Roy and I were sitting around trying to figure out what to do this weekend. We wanted something different that we had never done before. After we passed on several ideas we had, I remembered that the underground sex club had a water room. I had peeked in it the last time we were there, and it looked crazy. That’s the only word I could think of to describe it.

I brought the idea of trying out the water room with Roy and he said, “We wanted something different and new to experience. I’m game if you are.” So, we decided that we were going to go try out the water sex room at the sex club this weekend. I called the club up and had us added to the guest list. They said the limo would pick me up at 8 PM and that Roy could arrive any time after 7 PM to the club.

The underground sex club picks up all the girls in limos and the guys have to drive or take a ride share to get there. It’s a perk the club has for all the women. I love it. I have met several other girls that I have become friends with during the limo ride.

I was now very excited about going and could not wait till Saturday night arrived. When Saturday finally arrived, I got dressed up in a short black ruffled hem flutter dress. I put on some sexy high heels to go with it. I could not decide if I wanted to wear a thong under it or not. So, I decided to just not wear anything under the dress. Roy had already left for the sex club to scout around a bit. After I did my makeup and hair, I made a drink to sip on while I waited for my limo.

When the limo arrived, the driver escorted me to the car. It was a little breezy and I quickly discovered that the soft, thin material my dress was made of caught the wind and kept blowing it up to the small of my back. Guess I should have worn a thong. Oh well.

He helped me into the back while I tried to hold the back of my dress down. Did not work at all. The girls that he had already picked up got a good little laugh about it. One of them spread her legs open wide, smiled, and said, “No panties either.” We all chatted on the way to the underground sex club and got to know each other a little. Usually, I know at least one girl on the ride. But this time I had not met any of them before.

We chatted about what our favorite sex rooms were at the club. I mentioned I was going to try the water sex room tonight. One of the girls spoke up and said that she had been in it a few times. She also told me that it gets pretty intense in there. I asked her to expand on that. She said that I just had to experience it because words could not describe it. She did say that it had all types of ways to be sexually pleasured by water. She also said that the guys in the room added to the fun and excitement, but they really were just icing on the cake so to speak.

When we arrived at the club, the driver helped each of us out of the limo. Yes, it was still windy, and my butt kept putting itself on display. It was a sex club, so I’m sure nobody cared at all. Once we were checked in, I started to look around for Roy. When I spotted him, he was on the dance floor slow dancing with a sexy blonde. He had his hand slid up under the back of her dress playing with her butt. I see he didn’t waste any time.

I finally caught his eye and waved to let him know I was here. He blew me a kiss and said something to her and then pointed to me. She waved and smiled. I’m not sure why, but instead of waving back, I raised the front of my dress a little and flashed her. She licked her lips back at me and winked. I may just like this girl. Roy had better introduce her to me.

When the song stopped, Roy and the sexy blonde headed my way. I started to walk towards them and met them halfway. Roy introduced us and said that her name was Heather. She was very friendly and gave me a nice hug when Roy introduced her to me. We chatted a little and got to know a little about each other.

Heather told me that Roy said that you wanted to play in the water sex room tonight. She said that she has played in it several times and that it’s always been an amazing sexual experience. She then mentioned that she wanted Roy to play with her in the water room, if that was OK with me. I told her that would not be a problem at all. We chatted a little more and decided that the three of us would go to the water sex room at the same time once it was open for play.

I also mentioned to her that she could be our sexy tour guide since she has been in the water sex room a few times. She laughed a little and said that she would love to. I grabbed her hand and told her that since Roy got to dance with her, it was my turn. I then led her out onto the dance floor. A very sensual slow song was playing so I wrapped my arms around her, and we started dancing.

While we were dancing, I felt her slide her hand down the small of my back to my butt. She just left it there for a moment and then continued down to the bottom of my dress. She cupped my butt cheek and squeezed just a little. When she did that, she looked up at me and smiled. I thought to myself, this girl is not shy and a little aggressive. My type of girl. I moved in to kiss her and she met me halfway.

Once we started kissing, she moved her hand up under my dress and started to play with my ass. I could even feel one of her fingers sliding between my legs towards my pussy. OK, I see what Roy likes about her. I moved my hand down to her ass and started to play with it. She had a nice firm ass. I liked it.

We danced and played with each other for a couple of slow songs and then went back over to where Roy was standing. We decided to get a table to sit down at until the sex playrooms opened. I asked her if she knew that Roy and I were married. She said that Roy had already let her know. Since the sex club rules say that married couples and other couples must act single while in the club, I asked her if she minded sitting between us. She said that she would love to.

The three of us had a drink and chatted a little more. Heather reached over and put her hand on my thigh. I noticed she had her other hand on Roy’s crotch and was playing with his cock through his pants. A few moments later I felt her hand slide down between my legs and then felt it slide up under my dress to my pussy. I spread my legs open so she could get better access. I’m really liking this girl’s sexual aggressiveness.

Roy moved his hand under her dress and was massaging her clit. I decided to take one of my hands and start playing with her boobs. I leaned over and start to nibble on her neck. She tilted her head to expose more of her neck and moaned softly. The three of us continued to play with each other while we waited for the sex rooms to open. We actually chatted a little more too.

The time came when everyone in the club had to be nude or leave. The three of us headed over to the lockers to take off our clothes and lock them up for the night. Roy was a perfect gentleman and helped to take off both of our clothes. OK, that sounds a little strange, but we are in a sex club.

Once we were totally nude, I got a chance to really check out Heather’s body. It was very firm and very sexy. You could tell she spends a good bit of time in the gym. Her boobs where amazing. I had to reach over and give both of them a squeeze. Heather then told me that I could play with them anytime I wanted, as long as she could play with my sexy ass. We gave each other a hug and then turned towards Roy. He just gave us the look and grabbed both our asses and pulled us both into him for a group grope hug.

The three of us then headed down the hall to the water sex room. When we entered the sex room, only a few people were already in it. Heather said that she would give us a quick tour before it gets really busy and crazy in here.

The first thing I noticed before she started giving us a quick tour was that the walls, ceiling and floor where white tile and had the entire room was lit with dim red lights. There were also projectors playing all types of psychedelic moving colorful patterns all over the walls, ceiling and floor. It was actually quite mesmerizing. It also looked really cool when the patterns and colors landed on everyone’s naked bodies. I also noticed the floor had drains for the water to go down in various places. The floor was also covered in anti-slip material.

Heather walked us around the room and showed us all of its cool features. It had a waterfall cascading off of one wall, Rain shower heads all over the place. It had water jets in various places on the walls, and several tables that could tilt and were padded with I’m guessing soft vinyl. It also had seats that looked similar to queening seats. The walls, ceiling, floor, and tables had various restraining devices attached to them. It also had a few fuck machines in the room that could be moved around. She also showed us the room had several things that looked like adjustable shower heads with jets that pulled out of the wall and had long hoses on them.

Heather showed us that the room had several types of sex toys and sex toy attachments in drawers all over the room. One she showed us was a dildo that shot water out of the tip and sides. That thing looked intimidating.

Heather grabbed my hand and said, “I want you to try something.” She then led me over to the seats that looked a little like queening chairs. She sat down on one of them and then told me to sit down on the one next to her. She motioned for Roy to come over to where we were sitting. When Roy got there, Heather told Roy to stand in front of her as she may need his cock. I did not hear a single complaint from Roy.

She showed me the controls and explained what each knob and switch did. It had three switches that turned on three different water jets. A knob that controlled the intensity of the jets, another knob that selected the pulsating and movement pattern for the water jets, and one that controlled the water temperature.

She told me to set the intensity to low, pick a random pulsating pattern, and set the water temperature to warm. Once I did that, she told me to flip the three switches and hold on. I flipped all three on at the same time. OK, my eyes got really big, and I gasped very deeply. That is intense! The three water jets are flicking and circling my pussy. The sensations feel pretty damn good. I was already breathing deeply. Heather then said, “Turn up the intensity a little. I could see she was breathing heavily like me.

I turned it up a little and started to moan. My body even started to tremble a bit. She asked me if I was ready. I said, “For what?” Heather replied, “To turn it up further.” I told her she was crazy. I was already close to cumming. She leaned over me and grabbed the intensity knob and turned it up! OK, I am now pretty much screaming in ecstasy. My entire body is trembling, and I am orgasming. Right before I hit the top of my orgasm, I tilted my pelvis a little so one of the jets was stimulating my asshole. That was it! I came, and I came hard.

At that point I had to flip the switch to off. I looked over at Heather and she had Roy’s cock all the way down her throat. I could here her muffled moans and I could see her body shaking. I think she was having one orgasm after another. She finally leaned back and let go of Roy’s cock and sighed. She then turned it off and just sat there leaning back breathing very rapidly. Once she recovered a little, she looked at me and said, “What did you think?” I told her I had no words for the sensations I just felt except, WOW!

She leaned over and put her head on my shoulder and said, “Now that we’re warmed up, let’s have some water sex room fun.” I thought to myself, this girl is crazy. I think I like her. We both stood up and walked around the room to check out what else we could find.

Heather said that she was going to steal Roy now to play with and wanted to know if I was still OK with that. I told her of course I was OK with it and for them to go have fun. I told Heather that I am sure I can find plenty of trouble to get into. I then pointed out several hot guys and told her I had already picked a few possible play partners.

I spotted two guys standing near the waterfall and they gave me some pretty strong tingles. I walked over and leaned back into the waterfall and acted like I was soaping myself up. I got their eye and I smiled at them and winked. I then said, “This is my first time in this room and need two sexy guys to show me how it works. You two interested?” I then walked over to them and started to wring my hair out. I bit my lower lip and looked up at them with a tilted head. They both said they would love to show me around. I said, “Will you two show me a good time also?” Both stumbled on their words a little but managed to say that they would love to show me a good time.

I got between the two of them and put my arms around them and said, “Just let me know what you two want me to do first.” They both looked around the room and then said, “We could start over there. If that’s OK with you.” and pointed to an empty water sex table. I replied, “I want you two to show me a good time, I don’t want to have to make any of the decisions.” They smiled and led me over to the empty water sex table.

They both helped me up on the table and helped me get comfortable. The table had adjustable leg supports and straps. One of them asked me if I wanted my legs just up on the supports or pulled back towards my chest. I told them to just surprise me. I then reminded them that I did not want to have to make any decisions. They laughed a little and adjusted my legs, so they were pulled back towards my chest. They spread my legs wide and placed the straps over my thighs, so I did not have to hold them in that position. All I had to do is relax.

They turned on the rain showerhead above the table so the water would gently rain on my upper torso but not my face. It felt really good. It was relaxing. They tilted the table down just a little so the water falling on me would roll down towards my lower body and across my pussy. The water rolling across my clit and down the sides of my pussy felt really good.

One of the guys adjusted two of the flexible water jets so one sprayed and pulsated directly on the hood of my clit, and another pulsated and spun in circles around the opening of my pussy. The sensations felt really erotic. I started to moan just a little. They moved up to my sides and started to caress my boobs and torso. This turned me on even more. They both took turns kissing me for a while.

One of the guys turned up the intensity of the two jets and caused me to gasp. I then felt a hand massaging my pussy. He would stop from time to time to let the water jets tease me. I could feel my body starting to tremble just a little. I was feeling very good. They turned up the intensity of the jets a little more and I started to moan louder.

One of the guys went back down to the end of the table and turned on a third water jet and aimed it at my asshole. I gasped when the jet first hit it. He set it to do little circles all around the opening of my ass. This was felling really good. He turned the intensity of that water jet up and my entire body started to tremble to the point you could see me shaking. I was getting very loud with my moans.

One of the guys slid a finger up my ass and slid it in and out while the other guy was playing with my breasts and pulling the hood back on my clit so the water jet could hit it directly. The sensations of my ass being played with along with my clit being massaged by the water jet sent me over the top. I had a very intense orgasm and screamed out very loudly as I came. My entire body trembled and shook. I had a very explosive orgasm. I was in pure ecstasy.

After I came, they turned off the jets but left the rain showerhead on. They kissed me all over my body and unstrapped my legs. I stretched them out and just laid there enjoying their touch. After I recovered a bit, they told me to roll over on my stomach. They helped me to roll over and placed a wedge under my hips. This put my butt up in the air a little in a pooched position. I felt them spread my legs apart and then felt them placing restraints on my legs to keep them apart. I thought to myself, “Hmm… what do these two have planned now?”

The water raining down on my back felt really nice. Almost like I was getting a massage. Then I got a nice surprise. One of the guys started to pour massage oil over my back and started to give me a great back massage. If you give me a great back massage, you can do anything you want to me.

The other guy adjusted the water jets, so they were spraying and pulsating on my clit, pussy opening and asshole. OK, this was feeling very intense. I started to moan and breathe deeply. He squeezed my ass and said he would be right back. A few moments later I felt him applying lube to my pussy. He asked me if I liked deep or shallow penetration. I told him I was not making the decisions.

He smacked me on the ass and said, “Deep and slow it is.” I then realized he had brought over a fuck machine. He adjusted it and slid the dildo deep inside me. I gasped from the fullness feeling. He then turned on the fuck machine and it fucked me slow with long deep strokes. This was feeling fantastic. They had me moaning and gripping the sides of the table.

Several minutes later, I felt lube dripping onto the crack of my ass and running down my asshole. He started to massage my asshole very gently. I lifted my butt up a little it felt so good. He slid a finger deep into my ass and started to finger fuck it. OK, this was feeling really good. I then felt him slide a second finger in me. The stretch felt wonderful. The combined sensations of the fuck machine fucking my pussy and him fingering my ass caused my body to shake and I could feel I was getting closer to having another orgasm.

He then climbed up on the table with me and started to massage and squeeze my ass cheeks. I felt more lube dripping on my asshole and I pooched my butt up high. I was really loving this. I then felt him rubbing his cock back and forth across my asshole. I said, “Fuck me!” He then slid his cock into my ass and started to pump it in and out. Oh, that felt so good. I could feel myself approaching orgasm very quickly.

The guy that was massaging my back reached down and turned the water jets way up. I could feel them pulsating on my clit, around my pussy opening and on my asshole as the machine and the guy double penetrated me. The other guy started to massage my shoulders. I could not hold out anymore. My body began to shake uncontrollably, and I screamed out. My entire body was having an orgasm. It seemed to go on forever. I felt like I was going to blackout from all the overwhelming sensations I was experiencing.

A few moments later I felt his cock starting to throb and heard him moaning out. Moments later I felt his warm cum shooting deep inside my ass. I orgasmed again and again. At this point I was totally sexually exhausted. Very happy, but exhausted. He collapsed on top of me, and both of us laid there for a while until we caught our breath. The other guy slid the fuck machine out from inside me and removed the restraints from my legs. He then started to massage them. I was loving the attention.

Once I we recovered, we got off the table and I gave both of them big kisses and hugs. I then grabbed the hand of the guy that gave me the back massage and told him I was not through with him just yet. I then led him over to a chair that was under one of the rain shower heads and told him to sit down. I then dropped to my knees and spread his legs open.

I took his cock into my mouth and started to give him a blowjob. It did not take him long to start moaning. I would suck on just the head of his cock for a few moments and then deep throat him and hold. That was driving him crazy. Each time I did that, I could feel his body tense. I continued doing this for several minutes.

Once I felt his cock starting to throb, and his body shake, I started sucking his cock deep and fast. He moaned out loudly and squeezed my head. He started to cum. I continued to suck his cock as he came in my mouth. Once I could tell he had finished cumming, I deep throated him one last time and held it. He cried out and his entire body tensed up. When I removed his cock from my mouth, his entire body went limp.

I stood up and gave him a kiss and walked away to find Roy and Heather. I found them on the other side of the room. Heather was sitting in Roy’s lap straddling him with her head on his shoulder and her arms wrapped around him. I walked up behind them and gave Heather a little back massage. She looked up at me, smiled, and said, “I think I killed him.”

I could see that she had totally exhausted Roy. I patted her on the back and said, “Good job.” We laughed a little and I sat down beside them, and Heather and I cuddled Roy. I have never seen Roy this exhausted and spent. I’ll have to ask him what the hell Heather did to him once he is able to talk again. Tonight, was an experience I will always remember. I loved every moment of it. Even though I never got either of the two guys names.