join in the fun.

Have a favorite song you want to dance too? Just go ask the DJ, most of them are friendly and love requests. If it’s a DJ show, then no, save the requests for another night.

Swingers Club Stripper Poles

Most clubs have stripper poles near the dance floor or in another private area. If they have a lounge room with couches or other seating, you may find stripper poles in the same room.

If you like to show off a little, go have some fun on the stripper pole. Guys, you can use the poles too, if you’re brave enough. Girls can get a little grabby though. So be prepared to possibly be groped.

If you do have some fun on the stripper poles, don’t get shocked if you come away with money stuffed in different places.

Swingers Clubs Dinner and Breakfast Services

Some swingers clubs serve dinner and a late night breakfast. Check with the club you will be attending to see if they include dinner in the door fee. Some do and some don’t.

If they do include dinner and breakfast, take that into consideration if their door fee is higher than other clubs you have attended.

If the club has a swimming pool or sunning deck, they may also serve burgers and hot dogs during the day when the pool or deck is open.

Swingers Club Pools and Jacuzzis

You may find that a swingers club you want to attend has a swimming pool and Jacuzzis. If they do, you may want to pack your bathing suits also.

Swimming pools and Jacuzzis are great places to meet other couples. Many times, sexual play starts here before moving to a play room.

Just make sure you find out what the rules are for any swimming pool or Jacuzzi areas.

Swingers Club Clothing and Sex Toy Stores

Some swingers clubs have clothing and sex toy stores. These stores sell all types of sexy clothing and cool sex toys.

Others have vendors come in from time to time to sell sexy clothing and sex toys.

If the club you are going to has a shop, go check it out. If you see a vendor selling clothes or toys, check them out as they usually have really good prices.

Swingers Club Sports Rooms

Like to play pool or a game of darts? You may find a sports room in a swingers club. Not all have sports rooms, but many do.

If they have a pool table, this is a great way to meet other couples. It’s also a great place to see sexy women bending over in very short skirts. Enjoy the view but don’t touch unless invited.

Swingers Club Sex Playrooms

On-premise swingers clubs almost always have sexual playrooms. The types of rooms they can have include private, public, group sex, and orgy rooms.

Many clubs have themed rooms. For example, an aquarium room, a dungeon, a doctor’s office, etc.

If the club has playrooms, check to see what the rules are for their use. Many clubs require you to take off your street clothes to enter the playroom area.

Swingers Club Playroom Attendants

If the swingers club has playroom attendants, they will help you with getting a locker to place your street clothes in and help you to find a private room if that is what you desire.

If you have any questions about the playrooms, just ask one of the attendants. They are there to help you.

Swingers Club Showers

If a swingers club has on-premise play rooms they usually have showers. Some clubs allow you to play in the showers and some do not.

Just ask a playroom attendant if it isn’t clear about playing in the showers.

Either way it’s nice to have everyone getting ready to play to take a quick shower to rinse the sweat off from dancing.

Swingers Club Movie Rooms

You may find a movie room in a swingers club. These usually have several couches and a large TV.

They will be showing porn movies for your enjoyment and for getting people in the mood for sex.

Some clubs allow playing in the movie rooms and others do not. Check with a staff member if you are not sure on the rules that have to be followed in a movie room.

One common rule you will see is that single males are not allowed in the movie rooms without an invitation from a couple.

Swingers Club Fetish Rooms

You can find swingers clubs that have fetish rooms. The most popular are BDSM dungeons and medical examination rooms.

Some even have demonstrations and lessons on the different fetishes. If a fetish has interested you, take advantage of the demonstrations and lessons if the club holds them.

Some clubs do allow you to enter these fetish rooms just to watch. Check with the club to see if this is allowed.

Swingers Club Girls Only Areas

Sometimes the girls just like to get together without the guys getting in the way. Some swingers clubs have an area set aside that only the women are allowed in.

Many swingers clubs also hold bi-curious workshops in these rooms. If you are bisexual or bi-curious, check out the girls only room if the club you are attending has one.

Sex in Swingers Clubs

If the swingers club you will be visiting is an on-premise club, you will see a lot of sexual action going on.

Many clubs do segregate the areas of the club. They have designated play areas where you can have sex and other areas that you can’t.

If seeing people having sex offends you, why are you going to a swingers club in the first place?

Swingers Clubs and Voyeurism

Many swingers clubs cater to voyeurism. They have playrooms where you can go and just watch others having sex. Some even have windows to view the action.

Many swingers don’t mind being watched while they are having sex. If you see a playroom door open, it’s most likely a signal that it’s OK to watch. Just don’t enter the room without an invitation.

Some clubs do allow voyeurism in the orgy room if they have one. Just check to make sure that being in the orgy room just watching is OK.

Swingers Clubs and Exhibitionism

If you and your partner enjoy being exhibitionists, a swingers club is going to be a fun place for the two of you.

You won’t find a shortage of people willing to watch the two of you having sex.

If you are in a private playroom, just leave the door open. That’s a signal that it’s OK to watch. Leaving the door open does not give people the right to just come in. If someone does, just ask them to leave.

Many clubs have windows that people can see you playing through. Just leave the curtains open to let people know it’s OK to watch.

Massages, Body Painting, and Tattoos at Swingers Clubs

Sometimes you find extra amenities in swingers clubs. You could find a masseuse giving massages, an artist doing body painting, a tattoo artist giving tattoos.

When you enter a new club, take a look around. You never know what you might find.

Demonstrations and Lessons at a Swingers Club

Some swingers clubs hold demonstrations and lessons for the guests.

You could find pole dancing exhibition groups, role playing groups, and fetish demonstrations and lessons.

You could also find demonstrations and lessons on how to use different sex toys or how to perform different sexual acts.

A good swingers club is always looking for new sexually adventurous activities for its guests.