I was out having lunch with Shannon, and she was telling me that she really wanted to go to the strip club that our friend Kali dances at, but she was too afraid to go alone. She asked me if Roy and I would like to go with her. I shot Roy a text to see if he would like to go. He said that he would love to go. I told Shannon that Roy and I are in.

As we finished our lunch, we decided to go on a weekday when the strip club was not very busy. This way we could actually chat with Kali a little. We decided not to tell her the three of us were coming. We wanted to surprise her. We decided to go on Tuesday. After we finished lunch, I headed home.

That evening I got a text message from Shannon that we should invite Josh and Kirk to go with us to see Kali at the strip club. I really, really like both of them. So, I told her that inviting them would be a wonderful idea. Later that evening, Shannon sent me a text saying that they would love to go with us and said they would meet us there. We just had to let them know what time on Tuesday.

The next morning when I got up, I realized I had a very good dream about Sawyer and Reed. We had a very steamy threesome in my dream. I started thinking, why not see if they want to go to the strip club with us to see Kali? I shot both of them a text and told them about our plans and asked them if they would like to go with us. It did not take long at all to for them to respond with a yes. I let them know that I would text them the time we would all be meeting at the strip club on Tuesday, as soon as I knew. I love both of those guy’s chests. They are hot.

Over the weekend, Shannon was out shopping with Kali for a new set of sexy heels. She managed to ask Kali when she works during the week without her catching on that we were all coming to see her dance. Shannon sent me a text letting me know that Kali was working from 10 PM to 2 AM on Tuesday. We decided to make it a late-night adventure and arrive at the strip club about 11:30 PM. I let all the guys know to meet us in the parking lot at that time.

It was Tuesday late evening, and Roy and I were getting ready to head over to see Kali dance. I got a call from Gavin saying he was bored and wanted to know if Roy and I wanted any company tonight. I told him what we were getting ready to do and before I could invite him, he asked if he could go with us. I told him we would love for him to join us. I told him we were all meeting in the parking lot at 11:30 PM. He would meet us there.

As I was picking out what I was going to wear, I realized our little group now had six hot guys and just two of us girls. I then decided I needed to dress extremely sexy for tonight’s adventure. So, I put on a very low riding and very short black mini skirt with a red thong and red high heels. I decided to wear a red crop top that buttoned down the front and tied just below my boobs. I made sure it was unbuttoned almost all the way. I did my hair and makeup and made sure my eye makeup was very seductive. I had six sexy guys to tease tonight.

When Roy saw how I was dressed, he first said that I look fantastic and super sexy. Then he said, “You plan to tease the guys tonight, don’t you?” I said, “Me tease?” He just shook his head and said, “You my little sexy vixen have had sex with every guy that is coming with us tonight and loved it. Plus, you love having sex with Shannon. Don’t tell me you don’t have an ulterior motive.” Roy then gave me a big smile and a smack on the ass. I then said, “Me? An ulterior motive? Never.” Roy laughed and gave me a big hug and kiss.

Roy and I took a ride share to the strip club and when we pulled up, everyone else we were meeting were already there. When I got out of the car I ran over and gave each of the guys a big hug and kiss. I then walked over to Shannon and wrapped my arms around her and gave her a big seductive kiss. They guys, of course, hooted and hollered a bit. Shannon and I quickly put on fresh lipstick, and we all headed in to find a table and surprise Kali.

After we got inside, we found an area that had a bench seat along the wall and several small tables with high bar stools big enough to seat all of us on an upper level. It had a great view of the stage and a great view of the rest of the club. Shannon and I sat down on each side of Roy on a section of the bench along the wall. We basically boxed him in. Shannon and I had plans. We just didn’t tell Roy about them.

A really sexy waitress came over and took our drink order. She introduced herself as Skye. I wouldn’t mind playing with her. She gives me tingles just looking at her. I really hope she is bi. All she had on was a thong, high heels, and great boobs. I’ll have to do some serious flirting with her when I get the chance later tonight.

We heard the DJ announcing that Kali was next up on the main stage. We all started cheering loudly. When Kali came out from behind the curtain onto the stage, she started to look around to see where all the noise was coming from. When she spotted us, she started jumping up and down and ran down off the stage and over to where we all were sitting. The DJ then announced, “I guess Kali is not next up on stage.” You could hear several people laughing.

When she got to where we all were sitting, she gave every one of us a big hug. She said that it was a big surprise to see all of us here. She was acting so excited, I thought she was going to pee all over herself. I guess we really surprised her. She then said, “I’ll be right back after my stage set.” She then ran back up on stage and started to dance. The DJ then announced, “I guess Kali is next on stage.” You could hear people laughing again.

Kali started stripping to a nice slow seductive song. We all got up a few at a time and tipped her sexy ass. When it was my turn to tip her, I placed the money between my boobs and squeezed them. Kali got down on all fours and cat crawled to where I was standing. She started moaning in my ear and then kissed down my neck to my boobs. She grabbed my hair behind my head and pulled it until my head was looking almost up. That actually made me gasp a little. It surprised me. She then took the tip from between my boobs with her mouth. All the guys hooted and hollered a bit while she was doing that to me. OK, that gave me a very nice tingle down below.

Once Kali finished her set, she came back over to our area only wearing a thong and high heels. I could see that none of the guys minded at all. Of course, I did not mind either. Kali has a nice firm body, and I just love touching it.

After she talked and flirted with all the guys, Kali came over and sat down to talk with Shannon and I. Shannon pretended she was wiping the drool off of Roy’s face. He gave her a very smirky look. She just leaned over and kissed him on the lips and threatened to suck that look right off his face.

Shannon and I both moved our hands down to Roy’s inner thighs and started to caress them. Shannon moved up and started to play with his cock through his pants. You could tell Roy was getting a little nervous about what we were doing to him. I loved it.

Shannon tried to undo Roy’s belt, but he quickly put a death grip on it. So, she went back to stroking his cock through his pants. A few moments later, Shannon looked over at Kali and said, “See what you did? You gave Roy a raging hard-on! How dare you!” Roy looked like he was about to crawl under the table and hide. When she said that, I was so glad I had not just taken a sip of my drink. I’m sure I would have spit it out all over everyone. I reached over Roy and high-fived Shannon.

Kali stood up and bent over the small table and reached for Roy’s crotch and said, “Can I see?” Roy just sat there not really knowing what to do. It was extremely entertaining. The three of us kept sexually teasing and picking on Roy until it was time for Kali’s next set on stage. Roy seemed a little received when Kali walked away. Little did he know, Shannon and I were nowhere near done with him yet.

When Kali got on stage, she had the bouncer hand her a chair. She sat it about three feet behind the stripper pole facing it. She then walked over to the edge of the stage and pointed at Roy and did a come-hither motion with her finger. Roy pretended he did not notice she was pointing at him.

Shannon and I both grabbed him and basically dragged him to the stage. Once we got him on the stage and sitting in the chair, Kali pulled his hands behind his back and handcuffed Roy to the chair so he could not get away. The looks Roy gave us were priceless.

Shannon and I headed back to the strippers dressing room while Kali started to seductively dance for Roy. We peeked out the stage entrance curtain and watched. Once Roy seemed to be accepting his fate and enjoying the show, Shannon and I walked out on stage in just our thongs and heels.

When we got to where Roy was sitting, we each touched him on the shoulder and boy did his eyes get big. We then went and danced very seductively with Kali. Kali was really good on the dance pole and hung by her legs upside down as we danced around her and caressed her body.

Kali then got down off of the pole and straddled Roy’s lap and started to grind on him. Shannon and I kept dancing with each other and put on a very seductive show for Roy while Kali was basically sexually abusing him, in a good way of course. Roy seemed to have calmed down and was enjoying the show.

Kali reached down and unhooked Roy’s belt and took it off of him in one fluid motion. She wrapped it around his neck and pulled his face into her boobs and held him there. She then slid down on the floor between Roy’s legs and nibbled on his cock through his pants for a while. Shannon and I went over to Roy and started to caress his chest and kiss him on the neck. Of course, we both moaned in his ears while doing that.

I could see Roy was very nervous but extremely sexually excited. When Kali’s set ended, she walked behind Roy and released him from the handcuffs. The three of us escorted him back to where we were sitting. All the guys looked like they were wanting to raise their hands and scream, me next!

Once we were all settled back in and had another round of drinks brought to the table, I noticed that Kali was basically dominating all of Roy’s time. So, Shannon and I decided to go tease some of the other guys. Shannon went and sat in Gavin’s lap, and I went over to Josh and Kirk and squeezed myself between the two of them.

I looked over at Shannon and Gavin and noticed that he had snuck his hand up under her skirt and was playing with her. Gavin has a tendency to move fast and not waste any time. I decided I was going to have a little fun with Josh and Kirk. I reached down and grabbed both of their cocks through their pants and started stroking and squeezing them. Both of the guys tensed up a little when I did that. Not sure why they did not expect that to happen. It was me sitting between them after all.

Josh and Kirk were watching the dancer that was on stage. I decided to take what I was doing just a little further. I put one of my legs over one of Josh’s legs and the other over one of Kirk’s legs. Now I was sitting between them with my very short skirt riding all the way up exposing my red thong. I then slid a hand down each of their pants and started play with their cocks. They kept acting like they were ignoring me, but their body twitches told me differently.

After a while, I could not seem to get them to play with my exposed thong covered pussy, so I got up, gave them both a kiss and walked over to Sawyer and Reed and sat down between them. Both of them noticed what I had been doing to Josh and Kirk and they both said that they were not scared to have a little fun like they were.

I smiled at them and tossed my legs over their legs and said, “Are you two going to keep me waiting?” They both laughed a little and started to caress my inner thighs. This was much better. I slid my hands down inside their pants and started to play with them. Both of them got nice and hard fairly quickly.

Sawyer slid his hand up my inner thigh to my pussy and started to caress it very gently. I gasped a little and let out a little moan. That got Reed’s attention and he slid his hand up to my pussy also. They took turns playing with me. Now I can sit back and enjoy the strippers on stage. I’ll let these guys get me nice and horny, and then I’ll go flirt with Skye and figure out if she’s bi or not.

After watching a few more dancers on stage, I saw Skye heading towards the bathroom. I decided it was time for me to go flirt with her and see where it goes. I told the guys what I was going to do and thanked them for getting me wet and horny. They both told me to go get her. I grabbed my bag and headed to the bathroom.

When I got in the bathroom, Skye was fixing her makeup. I walked up beside her and took out my lipstick and said, “I guess we had the same idea at the same time.” I formerly introduced myself and told her I was good friends with Kali. Skye smiled and replied, “Oh, you’re the one she warned me about.”

I asked her what Kali had said about me. She told me that Kali really liked me and told her about how Roy and I have a semi open relationship. She also said that Kali said I was really good in bed. So far, I’m not hearing anything that needs warning. I said, “What did she warn you about though?” Skye looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Kali said that when you see someone you want, you can get a little sexually aggressive. But I really like that in a woman. The guys shouldn’t get to be the only aggressive ones.”

I told her that I was guilty as charged and looked her up and down. Skye then asked me if I was bi. I told her that I was extremely bi. She smiled at me and winked. She then ran her fingertips down the side of my arm and lightly bit her bottom lip. Now I’m a little confused. I came in here to flirt with Skye, and I end up getting flirted with. I guess Skye is a little aggressive too.

I put one hand on her hip and the other on her shoulder and moved in close to her. I looked into her eyes and said, “Do you want to kiss me?” She leaned in and we started to kiss. I slid my hand that was on her hip around to her butt and squeezed it. Skye wrapped her arms around me and held me tight. We explored each other’s bodies for several minutes while we kissed.

Skye then leaned her head back and said, “I have an idea.” I asked her what it was. She said that the manager had left her in charge and had gone home. She also said that the only customers left was our group. I told her to go on. Skye then said, “I know the DJ and the bouncer want to get out of here early. Why don’t I let them and all the dancers except Kali go home now? I’ll then lock the door and we can all have a private lockdown party. How does that sound?”

I asked her if that was fair to Kali, because she may want to go home also. Skye said, “The lockdown party was actually Kali’s idea.” I thought to myself, that little sneak. I laughed and said, “In that case, let the party begin.” We went back to playing with each other for a few more minutes and then decided that we better get back out there before they send a rescue crew into the bathroom to see if we are OK.

I went back over to our area and Kali was bent over a table talking to Gavin and Shannon. I smacked her on the ass as I went boy. She said, “Ouch, what was that for?” I told her that Skye had filled me in on her plan. She giggled a little and said, “In that case, you can smack it again.” Gavin raised his hand and said, “I want to smack it too.” I shook my head at him and bent over and grabbed his cock through his pants and said, “Maybe later.”

Skye went around the club and let everyone know that they could leave early. Once everyone that was leaving had left, Skye locked the door and walked up to the DJ booth. She announced that we were now officially having a lockdown party and that anything goes! All the guys cheered except Josh, he said, “What’s a lockdown party?” Shannon walked over to him and explained what a lockdown party was. He then smiled and cheered.

Skye also said that if anyone needs a drink to just go to the bar and serve yourself. Just make sure you write it down on your tab. Everyone’s tabs are by the register. She then put on a music play list and came down to join all of us. I started thinking and then pulled the girls to one side and said, “We have six guys, and four of us bisexual girls. I think we have the best of both worlds at our disposal. What do you girls think?” We all laughed a little and went back to our little party group.

After another drink, Kali said that all the girls should go back in the dressing room and come out on stage to put on a show for the guys. We all agreed and the four of us went back to the dressing room. The four of us decided to all come out on stage at the same time and seductively remove each other’s clothing as we danced.

We exited the dressing room onto the stage single file. We made sure we strutted our stuff just right. All the guys started cheering us on, and they all came down to the stage and sat around it. The stage had a low bar with chairs around half of it. That gave the guys the perfect view to look up at us on stage.

We danced for a song fully dressed and teased the guys by flashing them and grinding on each other. We also kissed and groped to turn the guys on. When the second song started to play, Skye and I got on each side of Shannon and slowly removed her top. We each sucked on her exposed breasts a little. We then walked over to Kali and did the same. They guys were loving it.

Kali and Shannon then removed my top and played with my breasts a little. I then walked over to Skye and since all she had on was a thong and heels, I started to play with her boobs and massage her crotch while I kissed her. That got the guys going big time!

On the next song we slowly and seductively removed each other’s remaining clothing except for our thongs and heels. The four of us started dancing with each other and playing on the pole. We all pretended it was a huge cock. Kali got back up on the pole hanging by her legs upside down. The three of us stood around the pole. As it turned with Kali on it, we each kissed her and fondled her boobs.

The four of us then moved to the center of the stage and I said, “Do you guys want to see more?” Of course, they all screamed yes. I looked at the other girls and said, “Should remove our thongs for the guys?” Shannon knows this game. Shannon replied, “Only if they all get naked for us first.” All the guys started looking at each other like they did not know what to do. Finally, Roy and Gavin took the lead and stripped down and tossed all of their clothes to the side.

That was enough to get the other guys stripping down. Once they all were nude, we started to dance again. Skye walked over to me and told me to lay down on the stage. I smiled at her and got down on the floor. She then told me to bring my knees up and open them wide. She got down on her knees between my legs and started to move her body very seductively. Oh, she looked very hot.

She then spread my legs as wide as they would go. I really wish they would go wider as horny as I was. She untied the sides of my thong and slowly pulled the front of it down exposing just my mound. She bent over and started to kiss my lower stomach and my pussy mound. She then slid my thong the rest of the way down and started to eat me. I gasped and moaned out very loud. I was really enjoying what she was doing to me.

Shannon came behind Skye since she was now in a doggy position and slid her thong slowly down to her knees and then completely off. She was also in a doggy position and started to eat Skye’s pussy. I could feel Skye’s breath going in and out as she was eating me. That tickled in a really good way.

Next thing I know, Kali was standing above my head with her thong removed. I had a great view of her pussy. She then straddled my head and lowered her pussy down onto my face. She stayed in a squatting position for a lot longer than I could. But I was hoping she could last a long time because I was really enjoying eating her pussy.

The four of us continued like this for an entire song and then decided it was Shannon’s turn to have her pussy eaten. We had the guys toss us a chair on stage and bent Shannon over it. I spread her legs nice and wide and each of us took turns eating her. We had her moaning and shaking. We tag teamed her and almost brought her to orgasm. But, since the party just started, we just wanted her really horny. So, we stopped and started dancing with each other again.

I looked down at the guys and noticed a few of them had nice hard erections. I guess they were enjoying our little sex show. All four of us got down on all fours and started cat crawling towards the guys. We each picked our victim and crawled over to them. We started off with Josh, Kirk, Sawyer, and Reed. I knew Gavin and Roy would not mind being last.

I crawled over to Reed and reached down off the stage and grabbed his cock. I started stroking it as I kissed him. He was shaking just a little, so I decided to make it worse. I moved my mouth over to his ear and started to breathe heavily. I then moaned. That got him shaking nicely. I could hear him starting to moan a little and felt his cock get even thicker in my hand.

I then leaned forward off the stage and braced myself on his chair. I started sucking on his cock. He grabbed the back of my head and moaned out. I brought him almost to the point of cumming and then sat back up and licked my lips. I told him that was all for now, and if he was good, he would get more later.

After we had our first four victims extremely horny, we moved on to Roy and Gavin. Skye and I headed for Roy, while Shannon and Kali headed for Gavin. Once Skye and I got over to Roy, we made him come up on stage with us. Skye went around behind Roy and started to caress his back and hips. I moved to the front of him and started to play with his chest and kiss his neck. He seemed to be liking what we were doing.

Skye then pressed her body against Roy’s and reached around him and started to stroke his cock. It did not take him long to get nice and hard. I pressed my body into his and started to kiss him. I reached between Skye and Roy and started to play with his ass. We basically made a sex sandwich with Roy as the meat.

I dropped to my knees and started giving Roy a blowjob while Skye continued to stroke his cock with just a thumb and one finger. Skye and I made a pretty good team at this. We had Roy trembling and gasping. I was not sure how much more he could take before his legs gave way. So, I stopped and told him to lay down on the stage.

Skye got down on all fours between his legs and started to suck his cock. She took it all the way in and was sucking him with nice long strokes. I decided I wanted in on this and straddled Roy’s face and lowered my wet and very horny pussy onto his mouth. He began eating me. I started to grind a little on his mouth and back and forth between my clit and my asshole. I was enjoying that very much. It was also a turn on watching Skye giving him a blowjob. Especially when she went really slow and deep. Roy’s body would tremble each time she did that and moan. The vibrations of him moaning while eating me felt great!

Skye moved up and straddled Roy and lowered herself down on his cock and started to grind. She then rode him cowgirl style while he was eating me. I started to kiss Skye and play with her boobs while she was being fucked by Roy. I could feel myself starting to come close to having an orgasm. Roy started to play a little with my asshole and it drove me closer to cumming. I wish my bag was in reach. It has lube in it. I really wanted Roy to finger fuck my ass bad. I saw Sawyer near my bag and hollered to him to please toss it to me.

When he did, I took the lube out and placed it in Roy’s hand. He got the hint and applied lube to my ass and rubbed it in gently to my asshole. I was gasping more and more. He then slid a couple of fingers up my ass. I gasped and tensed up for a moment and then let out a very loud moan. He started to finger fuck my ass while sucking on my clit. I wrapped my arms around Skye and started to shake. I was cumming. She held onto me tight to keep me from falling over. I was feeling no pain. Roy started to finger fuck my ass fast and deep. I screamed out and had one hell of an orgasm.

I held onto Skye for a little longer trying to recover. But Roy kept eating me. It felt great, but I needed a rest. I got up off of his face and moved back. I leaned over and started to kiss Roy while he fucked Skye. A few moments later Skye got up and got down in a doggy style position with her butt pooched up and her chest and head laying on the floor.

Roy got on his knees behind her and slid his cock deep into her pussy and started to pump. Skye was starting to breathe heavily and moan. I started to caress her back while Roy was fucking her from behind. I could tell that she was close to cumming. After a few more minutes, she said, “Fuck me hard!” Roy started to pound her hard. You could hear his body slapping into hers. She started to scream, and her body started to shake. She screamed, “Harder!” Roy started fucking her as hard and as deep as he could. I knew Roy would not last much longer.

Roy started to moan and shake. Skye started to orgasm hard. A moment later Roy shot his load deep inside her. She gasped, smiled, and then collapsed onto the floor. Roy collapsed on top of her. They both just laid there breathing heavily. I got up and started to look around to see who I wanted to play with next. I was far from being fully sexually satisfied. I was ready for another orgasm.

I looked over and noticed that Shannon and Kali had worn out Gavin completely. He was down for the count. I then noticed Josh and Kirk were coming back from the bar with new drinks. I hollered for them to bring me one too. While I was waiting for Josh and Kirk to bring me my drink, I noticed that Shannon and Kali had moved on to play with Sawyer and Reed.

I got down off the stage and sat down at one of the tables. Josh and Kirk handed me my drink. I told them to sit down with me. Josh sat down beside me, and Kirk sat down on the other side of me so I was in the middle. I quickly reached down and grabbed their cocks and started to stroke them. I told them that I wanted a sip of my drink but my hands were full at the moment. Josh held my glass up and aimed the straw at my mouth. I sipped on my drink and said, “Thank you.”

It did not take me long to get both of them rock hard. I then asked them if they wanted to fuck me at the same time. One in my pussy and one in my ass. Their eyes got big and both of them nodded their heads up and down. I told them that they both had to get me really horny first and warm me up.

I stood up and bent over the table. I pooched my butt up in the air a little so they could have easy access to me. Josh moved a chair behind me and placed it between my legs. He sat down and started to explore my pussy and ass with his tongue. Oh, that felt good. I told Kirk to come around to where my head was. Once he got there, I told him that I wanted him to fuck my mouth. He slid his cock into my open mouth, and I closed my lips around it. He started to slowly move his cock in and out of my mouth while Josh was eating me.

Josh started to run his tongue around the opening to my ass. I gasped and tensed up for a moment and then started to moan. I could tell Kirk loved it when I moaned because I felt his cock swell in my mouth each time I moaned. I had the lube sitting on the table and I rolled it towards Josh. He took the hint and poured lube down the crack of my ass. As it ran across my asshole, he massaged it in.

I felt him slide a finger in both my ass and pussy. He started to finger fuck both holes at the same time. That got me very horny. I pushed Kirk back so I could talk. I told him to go sit down in the chair with his butt far forward in the seat. Once he was in position, I got up off the table and climbed up on him. I then slid his cock deep into my pussy and moaned out as it penetrated me. He felt really good inside me.

I leaned forward and pooched my butt out and told Josh to put more lube on my ass and then fuck it. He poured the lube down the small of my back and down the crack of my ass. It felt wonderful. He stuck his fingers inside my ass very slowly and pumped them in and out for a moment until my asshole completely relaxed.

I then felt him slide his cock into my ass just a little. He started to take shallow strokes. He had me gasping very quickly. As I relaxed, he would go deeper and deeper. After he was deep inside me, he started to fuck my ass with long slow strokes. Each time he went in deep, I moaned out very loudly.

Both Kirk and Josh were fucking me, and it was driving me crazy. I felt extremely full in both holes and was loving every moment of it. My body was starting to tremble a bit. So, I laid my upper body onto Kirk’s chest and laid my head on his shoulder. He held onto me tight. I felt very safe with them. That let me totally relax so I could really enjoy all the sensations I was feeling.

A few moments later I felt someone caressing and kissing my back. I looked over and it was Skye. I guess she had recovered. I asked her where Roy was, and she said that Kali saw that I was doing a DP and got extremely turned on by it and needed a second guy so she could be double penetrated too. I smiled and went back to enjoying the guys fucking both of my holes.

Skye kept caressing and kissing my back as Josh and Kirk fucked me. The sensations I was feeling were starting to get a little overwhelming. But I was loving it. I laid my body back down on Kirk’s chest and started to breathe deeply. I was actually getting a little lightheaded from all the sensations I was feeling. Moments later my body started to shake, and I started to moan louder and louder. I was going to cum. My orgasm kept building and building almost to the point that I thought I was going to blackout. I was feeling wonderful. It almost felt like I was floating.

I felt Josh’s cock start to throb deep in my ass. That pushed me further into feelings of pure ecstasy. I then felt him shoot his warm load of cum inside my ass and felt his body tense. That brought me to the top of my orgasm. I screamed out and put a death grip on Kirk’s upper arms. When I did that, I felt his cock start to throb and his cock start to swell even more. I gasped and screamed out again. He shot his load of warm cum very forcefully into my pussy. I could feel the force of it shooting out and that caused me to totally tense up and then totally release. My entire body went totally limp. They were both still inside me and I could feel their cocks still throbbing a little. I was very sexually satisfied. Skye kept rubbing my back as I just laid there completely limp on top of Kirk. I was 100% relaxed.

I could hear Kali screaming as she came. I guess Roy got it up again and helped her with a DP. She sounded like she was enjoying herself thoroughly.

I glanced over at the stage and Shannon was slumped over it with her butt up in the air. I could tell she was breathing heavily. I guess one of the guys had worn her out completely. She saw I was looking her way and she gave me a half smile and a thumbs up. I think this may be one of the best times I have ever had at a strip club.