“The Unexpected Trail Surprise” starts out with Danielle and Roy visiting an area that they used to live. They decided to hike down the side of a river that they have hiked many times in the past.

The two of them were enjoying their hike when they started hearing what sounded like two people talking. They considered it strange because no other cars were parked at the trail head. Further down the trail, they spotted a couple kissing. They both decided to duck down out of sight and watch them.

The couple they were watching started removing each other’s clothes. As Danielle and Roy continued to watch them from a distance, the couple started to have sex. Danielle was quickly becoming very horny from watching the couple. They noticed the couple was whispering something in each other’s ears. What could they be saying that they had to be quiet? What happened next came as a surprise and was totally unexpected.

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The Unexpected Trail Surprise