Roy and I decided that it would be fun to try the pitch-black sex room at the underground sex club we belong to. We had been curious about it for some time. We were getting very curious about what actually went on in that sex room. Since it is pitch black inside it, you can’t see anything to get an idea of what it was like.

We got our courage up and decided to give it a try next Saturday. The one thing that irritates me about the sex club is how couples can’t arrive to the club at the same time since it is a sex club mainly for singles. On the other hand, the club sends out limos to pick up all the girls that are attending the sex party. The limo ride is really nice, and I get to meet a few of the women going to the party during the ride. So, I guess it’s not that irritating of a rule.

Roy usually heads to the club about an hour before I am scheduled to be picked up by the limo. He likes to scope out the guests as they arrive at the club. I know he really means, check out the girls as they arrive and flirt with a few.

Saturday evening came and Roy headed out to the sex club. Now, I had to decide what to wear and get ready for the limo to pick me up. I decided on a very short black wraparound mini skirt, a tiny black thong, sexy heels and a tiny black crop top that showed the underside of my boobs if I lifted my arms even a little. I got dressed and did my hair and makeup in a very sexy way. I wanted to look very seductive tonight. I think I nailed the look I was going for.

I was a little behind schedule. So, I did not get to have a drink while waiting for the limo. I’ll just have one in the limo during the ride to the sex club. It was only a few moments after I was ready that the limo driver was knocking on the door. I answered the door and driver escorted me to the waiting car. He opened the back door and helped me in. Once I was in the limo, I said hi to the two girls that he had already picked up. The driver said he had to pick up one more guest and we would be off to the club. The three of us introduced ourselves to each other. Their names were Jasmine and Eden.

I made myself a drink and a shot since I did not get a chance to have one before I was picked up. I downed the shot and probably made some interesting faces. I started chatting with the other two girls. It turns out that both of them have known each other but did not know that each other was a member of the sex club until tonight. They both said they were extremely surprised about the other being a member.

I asked them why they were so surprised. Both of them said that the other one never acted or led on that they were so open minded and sexually adventurous. I said, “Goes to show that you never really know.” I continued, “It would be so nice if everyone was just open about what they enjoy in life. Everyone could have a lot more fun and adventurous. Too bad that most people are afraid to really talk openly. That’s one reason I love the sex club and swingers clubs my husband and I go to.” Jasmine said, “Let’s drink to that.” We poured three shots, and each downed them and made some really weird faces.

The driver pulled up to an apartment building and said he was going to go let our last guest know he is here. A few minutes later he came back to the car with a very sexy girl on his arm. WOW, who needs the sex club? I’ll just take her home with me. She was that hot. When she got in the car, I was a little surprised what came out of my mouth. I told her to sit in my lap, and I would make the ride to the club a lot more enjoyable for her.

She raised her eyebrows at me as she was entering the car and sat down in my lap. Damn, it worked. She put one arm around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I looked at her and told her that she could do better than that. She then gave me a really good kiss on the lips. Both Jasmine and Eden hooted a little. I introduced the three of us to her and she said her name was Alana. I jokingly hollered to the driver to just take us to my place. As I said that I grabbed and squeezed one of Alana’s boobs.

The four of us started chatting and getting to know each other. I placed my hand on the inside of Alana’s thigh and pulled her legs open a little. She did not close them back, so I slid my hand up to her pussy and started playing with it. She was not wearing panties. I liked that. I was a little surprised, she was already wet. I then decided to slide a finger inside her. She leaned her head back, spread her legs open a little wider and moaned. Jasmine and Eden cheered me on.

I then laid her back on the seat and got down on the floor. I got between her legs and spread them wide as I could. I then went down on her and started to eat her pussy. She was a moaner. I could even feel her legs trembling a bit already. It didn’t take long for me to bring her to orgasm. When she did, she clinched her thighs around my head. No way was I escaping that grip. So, I continued to eat her. She trembled and moaned for several moments and then finally her body relaxed.

I climbed up to her face and started kissing her very passionately. She was still breathing rapidly, and I could feel her breath. She was even still moaning very faintly. I could feel Jasmine and Eden caressing my ass that was pointed towards them. I was liking this limo ride.

The driver then announced that we were pulling up to the club. I thought, damn, we could have gotten a little all girl orgy going. I was actually now very horny. But, sat back up on the seat and put my arm around Alana. She whispered in my ear that she really enjoyed the ride. I gave her another kiss and then the four of us exited the limo.

I told Alana that she had to meet Roy my husband. She said, “Let’s go, take me to him.” The two of us walked around the club looking for Roy. As usual, I found him on the dance floor slow dancing with a sexy girl. They both had their hands on each other’s butts and she had her head laying on his shoulder. Ahhh, they looked so cute.

I pointed Roy out to Alana. I told her that I would get his attention and introduce them when the song ended. Alana looked up at me and said, “No time like the present.” She then started walking across the dance floor towards Roy and the girl he was dancing with. I raised my eyebrows and thought, what is she up to?

When Alana got to them, she came up behind the girl and wrapped her arms around both of them and pressed her body against the girl. I could see her whispering something in the girl’s ear. The girl Roy was dancing with then turned around and started dancing with Alana. They were kissing and groping each other pretty heavily. Roy stood there like he was trying to figure out what just happened. It was actually a little funny.

A few moments later, Alana and the girl turned towards Roy and they both started dancing with him and groping him. He seemed much happier now. At the end of the song, Alana grabbed her hand and Roy’s and led them back to where I was standing.

When they got to me, Alana introduced the girl to me. Alana said that her name was Octavia and that they are both friends. Now I understand how she pulled off what she just did to Roy. I gave Roy a hug and kiss and said, “Why don’t the four of us grab a table and have a drink?” Everyone agreed and we found a table near the dance floor.

Alana said, “Where are Jasmine and Eden? We should get them to join us too.” I told her that I thought I saw them over by the bar. Alana jumped up and went off to find them. A short time later, she came back to our table with both of them in tow. Roy grabbed two more chairs for the girls. We all chatted a bit and Eden told Roy all about the sex show Alana and I put on for them in the limo. Roy looked over at me and raised his eyebrows. I quickly said, “I was going to tell him about the limo ride, just hadn’t had a chance yet.” I continued, “I did send her out to you, didn’t I?” Roy smiled and we all laughed a little.

Roy was sitting beside Octavia, and I could tell he liked her. He was rubbing the inside of her thigh and she had her hand on his crotch. OK, I guess she likes him too. OK, so we have five girls and one guy. I wonder if we need to add another guy or two or three to our little group? I then thought, let’s just see where the night takes us. I’m happy with our group and I would be happy with adding some guys to it also.

Jasmine and Eden got up and said they would be right back. A short time later, they returned and were totally nude. They said that they wanted to not have to watch the time. The sex club requires everyone that is staying to be 100% nude before the sex rooms open later tonight. Roy had a big smile on his face. I don’t think he minded at all that Jasmine and Eden were naked.

Roy and I decided to join them and went and took off all of our clothes and put them in a locker. When we got back to the table, Alana and Octavia said that they were not going to be the only ones with clothes on. They got up and went and took off theirs. When they returned, Octavia sat back down by Roy and returned to playing with his cock. Alana told me to scoot my chair out a little and she sat down in my lap. I liked that. I quickly placed my hand on the inside of her thigh and started to lightly caress it.

Jasmine reached over and placed her hand on my thigh that Alana was not sitting on. This is getting interesting now. Eden moved her chair over closer to Roy and then reached over and placed her hand on Roy’s thigh. She moved it slowly down to his balls and started to play with them while Octavia was stroking his cock very slowly. Roy put his arm around both of them and pulled them in close.

We continued to chat while pretty much making each other horny. I mentioned that we Roy and I came to try out the pitch-black sex room tonight. The other girls all said that they have never been in it before. We talked a little more and decided we would all try the pitch-black sex room tonight.

The DJ was playing some nice slow sensual songs. We all decided to get up and dance together. As we danced, we kept switching partners randomly. Sometimes all six of us would dance together with our arms around each other. This was actually fun and turning me on big time. I was pretty much ready for whatever went on in the pitch-black sex room.

The time finally came when they opened the sex rooms. We headed off to our new sex adventure. The room had double doors. You had to enter a small area and close one door before the other could be opened. The area was only large enough for one person at a time to go through. It was to prevent any light entering the room. This was actually a little scary but thrilling.

We decided since it was my idea, I would enter first, and Roy would enter last. I opened the door and then closed it behind me. I took a few deep breaths to calm my nerves and opened the inner door. I could hear the sounds of moaning coming from inside the room. Other people were already in the room playing. I stepped in and closed the inner door behind me. You could not even see your hand when holding it right in front of your face. This was spooky. But for some reason I was getting extremely horny.

I could feel that the floor had a bit of padding on it. I liked that because I have a tendency to trip from time to time. I felt one of the walls, and it was also padded. I stretched my hands out in front of me and started to walk around the room very slowly. I could feel what felt like padded benches about knee height. Yes, I almost tripped over the first one.

I decided to get down on all fours and crawl around the room. I felt safer that way. I could hear the door to the room opening and closing from time to time as someone entered or left the room. It was so dark; I knew it was going to be very difficult to find the others. One of the rules of the room was that you were not allowed to talk. Moaning was fine but talking or even saying your name was not allowed. So, I just kept exploring the room on my own.

As I was crawling across the floor, my shoulder rubbed against someone. I stopped and felt their hands feeling around exploring my body. I reached out and started to explore theirs. I quickly discovered it was a girl. What girl? I had no clue. Her hands were exploring all over my body. When she got to my pussy, she started to massage it and squeeze it. I gasped a little and felt around to find her face. When I did, I started kissing her. As I kissed her, I moved my hands down to her breasts and played with them. She would gasp a little and moan each time I pinched her hard nipples just a bit.

I moved my hand down the front of her body to her pussy and started to play with her clit. She moaned even louder. I felt around us with the other hand and found a padded bench. I took her hand and pulled it until it touched the bench. She figured out what I was trying to do. She moved over to the bench and laid down on it with her legs and a little of her butt off the end of it. I was between her legs on the floor. I started to caress her inner thighs a bit until I could feel her tensing up each time, I got close to her pussy.

I then put my head between her legs and started to eat her pussy. She moaned out and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in tighter. I continued to eat her and dart my tongue in and out of her very wet pussy. A few moments later I felt someone’s hands exploring my legs. They moved up to exploring my ass and lower back. I actually started to tremble a bit. What was happening was really turning me on.

I then felt them starting to play with my pussy and rub my lower back at the same time. This was feeling great. I had no idea if it was a guy or girl playing with me. I arched my back so my butt would pooch up to give them more access to me. I then felt lube being poured down my pussy. I guess they have bottles of lube around the room. It felt tingly. They massaged the lube into my pussy and started to play with my clit by rubbing the hood side to side. Oh, that felt good.

I could feel more lube or massage oil being poured over my ass and felt it running down the sides of my legs and down the crack of my ass. It caused me to start moaning. It tickled as it ran across my asshole. Someone then started to massage it into my butt. I quickly realized I had two people playing with me. I pooched my butt up a little further. One of them started to run their fingers up and down the crack of my ass. Each time they crossed my asshole, I moaned a little louder. This was feeling really good.

They started to massage my asshole and clit at the same time. I was starting to feel like I was going to orgasm pretty quickly. One of them slide a few fingers into my pussy and started to massage the inside of it. I started to eat the girl I was pleasuring a lot more aggressively. She seemed to love it. She was getting very loud with her moans.

After a while, I felt someone spread my legs open further and move their body, so it was touching the insides of my thighs. I knew it was a guy when I felt him slide his cock deep into my pussy. I gasped and moaned out louder than I was before. He started to fuck me with long deep strokes. My body started to tremble even more. I could feel that I was going to orgasm.

A few moments later, I felt more lube running down the crack of my ass. Seconds later I felt someone circling my asshole and sticking the tip of their finger inside just a little. Each time they did that I gasped. After they teased my asshole, they slid a finger inside and started to finger fuck my ass. I was breathing very deeply at this point. I was loving what they were doing to me, and I was loving eating this girl.

All the sensations seemed to be more intense than normal. I’m guessing it was because I could not see anything at all. He started fucking me hard. I could hear him moaning. My entire body then started to shake. I could hardly hold myself up. I gasped one more time and screamed out. I was cumming hard. It felt fantastic. I wanted to collapse onto the floor but kept eating her. She started to cum and scream. I felt the guy inside me throbbing like his cock was going to explode. Moments later, the girl I was eating started to shake and cum over and over. I felt the guys cum shooting inside me. He seemed to cum and cum. I could even feel his warm cum dripping out of me and down the insides of my legs.

When he pulled out, I was getting ready to collapse onto the floor but felt someone holding onto my hips. I then felt another cock penetrate my cum filled pussy. It felt larger than the first but went in very easily. He started to fuck me hard as he held onto my hips. I lowered my face to the floor so I could brace myself better. My butt was way up in the air and being pounded hard. I quickly started to orgasm again. This time it was like a series of little orgasms one after the other.

I heard the guy moaning and grunting as he fucked me hard. Feeling his balls slapping my clit took me over the edge. I screamed and came again. I could feel this guy throbbing inside me. I heard him let out one last moan and then felt him slam deep into me and cum. It felt amazing as it squirted deep inside me. I whimpered a little because it felt so good, but I was not sure how much more I could take. I was worn out.

This guy left his cock in me after he came. He bent over me a little and started to massage my back. OK, this was nice. Actually, very nice. His cock was still throbbing from time to time while he massaged me. Each time it throbbed, I tensed up a little and let out a little moan. I was actually feeling ecstasy. I loved it.

Once the guy pulled out of me and went on his way. I started to crawl around to see if I could find the door. I had no idea what direction it was. This was going to be challenging. I crawled until I found one of the walls. I started moving down the wall in a clockwise direction. I figured I had to eventually find the door that way.

As I was going down one of the walls, I came across two people having sex. I could feel it was a girl laying down on the floor with her legs pulled up. I could feel a guy fucking her. They were both moaning. I had to crawl over the girl’s head so I would not lose the wall and get totally lost again.

When I brought one leg over her, I felt her reach up and grab my hips. She pulled me down onto her face and started eating me. That got me tingling all over again. I guess I’m not done having fun in the pitch-black sex room just yet.

She was really good at it and had me approaching an orgasm very quickly. I bent over a little and braced myself on the guy that was fucking her. My legs were shaking but I did manage not to put my weight down on her face. I moaned out and tried to muffle a scream. I came and then fell to the side of her. After I caught my breath, I continued down the wall on my journey to find the door.

As I crawled along the wall, I felt several sets of hands touch and caress my body as I passed them. This felt very strange but somehow very erotic. I made it to the corner and continued crawling down the next wall. A few feet down the second wall, there was a bench up against it sticking into the room. I started to crawl over it when I felt someone behind me touching my hips.

I had my head and arms on the other side of the bench and my stomach on it. I was getting ready to raise one of my legs up onto the bench to crawl the rest of the way over it when I felt the hands grab both of my ass cheeks and spread them apart. I then felt someone start to lick my asshole. That made me gasp. It felt good, so I just laid on the bench in a doggy position and let them continue.

They started to dart their tongue in and out of my asshole and then lick circles around it. The sensations were driving me a little bit crazy. I found myself suddenly very horny again. I started to think if I would ever get out of this sex room or, did I really care if I ever got out?

Whoever was licking my ass started to play with my pussy and massage my clit. I started moaning again. What they were doing to me was feeling extremely good. I relaxed and just enjoyed all the sensations. I felt my body shake a little off and on. I knew I was going to orgasm again. I was actually hoping it was a guy and that he was going to take me anally.

A few minutes later, I felt lube dripping down the crack of my ass and being massaged into my asshole. I took a deep breath and felt them slide a finger inside me. I gasped and relaxed as much as I could. I then felt them slide a second and then a third finger in my ass. They started to finger fuck my ass while they played with my clit. They had me moaning very loudly. I was enjoying it a lot.

After a while I felt them spread my legs open wide and felt them moving their body between my legs. I felt pressure on my ass and then felt a stretch. I gasped and felt a cock sliding into my ass. It was a guy. Yay! He pumped it in and out just an inch or two for a while. I gasped and moaned. My body was trembling again at this time.

I then felt him slide his cock deep inside my ass and started to fuck me with long slow strokes. I knew I was going to cum soon. The louder I moaned the faster and harder he fucked me anally. The sensations and fullness were extremely enjoyable. I felt his balls smacking against my pussy and clit as he fucked me in the ass.

I tried to hold back the orgasm that was fast coming on because I wanted the sensations to last longer. I could not hold it back and I screamed out. My body started trembling even more. I was gasping and moaning. I could feel his cock throbbing and him squeezing my ass cheeks hard. The moment he started to cum inside me, I lost all control and had a full body orgasm that seemed to go on and on.

Once he finished cumming and pulled out, I just laid there over the bench. I could not move. I needed to recover before I could continue my hunt for the door. He kissed me on the small of the back and went on his way.

After I recovered enough, I climbed the rest of the way over the bench and started to crawl down the wall again. The sounds of all the sex happening in the dark room were actually a little intoxicating. It was all very tribal and raw.

I finally found the door and stood up to open the door. Suddenly I felt someone’s hands on my hips and felt them breathing on my neck. I thought to myself, could I handle another round of sex as sexually spent and exhausted as I was already? Whoever it was slid their hand down the center of my ass and between my legs. I felt them massaging both my pussy and ass. I started to breathe heavily again and thought to myself, Oh the hell with it, let’s go one more time.

I turned around and leaned back against the wall and pulled them close. When I felt their body press against mine, I could tell they were female. I felt around and found their face and started kissing them. I slid my hand down to their pussy and started to play with them. They did the same to me. I was getting very horny once again. Something smelt very familiar about her. I just could not pinpoint it though. I slid two fingers up inside her and fingered her for a moment. I then pulled them out and tasted them. Her taste also seemed very familiar.

A few moments later, I could feel her kissing me down the center of my torso. The lower she went, the more excited I got. When she reached the mound of my pussy, I spread my legs open inviting her to go lower. When she reached my clit, she started to lick it and nibble on it. My legs started to shake, and I was not sure if I could stand up much longer with her eating me.

I could sense that someone was standing on both sides of me while I was leaning back on the wall. I then knew my senses where not playing tricks on me as I felt two sets of hands caressing my body. I gasped and my legs started to give out a little. I slid a little down the wall and started to tremble even more.

I felt them each place an arm under my arms and around my back up to my neck. I felt their other hands slide down the back of my thighs. They then picked me up and leaned me back. I felt them spreading my legs wide and felt the girl start to eat me again. I moaned out very loudly, it felt so good.

I could feel her running her finger up and down and teasing my pussy opening and asshole. She was going back and forth. I wanted her fingers inside me. I rocked my hips up a little and moaned louder each time her finger touched my asshole. I was hoping she would get the hint that I wanted her to penetrate me.

A few moments later, I could feel her applying lube to my ass. I was not sure how much more I could take. I was getting very close to having an orgasm. She teased my asshole a little longer and then slide a few of her fingers deep inside. I gasped and tensed my body up.

She finger fucked my ass while she continued to eat me. I was feeling like I was about to faint. I moaned out louder and louder. I was having an orgasm. I could not control my body. It was shaking. I screamed out loud in ecstasy and then went completely limp. I was still trembling and feeling my body having small spasms every few seconds. I knew I could not take anymore. I was sexually exhausted but very, very happy.

She wrapped her arms around my hips and laid her head on my lower stomach and just held me while the other two were still holding me up in the air. It actually felt really comforting. I was enjoying it immensely. When my body finally quit shaking, they lowered my feet back to the floor. I heard the door open and one of them guided me through it. Once I was in the small area between the two doors, I closed the door and opened the one to the hall. Even though the lights in the hall were very dim, they were still a little blinding until my eyes adjusted.

I sat down on the floor in the hall and leaned back against the wall. I wanted to see who came out of the room next. It was only a minute or so when I saw the door opening and Alana was coming out with her hands over her eyes. I said, “It’s blinding, isn’t it?” Alana replied, “Is that you, Danielle?” I said that it was. After her eyes adjusted enough to see where I was, she came over and sat down beside me.

Alana then asked how long I had been sitting here. I told her I just came out of the room right before you did. She said, I thought that was you. Your body felt very familiar. We then figured out that she was eating me while I was being held up in the air. We hugged and snuggled together and just relaxed in each other’s arms for several minutes.

We both then got up and headed out to the main socializing room to see if we could find the others. We had no clue if they came out of the pitch-black sex room already or if they were still in there.

We did find Jasmine and Eden out on the dance floor slow dancing with each other. I got their attention and waved at them. Once the song ended, they walked over to where Alana and I were standing. I asked them when they came out of the sex room. They said Jasmine came out about twenty minutes ago and Eden came out about ten minutes ago. They said they tried to stay together in the room but got separated in the darkness fairly quickly. I asked them if they had any problems finding the door when they wanted to leave. Both gave me a look like you would not believe. They both said it was next to impossible to find it.

Eden said that she lost count of how many times she had sex in that crazy room. Jasmine giggled and said, “I’m going to be sore tomorrow. But I loved it.” I spotted a table nearby and said, “Why don’t we grab that open table. My legs can’t hold me up much longer.” We all went over and sat down. I asked them if they had seen Roy or Octavia. Neither of them had. I was beginning to wonder where in the world those two were.

About 30 minutes later, Alana spotted Roy and Octavia coming back into the socializing room from the hall that leads to the sex rooms. They both looked worn out. We motioned to them so they could see where we were sitting. They came over and Roy sat down and then Octavia sat down in his lap.

We asked them if they just got out of the pitch-black sex room. They both said yes very bluntly. Roy then said, “That room was wild but hard to find the exit.” We laughed and said at the same time to tell us about it. Octavia then said, “Roy and I somehow managed to stay together in the room.” I asked them if they enjoyed it and they both said they loved all the wild sex they had with who knows who. But both of them got extremely worn out by people just stopping them and having sex with them when they were trying to find the exit.

We all laughed and talked about our wild sex experiences we had in that unusual sex room. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed it a lot. I then said, “Let’s vote. Would you go in that wild sex room again?” Everyone voted a big yes.