Danielle came home from work wanting to have sex the moment she walked through the door. I asked her what brought this on. She said that she had met a delivery guy for the Italian restaurant just down the road.

I could tell that she had the hots for this guy really bad. She told me that he gave her a discount card for 50% off our first delivery. I asked her if she at least got his name before she had sex with him in her mind. She said that he wrote it on the discount card. She looked at the card and told me that his name was Brian.

She then smiled, giggled just a little and said, “Let’s order delivery tonight.” I told her that sounded fine to me. She went into the bathroom and ran herself a nice bubble bath. She took a book in with her so, I knew she was going to be in there for a while.

While she was enjoying her bubble bath, I got online and started looking over the Italian restaurant’s menu.

I peeked in the bathroom and told Danielle that I found what I wanted to order for myself. She asked what I was going to have, and I showed her on my tablet. She said that it looked really good, and she would have the same.

I asked her where she put the card and that I would call in the delivery order. She said, “No. I’ll place the order when I get out of the tub.” I said, “OK.” Danielle then asked me to hand the razor to her because she wanted to shave her legs and lady parts.

Usually, she does not shave a second time in just a few days. So, that made me wonder what she was up to. At least I knew I was going to get to eat a nice silky-smooth pussy. So, I kept my mouth shut and went back out to the living room.

When Danielle finished her bath, she came out to the living room with a towel wrapped around her. She went and got the discount card to call in our delivery order.

She dialed up the restaurant and told them that she would like to place an order for delivery and that she had a 50% off card. She then told them that she wanted Brian to deliver it. The person on the other end of the phone told her to hold one minute. When he came back to the phone, he said that Brian was available and would deliver our order in about 45 minutes. I could see her smiling again as she told them thank you.

At this point, I knew she was up to something. I had a good idea what she was up to but decided to just watch it play out.

Danielle told me that she was going to go put on some clothes and get ready for dinner. About 30 minutes had passed and Danielle was still in the bedroom getting ready for dinner. I hollered at her and told her our dinner should be here in about 10 minutes or so. She said, “I’m almost ready. Be out in a second.”

When she came out of the bedroom, my jaw basically hit the floor. I knew she was up to something now for sure. She was dressed to kill. She had her hair curled and was wearing makeup like she was going out to seduce someone to bring home for a wild night of sex.

She smiled and said, “How do I look?” I told her that she looked amazing and highly fuckable. She said, “Great, that was the look I was going for.”

To be honest, the way she looked had me getting all hot and bothered. I was ready to pin her up against the wall and fuck her right then.

She had on a leather teddy with silver chains on it that was cut very high on the hips. Over that she had on a very tiny and very low riding leather miniskirt. She had fishnet stockings on and was wearing stiletto heels. She basically looked like a very hot dominatrix.

Danielle was sitting down on the couch when there was a knock at the door. She jumped up and said, “I’ll get it!” I just shook my head and said to myself that this was going to be interesting. So, I sat back with my drink to enjoy the show.

Danielle opened the door all the way and said, “Hi, Brian.” I have never seen a guy’s eyes get so big. He actually looked like a deer in the headlights.

Brian said with a puzzled shocked look on his face, “Danielle?” She said, “Yes.” He then told her that she looked great. Danielle then told him thank you and that she was trying on some new outfits to see what her favorite one was.

She told him that he could set the food down over on the kitchen counter. Brian walked in and crossed the room and put the bags down on the kitchen counter. He looked a little nervous to me.

Danielle positioned herself between Brian and the door. She started to chat with him. After a little small talk, Danielle asked him what he thought of the outfit she was wearing. She then said, “Does it show too much skin?” Brian stumbled on his words a bit and managed to say that he felt it looked great on her.

Danielle then turned around and bent over. Of course, that gave Brian a great view of her ass. His eyes got huge again. She looked back at him while still bent over and said, “Does it show off my ass nicely?”

Here comes Brian stumbling on his words again. Watching Danielle flirt is always extremely exciting, and fun.

She stood back up and moved closer to Brian. He kept looking over at me. I just smiled, crossed my legs, and sipped on my drink. He did not know how to react towards Danielle’s flirting.

Danielle moved in a little closer to him, so they were less than a foot apart from each other.

She then asked him if they were dancing, how would the outfit feel to him. Was it soft enough? Does it allow for enough skin to be touched?

Danielle then put her arms around his neck and said, “Maybe it would be easier for you to tell if we just danced a little.” She took one of her hands down from his neck and placed it on his hand. She then moved his hand to her exposed hip and then placed hers back around his neck.

She said to Brian, “Put your other arm around me and hold me tight.” He looked over at me again and I smiled and nodded my head. I reached over to the stereo and started playing a nice slow song for them.

The two of them started to dance. I could see that Danielle was grinding on him a little and had her head nuzzled down on his shoulder and neck.

After they danced a little, Danielle moved one of her hands down to the small of his back. She left it there for a moment and then moved it down and squeezed one of his ass cheeks. I could see Brian tense up when she did that.

She left her hand on his ass and started to play with it while they danced. Even though Danielle was talking in a soft voice to him, I could tell what she was saying. Danielle said to him, “If you want to play with my ass, it’s OK. I like it.”

I could see Brian slowly moving his hand lower. Actually, very slowly. He was moving it at a snail’s pace.

Eventually his hand did reach her ass. When it did, Danielle moaned a little in his ear. Brian immediately looked over at me again. I just smiled and nodded at him like I was giving him approval to sexually molest my wife. I was really enjoying the show.

I could tell Danielle was whispering something in his ear but could not understand what she told him this time. Whatever she said seemed to relax him a bit.

Brian was apparently much more comfortable with the situation now. He moved his hand down to the base of her skirt and then slid it back up under her skirt. I could see he was massaging and playing with her ass cheek.

Danielle reacted to this by moaning a little more in his ear. I could also see that she was breathing on his neck and occasionally nibbling on his earlobe.

When they turned a little, Danielle looked over at me and winked. She then went back to seducing Brian.

She moved her head back a little and started kissing Brian. He still looked nervous but was responding to her sexual advances. When the song ended, she took Brian’s hand and led him over to the couch I was sitting on.

She sat down beside me and patted the area beside her and told Brian to sit next to her. Danielle finally introduced the two of us. I really think that she should have before she went after him. But Danielle will be Danielle.

I got up and made the three of us some drinks and brought them back and sat them on the end tables. I then sat back down beside Danielle and placed my hand on her thigh.

The three of us chatted a bit and that seemed to relax Brian more. Danielle took his hand and placed it on her other thigh. He actually started to rub the top of her thigh after a minute or two.

I reached over and grabbed the TV remote. I turned on the TV and put on a porn that was about a two guy one girl threesome. I did this to try to set the mood and give Brian some visual hints.

I moved my hand to the inside of Danielle’s thigh and started to caress it. Danielle then opened her legs wide and placed each of her legs between ours. She tilted her hips up to get her mini skirt to ride up and expose the bottom of the leather teddy she was wearing.

She leaned her head back and started kissing me. She then moved her head over towards Brian and started kissing him. She went back and forth kissing each of us.

Brian then moved his hand to her other inner thigh and started to caress it. I let my hand slide up to her pussy and back to her thigh several times. When I did this, Danielle moaned with passion. Brian followed my lead and did the same thing. Danielle moaned a little louder.

I then reached up and unsnapped the bottom of her leather teddy to expose her freshly shaved pussy. She looked at Brian and asked him if he liked her little landing strip. He smiled at her and started to play with her pussy gently. Danielle leaned her head back and moaned a little louder.

I reached over to the end table and grabbed a bottle of lube. I poured a little out on my fingers and rubbed it into Danielle’s pussy opening. I then slid two fingers deep inside her and started to play with her G-spot. She moaned louder.

Brian then inserted a single finger inside her along with mine and started to move it in and out. Danielle moaned louder. He then pulled his finger out and started to massage her clit. Danielle started to move her hips a little and moan more often.

I then told Danielle to stand up and we would remove her clothes so she could be more comfortable. She stood up and I looked at Brian and told him that he could have the honors.

Brian slowly undressed her while I was playing with her pussy. I could tell that she was getting very wet already. Once all of her clothes were off, Brian sat back down on the couch. Danielle then dropped down to her knees between Brian’s legs and unhooked his belt. She then unzipped his pants and pulled them off. She started to lick his already hard cock and that got Brian starting to moan a little.

Danielle started to give him a blowjob. She was going up and down on his cock slowly to tease him. He seemed to really enjoy that.

While Danielle was giving Brian a blowjob, I stood up and removed all of my clothing and then sat back down on the couch to watch them.

Danielle started to deep throat Brian’s cock. That was driving him crazy. She then stood up and unbuttoned his shirt so she could see his chest. Danielle climbed onto his lap and slid his cock inside of her wet pussy. She started to pump up and down on his cock while she played with his chest.

The longer Danielle rode his cock, the louder Brian moaned. Hearing him seemed to excite Danielle, as she started to moan louder and louder.

I could tell that Danielle was about to orgasm. Her body started to tremble a little. I told Brian to hold her tight. She then started to orgasm while Brian’s cock was deep inside her. She continued to ride his cock slowly as she enjoyed the feeling that followed after she orgasmed.

After a few minutes more, Brian was starting to moan loudly, and you could tell he was about to explode. Danielle stood up and dropped to her knees between Brian’s legs and started to suck his cock again.

As she could feel Brian about to orgasm, she started to suck his cock deeper and faster. He let out one last moan as he came in Danielle’s mouth. She continued to suck on him slowly until she had sucked out the last drop of cum from his cock.

She then told Brian to lie back on the couch. Once he did, she climbed up on the couch and straddled his face. She lowered her pussy down onto his mouth so he could lick and eat her pussy.

After several minutes, I could tell that Danielle was getting closer to having a second orgasm. So, I stood up and bent her over so she could lick on Brian’s limp cock as he continued to eat her.

I grabbed the lube once again and put lube on Danielle’s asshole and started to play with it. I played with the outside of it until I could tell that her asshole relaxed. I then started sliding a few fingers in and out. Danielle started to moan much louder.

I then positioned myself where I could penetrate her anally with my cock. I started out just penetrating her an inch or so, I then started to pump my cock in and out of her ass going deeper and deeper until I was all the way in.

Danielle started to shake, and I could feel her muscles around her pussy and ass starting to pulsate and contract. I knew she was close to having a very powerful orgasm.

I started to fuck her anally harder and harder while Brian was eating her pussy. Danielle finally exploded into a full body orgasm. Her entire body was trembling, and she was screaming in ecstasy. I came inside her and started moaning myself.

Her orgasm seemed to last a long time. Even after she collapsed, I could feel her body twitching and pulsating on my cock. The three of us just laid there collapsed onto each other. I could feel Danielle breathing heavily.

After the three of us had recovered from a great threesome, we sat back up on the couch to talk. I then realized that we never did eat the food Danielle had ordered.