I can tell you from experience that the term hotwife can be very confusing. Hopefully this article will clear up any confusion you may have about what a hotwife really is. In case you don’t know, hotwife is also known as hotwifing. Both terms refer to the same thing. You will also on occasion see hotwife spelled as hot wife.

Let me start off by saying that the term hotwife has a lot more to do with attitude, desires, and lifestyle than actual looks or appearance.

So, if you are ready to dive in deep, let’s start by looking at the original meaning of the term hotwife.

The Original Meaning of Hotwife

The original definition of a hotwife is when a married woman pursues sexual relations outside of her marriage with the support and approval of her husband.

This original definition of a hotwife is the only definition for many, and the newer more modern definitions are ignored by this group of people.

Some sources also add that the original meaning of a hotwife includes a one-sided open relationship where the woman has sexual relations outside her marriage while the husband does not.

Now that you know the original meaning of the term hotwife, let’s move on and explore how the definition of a hotwife had morphed and changed over the years.

How the Meaning of Hotwife Has Morphed Throughout the Years

Now, get ready to explore how the meaning of hotwife has changed over the years. Many swingers have started using the term hotwife more and more and have even labeled it a badge of honor that many women love to wear. This is just one of the many reasons the original definition has changed to encompass many more versions of the original hotwife lifestyle, as well as creating many subsets and offshoots of the original hotwife lifestyle.

The hotwife term has also expanded to include many sexual situations and sexual lifestyles beyond a married couple that the woman plays with others while the man does not.

So, don’t get confused when you hear about someone that is being called a hotwife when their definition is not the original one. Yes, it does get confusing about what exactly is a hotwife. But hopefully this article will clear up things and give you a broader view of what is known as the hotwife lifestyle today.

Before we dive in deep, let’s clear up one question many have about the hotwife lifestyle. Is a woman in the hotwife lifestyle cheating on her husband or boyfriend?

Is a Hotwife Cheating on Her Husband or Boyfriend?

The answer to this question is yes and no. It depends on your definition of cheating or your desire for it to be considered cheating or not. OK, let me explain that in greater detail so you don’t walk away confused.

The textbook definition of cheating is basically that one spouse or both are emotionally or sexually unfaithful with the other. Being intimate sexually, emotionally or physically with another person besides your spouse is commonly considered cheating.

I guess the best way to explain if hotwifing is cheating or not, is to give several examples and situations of hotwifing practices.

The first example I will give is what many vanilla people think when they hear about hotwifing. They do consider that the woman is cheating on her husband. Especially if they are not familiar with the swinger lifestyle or open relationships. Hotwifing is cheating to this group of people, and you will most likely not change their minds.

If you ask most couples that are practicing hotwifing, many will tell you that it’s not cheating at all since the woman has permission and encouragement from her partner to seek out sexual relations with others outside of their relationship. But some couples will tell you that it is cheating. Are you completely confused now? Let’s dive in a little deeper.

Some hotwife couples want it to be cheating since that is part of their fantasy. Some couples the woman has sex with others and only tells the husband about it after the fact, or maybe not even at all.

Some women want the guys they have sex with outside their relationship to think that they are cheating on their husband. This can add an element of thrill or danger to the sexual encounters that the woman or couple enjoys.

So, the bottom line is, that hotwifing can be considered as cheating if the couple desires that. And, if a couple desires it to not be considered cheating, then it’s not cheating to them. You will also find couples that practice hotwifing where one considers it cheating and the other does not.

I think we have covered the answer to that question enough for now. Let’s move on and explore if hotwifing is a fetish or a kink. Or even if it’s just a lifestyle.

Is Hotwifing a Fetish or a Kink? Or Just Simply a Lifestyle?

Let’s start off with defining a kink, fetish, and lifestyle. Then we will attempt to answer this question.

A kink is something that is sexually arousing that falls outside of what is deemed normal sexual activity by society in general.

A fetish is also generally something that is sexually arousing and falls outside of what is deemed normal by society in general.

The main difference between a kink and a fetish is that a fetish is something that is needed for sexual arousal while a kink is just a sexual preference or something you enjoy that society does not deem normal sexual behavior.

Now, let’s move on to defining a lifestyle. A lifestyle is something you enjoy and a way that you live life. An example of a sexual lifestyle would be swinging.

I know I have only touched on what a kink, fetish, and lifestyle are. But it is enough to answer the question: Is hotwifing a fetish, kink or lifestyle?

Hotwifing can fall in all three. It can be a fetish to some, while being a kink to others. It also almost always is going to be considered a lifestyle. It really depends on the couple and what the hotwife lifestyle is to them.

This brings us to the next area about hotwifing that we need to take a quick look at to help with explaining exactly what a hotwife is. Let’s look at some of the terms used in the hotwife lifestyle today.

Typical Terms Used When Referring to the Hotwife Lifestyle

While exploring the hotwife lifestyle, you will most likely come across terms you hear people using when discussing hotwifing. Here is a list of the most popular terms and quick definitions of them to help you get up to speed with the hotwifing lingo used.

Vixen – A vixen hotwife enjoys the hotwife lifestyle with her husband included in the actual sex. Either watching or participating. Threesomes are very popular with couples where the wife is a vixen and not a pure hotwife.

Stag – A stag is the term used when referring to a hotwife vixen’s husband. Stags usually get sexual enjoyment from sharing their wife with other men. In a vixen stag relationship, the stag is always the main point of focus by the vixen.

Bull – A bull is the term used to refer to a man that is having sex with a hotwife that is not her husband. A hotwife’s relationship with a bull is usually purely sexual.

Buck – A buck refers to a man that is having sex with a vixen. A buck fully understands that he has been invited to have sex with the vixen by both the vixen and the stag. A good buck is very respectful and grateful to be included.

Cuckold – A cuckold is a husband that is married to a dominant hotwife that is into humiliating him by having sex with bulls without him being allowed to join in. She may also have sex with other men without him knowing until later and having it flaunted in front of him. Some men like this arrangement because it gives them the freedom to not have any control or having to take care of anything. The hotwife takes total control.

Hothusband – This term is used to describe a husband that has an open relationship that is many times one sided. He has the freedom to have sex with other women with his wife’s encouragement. You won’t hear this term used as much, but it will come up from time to time.

Now that you know some of the basic terms used in the hotwife lifestyle, let’s look at who is considered a hotwife today.

Who Is Considered a Hotwife Today?

Ever since the swinger community started to embrace the term hotwife, it has come to reference many sexual lifestyles, kinks, and fetishes where the woman has the freedom to have sex with other men and women. It also refers to a wife or girlfriend that is shared with others by her husband or boyfriend.

A hotwife typically refers to a married woman but can also include girlfriends. A woman that wears the label hotwife, is almost always encouraged to have sex with others by her husband or boyfriend.

As you can see, this new wider definition of a hotwife includes a lot more women than it originally did. To help makes things clearer, let’s explore some of the most popular hotwife lifestyle practices.

Popular Hotwife Lifestyle Practices

The hotwife lifestyle has morphed into many lifestyle sexual practices that all have a main key ingredient to them. That ingredient being that the wife or girlfriend is free to have sexual relationships with other men outside of her relationship. Here is a list of the most popular hotwife lifestyle practices that you will see today.

MFM Threesomes – Threesomes where two males satisfy the woman sexually are very popular hotwife experiences. These threesomes can include the husband as an active participant or as an observer. Or the husband is not present and the hotwife enjoys having two bulls sexually pleasure her. She may or may not tell her husband about the experience.

Dating Outside the Relationship – Some hotwife women enjoy dating other guys for sexual fulfillment while the husband stays home. The hotwife may or may not tell her husband all the details of the date afterwards. Many men actually help the women choose outfits and get ready for their date with one of her bulls. They get enjoyment from helping her. This is another way a husband can show-off his wife.

Reclaiming of the Hotwife – Many men married to a hotwife enjoy reclaiming her after she has a sexual experience outside of their relationship. Some claim that the sex they have after she has had sex with another man to be extremely enjoyable for both of them. The man is basically reclaiming his wife after she has sex with someone else.

One Sided Open Relationship – Some couples in the hotwife lifestyle live in a relationship that is only open on the woman’s side. She is free to have sex with others while he has decided not to. You will see this type of hotwife relationship with couples where the woman has a strong sexual appetite, and the man has no interest in seeking sexual gratification with others outside of their marriage.

Husband Only Watches – Some hotwife relationships the husband gets his enjoyment from just watching his wife enjoying sex with others. This includes women that film their sexual encounters for the husband to watch later.

Husband Participates – This is very popular in the swinger community. The wife is free to have sexual encounters with other men while her husband actively participates in the sexual experience. This includes, threesomes, group sex, gangbangs, and pulling trains. The husband is happy to share his hotwife with others and gets pleasure from it.

Watches and Joins in – You will run into this practice when exploring the hotwife lifestyle. The husband prefers to watch his wife with other men and then join in the sexual action.

Public Flirting – This practice seems to be growing since it can be sexually tense and exciting for both the husband and wife. The couple normally go to a bar, and she actively flirts with other guys while the husband watches. The hotwife may or may not pick up a male for sex. This depends on the dynamics of the couple.

Hotwife Selects Males – Some hotwife relationships the wife selects the males she has sexual relations with.

Husband Selects Males – Some hotwife relationships the husband selects the males for his wife to have sex with. Some will even surprise their hotwife by bringing home a new bull or buck as a surprise for her.

Side Boyfriend – In some hotwife relationships the woman has one or more boyfriends on the side with the permission and encouragement of her husband.

Multiple Male Sex Partners at the Same Time – Hotwifing can also include the woman being sexually pleased by multiple men at the same time, or one after the other. Her husband may only watch or may participate depending on the couple’s desires.

Part Time Hotwife – This form of hotwifing is growing extremely popular. A woman may decide that she only wants to be a hotwife part time. She may have a string of hotwife experiences and then have a period of monogamy with her husband. This pattern can go back and forth as long as the couple are getting some sexual benefit from it.

You will run into other practices that can be considered hotwifing from mild to extreme. Each couple may bring a little something different to the hotwife lifestyle. Also, you will see hotwife practices that combine several of the ones above.

As you can see, the hotwife lifestyle has grown and morphed to be much more than its original meaning. Let’s now move on and explore why the hotwife lifestyle is growing in popularity.

Why Is the Hotwife Lifestyle Growing in Popularity?

Interest in the hotwife lifestyle has grown greatly over the last several years. Now, let me prefix what I just said with that much of the growth is due to the definition of the term hotwife morphing and widening from its original meaning. A lot of the growth had also been brought on by swingers clubs getting on the band wagon and holding hotwife parties and running of the bull parties.

With that out of the way, let’s look at some of the reasons hotwifing has been growing other than the reasons stated above.

More and more couples are starting to realize the difference between sex and love. They are starting to communicate their sexual desires and fantasies with each other a lot more often.

Many men have started opening up to and understanding compersion. Compersion is the feeling of pleasure from seeing someone else’s pleasure. Many men have discovered that they enjoy watching their wife have sex with others or hearing about it.

More and more women are discovering that they enjoy sexual freedom. They are also realizing that they really enjoy exploring their sexuality.

Women are also discovering that they thrive on the thrill and excitement of seducing men and having sex with men for the first time. It can even bring back the butterfly feeling you get when first dating someone.

As women have taken charge of their sex lives, many are learning that they have a huge sexual appetite that takes a lot more than one man to satisfy. I guess you could even call hotwifing the new woman’s sexual revolution.

Many men in hotwife relationships are discovering that the sex is much more intense with a married woman. Husbands have also started to discover that reclaiming their woman after she has a sexual encounter outside their relationship to be even more intense and satisfying for both of them.

OK, guys, I know what you are thinking. Is there such a thing as a hothusband? Let’s take a quick look at that next.

Is There Such Thing as a Hothusband?

Though not near as popular as a hotwife, hothusbands do exist. Some relationships the husband has a stronger desire for multiple sex partners while the woman does not. If the relationship is strong, some women do encourage their husbands to seek out sex outside their marriage.

I have even heard of some women lending their husband to a girlfriend to just have a nice relaxing evening at home alone.

So, if you are interested in becoming a hothusband, talk to your wife and get her feelings on the subject. Who knows? The two of you may become a hotwife hothusband team ready to go out and explore each of your sexuality alone and/or together.

Just remember, hothusbands do exist. But, they are currently way outnumbered by the hotwifes. So don’t expect to hear the term hothusband being brought up much in the near future.

Let’s now take a look at other benefits of a hotwife relationship.

A Few Additional Benefits of a Hotwife Relationship

I think we have covered many of the major benefits of a hotwife relationship already. But let’s take a look at a few more benefits of hotwifing.

Keep in mind that many of these benefits will at first seem to be benefits to the wife only. But really think about each of them. You will quickly see that they benefit both the wife and husband.

Hotwifing can make a woman feel a lot more sexually desirable. A hotwife can basically have many men desiring them sexually. This alone helps to boost her ego and feeling of self-worth.

A hotwife tends to feel free to express and explore her sexual desires and fantasies.

Hotwifing can make a woman feel more sexually animalistic and even crave more wild sexual experiences.

The hotwife lifestyle can bring more desire for sex in and out of her relationship with her husband.

Hotwifing tends to bring more enjoyable and frequent sex between her and her husband.

This list could go on and on. But I think we have successfully answered the original question. What exactly is a hotwife?

Now let me ask you a question. Are you a hotwife or in a hotwife relationship?