I received a call from Gavin, one of the guys we met at the sex club we joined recently. He told me that he was having a private sex party at his ocean front estate. He wanted to know if Roy and I would like to attend. I asked him if it was going to have a theme.

He said the theme was sex slaves. That intrigued me a lot. I have a girlfriend that was a sex slave at a party and said she loved it. She told me that it was something I had to do one day. She had told me that the sex was some of the most intense and pleasurable she has ever had.

I told Gavin that we would love to come to the party. I then asked him if he still needed any sex slaves for the party. He told me that the party was going to only have two female sex slaves and that one sex slave position was already taken. He asked me if I would be interested in being the second sex slave?

I told him that I was interested in the experience but was nervous about it. Gavin asked me what made me nervous about it. I told him that I did have some limits that I was afraid may be crossed.

He told me that the guests are not allowed to inflict pain on a sex slave beyond a smack on the ass without the sex slave asking first. I told him that helped me to be a little less nervous. I then agreed to be the second sex slave at the party. He said that was wonderful and that the guests would love me.

I asked Gavin if I needed to wear anything special. He told me to just dress sexy and he would provide what I was needed to wear while being a sex slave. I then told him that we would see him there and I was looking forward to the experience.

Once I hung up the phone, I went to find Roy. Once I found him, I said, “Roy, we are going to Gavin’s sex party next Saturday night and I am going to be a sex slave.” Roy gave me a puzzled look, like he was not sure if he had heard me correctly. I knew what he was thinking, and I replied, “Yes, I am going to be a sex slave.” Roy still looked a little puzzled but said that the party sounded interesting, and he was looking forward to the party and watching me be a sex slave.

When Saturday rolled around, we got dressed for the party. I put on a little red sexy dress and heals. Roy put on some nice jeans, shirt and sports jacket. We headed out to the party. Roy asked me if I was nervous about being a sex slave at a sex party. I told him I was extremely nervous but excited about it.

He handed me the pipe and said to smoke a little herb to calm myself down before I exploded. I took two nice hits off of the pipe and that relaxed me a lot. I was feeling slightly euphoric when we arrived at the party. I was pretty much a happy girl.

We went inside and Gavin greeted us. He looked very hot tonight. I gave him a big hug and kiss and asked him what I was supposed to do. He told me that the two of us should just walk around and mingle with the guests for a while. He also said that he would come get me when it was time to transform into a sex slave. He grabbed my ass and said, “Now, go mingle, sexy.”

Roy and I walked around and got to know the guests at the party. A few we already knew from the sex club. But most we had never met before. There seemed to be a few more men than women. I liked that, it made us girls, much more in demand. I always enjoyed the flirting of multiple guys trying to win my attention. It makes me feel very desirable.

Roy and I had a drink and met all of the party guests. It seemed that Gavin invited a lot of nice people. I did not meet anyone that I did not like. That made me a little less nervous about agreeing to be a sex slave at the party.

Someone came up and tapped me on the shoulder from behind. I turned around to see who it was, and it was Gavin. He said, “Ready?” He did not wait for my response, he took my hand and led me down a hall to one of the bedrooms. There was another girl in the room. He introduced me to Vanessa. Gavin said that she had volunteered to be the other sex slave tonight. He told us both that we should change into the outfits that were laying on the bed for us to wear. He said, her would return in a little bit to take us out to the party to make our debut.

Vanessa and I got to know each other a little bit while we changed into our outfits. I was actually getting some strong tingles just talking to her and looking at her body. She was very hot, and I wanted to toss her down on the bed and have my way with her right now. But I knew that would have to wait. Vanessa said, “Danielle, are you as nervous as I am?” I told her that I was. We chatted a bit more as we finished getting changed.

All we had on was a black garter belt, black fishnet stockings, stiletto heels and a leather collar with a ring hanging from it. She looked me up and down while biting her lower lip just a bit. I gave her a big hug and asked her if she was excited. She said she was. I did let my hand slide down to her firm ass. Well, she actually did the same to me. I think I need to introduce her to Roy before the party ends. I think he would like her. I know I do.

Gavin returned to the room and said that we both look gorgeous. He explained that as long as we were wearing the collars, we would be considered sex slaves. If at any time, we needed a break or wanted to quit, to just take off the collars. We would then be considered as just party guests. That actually made both of us a lot less nervous.

He then clipped a leash to the rings on our collars and said to follow him. He walked us around the party letting the guests know that the two of us were here to serve and service them. This felt a little strange and a tiny bit embarrassing. But it was turning me on. After he led us around to all the guests, he took off the leashes told the two of us to walk around the party and make or get drinks for anyone that needed one.

Vanessa and I went in different directions to see if anyone needed a drink. I could see each time I walked into a room I was being checked out by everyone. It felt strange being the only one that was almost nude. But the looks of lust I was getting from the guests was driving my sexual desire higher. I was actually thinking how great it would feel if someone just grabbed me, pressed me against the wall and fucked me. OK, I was making myself very horny.

When I went into the living room, a guy sitting on the couch told me to come over. He told me to stand in front of him between his legs and turn around in a circle very slowly. Once I finished the turn and was facing him again, I noticed he had pulled his cock out and was stroking it. I was expecting him to tell me to suck on it. But, instead, he told me to lay down on the floor and spread my legs wide so he could see my pussy as he masturbated.

I laid down on the floor and spread my legs. I watched him stroke his cock. I was wanting him to fuck me. He then told me to play with myself while he watched. When I touched my pussy, I could feel that my clit was already very swollen and that I was very wet already. I played with myself for a few minutes and started to moan. He then told me that was enough and to stop playing with myself and just watch him.

This was driving my sexual desire higher. I really wanted to be fucked. In fact, I wanted to be fucked hard. I just laid there breathing a little heavily watching him and wanting him inside me.

He then put his cock back in his pants and told me that I could get up and wait on the other guests. Once I was standing, he told me how he was imagining fucking me. That drove me a little crazy. I kept thinking, why did you just not have your way with me?

I walked around a little more and got a few guests fresh drinks. When I went into another room, a girl was straddling a guy that was sitting in a chair and riding his cock. I could hear her moaning in ecstasy. At that moment, I wanted to be her. I wanted to be the one feeling his cock inside me.

He motioned me over to them and told me to play with his balls while he was fucking her. I got down on my knees between his legs and began to play. He started to moan a little. He told me to finger her ass while I was playing with his balls. I grabbed the lube that was sitting on the side table and applied some to my fingers. I then started to draw little circles around her ass very gently. That seemed to drive her crazy. I wanted to be her even more.

Once I felt her asshole relax, I slid one of my fingers inside her. She moaned even louder and said, “More!” I then slid a second finger inside her ass and started to finger fuck her. Her moans got louder and louder. So did his.

I could feel my own juices flowing a little down my thigh. I wanted to be fucked soon, before I went crazy from pure sexual desire. I could feel his balls starting to pull up. I knew he was about to cum. A moment later both of them orgasmed. I felt his cum oozing out of her pussy and down onto my hand that was cupping his balls. Once they had finished, I licked some of his cum off of my hand so I could at least taste both of them. My desire for sex grew much stronger. The tingles in my lower parts were getting almost unbearable. I needed to release all this sexual tension soon.

I stood back up and started walking around the party again. This time I felt more like a huntress looking for her prey. I wanted to find someone to fuck me. In fact, I wanted to find several people to fuck me hard. The only thing on my mind was to be sexually pleasured.

When I went into the next room, I saw Vanessa. She smiled at me, and I smiled back. I heard a girl call me over. She also called Vanessa over. She told us both that she wanted us to dance very seductively with each other. A slow song was playing so we wrapped our arms around each other and started to sway with the music.

I moved my hands down to her ass and grabbed both butt cheeks, squeezed them, and spread them apart. I started to kiss her very passionately. She slid one of her hands down to my pussy and started to play with me. This was driving me mad. I wanted to drop to the floor and have sex with her right now. But we could only do what the guests tell us. So, for now, I could just imagine it.

I moved one of my hands around to her pussy and slide two fingers up inside her. She was very wet. She moaned when I did this. I pulled my fingers back out of her and tasted her juices. She tasted very good. I wanted to eat her so bad.

A few minutes later, the girls that told us to dance, said that was enough for now and to go see if any other guests needed our services.

I was at my last straw. If I was not fucked soon, I was going to go to the bathroom and do it myself. Or grab a guy and manhandle him! I was feeling like my animal brain was taking over and driving me to have as much raw sex as I could.

I felt someone tap me on my shoulder again from behind. I turned around fast like I was about to pounce on my prey. I even grunted as I turned around. It was Gavin. He clipped the leash back on my collar and told me to come with him. He led me down the hall to one of the larger bedrooms.

When we went inside the room, I could see it was an orgy room. Many of the guests were already having wild sex with each other. I felt my juices starting to drip down my leg again. I wanted to be in the middle of all that sex. I walked towards the bed but then felt the tension of the leash. I could not reach the bed I so desperately wanted to be in.

Gavin pulled me back to him and kissed me and fingered me a little. That felt extremely good. I started to moan loudly. Gavin then told me that he felt I was ready and unclipped the leash from my collar. I darted for the bed and climbed in the middle of all the nude bodies. I was definitely ready to be fucked. In fact, I was ready to be fucked over and over by everyone. My sexual desires were extremely high that I did not care who fucked me or how they fucked me. The only thing on my mind was to be pleasured and to feel the sexual release from orgasm.

One of the girls started to kiss me. A moment later I felt a cock sliding into my pussy. Finally, I was being pleasured. The girl continued to kiss me and play with my boobs while the guy was fucking me hard. I felt an orgasm coming on and felt myself getting extremely wet. When the orgasm finally happened, I screamed out, as I did the girl moved down and started to suck on my nipples. My body started to tremble when I felt his cock start to throb deep inside me. When he came, it felt wonderful. I felt my pussy tighten up around his cock and start to milk every last drop of cum out of him.

When he pulled out and rolled over, I felt someone start to eat me. I looked down and it was a different girl. She was driving me towards another orgasm. She then moved up my body giving it kisses and licks as she did. When she reached my face, she started to kiss me. I could taste the guys cum that just fucked me. What the two of us were doing felt very animalistic. I loved it.

I felt someone else down between my legs. Moments later I felt a cock sliding deep inside me. He was a little large, but I wanted even more. He felt great inside me. I started to moan again. He then wrapped his arms around me and rolled over, so I was now on top. I started to ride his cock while I was digging my nails into his chest. I tossed my hair back and looked up towards the ceiling. I wanted to cum again.

I felt someone rubbing my back and caressing my ass. I then felt them apply lube to my ass. They bent me over a little and I felt him take me anally. I now had two cocks double penetrating me and it was feeling good. At times the guys would be in-sync with their pumping and at other times they would be out of sync. The sensations were driving me wild with passion.

I felt both of the guy’s cocks starting to throb. They were both beginning to moan loudly. This drove me to orgasm again. This time my entire body was shaking, and I felt like I was leaving my body. This orgasm was extremely intense and euphoric. I was finally getting the sexual tension release I so desperately wanted. I did not want the feeling to end.

When I felt both guys cumming, I could feel my lady parts tensing up to draw their cum deeper inside me. The feeling was so intense, I almost passed out. I finally collapsed onto the guy below me. I could still feel his cock inside me. It was still throbbing from time to time. Each time it did, it caused me to tense my body in pure pleasure.

I rolled off of him and laid there to recover. I felt hands all over my body just caressing me. It felt amazing. I was loving the attention. I still felt half in my body and half out watching what was happening.

A few more guys did fuck me while I was laying there. Each one was very gentle and fucked me slowly. I did not cum anymore, but the feeling of them gently fucking me while I recovered felt very good.

Once everyone had left the orgy room, I noticed that Vanessa was lying near the foot of the bed. I crawled down to check on her, she had a huge grin on her face. So I knew that she also had a great time.

I cuddled up to her and drifted off to sleep holding her. The next day, Roy and Gavin came into the room to wake us. They asked us if we enjoyed being sex slaves. We both just smiled and said that we wanted to do it again.

On our drive home, I tried to explain to Roy how I felt having such a strong sexual desire that had to be filled, no matter what. But the feelings were so strong and overwhelming, it was hard to explain. I relived the experience over and over in my mind.

I then realized that something deep inside me was waking up. It had an extremely strong sex drive that had to be filled to keep me sane. I was a little scared of these new feelings, but also was excited about them. What I did know was that I wanted to be sexually pleasured in new and different ways. I craved the feeling of sexual pleasure. It was like I was finally letting my sexual being out to play. Maybe it was her turn to lead and take me along for the ride?