Roy and I went to a swingers party where they had nude buffet tables. I loved it and the idea of being one intrigued me. So, I told Gavin to let me know the next time he had a party and that I would like to be a nude buffet table.

Well, he called today and said that he was going to be throwing a swingers party in two weeks. He wanted to know if I was still interested in being a super sexy nude buffet table. I told him that I was still interested and to count me in.

After I hung up the phone with Gavin, I went and found Roy to let him know about the party and to make sure he had not already made plans for that night. He said that he would love to watch me being a buffet table and that he had not planned anything yet for that night. Roy then said, “It’s a date.”

I was getting excited about the party and also getting a little nervous about being on display at the party. The nervousness was actually a little exciting in itself. Just thinking about it gave me little tingles down below.

The big day finally came, and I was having a hard time deciding what to wear. Roy just looked at me and asked, “You do remember the word nude in nude buffet table, don’t you?” He then continued and said, “Why don’t you just wear a sexy robe with nothing under it?” I thought about it for a minute and figured, why not? I do look good in a tiny red silk robe.

I did my hair and makeup and shaved very well down below since every inch of me is going to be on display for all to see. I slipped on my little red robe and put on some sexy heels. Roy dressed up in dress pants, a slim fit shirt and a tie. He looked very good.

Then it dawned on us both at the same time. We were taking a ride share to the party. Hmmm… I’m in this tiny robe where most of the time my butt hangs out. How do I get in the ride share, and what will the driver think?

We decided to just act like everything was normal. We walked out to the waiting car and Roy opened the back door for me. I slid in the best I could while holding the robe closed. I just smiled and said hi to the driver. Roy climbed in after me and closed the door.

The driver did not say anything but kept looking in the mirror back at us. I could tell he was a little confused. He asked us if the temperature was OK and headed for the party. All along the trip, I caught him looking in the mirror at me. When he did, I just smiled, and he quickly looked away.

When we got to the party, Roy got out and helped me out of the back seat. We told the driver thank you for the ride. As I walked away from the car towards the front door of the house, I felt like I was being watched. So, I quickly turned around and opened my robe wide and smiled.

The driver was staring at me and when I flashed him, he turned very red and just smiled back. That was actually quite fun. I turned back around and let the robe slide off my back to my hands. I then let it fall to my side and held it in one hand as I walked the rest of the way to the front door. I figured, he had already seen my front side, why not the back side?

Gavin met us at the front door and was laughing about how I just totally embarrassed that driver. I gave him a big hug and kiss and we went into the house. I did put my robe back on for now.

I asked Gavin what I should do before the guests started to arrive to get ready. He told me to go take a quick rinse off shower and to meet him in the main sex playroom when I was done.

Once I finished my shower, I went to the main sex playroom to meet Gavin. Roy and Gavin were in there setting up the table that I was going to be displayed on. I was really getting nervous about doing this now. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down and to get out of my head. I really wanted to do this, I just needed to calm down.

I could hear that the party guests were starting to arrive. Gavin asked me if I was ready and asked me if I needed to go to the bathroom before I got on the table. I told him that I made sure of that already.

Roy and Gavin helped me up on the table. It had just enough padding on it to make it comfortable. The table was in the shape of a “Y.” My legs laid on the V part of the table. Roy and Gavin adjusted the table, so my legs were open nice and wide. For some reason the two of them doing that turned me on a bit.

Once I was situated and comfortable, Gavin and Roy started to place the food items all over my torso and legs. Some of them were a little chilly but quickly warmed up. Gavin went around to my head and spread my hair out on the table. He said he wanted to make me look extremely appetizing. I smiled at him and then both Roy and Gavin gave me a good luck kiss.

As Gavin and Roy where walking away, Gavin came back and said, “One more thing.” He then slid his fingers down the inside of my right thigh up to my pussy and then slid them across my clit. That turned me on big time. I then told him that I hated him. He laughed and told me to have a great time.

Once Roy and Gavin left the main sex room, I started to feel a little nervous again. I started to take a few slow deep breaths to calm back down. I then closed my eyes and just relaxed.

I could hear people starting to come in the room. I decided to keep my eyes closed for now to help me keep calm. It did not take long for people to start coming over to me and getting something off of my body to eat. It felt really strange feeling people picking things up off of me. But it felt very erotic at the same time.

Someone started to massage one of my feet. Not sure why, but I did not mind at all. It felt great. After they massaged one of them, they moved to the other one and massaged it. I kind of like this. It still felt very strange being on display like this. But it was making me a little horny.

I then heard Roy’s voice up by my head. He said, “Let me relax you a bit sexy.” He started to massage my temples. I smiled but kept my eyes closed. That was relaxing me a lot.

The guests had pretty much picked me clean. Gavin came in and told me that it was break time. He also said that we would set the table back up later tonight once all the action started. He helped me off the table and told me to go shower off and mingle and he would let me know when it was time to setup again.

I went and showered off and put on my little red robe. I went out and found Roy chatting with a new couple. I went over and joined him. He asked me if I was still nervous. I told him that I calmed down a lot but in the back of my mind, I was thinking that when we setup the nude buffet table later, that it was going to get intense.

Roy and I mingled with all the guests and several of them complimented me and told me that I made a really sexy buffet table. I think I blushed a time or two but was loving the compliments.

Later that night once the sex rooms were in full swing, Gavin came and told me it was time to set things up again. I went with him back to the main sex room and he helped me up on the table. Roy joined us with the new couple we talked to earlier, and they all placed food items all over me. Roy gave my temples another rub to help me relax so I could enjoy what was to come. I closed my eyes again and relaxed the best I could.

I could hear the sounds of people having sex in the room and it got me tingling again. I then felt someone taking some food off of my upper thigh. I then felt them brush their hand up my pussy very lightly. I tensed up and gasped a little. Apparently, I was a little beyond just feeling a tingle. I wanted them to continue, but they only did it once.

I felt someone taking a snack off of my boob and rub it gently down the center of my body to the mound of my pussy. I gasped a little again. They started to suck on one of my nipples very gently. I could feel long hair brushing across my arm and neck. I figured it was a girl. While they were nibbling a bit on my boob, they ran their fingers up and down the center of my body, occasionally down across my clit. Oh, was that making me horny.

I felt someone else caressing the insides of my thighs. I could feel their fingernails gliding across my skin. It was sending tingles throughout my body. I decided it was time to open my eyes.

When I opened them, I could see it was two girls playing with me. I smiled at both of them. They continued doing this for several minutes. It was starting to drive me a little sex crazy. One of them said that they had to allow others a chance to enjoy the buffet and that they would be back. I really wanted them to stay and continue what they were doing to me. One of them bent over and kissed me and then told me that I made her very horny.

A few minutes later a hot guy walked up between my legs and said, “May I?” I thought he was talking about taking some food off of me. I said, “Of course, that’s what I’m here for.” He smiled and bent over and started to eat my pussy. OK, did I assume wrong. But damn he was good. I started moaning and breathing heavy within seconds. I had to grip the sides of the table it felt so good! I really wanted to pull my legs up to give him better access. But I knew I couldn’t with the food still on my legs.

A couple came over and started to eat off of me while he was eating me. This was feeling a little overwhelming now. But I was loving it. I wanted to orgasm but knew if I let myself, I would knock the remaining food off of my body. So, I had to just let the sexual tension build up inside of me.

The couple started to play with my boobs and rub my stomach. The guy bent over and kissed me for a minute and then moved down to sucking on one of my nipples. The girl started to suck on the other one and gently massage the mound of my pussy while the guy between my legs was circling my clit with his tongue. I was not sure how much more I could take before I had to be fucked! The sensations were driving me crazy.

The two girls that were pleasuring me earlier came back over to the table. This time they were both nude. I was very sexually attracted to both of them. They ate the last few pieces of food off of me and then started to lick my body all over. Feeling their hair drag along my skin was almost more than I could take. I was so overwhelmed with all the sensations I was feeling all over my body, I felt for a moment I was going to pass out.

I could not take it anymore; I pulled my legs up all the way to my chest and spread them as wide as I could. The guy between my legs started to dart his tongue in and out of my pussy. The girl that was massaging my mound slid her hand down a little further and started to play with my clit. I was approaching orgasm very fast. I was moaning very loud, and my body was shaking.

The two girls that were nude showed me that they each had a bottle of edible massage oil and grinned. They started to drip it down the center of my chest, all the way down to my pussy. They rubbed it in making sure they massaged every inch of my upper body. The two of them then moved to massaging my legs that I had pulled up. I was quickly feeling another orgasm starting to surface.

When they poured the massage oil between my legs and down my upper thighs, I could feel it running down my ass. That drove me wild. I reached down and spread my ass cheeks open. One of the girls noticed what I had done and started to play with my ass. She tickled it and slid it in just a little. I wanted it all the way in. I moaned out and yelled, “Somebody fuck me!” She slid her finger deep inside my ass. I moaned out!

The guy that was eating me stood up and I felt a little pressure on my pussy. He was sliding his cock inside my pussy. I gasped as he slid it all the way in. He was a little on the large side, but I was so horny and turned on, it felt wonderful. He started to fuck me while the girl was fucking my ass with her fingers. I could tell she had several fingers inside me from the wonderful stretching sensation I was feeling.

She started to play with his cock from inside my ass. That drove me to the edge and my entire body started to shake. I could not hold my legs up anymore; they were shaking so much. Two other guys that were watching, came over and held my legs wide open for me. I was now able to relax and let the orgasm flow throughout my body.

I know I had everyone looking at me that was in the room because I was screaming so loud in pure ecstasy. He started to fuck me harder and harder. The couple was still sucking on my nipples and caressing my body. Roy came up behind my head and started to caress my face. He smiled at me and told me that he was enjoying watching me have this much pleasure. I whispered to him, “I don’t know if I can handle this much. But I’m sure going to try.” He then said, “I’m here for you. Just relax and enjoy.”

I smiled at Roy and then concentrated on the sensations I was feeling. Both my pussy and ass felt extremely full. The sensations of them going in and out of me caused mini orgasms to flow through my body. I could swear I left my body several times and was watching me from above. I lost count of how many orgasms I actually had. I did not care at all at this point. I was close to being sexually spent. My body was totally worn out.

They all continued to pleasure me for several more minutes. I could feel the guy that was fucking me starting to throb. He was moaning very loudly. He gasped and pulled out of me and shot warm cum all over my upper body. I loved the feeling on my body. The two nude girls started to rub it in to my skin. One took a little of his cum on the tip of her finger and rubbed it into my lips so I could taste him. She then bent over and kissed me.

Everyone continued for several more minutes giving me a full body massage. My body was so limp, I could not get up even if I wanted. I was exhausted and spent. Gavin came over and placed a sheet across my body and whispered in my ear to just relax. He also told me that I was glowing. Roy was still at my head and massaged my temples for several more minutes as I laid there on the table recovering.

I could still hear people having sex all around me. I wanted more, but my body could not handle it. It took a long time for the aftershocks to stop. They felt so, so good. I was so glad I decided to have this sexual experience. It’s something I will remember forever.