Roy and I decided to head out to one of the local bars we like to go to, even though the forecast was for severe storms to be rolling in later tonight. We both had cabin fever and wanted to get out of the apartment.

We decided not to get dressed up since it was going to rain. I put on a short comfortable skirt, a cotton top and a pair of sneakers. Roy just put on some jeans and a t-shirt.

We checked the weather and saw that it was not going to start raining for about an hour, so we decided to walk to the bar. It’s not far. Just a 20 minute or so walk.

The walk to the bar was enjoyable and we got to see a free light show along the way. You could see lightning off in the distance and hear faint cracks of thunder.

When we got to the bar and went in, the place was empty except for the bartender. She’s a very cute blonde that stands about 5 foot 2 inches or so. She has a fantastic butt and nice boobs. Roy and I both have the hots for her.

We went over and sat down at the bar instead of a table like we usually do. We ordered some drinks and started talking with Sandy the bartender. She said that she did not expect a lot of people to be coming out tonight and was glad to see us so we could keep her company.

I don’t know how we got on the subject of swinger clubs, but she told us that she was trying to get the courage up to go to one. We told her that we would be happy to take her with us to one when she felt ready to go. She liked the idea and said she would not be as nervous going with us instead of going alone.

I told her that single females were in demand and treated really well at swingers clubs. Especially if they are bi. She smiled at me and said, “I thought I told you a long time ago that I am extremely bi.” That actually gave me a little tingle going down below. I smiled and told her that I was bi also. She smiled and winked at me. The three of us just chatted about all types of things, waiting to see if anyone was going to brave the weather and come out.

Shortly before the storms rolled in, two hot guys came in and walked over to the bar to order some drinks. I smiled at both of them and then made sure they saw me checking them out from head to toe. They both smiled back and they took their drinks over to one of the pool tables to play.

We continued to chat with Sandy. I was also checking out the guys by looking at them through the mirror behind the bar. One bent over to make a shot and, wow, did he have a nice butt.

Sandy looked at me and said, “Don’t bite that bottom lip off, girl.” I did not even realize I was biting my lip. She smiled at me and said, “He does have a nice butt.” Apparently, she was checking him out too.

The rain started to start. Roy went over to the front window of the bar to look. He came back and said, “Looks like it’s just the five of us tonight.” Sandy said that she really did not mind at all because it’s a nice break from the larger crowd that’s normally here.

She made herself a drink and came around on our side of the bar and sat down beside me. The three of us sat there and chatted. She started asking us some questions about what went on at swingers clubs and what she should expect when she goes to one for the first time with us.

After a little while, one of the guys came over to get two more beers. Sandy leaned over the bar to grab the beers out of the cooler. She was wearing very short shorts. Her butt cheeks were hanging out and the shorts had thonged a little. Her ass looked very tempting. I wanted to grab it while she was leaning over the bar with her butt in the air. I could see the guy was checking it out almost as much as I was. I smiled at him and pointed to her butt. He smiled back and looked a little embarrassed. He took the beers back over to his friend and continued to shoot pool.

I got up to go to the ladies room for a minute. When I came out and walked back over to the bar, I saw that Sandy had moved over to my seat and was sitting beside Roy chatting. I decided to sit down beside her, so she was in the middle between Roy and myself. Sandy said, “Oh, do you want your barstool back?” I told her no, and that this was better so the three of us could talk easier.

I started telling Sandy about some of the sexual adventures that Roy and I have had. She seemed very interested in hearing about more of them. Especially the ones that happened at swingers clubs.

While I was telling her about a threesome we had with another guy, I leaned over towards her and placed my hand on the top of her thigh. I wanted to see how she reacted. She did not even flinch a little. It seemed that she did not mind my hand being there.

After I finished telling her about the two-guy threesome I had, I took my hand off her thigh and picked up my drink to take a sip. I did not want to push things with her since we do come to this bar frequently.

I looked over at the front window of the bar and then looked back at her. I said, “The rain is coming down in buckets now. I guess we are going to be here for a while.” She said that she was enjoying our company and she had no plans to go out in the storm either.

We continued to talk about swinging and other sexual topics. She seemed very comfortable with the topics we were talking about. I then told her that I could tell her something sexual I did that would blow her mind. I felt her placing her hand on my thigh and squeezing it a bit when she said, “You got to tell me!”

I looked at her and said, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She said, “Spill it, Danielle.”

I spread my legs open a little and looked her right in the eyes. I then said, “A few months ago, I seduced a guy that was playing pool here, and then took him outside behind the bar and had sex with him.”

Her jaw hit the floor. She stuttered a little and said, “Really?” I told her if she did not believe me to ask Roy. She turned to Roy and asked if I was playing with her or telling the truth. Roy told her that I was telling the truth and that he watched from a distance to make sure I was safe. She said, “OK, my mind is totally blown.”

She continued and said, “I wish I had that type of courage.” I told her to stick with us and we would help her to get the courage to have all types of sexual adventures. She leaned over and gave me a big kiss on the lips and then turned to Roy and gave him a big kiss too. She then said, “Deal! You two better not be fucking with me.” I assured her that we were not and that we would help her find the courage to be a sexual demon. We will call you our little succubus.

Sandy said that she wanted to hear all the details about how I seduced the guy and about the sex we had out back. I told her all the details about the sexual encounter. I could tell by just looking at her that it was turning her on.

After a little more sex talk, I could feel her leg pressing against mine. I looked down and saw that she had spread her legs open and had her other leg touching Roy’s leg. Roy and I both placed and hand on her bare thighs and started to caress the tops of them while the three of us talked.

I started telling her about how I seduced two guys by sexually flirting with them while they played pool with me. I slid my hand down to the inside of her thigh and started stroking it. I looked at Roy and winked at him. He moved his hand down to the inside of her other thigh and started to move it gently from just above her knee to an inch from her pussy.

She surprised me and spread her legs open wider and actually put her leg up over Roy’s. I slid my hand up her thigh and started to lightly caress her pussy through her shorts. I could see that she was starting to breathe deeply.

I looked at her and asked her if what the two of us were doing was OK. She smiled nervously and said, “Yes.” Roy slid one finger up inside her shorts and started to play a little with her clit. You could see she was doing her best not to moan out loud.

I looked at Roy and said, “Maybe it’s time for her first sexual adventure. What do you think?” He replied, “Only if she feels ready.” Sandy very nervously replied, “What do you two have in mind?”

I looked at her and said, “Why don’t the two of us seduce the two hot guys that are playing pool and the five of us have a little sex party right here in the bar?” She was actually shaking a bit and said, “I’m scared to death. You are going to have to help me.” I said, “Both of us already promised to help you have some sexual adventures.” I continued to tell her how the storm has set in for the night and that I had an idea. She said, “What’s your idea?”

Why don’t you announce that you are going to lock the front door so you don’t have to keep an eye on it and that the five of us can just have a private storm party. She went over to the two guys to tell them what she was going to do and asked them if they wanted to stay. They both told her yes and that they would love to stay.

Sandy walked over to the front door and locked it. She dimmed the lights just a little, so it looked like the bar was closed if someone did drive by.

When she came back over to the bar, I told her that the three of us should get more drinks and go over to a table by the pool table where the guys were playing.

She made herself and me a mixed drink and grabbed three beers for the guys. I helped her carry the drinks over to the table by the pool table. I announced that it was party time and sat the drinks down on the table that I was carrying. The two guys said thank you. Sandy, Roy, and I introduced ourselves to the two guys playing pool. They told us that their names were Brad and Jay.

The three of us sat down at the table and made sure that Sandy was between us so we could help calm her nerves and help her have her first sexual adventure. Boy, was she nervous.

We chatted with Brad and Jay while they played pool. After they finished the game, I asked them if they would like to play doubles with Sandy and I. They said they would like to and that we could break first. Brad racked the balls on the table while Sandy and I went over to the pool rack and picked out two pool cues.

I said, “Why don’t we all get a new round of drinks before we start?” I asked Roy to help Sandy get the drinks and bring them back to the table.

As they walked to the bar, I looked at Brad and Jay and said, “WOW, Sandy has a nice ass. I would love to tear it up.” Both Brad and Jay looked a little shocked about what I said. I continued and said, “What do you two think of her?” They both said they felt she was hot as hell.

Roy and Sandy returned to the table with the drinks. I said, “Sandy, why don’t you break.” I whispered to Brad and Jay to follow me. We moved around to the end of the table where Sandy was going to take her shot.

When she bent over to take the shot, the three of us got a great view of her nice firm ass. I whispered to the guys, “You’re welcome.” And then smiled at them.

When it was the guys turn to shoot, I told Sandy to watch me. I went around to the pocket Jay was aiming for and right when he was getting ready to shoot, I turned around and bent over like I was picking something up off the floor. I heard the sound of a miss cue. Mission accomplished.

When it was my turn to take a shot. The guys were on the wrong side of the table for what I had planned. So, I walked around the table like I was picking my shot and bent way over each time like I was checking the angles. Roy said, “You better watch her, she cheats!” I reached over and poked him with the pool cue and said, “Me cheat? Never.”

Once I decided on the shot I was going to take, I asked Brad if he could help me line the shot up. He came over and when he bent over me to help, I pushed my butt back into his crotch and asked him if he thought this would be a good shot to take. He stumbled on his words a little and said that it was a good shot to take. I said, “Let’s see if we can get it in the hole with a nice slow and long stroke.” I actually heard him swallow hard.

After I took my shot, I walked over to Sandy and said, “Your turn to shake up the guys.” She smiled and walked over to the pocket that Brad was aiming for. She stood there stroking her pool cue like it was a giant cock. I thought, now she is getting the idea. Then she did something unexpected. She laid her pool cue against the table and unbuttoned her shorts and unzipped them a little. She flipped the two sides down so you could just get a glimpse of her panties. That seemed to shake Brad up a bit. He missed his shot and told Sandy that she was a cheater. Sandy just smiled at him and said, “I guess you can’t hang with the big girls.” Brad gave her a smirk and went back over to the table.

We were down to just needing to sink the eight ball to win. It was Sandy’s shot. I came up behind her and said, “Let me help you line up that shot.” I bent over her and started to nibble on her neck and rub one of her butt cheeks. I then said, “Just slide it into the hole nice and slowly.” I then let out a tiny moan. She took the shot and sank the eight ball.

I looked over at Brad and Jay and said, “Let’s make the next game a little more interesting.” Brad asked me what I had in mind. I said, “All three of you play the two of us.” Brad said that sounded great. I then said, “I’m not finished.” I paused for a moment and said, “If you guys win, you can remove our shirts. If we win, we get to remove your shirts.” Both Brad and Jay looked a little nervous. I said, “Chicken?” They both agreed and we started the game.

As they were racking the balls, I went over to Sandy, and said, “Your first sexual adventure has just begun.” I then walked away. I’m sure she started getting really nervous now.

We played the pool game and the guys won. So, Sandy and I walked over to the guys and told them they could remove our shirts as their prize. Brad and Jay looked very nervous but did manage to remove our shirts. Neither of us was wearing a bra. So, they had great views of our tits.

I said, “Want to play for another piece of clothing?” They agreed and we started the game. This time, Sandy and I ramped up the flirting. We won this one. We walked over and removed the guy’s shirts. Randy had a really nice chest and I had to run my hands down it. That got him really nervous.

Sandy said, “Want to play for another piece of clothing?” I could see a bulge starting in Jay’s pants. So, I knew he was getting sexually excited. They agreed and we played the game. I whispered to Sandy that I was going to deliberately lose this game, and she would understand why in a little while.

They guys thought we were going to beat them again as all we had left was the eight ball. When I took my shot, I deliberately sunk the cue ball. They guys looked relived. I said, “Well it looks like you get to remove my skirt and Sandy’s shorts.” All three of the guys walked over and took my skirt and Sandy’s shorts off of us. I then walked over and pulled Sandy close against my body and gave her a very passionate kiss. Brad and Jay’s eyes got really big.

Brad said, “Let’s play for your panties next, girls.” He seemed very gung-ho about it. I said, “Let’s play.” I racked the balls this time and it was Roy’s turn to break. It was a close game, but we won this one.

Neither of us said a word, we just walked over the guys and started removing their pants. All five of us were now down to just our shoes, socks and underwear. I said, “Let’s play for our remaining clothing this time. Game?” They quickly agreed and we started the game. I walked over to Sandy and told her we needed to let them win. She asked me why? I said, “You’ll see. I have a plan.”

We made it look like a close game but let the guys win. They looked very excited that they were going to get to remove the remainder of our clothing. I looked at them and said, “Double or nothing?” Brad said that we did not have anything left to bet with. I said, “Sure we do.” They looked puzzled and asked what we were going to put up for a bet.

I said, “If you win, we will let you remove the remainder of our clothing, and I will fuck Sandy with this pool cue.” The guys and Sandy’s eyes all got really big. Sandy whispered in my ear, “We’re going to win this one, right?” I whispered back, “No, we want to let them win.” I saw Sandy was nervous, so I gave her another kiss to calm her down. I ran my hand down the inside of her thong and played with her pussy a little. She was very wet, so I knew she was horny.

The guys of course agreed, and Brad said, “Let’s play.” We teased the guys a lot during this game but still let them win. Both Brad and Jay looked very excited about winning. The two of them came over to us and removed the remainder of our clothing. I then walked over to my bag and got a condom out of it and a bottle of lube. I unrolled the condom on the handle end of the cue and applied a little lube to it.

I told Brad and Jay to help Sandy up onto the pool table and for her to lie face down with her butt pooched up. I told the guys to find something to put under her hips so she would be comfortable. They took their pants and rolled them up and slid them under her hips.

I could see Sandy starting to breathe deeply. I could tell she was sexually excited but very nervous at the same time. I told Roy to go to the end of the table where her head was and give her a nice relaxing back rub and shoulder massage. That seemed to calm her down a lot.

I told Brad and Jay for them to go to each side of the table. I then told them to spread her legs apart for me. They spread them a little and I told them to spread them much wider. When they did, Sandy pooched her butt up in the air a little further.

I started to rub the pool cue up and down her pussy. She started to moan right away. I guess she managed to relax. I then slid the tip of the pool cue handle into her. I did not know how much of it she could take. So, I only slid it in about three or four inches. I began to slide it in and out. She started to moan a little louder. Sandy said, “Deeper.” I looked at the guys and said that I would slide it in deeper if they took off their shoes and socks.

They quickly took them off and I slid the pool cue deeper into Sandy’s very wet pussy. Her moans got louder, and she said, “Deeper!” I slid it in further and was shocked at how much she could take. I had it in about nine inches or so. She still wanted it deeper. I slid it in a little further and she said, “That’s it. Fuck me with it!”

She took about ten inches inside her. I was amazed and a little jealous. She was going to be very popular at the swingers club. I have to be very relaxed and very horny to take that much. I fucked her with the pool cue for several more minutes. I then slid it back out and told the guys to help her down off the table.

She looked at me like, why the hell did you stop? I was enjoying that. I told her that the rain was coming down so hard that none of us were going anywhere for quite some time and that both of us would have several orgasms before the night is over. She smiled and told me that she was extremely horny and finally a little less nervous. I asked her if she was having fun. She said with a big smile on her face that she was.

I told her to walk over to the guys and tell them that you feel awkward being totally nude while the three of them still had their underwear on. Don’t give them a chance to respond. Start with Roy and remove his underwear. Then remove Brad’s and Jay’s.

Mission accomplished. She got all three of them completely nude. She then said, “How about another round of drinks? On the house!”

Sandy and I went over to the bar to get everyone a drink. This gave me a chance to talk with her a bit to make sure she was OK with what was going on. She said that she was loving it, just scared to death. I could tell her adrenalin was flowing a bit.

I pointed out that Brad had a very huge cock and asked her if she wanted it. She looked over at him and said that she does. I told her to follow my lead and soon he would be fucking her. She smiled and said, “Let’s do it! Just let me know what to do.”

We walked back over to the table and sat the drinks down. We all sipped on our drinks and chatted a bit. I asked Sandy loudly enough so everyone could hear, if she enjoyed being fucked by the pool cue. She said she loved it. I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her with it a little more and winked at her. She said, “Of course.” She walked over to the pool table and started to climb up on it. She laid back down in the face down spread-eagle position she was in before. Brad and Jay got up and walked over to the table so they could get a good view.

Instead of walking over to get the pool cue, I walked around behind Brad. I reached around him and started stroking his cock. I felt him tense up a bit like he was a little shocked about what I just did. I just continued to stroke his huge cock until he was nice and hard.

I then said, “I bet she would rather have your cock inside her instead of the pool cue.” I could feel him take a really deep breath. I then said, “Sandy? Do you want Brad to fuck you?” She said, “Yes, I do.” I felt Brad take another deep breath. I then told him he better satisfy my friend really good.

He climbed up on the table with her and moved into position so he could penetrate her pussy. I handed him the lube bottle and he applied some to his cock and her pussy. As he was applying lube to her pussy, she raised her hips a little and let out a little moan.

Brad slowly penetrated her just a little. You could tell he knew that he as rather large and was taking his time. He slowly went deeper every few strokes. Sandy started to moan louder. After a few minutes he had his cock all the way inside her and started to take slow long strokes. This was driving Sandy wild.

I looked over at Jay and smiled at him. I then told Roy and Brad to take extra good care of Sandy and then walked over to Jay. I started playing with his cock and kissing his chest. I looked up with a very submissive look and said, “Do you want to fuck me?” I felt him getting harder and harder. I did not give him a chance to answer and led him over to the bar.

When we got to the bar, I told him to lift me up and sit me on the bar. Once I was on the bar, I slid to the rail and leaned back a little on my hands. I asked him if he would like to eat me. He sat down on the barstool and put his hands on my hips and started to draw little circles with his tongue around my clit. He then moved down to my pussy opening and started to lick and penetrate me with his tongue. I could feel myself getting wetter. I started to moan a little.

He moved back and forth between sucking and licking my clit to licking the opening of my pussy and the area between it and my ass. It felt great.

The whole time he was eating me, I was watching Roy and Brad pleasure Sandy. She had turned over on her back and Roy was eating her while Brad was behind her head fucking her mouth. Apparently, Sandy has no gag reflex at all. I hate her! She was taking all of Brad’s huge cock into her throat. I watched him move his cock in and out with amazement. Sandy is going to be extremely popular at the swingers club when we take her. I think she will be one of the rare girls that can deep throat a huge cock.

Jay started to finger me while he was eating my pussy. I felt an orgasm coming on. I leaned back a little more and let it happen. I moaned out loud and my body trembled as I came. That seemed to excite Jay as he started probing his fingers deep inside me and sucking on my clit hard. Oh, it felt so good.

Once I had my first orgasm, I pulled his head out of my crotch and told him to take me right here on the bar. I laid back on the bar and spread my legs open waiting for him to join me. He climbed onto the bar and pushed his cock deep inside me. He started to fuck me with long slow strokes. I felt a small orgasm coming on almost immediately. I moaned and just let it happen. He started to fuck me harder. I was in ecstasy.

A few minutes later I told Jay that I wanted us to go join the others and continue to have sex there. He helped me off the bar and we walked over to the pool table.

I told Jay to sit on the edge of the pool table and open his legs so I could suck on his cock. I gave him a blowjob for several minutes. I loved listening to him moan each time I went a little deep. I could feel his cock starting to throb a little, so I stopped sucking him. I did not want him to cum yet. I was not through with him.

I told the others that I had an idea that would be enjoyable for us all. I told Roy to lie down on the pool table face up. I then told Sandy to straddle Roy facing his head and slide his cock inside her. I told Brad to get behind Sandy and take her anally. I wanted to see if she could take him all the way in her ass like she already did in her pussy and throat.

Brad took his time and slowly went deeper and deeper into her ass as she relaxed. She was moaning very loudly and was trembling a bit. Roy and Brad were double penetrating Sandy and she was getting extremely sexually excited by it.

I hopped up on the pool table and straddled Roy’s face and so he could eat me. I bent over towards Sandy so I could play with her tits. I started to moan from Roy eating me. I told Jay to come behind me and fuck me from behind. Once he got in position, I pooched my butt up a little so he could penetrate me while Roy was still able to suck on my clit.

I felt Jay slide his cock in my pussy and start to fuck me. The combination of his cock going in and out of me and Roy sucking my clit made my body start to shake. After a few minutes I felt a strong orgasm starting to happen. I started to grind on Roy’s mouth while Jay was fucking me from behind. It all felt amazing.

I could feel Sandy breathing heavily and gasping at times. She was trembling and moaning very loudly. I could tell she was starting to orgasm.

Sandy finally lost it and went wild. Her body was shaking, and she was screaming that she was cumming. I could see her eyes rolling back in her head at the height of her orgasm. She collapsed and laid there shaking. Roy and Brad started to moan loudly and tense up. I could tell they were both cumming and shooting their loads inside her. When they did, Sandy gasped and let out a big sigh. She smiled up at me and collapsed.

Now I’m not too sure I want to bring her to the swingers club. She is going to be way too popular with what she can do and take.

I then felt Jay’s cock starting to throb. I got up off of Roy’s face and pulled away from Jay’s cock. I told him to lay down face up on the table. I straddled his face and told him to eat me. I leaned over and started sucking his cock. I would take it as deep as I could every now and then while I was sucking him. Each time I did, he moaned loudly.

I felt his cock start to throb once again. I started sucking him hard and fast. I reached down and started to tease his asshole with my fingertip. That made him moan louder. He started to shake and eat me harder. I felt another orgasm coming on. The moment he started to cum in my mouth I orgasmed along with him. After I sucked the last drop of cum out of him, I collapsed on to him and laid there breathing heavily. I really enjoyed the mutual orgasm the two of us just had.

After I recovered a bit, I climbed down off of the table and sat back down at our table. Roy and Brad joined us. Sandy and Jay were still lying on the pool table shaking a little. It took them a little while longer to recover. Once they did, they sat back down with the rest of us. We chatted and finished our drinks. Brad and Jay looked like they were still trying to comprehend what just happened to them. Sandy just sat there leaning against my shoulder with a big smile on her face not saying a word.

When I looked towards the front window of the bar, I noticed it was daylight out and cars were driving by. We stayed up all night playing pool and having sex. After Brad and Jay left to head home, we stayed and talked to Sandy for a bit to see how she felt.

She told us that she was scared to death but loved every minute of it. I asked her if she still wanted to go with us to the swingers club. She said, “You better believe it. When can we go?” Looks like we did create our own little succubus.