Have you ever wondered what goes on in a swingers club? There are two types of swinger clubs. Off-premise and on-premise. In this article I will be discussing on-premise swingers clubs.

So, what happens at a swingers club?

Here is what happens at a swingers club. You will see happy open-minded couples and select singles having a good time. The main area of a club will look like the typical nightclub environment. Just with a lot more couples. If you go into the play areas, you will see sex and a lot of it.

I’m sure you are interested in more details about what happens at a swingers club besides the quick answer I just gave you.

First let me explain what the difference is between an off-premise swingers club and an on-premise swingers club.

It’s pretty simple. On-premise swingers club allow sex in the club. Off-premise swingers clubs do not allow sex in the club.

Remember, this article is discussing what happens at an on-premise swingers club.

Let’s dive in.

What Happens at a Swingers Club?

An on-premise swingers club is usually divided into different areas. Some areas of the club allow its patrons to have sex while other areas of the club they are not allowed to have sex.

We will call these areas the main party areas and the sex playroom areas.

Let’s explore what happens at a swingers club in the main party areas first.

What Happens at a Swingers Club in Its Main Party Areas?

The main party areas of a swingers club are used to socialize and meet other swingers. Many clubs also allow select singles in these areas.

The main party areas are usually no sex areas and party goers must be dressed. Nudity is not normally allowed in these areas. But as the night goes on, some clubs will relax the rules.

Let’s look at the most common main areas you will find in a swingers club. Let’s start with the main seating area.

Swingers Club Main Seating and Party Area

The main seating area in a swingers club usually looks similar to a restaurant or a nightclub. Some are plain and simple while others are fancy and very upscale.

The main party area is used for socializing, meeting, and getting to know other swingers. It will look like what you normally would see in a bar or nightclub. Just more friendly.

In the main seating area, you will see many couples dressed to kill. Many women will be dressed in very sexy and revealing outfits.

You will see a lot of socializing and also flirting. In general, you are going to see a lot of open-minded people having a good time.

Swingers Club Main Bar

The main bar in a swingers club usually does not sell drinks. They do provide you with mixers and garnishments. Many also allow you to store the drinks you brought with you at the bar.

The bar is usually attended by volunteers. So, be nice to them and tip them well when they help you to get one of your drinks.

The bar area can get a little friskier than the main seating area. You may see an occasional girl lying on the bar giving body shots.

You will also see people socializing with others around the bar.

It’s pretty much what you would see at a local bar on a Friday late night. Just a little more flirting going on.

Swingers Club Dance Floor and DJ Booth

I’m sure you know what a dance floor is and you are used to seeing couples dancing. A dance floor at a swingers club can get a little more wild.

Many of the couples you see dancing are not dancing with their partner. The dance floor is used a lot to get up close and personal with someone that’s not your partner. Of course, you do still see couples dancing with their partners also.

You will also see a lot of girls dancing together. They have a tendency to get a lot more sexual with each other on the dance floor. Many just let loose and let their bisexuality flow.

You are going to see a lot of kissing and some groping happening on the dance floor. Don’t be surprised if you see a girl’s skirt being raised so the guy can play with her ass. Or a woman groping a man.

If the dance floor has a stripper’s pole, you are going to see rules being broken by many girls later at night.

Many couples will move from the dance floor to the playroom areas after getting sexually aroused on the dance floor.

More About the Main Party Areas of a Swingers Club

Some clubs have other main party areas like pools, decks, TV rooms etc.

They also may have clothing optional main party areas. So, don’t be surprised if you see naked people that are not in the playrooms.

You will find that some party goers may be a little more aggressive than you are used to. Remember, this is a swingers club. People are here to meet other people for possible sexual play.

If you get asked if you would like to play with another couple or single, it’s fine to say no. If you do decide that you would like to play with them, it’s time to head to the playrooms area where sex is allowed.

Now that you have an idea about what goes on in the main party areas of a swingers club, let’s move on to what happens in the play areas.

Now the real fun begins.

What Happens at a Swingers Club in Its Playroom Areas?

The playroom areas of on-premise swingers clubs is where the real action takes place. When you enter a play area of a swingers club, you will most likely be required to take off your street clothes and enter the area nude or in a towel.

The playroom areas are where sex and nudity is allowed.

Let’s look at the most common playroom areas you will find in a swingers club. Let’s start with the locker room and bathrooms.

Swingers Club Locker Room and Bathrooms

When entering the playrooms, you will want to find the locker room so you can get out of your street clothes and grab a towel. Many clubs provide locks, but some do require you to bring your own. Check with the club you plan to attend to see if you need to bring a lock with you.

In this area you will see many people stripping out of their street clothes. Some will put on a towel while others prefer to go naked.

If the club allows the women to wear sexy lingerie in the play areas, you will see some women wearing lingerie instead of towels or just going nude.

Now let me prepare you. The bathrooms in play areas are coed in many swinger clubs. Even the ones that have male and female restrooms, don’t get shocked if you walk into the men’s room and there is a lady or two in it. Or possibly the other way around.

Swingers Club Private Sex Rooms

The private sex rooms are used by a couple or group to do whatever they feel like. Of course, this is usually sex.

You may find some private rooms that have the door cracked open or the door is wide open. This is usually an invitation to watch. It’s not an invitation to go in without being invited.

Some couples love to be watched while they have sex. Others love to watch other couples having sex.

Swingers Club Themed Sex Rooms

Many swingers clubs have a few themed sex rooms. They could be anything from something like a nautical theme to a doctor’s examination room.

You may even find a themed room with sex swings or BDSM furniture.

These types of rooms are usually used by small groups of people.

If the door is open, feel free to watch. Just don’t go in, unless invited.

Depending on the theme of the room, you may see fetish sex play or even some BDSM play.

Swingers Club Group Sex Rooms

These group sex rooms are normally reserved for groups of couples to play in. They are normally a little larger than the private sex rooms.

You may find wall to wall mattresses in a group sex room, or several beds. You may even see a bunkbed room.

If you get to look inside one of these rooms, you will see multiple couples having sex with each other as a group. You may see couples simply wife swapping or a group having a small orgy.

These group sex rooms are also popular to use for gangbangs or pulling a train.

Some clubs have group sex rooms that are open. This means any couple can simply enter the room and find a spot on a bed and start having sex. That does not mean you can start touching the other couples without permission. It’s simply a room that multiple couples or small groups can use at the same time.

Check with the club to see if any designated rooms are considered open rooms.

Swingers Club Orgy Rooms

If you don’t want to see a lot of sex and a lot of different sex acts going on, do not walk into a swingers club orgy room.

An orgy room either has a lot of mattresses on the floor or a large bed in the center of the room. Of course, you may see different layouts, but these are the most common.

An orgy room may have seating around the edges of the room for couples to watch an orgy. An orgy room is a great place to view sex if you are voyeuristic.

There are two basic types of orgy rooms in swingers clubs. The open orgy where just about anything goes and anyone can join in. The other type is more of a closed orgy. You have to be invited to join.

Some orgy rooms allow you to touch and have oral sex, but penetration is not allowed unless invited.

You will find a wide variety of orgy room rules. Check with each club for the rules of the orgy room if they have one. Don’t just assume.

Swingers Club Dungeon

Not all swingers clubs have dungeons. Some may have very basic dungeons, and some may have very elaborate dungeons.

The dungeon accessories you may see include stocks, cages, bondage devices, sensory deprivation devices and more. The lighting is usually very low or red.

Some dungeons allow viewers while others only allow you to enter if you are going to participate.

You can find a huge range of sexual acts going on in a dungeon. For example, you may find bondage, domination, flogging, spanking and other fetish play.

You will also see acts that you may consider torture. Just remember, what you may consider torture could be pleasure to others.

Swingers Club Movie Rooms

Some swingers clubs have movie rooms. They usually have a main TV or screen with multiple couches for viewing.

What do they play on the TV or screen? You guessed it. Porn movies.

Some clubs reserve the movie rooms for couples only. Some allow couples to invite singles in with them. Check with the club to find out what is allowed.

If you go into a movie room, expect to see lots of oral sex and fondling. You may see some couples having sex also. It all depends on what the rules are for the movie room.

More About the Playrooms in a Swingers Club

When in a swingers club play area you may be flirted with. Be prepared for some people being a little more aggressive than you may be comfortable with. You can always say no. No means no in a swingers club.

You could also be asked to join in with another couple having sex or a group having sex.

If you are a male, don’t just go walking through a swingers club play area alone. Most clubs require all males to be escorted by a female.

Swingers clubs are primarily couple oriented. If you are a couple and want to bring a single male with you to a playroom, make sure they stay with you. If you leave the play area, they have to leave with you.