The adrenaline pumping thrill and excitement of sexual dares can add a whole new dimension and level to the hotwife lifestyle. Hotwife dares can also make lasting memories for the hotwife and husband.

This article contains hotwife dare ideas that are from extremely mild to extremely wild. If you read a dare that interests you, make sure to modify it to work in a safe and legal manner for your situation, and for locations that are available to you to use safely and legally. The idea is to have exciting fun, not get in trouble or be unsafe.

The key to a great hotwife dare is for it to be thrilling yet done in a safe manner and environment. These dares are written here in this article strictly for fun and for entertainment purposes only. They are here to give you food for thought when creating hotwife dare fantasies.

Many of these hotwife dares are designed to help open your relationship and add excitement to your life as a hotwife or someone married or attached to a hotwife. Many of these dares could be used to help bring the two of you even closer.

If you actually try any of these wild hotwife dares, do them in a safe and legal manner. The hotwife dares that could be considered illegal in public locations in your area could possibly be best performed in an on-premises swingers club of sex club. Check with the club concerning there rules first. Always make sure you are fully aware of what is legal and illegal in your jurisdiction before actually attempting any of these hotwife dares.

The particular hotwife dares in this article are strictly written and provided for entertainment purposes only. If you choose to actually try any of them, you take 100% responsibility for your actions and are doing them at your own risk.

The reader of any information or other content contained in this article is fully responsible for determining any legal, health, financial, or other concerns if they use any information in this article for any reason.

No responsibility or liability is assumed by the Publisher or author for any injury, damage, legal issues, or financial loss sustained to persons or property from the use of any information in this article, personal or otherwise, either directly or indirectly. The reader is solely liable for his or her own actions they take with any information provided in this article.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the hotwife dares. Oh, and always practice safe sex.

Point out Who You Are Sexually Attracted to While out in Public

Let’s start these hotwife dares off with something very simple. When you and your husband are out for dinner or at a club, point out men you would like to have sex with.

When you point out someone, explain why you would want to sleep with them. What attracted you sexually to them? Was it because they were handsome, rugged looking, had a huge bulge in their pants, because they were younger looking, older looking?

This dare could also take place while out shopping together or at another public place. Want to make this dare really interesting? Do it at a swingers club or sex club.

Flirt With Other Men at a Bar or Nightclub

This is another easy hotwife dare, unless your hotwife is very shy. Simply go to a bar or nightclub and flirt with other guys. You can take the flirting as far as you want.

Your husband could go with you and watch you flirt. The two of you could even go as strangers and pretend you don’t know each other.

Another option is to go alone and tell your husband all about your flirting when you return home.

Sit on a Strangers Lap and Flirt

Go out for a bar or nightclub that is a known pick-up spot. Walk around the club or bar and pick out a stranger that sexually turns you on. Walk over to him smiling and sit down on his lap.

Once you have sat down on his lap, put your arms around his neck and flirt with him.

This one can be done with your husband watching from across the nightclub or you can do this alone and tell your husband about it later.

This hotwife dare is perfect for a swingers club or sex club.

Give Your Panties to a Stranger

This one takes a little more daring. When you see a stranger, you would love to have sex with, walk over to where he can see you. Smile at him, remove your panties, and hand them to him. Now, if he reacts in a good way, sit down and flirt with him.

The key to this hotwife dare is not to expose yourself while removing your panties.

This hotwife dare can be done in a nightclub or bar. You could optionally do this hotwife dare at a swingers club or sex club.

Beach Suntan Lotion Hotwife Dare

Put on a very revealing bikini. Preferably a thong bikini. You want as much skin showing as possible for this hotwife challenge.

Now head to the beach. Walk down the beach with your towel and suntan lotion. When you spot a sexy guy, ask him if he could rub suntan lotion on you.

If he says yes, hand him the suntan lotion, spread your towel out, and lie down. Get him to rub suntan lotion over your entire body. Make sure you get him to apply the suntan lotion to your front and back sides.

Make sure you spread your legs open nice and wide so he can get all the spots you don’t want to get burned. Give him as much leeway as you want. You could even encourage him by telling him were to apply the lotion.

Don’t let him miss your butt cheeks and the crack of your ass if you are wearing a thong bikini.

Have your husband watch from a distance or tell him all about it when you return home.

Wireless Remote Sex Toy Hotwife Dare

This hotwife dare can get very interesting very quickly. Put on a remote-controlled sex toy and go out to a club or bar. Give the remote to your husband or bull.

Now, go around the bar flirting with guys you would not mind having sex with. Let your husband or bull see how turned on they can get you by turning on the sex toy while you are flirting with someone.

If your flirting is going exceptionally well, you could take the person’s hand you are flirting with and place it close enough to the sex toy so they could feel the vibrations and hopefully ask you what it is.

You could optionally sit down in a guys lap you are flirting with. Just think of the surprise he will get when he feels the vibrations coming from your lower regions.

If you are out with one of your bull’s doing this hotwife dare, tell your husband all about it while when you return home.

This hotwife dare could optionally be done while shopping or just out in public. It could also be done in a swingers club or sex club. You could even do this hotwife dare while out to dinner with your husband or one of your bulls.

Panty Hair Tie Hotwife Dare

This is a great hotwife dare if you enjoy flirting with guys while playing pool. Put on a sexy short dress or a short skirt. Make sure you also wear a sexy thong or skimpy panty. Now head to your favorite pool hall or bar that has a pool table. Now, get a hot guy to play pool with you. Act like your hair keeps getting in your way. Stand up, look around like you are trying to find something. Then smile and carefully remove your panties without showing your private parts.

Now take your panties and use them to tie up your hair. Now, continue playing pool. Now watch for guys trying to lookup your skirt or dress when you bend over to take shots. If the place has mirrors on the walls, they are a great way to watch guys reactions.

Make sure your husband has a great view of you doing this. Or do it alone and tell him all about it when you return home.

This hotwife dare could also be done in other situations that you would want to tie your hair in a ponytail.

Order Home Delivery for Dinner

This hotwife dare can take place at home, a bull’s home, or even a hotel. Take a nice relaxing bath and put on a robe or wrap a towel around yourself. Once you are nice and relaxed, order pizza delivery or have other food delivered.

When the delivery person arrives, Open the door wearing just a robe or towel. The key to this hotwife dare working is to make sure the robe or towel is only being held closed by one of your hands.

When the delivery guy or girl, goes to hand you the food. Accidentally forget you are holding the robe closed or the towel closed with your hand. Reach out with both hands to take the food.

Enjoy the surprised look on the delivery person’s face when your robe opens, or your towel falls off. Act all embarrassed or act like nothing happened.

Want to take this one further? You could seduce the delivery person while standing there naked or exposed. I know a lot of adult movies that started this way.

If your husband is not watching, make sure you tell him all about it later.

Flirt While Shopping

Dress very provocatively and go shopping. Get guys to help you with your shopping. Ask for something to be handed from a high shelf, ask a guy’s opinion about a product, or anything you can think of to get their attention.

Flirt with each guy that you approach to help you. Your husband can watch from a distance, or you can tell him all the details of your flirting later.

A good place to go would be a clothing store. Get a guy, or possibly a few to give their opinions on clothing. Ask them questions like; Would look sexy on me? Do you think I could attract guys wearing this?

Better yet, get the guy or guys to watch you try on different sexy outfits and give their opinions.

Send Sex Photos to Your Husband

When you go out on a date with one of your bulls, or when you seduce a stranger, send several photos of what happens to your husband. Or save them to show them to him when you return home.

Here are some ideas of sex photos you could send him.

A photo of you sucking on your bull’s cock. If you can deep throat, send a beginning and end photo.

A photo of your creampied pussy.

A selfie of your bull fucking you from behind.

A closeup photo of his cock deep inside your pussy or ass.

I’m sure you can think of all types of hot sex photos you could take. Just have fun with this one.

If you have someone that can take the photos, even better.

Wear a Short Skirt With No Panties in Public

Put on a very short skirt and forget to wear any panties. Now go out in public and have a little flirting fun.

When you see a guy, you would like to fuck, make sure you bend over in front of him exposing your bare pussy and ass. You could also squat down in front of guys or sit across from them and spread your legs.

Your husband could be watching you from a distance, or even be with you. If you prefer, you could do this hotwife dare alone and tell your husband all about it later.

For a twist, insert a jeweled butt plug and do this hotwife dare.

I’m sure you can think of all types of places to do this hotwife dare. If you want to take things all the way, do this hotwife dare at a swingers club.

Seduce a Guy and Have a Quickie With Him in the Men’s Room

This is a little more daring of a hotwife dare. Go out to a club or bar and find a stranger you want sexually and seduce him. Once you have seduced him, convince him to have a quickie with you in the men’s room.

Tell your husband all about it while he reclaims you later that night.

This could be a great hotwife dare to do at a swingers club. If done at a swingers club, you could even get your husband to come in the men’s room and watch.

Be a Naughty Hotwife When Husband Has Friends Over

This can be a really fun hotwife dare for everyone. When your husband has his guy friends over, dress very provocatively and flirt with them. You could even just walk out naked and watch their reactions.

Another idea would be to pretend you are asleep on the couch nude when your husband returns home with his friends.

Other ideas for this hotwife dare would be to wear sexy lingerie, put on some music and do a striptease, or seduce all the guys and have a turn guys night into gangbang night.

If the guys your husband brings over don’t know you are a hotwife, even better.

Depending on your hotwife dynamic, you could have your husband only watch, or join in.

Seduce a Stranger Hotwife Dare

Dress up really sexy and go out with your husband to a bar or nightclub. Find a guy that really turns you on and seduce him while your husband watches.

Make sure the stranger knows you are married and that your husband loves to watch you flirt with strangers. Or let them know you are a married woman in an open relationship.

Once you have the guy seduced, invite him to go with you to a hotel or other location to have sex.

You could have your husband join the two of you for a threesome or have him watch you fuck the stranger and have him reclaim you after.

This hotwife dare could also be done at a swingers club where there are guys you don’t know.

Get a Stranger to Kiss You

Go out to a bar or nightclub and flirt with several guys. The goal of this hotwife dare is to get one of them to kiss you very passionately.

Your husband could watch you from a distance, or you could tell him about it after you return home while the two of you are having sex.

More Hotwife Dares Part Two…

Watch for the next article with even more hotwife dares. If you know of a great hotwife dare, let us know in the comments below.