Let’s take a close look at the online swinger lifestyle club SDC. It’s also known as swingers date club or seek discover and connect. SDC is an online members only website for swingers and alternative lifestyle couples and singles. Let’s start off by answering the following question.

Is the swinger lifestyle dating site SDC worth joining?

If you are serious about the swinger lifestyle and want to find compatible couples and singles, then the bottom line is yes, SDC is well worth joining. You get a lot for your membership dues. They even provide a free trial so you can check them out. My wife and I personally are lifetime members.

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Our Detailed Review of SDC

My wife and I are lifetime members of SDC and really love it. We can be found online in the members area just about daily. This review of SDC was written from both of our viewpoints as members.

Let’s move on and really dive in deep and take a detailed look at SDC. We’ll start off by taking a close look at all the features and benefits of the SDC members only swinger lifestyle website.

Features and Benefits Inside the SDC Swinger Lifestyle Website

Let’s explore the main features you will find in the members only area of SDC once you have joined and signed into the members only area.

Will start off by looking at the means of communication with other members of SDC.

Ways to Communicate With Other Members

SDC has many ways to communicate with other members. Let’s take a look at the communication channels they provide for members to communicate and get to know each other.

SDC Feed

Your SDC feed shows announcements about parties, events, club news, members who have viewed your profile, members who have liked your profile, and friend requests. It also shows all of your friends’ latest activity, and group notifications.

You’ll also see party and event invites in your SDC feed, as well as other notifications. You can use the SDC feed filters to filter your feed to view what you want.

The SDC feeds gives you a quick way to see party announcements, who has viewed your profile, liked it, or sent a friends request without having to check each individual area.

SDC Messenger

The SDC messenger shows you messages sent to you from other members, clubs, and businesses. You can respond to messages, as well as send messages to other members.

You have the option to message other members by text, voice, or video. You can also join or start group messenger chats.

Messages sent and received through the SDC messenger can only be viewed by the sender and receiver.

The SDC messenger gives you an easy and private way to chat with other members to help see if everyone is compatible and arrange getting together.

SDC Chatrooms

SDC has several main chatrooms in multiple languages. Members can enter these chatrooms around the clock and chat with other members.

SDC members also have the ability to start public, private, and secret chatrooms. You can then invite the members you would like to join your chatroom.

You can also join any member created public chatroom, or any private or secret chatroom you have been invited to participate in.

Chatrooms can be a fun way to pass the time while getting to know other members.

SDC Live Cams

This area of the SDC members area lets you view live cams that other members have created. You can also start your own live cam and stream it to all members, or just your friends.

Live cams are fantastic for exhibitionists to show-off and voyeurs to watch. Let that voyeur or exhibitionist in you out to play.

SDC Groups

SDC has a large number of groups that you can join. Groups are created by members or organizations. You will see all types of groups including swinger clubs, adult businesses, party planners, and more.

Each group consists of a blog (forum), visuals, and a member only area. Once inside the SDC members area, take some time and go through and join all the groups that interest you.

Groups are great for finding like-minded people that enjoy the same sexual things that you do. They are also great ways to explore new kinks and swinger related businesses.

SDC Forums

SDC has forums that all members can use to communicate with other members. Each member is free to start topics and discussions. These forums are more like a large group of mini blogs that you can comment on.

You can use the filters to select the category you would like to view. Categories include, advice, clubs and parties, current events, sexy talk and more.

Got a question about the lifestyle? Forums are a great place to ask your question and get it answered.

SDC Members

SDC provides several ways to find members that you want to get to know. Let’s look at those methods now.

Current Members Online

The current members online area of SDC shows exactly what it says. It lists all the members that are currently online. This makes it easy to strike up instant chats with other members.

The current members online area of SDC is an excellent way to find couples and singles you may be interested in and strike up a conversation quickly.

SDC Popularity Wall

This area of the SDC members section show photos and basic information about the most popular couples and singles in SDC. It’s divided into sections that contain the members with most photos, most videos, most friends, most liked, most validations, most viewed and members with the most contest participation.

The initial view of members starts off with members located within 200 miles of you. You can change this setting to only show members a selected miles away from your location.

The popularity wall gives you a way to see the most active members inside SDC. It also is a quick way to see who a lot of other members like.

SDC Member Search

SDC lets you search for other members that meet your criteria. You start off by selecting who you are searching for. You can select couples, single females, single males, clubs, businesses, and more.

Once you make your basic selection, you will be prompted to fill out additional search criteria to home in on who you are looking for. You can select members by status, if they have photos or videos, the language they speak, their location or distance from a specific location, member features, sexuality preference, age range, if they smoke or not, their relationship orientation, ethnic background, and body type.

Member search is excellent for finding other members that may possibly be the most compatible with you. It’s also a great way to find members that are into the same things as you are.

SDC New Members

This area on SDC displays the most recent members to join. It shows their picture and basic information about them. When you first join, you are added to this section. Take advantage of it, because SDC members are constantly checking for new members to make contact with.

The new member section of SDC is a gold mine of new people you could possibly be interested in getting to know and possibly meeting. Check this section out regularly.

SDC Featured Members

All full members in good standing have the option to be listed as a featured member. This gives you more exposure to other members. All featured members show up on this page and other places of the site in rotation.

Looking for other members that really want to meet others? Just spend some time in the featured members area. Since these members have selected to be featured, they are more likely to be active and respond to messages.

Who Viewed Me

Want to know who viewed your profile on SDC? It’s really simple. Just visit the viewed me section in the members area. It will display a picture and basic information of all couples, singles, and businesses that have viewed your profile.

You can even filter the list to show only members that have viewed your profile and you have also viewed their profile.

Take advantage of the viewed me section on SDC. The members that have viewed your profile have at least been interested in your profile picture. If they liked your profile, even better. Don’t be afraid to send any that you are possibly interested a quick private message.

SDC Speed Date

This is a nice feature that SDC has. You can create a speed date entry or respond to one you are interested it. It can be used to let other members know you are going out for a drink, just out on the town, planning a party, or going to an event. Members can respond that they would like to go with you. You can also respond to speed dates created by other members.

SDC speed date is a great way to find other couples and singles to meet in person. Make sure you post a speed date anytime you are going out on the town or to an event.

Member Validations

Member validations are when other members you have met have validated that you are real and that your profile is real. Validations help with building trust with members you have not yet met in person.

Any member that has personally met you can give you a validation. You can also give validations to other members you have personally met.

SDC Contacts

Your contacts on SDC will display on this page. These will include members you are friends with, have followed, liked, remembered, added a note on, and blocked.

You use this section’s filters to select what you want to display.


SDC holds different contests throughout the year. Including writing, photography, and video contests. You can enter into any of the contests to win cash and prizes.

Member Videos

This section is full of videos that other members have posted. You can watch any of these videos or post your own video for other members to see.

Lifestyle Parties and Events

This section on SDC lists posted parties and events. These events can be private or public. If you are having an event or party, you can post it here for other members to see.

Lifestyle Clubs and Businesses

This section in the members area of SDC lists lifestyle clubs and businesses. You can filter the listing by the type of business you are looking for.

SDC Travel Center

The SDC travel center is available for members to make a travel announcement when traveling to a new area. You can also browse other member’s travel listings to see who is coming to your area for a visit. This is a great way to meet members that are not from your area.

Account Settings

SDC provides you with ways to manage your account. You can manage your profile, privacy settings, and notification preferences. Let’s quickly explore these account settings.

View and Edit Your Profile

You can enter settings and then select profile to edit or just view your SDC member profile. You can change your profile information, change or upload new pictures and videos, or create and update albums. You can create both public and private albums.

Privacy Options

The privacy options page lets you set your privacy options. You can block and allow particular features to meet your personal privacy concerns.

Notifications Settings

The notification settings area lets you set what you are notified about through push notifications or by email. You can set notification preferences for new messages, new likes or matches, new validations, and new blog (forum) comments.

SDC Membership Types

SDC has several membership plans available. You can start off with a free trial membership to check out the members only area to see if it suits your needs.

Once you are ready to become a full member you can move to either a 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or a lifetime membership plan. Check out the SDC site for current membership rates.

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How to Join SDC

Joining SDC is easy and quick. All you need to do is click the link below and click on any of the join for free or join now buttons. This will bring you to the new member registration form where you will select if you are a couple or single. You will also need to enter your desired screen name, email address, your desired password, and location.

Once inside, you will be able to setup your member profile and upload your desired profile pictures.

Here is the link to go check them out. See you in the members area.

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