“Danielle Scratched on the Eight Ball” starts off with Roy talking about Danielle going out with her friend Jack to shoot some pool. He had to stay home to get some work caught up on.

Later that night, Roy got a text that she Danielle would be home in about 20 minutes. The text also told him to grab a quick shower and be naked when she arrived.

After Roy took a quick shower, and started relaxing in the living room recliner, he heard the front door unlocking. When the door opened, in walked Danielle with Sandy the bartender from the bar she was playing pool at. Roy got a little embarrassed since he was waiting for Danielle naked like she requested.

Moments later, Sandy walks over to Roy and climbs up on his lap and straddled him. She put her arms around him and says…

What Sandy tells Roy surprises him. Find out what she said, and what happens next by reading Roy’s story linked below.

Danielle Scratched on the Eight Ball