There are many spoken and unspoken rules and etiquette when visiting an on-premise swingers club. You will find that people that follow proper club etiquette have a lot better and more enjoyable time.

Now, what is on-premise swingers club etiquette?

On-premise swingers club etiquette is otherwise known as the swingers club rules plus the addition of common sense. You should be hygienic, polite, not pushy, prepared, and respect that no means no. Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

I know that was a short and sweet answer. Let’s move on and look at swingers club etiquette in a lot more detail.

On-Premise Swingers Club Etiquette

Here are the most common rules and etiquette you should follow and expect from others. All of these rules will help swingers club patrons to have an enjoyable and safe experience.

In a Swingers Club No Means No!

This has to be the number one rule in any swingers club. No means no. No questions asked.

If by chance you do go to a swingers club that does not have and enforce the no means no rule, leave the club immediately. Stay far away as you can from that club and let everyone you know in the swinging lifestyle about it.

Attending any swingers club where the no means no rule is not strictly enforced can be an extremely dangerous club to attend.

The no means no rule should never be broken. If someone tells you no, leave it at that. You can move on or continue with normal conversation and don’t ask again. If the person that told you no, changes their mind later, let them bring it up and revisit it.

Many in the swinging lifestyle want to get to know you before giving a yes answer. Take the time to get to know people before asking them if they want to play. You will get a lot more yeses that way.

If someone is trying to talk you into playing or something you don’t want to do, just politely say “no thank you” and leave it at that. Don’t try to explain why you are saying no. First off, you don’t have to. Plus, that usually just ends up with someone taking it the wrong way and getting hurt. So, just use a simple “no thank you” or “not right now.”

If someone keeps pressuring you or keeps asking after you have politely said no, let the party manager or party security know immediately. If you are visiting a reputable swingers club, they will take care of the problem for you.

Never be afraid to say no thank you. People that are serious about the swinger lifestyle will respect that and expect it.

Be Polite With Others at a Swingers Club

Being polite with others goes a long way at a swingers club. Always try to be friendly and courteous to the other people attending the club. You will make a lot more friends by being polite and courteous.

Remember the no means no rule we just talked about? You can still be very polite while saying no.

If you need to tell someone no, just politely say “no thank you” and leave it at that. Don’t try to explain why you are saying no. If someone presses you for an explanation, they are breaking the no means no rule.

Walk away at that point and strike up a conversation with another couple. If the person pressuring you for an explanation follows, report them to the club’s management or security.

Well, I guess we covered the no means no rule twice. It’s really that important.

Do Not Be Pushy With Other Party Goers at the Swingers Club

Never be pushy with others at a swingers club. Well, I guess we are going to cover another angle of the no means no rule. We keep coming back to this rule. It’s just that important.

Not being pushy goes right along with the no means no rule.

If someone tells you no, drop it! Do not get pushy and ask for an explanation about why they said no. The person saying no does not owe you anything. If you do keep being pushy, don’t get shocked if you are escorted out of the swingers club. Just change the subject or walk away. It’s that easy.

If you do find yourself being pushy from maybe having one to many drinks. Apologize and change the subject or walk away. It does happen, just rectify the situation as fast as you can.

Swingers are a very welcoming community. They are easy going and love to have fun. If you want to play with them and they don’t want to play back, don’t push the issue. They may say yes at another time, but they will most likely never say yes if you keep pushing.

Don’t Bring Illegal Drugs Into a Swingers Club

Never bring illegal drugs into a swingers club. Let me repeat that. Never bring illegal drugs into a swingers club. Beside the fact you are breaking the law, you could get the club shut down.

Some swingers clubs also have security search for drugs in purses, bags, coolers and on you, before you are allowed to enter the club. Most clubs are very strict about not letting anything that may be illegal drugs to be brought into the club.

Many local government and law enforcement agencies are always trying to find ways to shut down swingers clubs. Especially during elections. Finding illegal drugs in a club can be used to shut it down.

If you do bring in illegal drugs and get the club shut down, you will quickly find that you are not welcome at many swinger clubs and events. The word gets out quickly to other clubs and the members of the club that was shut down.

If a couple holds a swingers house party or other get together that belonged to the club that was shut down, do you think you will get an invite? Not a chance.

So, just leave illegal drugs at home. Don’t bring them to the swingers club.

Be Very Hygienic When Going to a Swingers Club

This one should be a no brainer. Take a bath before going to a swingers club. Make sure you are groomed nice and smell nice, or don’t smell at all.

Ladies, I know you may not want to hear this but go light on the perfume. A little goes a long way. I have seen many people walk into a room and the perfume was so overpowering they had to leave.

Guys, this goes for you to. Go easy on the cologne.

Plus, have you ever kissed someone on the neck and got a mouth full of perfume or cologne? Kind of ruins the mood really quick.

Another thing you should do is to keep your fingernails well-groomed and trimmed. A sharp finger-nail can be a mood killer during foreplay.

If you love to dance, get out on the dance floor. Break a sweat and have fun. When it comes time to head to the playrooms, take a quick shower. The people you plan to play with will appreciate it.

Be Prepared When Going to a Swingers Club

It’s always best to be prepared when you go to an on-premise swingers club. Not being prepared can make what was supposed to be a fun time a little problematic. Not being prepared can quickly spoil the mood.

When you go to an on-premise swingers club I would recommend bringing the following with you. Or at least have these items available in your car in case they are needed.

Extra towels – Yes, most on-premise swingers clubs do provide towels. But they do run out. It’s always nice to have your own if they are needed. You can get camping style towels that are large but fold up to a small size.

Condoms – Bring several with you. You never know how many you will need until you run out before the night is over. Some swingers clubs do have condoms available. But they are usually not the high-quality ones.

Toiletries – Bring a toothbrush and toothpaste. You may want to bring mouth wash also. You can get all of these in small travel size containers.

Change of clothes – Sometimes you can’t get from your car to a swingers club entrance without being in public. You will want to wear street clothes or a long coat, so your possibly illegal outfit is not seen by vanillas.

Bring your party clothes and your bedroom attire with you. If the club has a swimming pool you may want to bring bathing suits also.

If you plan to go to breakfast at a public restaurant after the party, you are going to need street clothes if you were able to wear your party clothes to the swingers club.

Sex toys – If you enjoy playing with sex toys, you may want to bring a few with you. They also make great ice breakers when meeting new couples and singles.

I brought this great sex toy with me. Want to try it out?

Antacids and headache medications – An unexpected upset stomach or a headache can ruin a great night. Be prepared just in case. Pack some antacids and headache medicine just in case.

Many swingers just assume that a swingers club will provide them with what they need. Don’t. Some do and some don’t. Plus, they do run out of items. Just be prepared and have whatever you may need available.

Don’t Drink too Much Alcohol at a Swingers Club

I believe that all of us that do partake of the alcoholic beverage have on occasion, drank a little too much. Or a LOT to much!

A drunk can be very entertaining at a regular bar. But not at a swingers club. Take it easy on the drinking. Pace yourself.

Guys, remember that the more you drink the harder it is to get an erection. Do you want to go to the playrooms and not be able to perform because you drank one to many?

Also, remember that sex causes a lot of motion. You definitely don’t want to get sick and toss your cookies in the middle of attempting to have sex.

I don’t know about you, but if I have some great sex, I sure want to remember it.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself at a Swingers Club Unless Invited

While visiting an on-premise swingers club, you will see a lot of sex and nudity. As well as plenty of foreplay and sexily dressed women and men.

When in a group room, staging area, tv room or just watching people have sex in an open-door room, it is very tempting to go join in the fun. Don’t just join in.

Always keep your hands to yourself unless you are invited to join in. If others want you to join in, they will invite you.

Never just start sexually touching someone without first getting permission. If you do, that’s a quick way to get escorted out of the swingers club.

Read the Swingers Club Rules

Swingers clubs have rules for a reason. They want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

When you attend a on-premise swingers club for the first time, make sure you read and understand the club rules. If you can’t find them, ask to see them. If they are not written down, ask a staff member to tell you what the rules are.

Most clubs require a new member to attend a club orientation. The club rules are usually covered during the new member orientation.

If you don’t understand a rule, make sure you ask and have it explained to you to your satisfaction. You don’t want to be asked to leave because you broke a rule you really did not understand.

Just Have Fun at a Swingers Club

This has to be my favorite swingers club etiquette rule. Just go and have fun. Meet new people and make new friends.

You can make new friendships at a swingers club that will last a lifetime. Swingers are some of the nicest most open people you will ever meet.

Single Males at a Swinger Club

Yes, some couples like to add a single male into their sexual play at times. But not all couples. Most swingers are looking to meet other couples. Always keep this in mind if you are a single male attending a swingers club.

You will see many first-time single males coming in and being very aggressive. They usually leave very disappointed or are escorted by security out of the club. The single males that are at the club to actually make new friends end up getting a lot more invites and sex.

Most swingers clubs have additional rules for single males. Make sure you are aware of them and follow them. You will have a much better time and be welcomed by a lot more couples.

Always remember, it’s a privilege to be invited as a single male to a swingers club. It’s not a right.

Knowing the Swingers Club Rules Leads to a Better Club Experience

I’m sure most of the rules and club etiquette I went over are pretty much common sense and just boil down to being polite and treating others the way you want to be treated. But always follow them and demand that others follow them too.

Don’t be afraid to point out to a club’s management or security, someone not following the rules or is making others uncomfortable. We are all here to have a good time and not a bad experience.