Most hotwife dares you read about are aimed at the highly experienced hotwife and are way too scary, and way too far outside the comfort zone of the hotwife just starting to experiment with the hotwife lifestyle.

If you are new to the hotwife lifestyle these 22 beginner hotwife dares are perfect for you. These dares will give you the chance to slowly step outside your comfort zone and have a lot of fun at the same time. These beginner hotwife dares have been designed to fit any hotwife relationship dynamic.

So, let’s get started and check out the 22 beginner hotwife dares for that very special hotwife in training.

Start Carrying a Condom With You at All Times

Let’s start off with a very simple but important hotwife dare. Start carrying a condom and possibly a small packet of lube with you at all times. You can carry a condom and lube packet in your purse or pocket whenever you leave the house.

Doing so will help to keep you always prepared for any unplanned hotwife sexual experience. This dare will also help to remind you that you are a hotwife each time you see the condom or lube in your purse or feel it in your pocket.

So, never leave home without being prepared for possible sexual encounters with a hot guy you just happen to meet unexpectedly.

Start Wearing a Sexy Anklet

An anklet is one of the signs of a hotwife. Start wearing one when you go out in public. You can start off by wearing a simple anklet when out and about. Later, move up to an anklet that shows your hotwife dynamic between you and your husband.

Here are some ideas for hotwife anklets.

If you are into MFM threesomes, choose an anklet that has two male gender charms and one female gender charm between them. If you are more into MMF threesomes, get an anklet with two male gender charms side by side and one female gender charm on the outside.

If your hotwife dynamic is more into BBC, select an anklet that has a queen of spades charm on it. Or one with the letters B, B, and C, dangling from it.

If you are more into gangbangs, or being the center of all sexual attention, pick out an anklet that has four or more male gender charms with a single female gender charm in the middle.

If your hotwife dynamic includes a cuckold dynamic, find an anklet that also includes a key or possibly a lock through one of the male gender charms.

Hotwife anklets are great as conversation starters. Make sure you sit where everyone can see it when out in public.

Wear a Butt Plug While out in Public

Here is an easy hotwife dare that is a little on the kinky side. When you go out in public, wear a butt plug. Pick a butt plug size that is comfortable but keeps you aware that you have it inserted.

This hotwife dare will give you the feeling of being a little naughty without anyone else knowing what you are wearing. You could do this hotwife dare alone, or while out with your husband.

Maybe do this dare while out shopping. Or, while out at a nightclub.

Give a Handjob to Your Husband While You Describe Sex With an Old Boyfriend

This hotwife dare may push you a little outside your comfort zone. But the idea is to get you to enjoy opening up about your past sexual exploits. This will also help you to not be scared to open up about your future hotwife experiences.

Settle in for a relaxing evening and climb into bed with your husband. You can be nude, or you could be wearing something very sexy. Now, give your husband a handjob while telling him about a past sexual experience you have had with a past boyfriend. Make sure you go into as much detail as possible.

Depending on your hotwife dynamic, you can make him cum after you have finished telling your story or make him finish himself off. Or you could not allow him to cum at all.

Send Your Husband Naughty Pics You Did Not Take at Home

Here is a beginner hotwife dare that can be fun and easy to do. While out running errands, or while at work, take some naughty pics of yourself, and send them to your husband. The naughtier the better.

Here are some ideas for locations you could take naughty pictures of yourself.

A public restroom. You could even use the mirror to take pictures of yourself flashing. If the door can lock, maybe take nudes.

Sitting on a park bench in a short skirt without any panties on. Maybe even take a selfie of you holding your panties.

How about taking a few naughty pics at work when nobody is around? Just watch out that you are not in view of any security cameras. You don’t want to lose your job over a little fun.

Have a secluded trail nearby? How about taking a few quick pics of you nude outdoors?

Just use your imagination and have fun with this one.

Dress Sexy Around the House

Put on something that makes you feel very sexy, and just hangout around the house. The idea of this hotwife dare is to help you feel sexy more of the time. Just enjoy being a sexy woman and pamper yourself a little.

This date can be done while home alone, or while your husband is home with you. Depending on your hotwife dynamic, you can sexually tease him for hours before having sex. Or you could sexually tease him and not let him touch you unless he performs favors for you first. This is about you feeling sexy.

Point out Guys You Are Sexually Attracted To

When out with your husband, point out guys you are sexually attracted to. This can be done while out shopping, walking in the park, or even while at a restaurant or nightclub.

The goal of this beginner hotwife dare is to help teach your husband what type of guys you are attracted to. It will also help you to relax and open up more about what you find attractive and sexually appealing.

When you point out a guy, make sure you tell your husband exactly why you are attracted to him. Looks, the way they walk, a specific body part, etc.

Smile at Guys You Think Are Hot

This beginner hotwife dare is designed to simply get you more comfortable with being a little outgoing. You may want to do this hotwife dare all the time until it becomes second nature.

While out shopping, walking, or out anywhere in a place that you see hot guys, just smile at them. Each time you see a hot guy, just smile and possibly say hi in passing.

You could even do this hotwife dare while out with your husband. The more comfortable you get with this beginner hotwife dare, the easier it will get to meet guys for possible hotwife experiences.

If you are out alone, make sure you tell your husband about each guy you saw and smiled at. Especially if you got a positive reaction out of the guy.

Tell Your Husband Which of His Friends You Think Are Hot

If your husband has several friends you find sexually attractive, this beginner dare is a must. Sit down and tell your husband which of his friends you would like to have sex with. Tell your husband what sexually attracts you to them and what you would love to do with them.

This beginner hotwife dare will help you to open up to your husband about your sexual desires. Who knows? Maybe he might just surprise you by inviting one of them over for you to seduce.

Setup an Email and Telephone Number Just for Hotwife Stuff

This is a simple one, but a very good idea for any new hotwife. Setup an email address and telephone number that you use to give out to guys. An email address is simple. Just create an email account on any of the free email services.

A dedicated telephone number may cost you a little money but is well worth it. You could get a prepaid phone that you use for sending and receiving text messages to hot guys.

Occasionally sit down with your husband and show him the emails and texts you have received and sent out.

Go to a Nightclub or Bar and Pretend to Be Single

This can be a fun beginner hotwife dare that will help you to move outside your comfort zone. This one can also be exciting and a great ego booster.

Get dressed up really sexy and go to a nightclub or bar alone. If you prefer, you could go to a happy hour. Once you arrive at the nightclub or bar, go inside and just pretend that you are single.

The idea here is to flirt just enough with guys to get a few of them hitting on you. Just enjoy the attention and possibly even get a few numbers or emails.

Once you return home, tell your husband about how the evening went.

Go to the Beach Wearing a Skimpy Bikini

Put on the skimpiest bikini you have and head to the beach alone. Once you are at the beach, walk up and down the beach just smiling at any hot guy that attracts your attention.

The idea of this beginner hotwife dare is to get accustomed to being almost naked in public while doing a little light flirting.

Your goal is to get several guys you find sexually attractive to flirt with you. Once you return home, tell your husband about the guys that flirted with you.

Go to a Nude Beach and Do a Little Light Flirting

This beginner hotwife dare may be a little more nerve racking, but can help you to be comfortable being nude around other people.

Once you are at the nude beach, strip down and go for a walk. Simply walk up and down the beach smiling at any hot guys you see.

If one of them starts flirting with you, stop and flirt back a little. Once you are back home, tell your husband about your day at the nude beach.

Order Delivery or Room Service and Answer the Door in Just a Robe

Have a sexy robe? Put it on and order food delivery or room service if you are at a hotel. When the delivery person knocks on the door, open the door wearing just a sexy robe.

Enjoy the shocked look or expression on the delivery person’s face. Pay for the order and thank them. That’s it. This is a simple beginner hotwife dare that may have you giggling a little once it’s over.

This hotwife dare will help you to start enjoying shocking people a little. This one is also great for stepping outside your comfort zone just a little.

Go out in Public Wearing a See-Through Sun Dress

This beginner hotwife dare should help you to get accustomed to having all eyes on you. Put on a see-through sun dress along with matching bra and panties. You do want to keep things legal. If you wear a white sun dress, put on a white bra and panty set. If you decide to wear a pink see-through sun dress, put on a pink bra and panty set.

Now that you are looking super cute and sexy, go out shopping or just for a walk. Enjoy knowing that most everyone is looking at you. Don’t be afraid to smile at guys you find hot.

If this seems way outside your comfort zone, try it out first at the beach, or pool. You could even change the bra and panty set for a bikini.

Just keep in mind that the idea of this hotwife dare is to draw attention to your body. So, show off what you got.

Go to a Bar or Nightclub With Your Girlfriend

Here is a beginner hotwife dare that you can combine with a girl’s night out. Dress up nice and sexy and go to a bar or nightclub with one of your girlfriends.

Now here is the hotwife part. Have your girlfriend take pictures of you flirting with guys and send them to your husband throughout the night. The more daring the flirting, the better.

Bonus points if she can snap a picture of you slow dancing with a hot guy with his hand on your butt. Want double bonus hotwife points? How about her sending a picture of you kissing a hot guy?

Just have fun with this dare and use your girlfriend to help motivate you to get more and more daring.

Wear Slutty Clothes When Your Husband Has Friends Over

This beginner hotwife dare is easy and can be very amusing. When your husband has guy friends over, put on something extremely revealing and just pretend like it’s the normal way you dress around the house.

Make sure to walk around doing things you normally would around the house. Smile at his friends and do some very light flirting. Make sure you bend over in plain view and flash body parts accidentally.

The idea is to try to embarrass your husband’s friends a little while getting accustomed to dressing as slutty as you dare while around a group of guys.

Wear a Wireless Sex Toy in Public

This hotwife dare can be fun for you and your husband. Wear a wireless sex toy out in public. Give the remote to your husband.

A great place to do this one would be a bar or nightclub. Your husband could turn it on each time you notice a hot guy. Even better yet, while you are flirting with a guy.

The main idea of this beginner hotwife dare is to get you used to being very horny while out in public. Who knows, you may end up taking home a stranger for a wild night.

Not ready to do this at a nightclub? Why not take a walk with your husband while playing with the wireless sex toy?

Another modification to this one would be to go out alone wearing the wireless sex toy and see how much you can handle while flirting with guys. Major bonus points if you orgasm while flirting with a guy.

Another fun way to do this hotwife dare is to go out with a girlfriend and give her the remote. She could also take pictures of you flirting with guys while she tries to make you lose control and orgasm. Of course, send the pictures to your husband throughout the night. She could even video you.

Go to a Nightclub With Your Husband but Pretend You Don’t Know Each Other

This can be a very exciting beginner hotwife dare for you and your husband. Go to a nightclub or bar with your husband. But pretend the two of you don’t know each other. Sit in different spots in the club.

Now go have fun pretending that you are single while your husband is watching you from a distance. Flirt with all the hot guys you see. Get them hitting on you. Maybe even slow dance with a few or even kiss them.

Take this one as far as you are currently comfortable with. But do try to push yourself a little outside your comfort zone. Keep repeating this hotwife dare until it becomes second nature to you.

Over time, this hotwife dare can lead to hotwife sexual experiences whenever you want. The idea is to learn to feel single again and be open to sexual encounters at a moment’s notice.

Flirt With Guys in Front of Your Husband

This beginner hotwife dare is great for almost any hotwife dynamic. Go out with your husband and flirt with guys you find hot in front of him like he is not there.

This one is great to do at nightclubs and bars. It can even be done at restaurants with the cute waiter.

Take this hotwife dare as far as you are comfortable with. If you have a stag/vixen hotwife dynamic, you could even invite a guy to join the two of you. If you have a cuckold hotwife dynamic, you could even go home with someone you are flirting with and send your husband home to wait on you.

Masturbate in Public

This hotwife dare is a lot more daring but can be a lot of fun. Go out to a nightclub or bar with your husband. Find a place for the two of you to sit that you can watch hot guys but still have a little privacy.

Settle in and just start enjoying watching any hot guys you see. Now for the dare part. Play with yourself without getting caught and see how horny you can make yourself while watching the guys. If you can make yourself orgasm without getting caught, even better.

The idea of this hotwife dare is to open your mind to sexual exploration and satisfaction. If you get just way too horny, you and your husband could head home for a wild night of sex. Or, if you’re ready for it, you could pick up a single guy for a threesome.

Need your hands free for a moment? Let your husband take over playing with you for a bit.

Flirt With Single Guys Online

I saved one of the best beginner hotwife dares for last. This one will help you to get used to talking about sex with strangers. Also, if this dare is done properly, it can lead to meeting a lot of prospective bulls and bucks for hotwife sexual encounters.

Join an online swinger site like SDC or SLS. Both of these online swinger sites are great. In fact, we belong to both of them personally.

Once you have joined, take the time to fill out your profile and upload photos of the two of you. Make sure that you mention that you are a hotwife and are open to meeting single guys.

One warning, as a new member, you will get contacted by a lot of single guys. Both good ones and true idiots. You’ll figure it out fairly quickly, and just block the idiots.

Now for the beginner hotwife dare. Browse members and favorite single guys that you may be interested in. Actually send a few of them a private message and tell them a little about yourself. Make sure you ask them questions about their experience pleasuring women, and do they have any hotwife regulars they play with.

When messaging these guys, have fun. Get as daring as you want. The idea here is to get used to openly talking about sex with guys you don’t know.

You could add a twist to this one. Have your husband pleasure you while you are browsing single guys and contacting them.