I was out having lunch with Serenity and somehow, we got on the topic of glory holes. Not really sure how that came up in conversation, but it did. Serenity said that she was really curious about them and thought it would be a big turn-on sucking someone’s cock without knowing who it was or what they looked like. I told her that I knew of a swingers club that had a glory hole lounge, and asked her if she would like to go and check them out.

Serenity said that she would love to go. I called Roy and asked if he had anything planned for this Saturday. He said that he had nothing planned. I told him about Serenity wanting to experience male glory holes. He said that the three of us should plan to go this Saturday then. The three of us decided to meet at our apartment and ride together to the swingers club.

Serenity met us at our apartment Saturday and was dressed very sexy. I was very tempted to just recommend that the three of us just have a threesome here, but I knew she wanted to play in the glory hole lounge. So, Roy called us a ride share and we headed to the swingers club.

Once we arrived, the three of us went inside and got checked in. We then gave Serenity a quick tour of the club. She had a big smile and wide-open eyes, like she was fascinated at what she was seeing. I was holding her hand while we took the quick trip around the club. She was holding on tight, and I could tell that she was excited but also nervous.

When we got back to the main area, we grabbed a table near the dance floor. Roy took our cooler back to the bar and brought back drinks for the three of us. I looked around and saw a lot of hot guys here tonight. I leaned over and whispered in Serenity’s ear, “Look at all these hot guys. You may be sucking some of their cocks later.” I then nibbled on her ear. She gasped, and then shivered a little. She then told me that I was bad. I just smiled at her and reminded her that this was her idea. She just ignored my comment and smiled.

Serenity and I danced with several cute guys, and also put on a little girl-girl mini sex show when the two of us danced together. After a few more drinks, I asked Serenity if she was ready to go check out the glory hole lounge. She stuttered on her words a bit and had a nervous smile on her face. But she did finally say it was now or never. Boy, I guess she is a little more nervous than I thought. I told her that I would take the lead in playing if that would help her calm down a little. She said thank you and the three of us headed to the locker room to strip out of our street clothes.

Roy helped Serenity get undressed and played with her a bit. He had her breathing heavily and moaning a little. He said he was helping her out by getting her in the mood and warmed up. I just shook my head and said, “Let’s go to the glory hole lounge and you can warm her up all you want there.”

The three of us grabbed some towels and a few washcloths and headed to the glory hole lounge. I showed her the three doors and pointed out the male glory holes and the female glory holes. Serenity said she knew what a male glory hole was, but never heard of a female glory hole. I just smiled at her and told her that she would soon see what the female glory holes were all about.

Roy opened the door in the middle and we went into the glory hole lounge. Serenity’s eyes got really big when she saw cocks and pussies sticking through holes into the lounge area. I said, “Let’s go sit on the far couch so we can watch both the male and female glory holes for a bit, before we join in the fun.” The three of us walked over to the couch and sat down. We put Serenity in the middle of us so we could both get her all worked up and ready to play.

After a few minutes I noticed Serenity looking at the cocks sticking through the holes in the wall into the lounge area. There were two girls having fun with the cocks. They were each sucking on one and giving hand jobs to two other cocks. I could tell by the way Serenity was licking her lips a little while watching the two girls having fun that she was starting to get a little horny.

I decided to help her along. I placed one of my hands on her thigh and started caressing it. I looked over at Roy and once I got his attention, I motioned with my eyes for him to do the same. Roy place one of his hands on her other thigh and started to caress it. After a few minutes I got Roy’s attention again and mouthed to him to spread her legs. We both slowly pulled her legs open wider and wider. I’m not sure she even noticed that we did that. She was so entranced watching the girls playing with the cocks.

We both slid our hands down to the inside of her thighs and started to caress them. I could see her starting to breathe deeper. I slid my hand up and started to just barely touch her pussy each time I stroked her inner thigh. I could see her body tense up a little each time I got close to her pussy. Roy and I started to tease her a little. Each time I went to stroke her leg downward, Roy stroked her other leg upward. Each of us started to fondle her pussy for a few seconds on our up strokes. I could hear her faintly moaning a little each time one of us fondled her.

Once we had Serenity all worked up and bothered, I decided to take things to the next level. I did promise her that I would lead. So, I stood up and walked over to the male glory holes and knelt down on a pillow in front of one of the cocks sticking through the wall. I started to stroke it slowly and lick just the head of it. It started to get hard. Once I had gotten it nice and hard, I started to suck on just the first few inches at first. I felt it swell between my lips even more.

Occasionally I would take a quick look back at Roy and Serenity to make sure Roy was getting her hornier and hornier. He had slid her to the edge of the couch and was sitting on the floor between her legs eating her while she watched what I was doing. I could see her chest rising and falling and her pulling Roy’s head into her crotch with one of her hands. She was also biting on a finger on her other hand. Roy was being a good boy and getting her nice and worked up.

I started to take the cock I was playing with deeper and deeper into my mouth. I could hear the guy starting to moan through the hole is cock was sticking through. I started to suck faster and with more pressure. I felt him tensing up and I could tell he was shaking a little. I knew I had him close to cumming. I started to go back and forth between jerking him off and sucking his cock. Once I could taste his pre-cum, I intensified what I was doing to him. I took his cock and deep throated him several times. That brought him to orgasm, and he shot his load into my mouth. I made sure I did not let a single drop drip out. Once he was finished cumming, I stroked his cock with my hand a few times until he pulled it back out of the glory hole.

I stood up and walked back over to Serenity and Roy. He was still between her legs eating her. I sat down beside her and started to play with her boobs. I then kissed her and passed the guys cum I had in my mouth to her. That apparently excited her big time. She started to kiss me very passionately and pull me in closer to her. I kissed her for several minutes and then told her that it was time for her to try the glory holes. I pulled Roy’s head out of her crotch as I stood up and then took her hand and led her over to the male glory holes.

I found a spot that had two cocks sticking through the wall and asked Serenity what one she would like to start with. She smiled at me and knelt down in front of one of them. I knelt down in front of the other one and started to stroke it nice and slow. Serenity wrapped her hand around the cock in front of her and started to stroke it. We both stroked each of the cocks until they were nice and hard.

Once the two cocks were hard, we both started to suck on them and take them deep into our mouths. I watched Serenity out of the corner of my eye and could see she was having a great time. She was working that guy’s cock so hard; I knew he would not last long. It did not take us long to make both of the guys cum. I let my guy cum in my mouth, but I did not swallow. I watched Serenity finish her guy off and I could tell she was swallowing every drop of cum he shot into her mouth.

Once she was finished, I leaned over and kissed her and pushed the cum from my mouth into hers. She seemed to love it and swallowed every drop. We continued to kiss for a minute or so and then sat back on our pillows waiting for more cocks to come through the glory holes. While we were waiting, Roy and another guy came over and slid padded benches over so we could get doggy style on them. The benches placed our mouths at the same height as the glory holes.

Roy started to play with Serenity’s pussy and the guy that helped slide the benches over started to play with mine. I was liking this. We both stared at the holes in the wall waiting for cocks to appear. The first cock to appear was through the hole Serenity was in front of. She started to suck on it the second it came through the hole. A minute or so later, a cock appeared in the hole I was in front of. I started to suck on it nice and slow.

I felt the guy that was playing with me move his head down behind my butt and start eating me. I had no idea who this guy was, but he was really good with using his tongue to explore my pussy and clit, so I really did not care. He had me moaning very quickly. My moans apparently felt really good to the guy that I was sucking. I felt his cock grow and start to pulsate. It did not take long before started to cum. When I felt him starting to cum, I took his cock deep into my throat and held it there as he came. After his cock stopped throbbing, He slowly pulled it out of my throat and mouth, and I concentrated on being pleasured by this stranger that was really good at eating me.

He had me very close to having an orgasm when another cock appeared through the glory hole. I quickly took it into my mouth and started to suck on it hard. When I started to orgasm, I deep throated the guy and held it there as I moaned and screamed in ecstasy. When I did that, his cock started to throb and twitch. He came very quickly. I swallowed every drop.

The guy that brought me to orgasm, started to massage my ass and my rub my lower back and my body trembled a bit from the orgasm I just had. I looked over at Serenity and she had cum all over her face and dripping out of her mouth while she was sucking on a fairly large cock. I glanced back at Roy, and he was fucking her from behind. He held up four fingers and mouthed that she had gotten four guys off so far. I smiled and thought, that girl is a blowjob machine.

After I caught my breath, the guy behind me started to play with my pussy very gently again. It did not take long for me to get sexually excited again. I then felt him poring lube all over my ass and rubbing it in. It gave me tingles when it landed on my ass and ran down across my asshole and pussy.

He continued to play with my pussy and massage my ass cheeks as I waited for another cock to appear. A few moments later a cock appeared, and it was already very hard. I took it into my mouth and started to suck on it. The guy that was playing with changed positions and started to rub his cock up and down on my pussy. That drove me a little crazy and I wanted him to fuck me.

I felt him press his cock against my pussy and slide it inside of me. I gasped a little and took the guys cock I was sucking deep into my throat for a second. I could feel it swell when I did that. The guy behind me started to fuck me with nice deep and slow strokes. Damn he felt good inside me. I started moaning. Each time he thrust his cock all the way inside me, I deep throated the guy’s cock I was sucking on.

I felt my body starting to tense up a little and knew I was going to have an orgasm soon. The sexual tension deep inside of me was building and building. I could feel my arms and legs starting to tremble. The guy fucking me grabbed my hips to hold me up and started to pound me harder and harder. Each time he thrust in me, it pushed me forward and I took the guys cock I was sucking deep into my mouth and throat.

I felt the guy that was fucking me pour lube down my ass. It caused me to tense up with pleasure as it rolled across my asshole and pussy. He started to massage the lube into my ass with his fingers. This was bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. A few moments later, I felt him slide a finger into my ass and move it in and out slowly. That caused me to moan loudly and caused my body to shake even more.

He added a second finger into my ass and started to finger-fuck my asshole while he was fucking me with his cock deep in my pussy. That felt wonderful and I could not hold back my orgasm any longer. I started to cum. The more my body shook, the harder he grasped my hips and the harder he thrust his cock in me. I felt his cock throbbing and heard him start to moan out.

The moment I felt his cum spurting inside me, I went over the top and my body started to spasm. I then felt the guys cock I was sucking on start to throb. I took him as deep into my throat as I could. When he started to cum, I sucked his shaft with long firm strokes. I could feel his body shake. He seemed to cum and cum. When he finished cumming, I heard him moan out one last time as he pulled his cock back out of the glory hole.

I collapsed down onto the bench and the guy that was fucking me, laid down on me and cuddled me while I laid there with my body shaking. WOW, that was a great orgasm. But boy am I a mess. I was laying down in a pool of cum. I actually felt proud that I could get these guys off and make them cum.

I looked over at Roy and Serenity and Roy had moved to fucking her anally while she was sucking on a cock sticking through the wall. He looked at me and held up seven fingers. I thought to myself, this girl is really enjoying the glory holes. After I recovered enough, I was still horny and wanted more. But I wanted something a little different.

I turned around and got back up on the bench doggy style and pressed my pussy back against the glory hole. A few minutes later, I let out a little scream. I got startled when a cock came through the glory hole. I just smiled at everyone that looked at me when I did that. My pussy was so wet already, the cock slid right in without any problems.

I felt the cock sliding in and out of my pussy and gasped each time it went all the way in. This reminded me a little of the female glory hole I tried. But it was different. I laid my upper body down on the bench and just relaxed as the cock was fucking me. I was really liking this. After a bit, I started moaning very quietly and closed my eyes. I was feeling very relaxed and slowly moving towards another orgasm.

I felt the guy’s cock starting to throb and a moment later I felt him filling my pussy with cum. That sensation brought me closer to orgasm. When he pulled out, I felt another cock being slid deep inside my pussy just a few seconds later. This guy was a little larger in girth and length. The full feeling felt wonderful and got me gasping as he thrust it deep into me.

I looked over at Roy and Serenity and Serenity was collapsed on the bench with a big smile on her face. Roy got up from cuddling with her and walked over to where I was. He started to massage my ass while I was being fucked. I really enjoyed that. He then poured lube all over my ass and down the crack of it. I tensed up and gasped as the cool lube dripped down my asshole and pussy. Roy started to massage the lube into my ass and tickle my asshole. That was driving me closer to orgasm.

Once my asshole relaxed, Roy slid a finger inside and started to finger-fuck my ass. I concentrated on the sensations and felt my asshole relax even more. Roy then slid two fingers deep into my ass and finger-fucked me. I was gasping with pleasure having both holes fucked at the same time. But I still wanted more. I told Roy to add more fingers. He then slid three fingers into my ass and started to finger-fuck it harder and harder. I started moaning out louder and louder. I could feel my body starting to tremble.

The guy that was fucking my pussy started fucking it harder and harder. Roy inserted a fourth finger into my ass and started to massage the area between my ass and pussy. It felt amazing. The two of them were bringing me to a full body orgasm. I felt the cock in my pussy start to throb. I moaned out even louder than before.

My body was trembling uncontrollably, and I was having a hard time keeping my body from collapsing. Two other guys saw what was happening and came over and held onto me so I could relax into the orgasm. The moment the guy started cumming, I went over the top and screamed out in ecstasy. My entire body was having a huge orgasm. I could feel the sweat dripping off my body. The orgasm was extremely intense.

Once the guy finished cumming, the two guys that were holding me up, lowered my body down onto the bench. They sat down on each side of me and gave me a gentle full body massage while Roy massaged my temples as I recovered from an amazing orgasm. I was a very happy and sexually fulfilled girl.

Later, after I recovered, Roy, Serenity and I went out to the main area and sat down at a table to have one final drink before we headed home. I asked Serenity what she thought of the glory hole room. She said it was exciting and that she loved it. I asked her how many cocks did she suck dry. She looked a little puzzled and said that she really did not know.

Roy spoke up and said that he kept count and that she got 15 guys off without blinking an eye. I looked at Serenity with a big smile and said, “You little slut! When do you want to try for 20?” She looked a little embarrassed, so I slid my chair over beside hers and gave her a big hug and kiss. I then said, “Now I know why we get along so good. Maybe next time, we can have a contest and see who can get off the most guys in let’s say one hour.” She took a deep breath and said, “Game on bitch!”