“The Seduction of Randy” starts off with Danielle and Roy relaxing in their apartment complex’s courtyard. Danielle sees and starts flirting with one of her neighbors that she is sexually attracted to and decides that she wants to seduce him.

After a little flirting and casual talk, she suggests that the three of them get together that night for a few drinks. They decide to meet at Randy’s apartment later that night.

Danielle puts on a sexy outfit, and they go over to Randy’s. Danielle knows that Randy has a stripper pole in his apartment and planned to use it when she starts to seduce him.

I’ll give you a hint about the outcome. Danielle makes Randy extremely nervous with her sexual advances. You will have to read her story to find out what happens. Just click the link below to read her entire sex story about the seduction of her neighbor.

The Seduction of Randy