So, the two of you have been talking about swinging and are trying to decide if swinging is right for the two of you.

Let’s get right to the point and answer the question, is swinging right for us?

Swinging could be right for you if the two of you are secure with yourself, trust each other, not overly jealous, are interested in other sexual experiences and looking to meet new open-minded couples and singles.

Now that you have the quick and to the point answer, let’s really explore what you need to consider when deciding if swinging is right for the two of you.

Is Swinging Right for Us?

Here are several things you need to consider when deciding if swinging is right for the two of you.

Let’s start by talking about how secure the two of you are in your relationship. We will also look at trust, jealousy and bisexuality. As well as a few other points.

You Are Both Secure With Yourself

When swinging it really helps if both of you are secure with yourself. Let me explain why this is important in respect to swinging.

I think we all want to think that we can satisfy our partner sexually better than anyone else could. Let’s come back to reality for a minute.

When swinging you will find sexual partners that can bring you or your partner to orgasm faster or last longer in bed than your partner can.

You will also find sexual partners that can perform sexual acts with you or your partner that your partner can’t do. Or does not like to do.

Also, the newness of a sexual partner can be a little more exciting at times than sex with your partner. This newness factor is common and normal.

Many couples in the swinging lifestyle love to see their partner being sexually pleased in ways that they can’t please them.

If none of the above would bother either of you, then swinging could be an exciting lifestyle for the two of you to explore.

You Trust Each Other Fully

The swinging lifestyle requires complete trust between you and your partner. I have seen so many couple’s relationships destroyed because they tried swinging but did not completely trust each other.

If you can make a rule that you both should follow while swinging, do you trust your partner enough to know they will not break that rule? Even if you were swinging in separate rooms?

Trust in each other is a big factor you should consider when making the decision of whether or not swinging is right for the two of you.

The Two of You Are Not the Jealous Type

If either of you is overly jealous, that could cause problems for you while swinging.

Can you handle your partner getting more attention than you? Can you handle seeing someone else having sex with your partner?

Do you ever have thoughts about your partner leaving you for someone they know and are close friends with?

Jealousy can take a fun sexual adventure and turn it into a nightmare. So, if you are considering swinging, you really need to work through any overly jealous feelings either of you may have.

If you can’t work through the jealousy, swinging is not really for the two of you.

One or Both of You Is Bisexual or Bi-Curious

If either of you is bisexual or even a little bi-curious, the swinging lifestyle can allow you to explore bisexuality together.

Swinging is a great way for a bisexual partner to have same sex sexual experiences and still be firmly grounded to their partner.

The swinging lifestyle has a lot of bisexual people. But the bisexual females outnumber the bisexual males by leaps and bounds.

So, if one or both of you is bisexual or bi-curious, the swinging lifestyle may be just what you are looking for.

Do You Want to Spice up Your Sex Life?

When a couple has been together for a while, their sex life can get a little boring. This happens to many couples regardless of how strong their love is for each other.

If you keep doing the same thing, regardless of how enjoyable it is, it can get a little repetitive. Couples have a tendency to have sex the same way night after night.

Swinging can inject newness into your sex life. It can add excitement for both of you.

Each time you swing with a new couple, you really don’t know what to expect. You may even learn new sexual techniques you can use on each other.

If both of you want that feeling you get when you first have sex with someone, swinging may be a good lifestyle for the two of you.

Build on Your Friendship

Do you want to build you and your partner’s friendship further and stronger? If you do, the swinging lifestyle can give you many ways to do just that.

When a couple does something together that is outside of their comfort zone, they have a tendency to rely on each other for support and comfort. This can bring the couple closer together. Swinging can give you this out of comfort zone experience together.

Swinging can get the two of you talking openly. It gives you something to talk about that is new and exciting.

Swinging is an adventure. This gives you something to plan together.

Swinging can make a strong relationship even stronger.

Now, let’s move on and look at several more things you should consider when making the decision to swing or not.

Let’s start with sex as a “recreational” past time.

Do the Two of You Enjoy Having Sex as Something Recreational to Do?

Some couples can’t separate sex and love. They relate sex as love. This type of couple is not really suited to the swinger lifestyle.

If the two of you feel sex is sex and love is love, swinging can be an adventure the two of you can take together.

Of course, when you mix love and sex, you have something wonderful. This should be kept between the two of you.

So, if you enjoy having sex as a recreational activity, the swinging lifestyle may be able to add more sexual excitement to your lives.

Are You or Your Partner the Jealous Competitive Type?

I have already mentioned jealousy earlier in this article. Let’s now revisit jealousy and discuss when it could be a benefit to couples who are interested in swinging. Have I totally confused you now? Let me explain.

Some people actually get sexually turned on by small amounts of jealousy. They get competitive when they get a little jealous.

Let’s put that in perspective as to swinging.

You see your partner having a lot more intense orgasm from someone besides you. At that point you get a little jealous about it. Your competitive side comes out and you then become determined to give them an even better orgasm.

This competitive jealousy is what I am referencing when I say that small amounts of jealousy can be beneficial for a couple while swinging.

Are You Looking to Build Deep Lasting Friendships?

Do the two of you value your friends? The swinging lifestyle gives you the opportunity to make new friends with benefits.

You can build deep long-lasting friendships with other swingers that can be much more fulfilling than regular non-swinger friends.

When you have sex with someone, you feel much closer to them. This bond can take a friendship to a much closer friendship.

So, if the two of you are wanting to build new friendships that are much closer than just a friendship, swinging may be for the two of you.

Do You Want More Sexual Pleasure?

Do the two of you enjoy sex but want even more sexual pleasure?

Having sexual adventures with other couples and singles can increase the pleasure you get out of sex.

If the two of you are interested in multiplying your sexual pleasure, swinging may be something that is enjoyable for both of you.

Want to Experience New Sexual Pleasures and Adventures?

Ever have a sexual fantasy that takes more than two people to fulfill? Have you ever wanted to experience a threesome? What about group sex or an orgy? Have you ever wanted to be the center of attention in a gangbang?

If the two of you want to experience new and exciting sexual pleasures, swinging may be a great way to do that.

Are Either or Both of You Voyeuristic?

Do either of you enjoy watching adult movies? Do you enjoy watching others have sex?

If you do, there are plenty of opportunities to be a voyeur at a swingers club or party. You can enjoy watching a couple having sex or a group having sex. You can even watch orgies and gangbangs at some swinger clubs.

So, if you have voyeuristic tendencies, swinging may be a good avenue to explore.

Why Not Give Swinging a Try?

If the two of you are open minded and neither of you is the overly jealous type, why not give swinging a try?

You could try soft swing when you first start to explore the swinging lifestyle. Later, if you feel comfortable, you can move to full swing.

The key is to keep an open and honest communication going between the two of you.

If it turns out not to be something you want to continue at least you can cross it off your bucket list.