Roy, Jessica and I were trying to decide what we wanted to do special for Jeffrey while he is in town for a few days next week. We have not seen him for about five or six months, so I was looking forward to seeing him, even if it was just for a few days.

We wanted it to be special for him since we don’t get to see him as often as we want. Especially me. While we were tossing out ideas, Jessica tossed out the idea of renting a party bus. That got my attention, and it sounded fun. The three of us talked about the idea and decided that is what we were going to do. Rent a party bus for the four of us.

Since it was Jessica’s idea, we put her in charge of finding and renting the perfect party bus for Jeffrey’s visit. She said she would find the perfect bus and get it rented for Friday night. She also had the great idea that we should pick up Jeffrey from the airport in the bus. His plane was scheduled to land at 9 PM. Seeing the look on his face when the three of us pick him up should be priceless.

It was finally Friday and Jessica and I got dressed up super sexy, and to be honest, very slutty. We did it all, including our hair and makeup. Roy took one look at the two of us and just smiled and shook his head. He asked Jessica when the bus was supposed to be here. She told him that it was already outside and ready to go.

Roy grabbed our butts and said, “Let’s go pick up Jeffrey, my two little sexy porn stars.” The three of us headed outside to the waiting bus. The driver was standing by the door waiting to greet us. I was a little surprised to see the driver was female. A damn hot one no less. I actually got a little tingle just looking at her. She was pretty much dressed as slutty as Jessica and me.

Once we got on the bus, she gave us a quick tour and showed us all the features of the party bus. Jessica did very well. This bus looked basically like a rolling strip club, swingers club, combination. It even had three stripper poles. It also had a very cool light system and sound system. The sexy driver then showed us the two fully stocked bars the bus had. OK, Jessica did really good.

Roy told the driver that we needed to pick up the party guest of honor at the airport. He gave her the airline name and gate number and we headed off to surprise Jeffrey. When we pulled up to the pickup zone, Jessica and I decided to go in and meet him at the baggage claim. The way the two of us were dressed, it should get his attention as well as everyone else’s. This should be fun.

The two of us got a lot of attention walking through the airport to the baggage claim area. Jessica kept trying to pull up the back of my skirt as we walked. I kept having to pull it back down and threaten to spank her. But she would actually like that. When we got to the baggage claim area, we looked around to see if Jeffrey was there. We did not see him yet.

I finally spotted him walking towards the baggage claim and pointed him out to Jessica. We both took off running towards him screaming his name. When he finally saw the two of us, he looked like he was about to take off running from us, but we caught him. I gave him a big hug and kiss and told him how glad I was to see him. Jessica smacked me on the ass and said, “Are you going to hog him all for yourself? Or are you going to share?” I told her that he was all mine, and I was not going to share!

I gave Jessica a little smirk and then told her that she could give him a quick hug. She jumped up on Jeffrey and wrapped her legs around him and started to kiss him like she was trying to suck his face off. I lifted the back of her skirt up and smacked her on the ass. I’m sure everyone in the baggage claim area enjoyed the view. Jessica does have a nice firm sexy ass.

Once I pried Jessica off of him, we walked him over to the baggage carousel so he could grab his bag. Once he found it, the three of us headed out to the party bus. Jeffrey still did not have a clue what we were picking him up in.

When we got to the bus, Roy stuck his head out one of the windows and said, “I hope they didn’t embarrass you too much in there. Jessica and I just gave Roy a “We’ll deal with you later look.” Jeffrey laughed and the three of us got on the bus. Jeffrey said, “Now this was not expected.” I told him that we were going to drive around town and have our own little party. He said he loved the idea.

Roy told the driver to head back to town and just drive around all the nightclub districts. The four of us made some drinks and sat down. I sat down on Jeffrey’s lap and told him how good it was to see him. We all started talking and catching up with Jeffrey.

The driver took us down the beach first. It looked like all the bars were in full swing. Lots of people having a good time. I reached over and lowered one of the bus windows so I could wave at people that were waving and hollering at the bus.

We got a little bit further down the beach when I heard the crowd hooting and hollering very loudly. I looked out the window and could see that all the noise was aimed at us. It did not take me long to figure out what was going on. I looked down the bus and saw Jessica had pulled her skirt up and stuck her ass out one of the windows. She was smiling and giggling when she saw me looking at her.

She tried to get me to do it to. I told her that I would need another drink or two before I did anything like that. She then hollered, “Roy, make your woman a drink! It’s party time!” Roy laughed and got up and made me a drink and brought it over to me. Jessica got out of the window and came over and stat down beside me and Jeffrey. You could hear the crowd yelling for her to come back.

Jeffrey looked up and down the bus and said, “This bus looks huge with just the four of us in it. I think we need more people to get this party going.” Roy agreed with him and said that we should find some others to join us. Jeffrey rolled me out of his lap onto the couch. Hmm… I’m going to have to make him pay for that later.

Jeffrey and Roy stood up and started looking out the window at the groups of people walking down the sidewalk. They started flirting with each group of girls they saw. Roy asked Jessica to go have the driver stop for a minute. Once the bus stopped, Roy and Jeffrey waited for the group of girls they had been flirting with to catch up to the bus.

When the girls got alongside the bus, Roy and Jeffrey laid it on thick. Jessica and I stuck our heads out the window and started to talk to them also. They were all hot and dressed very sexy. You could tell they were out on the town looking for fun.

Roy then shocked me a bit. He flat out asked the girls if any of them were bi. They all giggled a little and looked at each other. Suddenly, they kissed each other and looked back at Roy. One of them said, “Does that answer your question?”

Jessica had a big smile on her face and said, “Do you girls want to party with us?” They did not hesitate even a second before they all said they would love to. Jessica walked up to the front of the bus and had the driver open the door to let them in.

When they got back to where the rest of us were sitting, we all introduced ourselves to each other. Their names were Taylor, Lexi, Kali, and Brenna. Roy got up and made each of the girls a drink and told them to make themselves at home and to feel free to partake of the bar whenever they wanted.

The four of them sat down with us and we all started to get to know each other. It turned out that Kali was a stripper at one of the high dollar strip clubs. We also found out that Lexi was a member at the underground sex club Roy and I belong to. I told her I was surprised that I had not noticed her there because I would never miss those boobs of hers.

Lexi then pulled the top of her dress down and told me to get a closer look at them so I would not miss her the next time we are all at the sex club. Of course, I got up and walked over to her and played with them a little. I told her that I just wanted to make sure I would never forget them. I winked at her and gave her a little kiss on the cheek. She quickly turned her head towards me and kissed me on the lips. She then smiled and winked back at me. I think I’m gonna like Lexi.

After we all had another drink, and got to know each other better, Kali noticed the stripper pole. She got up and started dancing very seductively on the pole. I looked at Roy and Jeffrey and they were both enjoying the show. In fact, everyone was, including me. Kali knew exactly how to move to get everyone tingling.

I got up and walked over to where Jeffrey was sitting and sat down beside him. I placed my hand on his thigh and started to caress it while he was watching Lexi dance. I let my hand slide up to his cock every now and then. It was fun feeling him tense up a little each time I did that.

I motioned for Jessica to come over. When she did, I whispered in her ear that I was starting to get very horny, and we needed to somehow turn this party into a sex party. She smiled and whispered back, that she was horny too and it sounded like a great idea. Jessica then sat down on the other side of Jeffrey and started to caress his other thigh. I could see that Jeffrey was getting all hot and bothered.

Jessica and I leaned over Jeffrey so we could chat about how we could make things happen. Jeffrey tried to interject his thoughts but both of us told him to hush and that we were planning this out. Jessica and I quickly agreed that we need a few more people to join the party.

I went over and told Roy our idea and for him to just sit back and have a good time. He pointed at Lexi and said, he already was. I then said, “Jessica and I are going to get some more people to join us. Then we will get everyone naked and really get the party going.”

When the driver reached the next entertainment area, Jessica and I stuck our heads out the window and started looking for people that looked like they knew how to party. OK, we were looking for people we would love to fuck. After all, we were trying to get a sex party going.

We spotted another group of four girls that were extremely sexy looking and were flirting with two guys. The guys looked pretty hot too. I yelled to the driver to stop for a second. We decided to start flirting and making cat calls at them. We had no problem getting their attention. Once we did, Jessica and I quickly turned around and stuck our butts out the window. They started making cat calls back at us.

We started to draw way too much attention, so we turned back around and started to flirt with them again. We asked them where they were headed. They said they were bar hopping trying to find a good party. I said, “Well, you could join our party on the bus, if you want to.” They looked at each other and then said that it sounded like fun.

I told them to go to the door up front and I would get the driver to let them in. Once they were on the bus, the driver continued on. Jessica and I chatted a bit with our new guests and introduced ourselves. We then led them back to where everyone else was seated and introduced them to everyone else.

The new additions to our soon to be sex party were Wes, Colin, Lexus, Hannah, Laurie, and Brandy. Let’s see. We now had four guys and ten girls. Jessica and I started thinking if we needed anymore guys or not. We decided that we needed two more guys. But they had to be super-hot looking.

Jessica and I kept watching out the window for hot guys and flirting with them. We finally found two that gave us both some major tingles. I hollered to the bus driver to pull over for a minute. We started heavily flirting with them. I asked them to open their shirts so we could check out their chests. They actually did and they both had hot bodies! Jessica meowed at them and asked them if they wanted to join our party on the bus. They both jumped at the chance.

Jessica and I met them at the bus door and introduced ourselves. They said their names were Sawyer and Reed. I told the bus driver thank you and that she could continue our journey. We escorted them back and introduced them to all of our party guests. We now had six guys and ten of us girls. Now, we had enough for a really good sex party.

Now all Jessica and I had to figure out was how to get everyone naked and having sex. We started brainstorming ideas. We decided to start off by the two of us dancing very seductively with each other on one of the stripper poles. But first, we both need one more drink before we really get this party going.

We went around and chatted with everyone, and of course, flirted with them. Roy and Jeffrey also spent time flirting with all of the girls. It seemed that everyone was getting along and hitting it off. I went and plugged in my phone to the sound system and put on one of my very seductive slow songs to strip by play lists.

I went over to the stripper pole and started to dance and flirt. When the second song started, Jessica came over and joined me dancing. We started seductively dancing with each other and running our hands all over each other’s bodies. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show we were putting on.

Jessica and I started kissing and nibbling on each other’s necks. That got them all hooting and hollering a bit. Jessica then unbuttoned my blouse and slid it off of me. She tossed it aside and started to suck on my nipples while we danced. I tossed my head back and let my long hair drape down to the small of my back.

Next, I removed Jessica’s top and started to play with her boobs by wrapping my arms around her while standing behind her. I massaged her boobs while dancing and nibbling on her neck. I then slid my hand down her stomach to just below her mini skirt. I then slid my hand back up under it and grasped her pussy. A few of the guys looked like they were starting to drool.

We then danced on the pole a little more and stripped down to just wearing our thongs and heels. I motioned to Kali to come join us. I figured since she was a stripper, she would be the easiest one to get to join us. She did not hesitate a bit and walked over to the pole and started to dance with the two of us.

As she stripped down to her thong and heels, Jessica and I caressed and kissed her body all over. I reached over and pulled her close to me and pressed our naked bodies against each other. I tilted her head back a little and kissed her. I heard a little more hooting and hollering from our guests. I whispered in Kali’s ear and told her of our plans to turn this into a sex party. She smiled big. She then whispered in my ear, “What can I do to help? Just let me know.”

OK, I know Roy and Jeffrey are willing, and we now have Kali willing. That makes five of us that are willing to take this party to a full-blown sex party. We are about a third of the way there. I decided to dance over to where Lexi was sitting. I figured she would probably go along with the sex party idea without even a second thought.

I climbed up and straddled her lap and gave her a very intimate lap dance. She started to run her hands all over my body. When she looked me in the eyes, I started kissing her very passionately. I then moaned in her ear and nibbled on her neck a little. I then whispered in her ear about what we were trying to do. She said that as horny as I just made her, we better turn this into a sex party.

I stood up and took Lexi’s hand and led her over to where Jessica and Kali were still dancing. When we got there, the three of us started dancing with her and slowly removing all of her clothes, except for her thong and heels. We now had four of us pretty much naked. The three of us started to caress Lexi’s body and fondle her pussy through her thong. I slid two fingers under her thong and felt how wet she was. I then placed those two fingers in my mouth so I could taste her. I loved her taste.

While the four of us danced, I started making as much eye contact with everyone else as I could. I noticed that Laurie was rubbing the inside of Brandy’s thigh and leaning into her. I smiled at her and blew her a kiss. She then slid her hand all the way up under Brandy’s dress and started to play with her pussy. Brandy looked a little nervous but did not stop her.

Now it was time to get Jeffrey and Roy in the game. I asked Lexi to help me seduce Jeffrey and asked Kali to help Jessica to seduce Roy. I told Lexi and Kali to not worry at all and do whatever they wanted to Jeffrey and Roy because there was no way either of them was going to object and to just follow our lead.

Lexi and I headed over to Jeffrey while Kali and Jessica headed over to Roy. Lexi and I sat down on each side of Jeffrey and leaned in close to him and started to rub our hands up and down Jeffrey’s thighs. He smiled at each of us and actually looked a little scared. I loved it. We then started to kiss up and down the sides of his neck. Kali moved her hand to his crotch and squeezed his cock gently. Jeffrey gasped and turned to me and started to kiss me.

I unbuttoned his shirt and started to caress his chest. I then moved down to his abs and caressed them. Jeffrey started to breathe deeply. I then reached down and unhooked his belt and unzipped his zipper. Lexi slid down onto the floor and we slid Jeffrey’s pants off. Lexi reached up and grabbed the sides of his underwear and pulled them down to his knees. She then slid them to his ankles and removed them completely.

I reached down and started to stroke his cock. Lexi started to lick the inside of his thighs and then started to lick his balls. Jeffrey got really hard and gasped several times. I pointed his cock towards Lexi, and she started to suck on his cock. I started to massage his inner thigh and kiss him. I could tell he was still a little nervous but loving our sexual attention.

I glanced over to where Roy was sitting, and Jessica and Kali already had Roy totally nude and both sucking his cock back and forth. Now, how do we get the others to join us? I looked over at Sawyer and Reed and motioned for the two of them to come over and join us. They got up and walked over. I then told them to get naked and help us remove our thongs. I don’t think I have seen two guys strip down that fast before.

Sawyer removed my thong and Reed removed Lexi’s. We both spread our legs open a little so they could play with us. Lexi and I were laying on our sides on the couch with our heads in Jeffrey’s lap taking turns sucking on his cock. We both had our legs spread so Sawyer and Reed could pleasure us. Sawyer was extremely talented with his tongue and lips. He made me start to moan very quickly.

I started to deep throat Jeffrey and moan even more. That seemed to send Jeffrey into the clouds. Lexi made Jeffrey slide down, so he was at the edge of the couch and started to lick his asshole while I was sucking his cock. He loved it and moaned out.

I glanced around the bus and noticed that Lexus and Hannah were both totally nude and dancing on one of the stripper poles with each other. I also saw that Taylor and Brenna were over taking the clothes off of Wes and Colin. Finally, we had a sex party going! I loved hearing all the moans. That was getting me very wet.

Reed had moved behind Lexi and was fucking her from behind while she was playing with Jeffrey’s ass. I asked Sawyer if he would grab my bag and pointed to where it was. He brought it over to me. I reached in and pulled out a small bottle of lube and handed it to him. He asked what it was for. I told him I would tell him shortly.

I straddled Jeffrey and slid his extremely hard cock inside my pussy. WOW, did it feel great. I started to ride it up and down. I was getting very excited and wanted more. I looked at Sawyer and told him to drip lube down my ass and massage my asshole. The lube trickling down my ass and across my asshole felt great. He started to tickle my asshole with his finger and then slid it slowly up my ass. I gasped and moaned out.

After a few minutes of riding Jeffrey’s cock and Sawyer finger fucking my ass, I told him I wanted him to fuck me in the ass. He moved around behind me and dripped more lube down the crack of my ass. He then slid his cock in me very slowly. Damn did that feel good.

After he was inside me, he started to pump his cock in and out. The fullness of his cock in my ass and Jeffrey’s in my pussy drove to orgasm. I started to shake and scream. I could hear Lexi moaning loudly and that sent me over the top. I had a full body orgasm that I had no control over. I trembled and almost blacked out it felt so good.

My entire body went limp, and I collapsed onto Jeffrey. Both of them continued to fuck me. I was in pure ecstasy. I started to have tiny orgasms one after the other. I could feel their cocks pulsating deep inside me. I was loving it. I did not want it to ever stop. It felt that good.

I could see in the windows reflection that Jessica was in Roy’s lap riding him hard and Kali was kissing him. I also saw that Lexus and Hannah had joined them and they were basically having a little orgy with Roy as the center of attention. I am sure he did not mind at all.

I then felt Jeffrey and Sawyer tensing up and throbbing inside me more than they were before. Both of them started to moan and they started to cum. The sensations I was feeling made my entire body to start orgasming again. I was cumming so hard, it made them both explode and shoot their warm cum inside me. I screamed out loud and this time I totally collapsed, and my body went completely limp. I was totally sexually spent. I felt wonderful and completely satisfied.

Both Jeffrey and Sawyer held me as we just laid there. Our breathing synced and I felt so comfortable resting between the two of them. It was almost like our bodies were one. As we laid there, I could still hear the moans of raw sex echoing in the bus. I hope Jeffrey enjoyed his first night of back with the three of us for a visit. And hopefully we all made some new friends with benefits.