A friend of ours has a very luxurious yacht and while he was visiting, told us that he was taking out a bunch of guys for a day trip to do a photo shoot for a beefcake calendar and to party. He wanted to know if we would like to come along. He did mention that I would be the only girl on the yacht though. He asked me if that would be a problem. I told him it depended on what the guys looked like.

He said that they were all fitness instructors and showed me last year’s beefcake calendar of them. I flipped through the calendar and told him that I was keeping it. I looked at Roy and told him that I really want to go. Of course, he agreed and said, “Count us in, Tanner.”

The day trip was next Tuesday. I started thinking. 12 Hot calendar guys, Roy, and Tanner. I need a new bikini! So, I went out and found a super sexy and very tiny black thong bikini and bought it. I also found a sexy sheer Pareo to go with it. Now, I was ready for the yachting adventure on Tuesday.

Roy and I arrived at the dock and Tanner greeted us and told us to come aboard. He said it would be about 30 minutes before the guys arrived and to just make ourselves at home. I went straight for the bar and made myself a drink. I took my drink on deck and found a nice comfy lounge chair to relax in and sip my drink. Roy and Tanner joined me on deck. The three of us chatted about how we met about a year ago. Roy and I met Tanner at a swingers club. Let’s just say, I know Tanner very well.

Three limos pulled up at the dock and Tanner said that should be the guys. I moved over to the railing to watch the guys as they got out of the limos and came aboard. I was liking what I was seeing. Every one of them gave me nice little tingles just looking at them. At that moment, I decided I was very glad we came.

A few minutes later, the photographer came and brought all of his equipment on board. This was going to be fun. I was on a very luxurious yacht, and I was going to get to watch a photo shoot of a bunch of sexy guys. I was a very happy girl. I’ll admit it, I was also getting a little horny looking at the guys. I think I’m gonna need another drink.

Once all the guys and photographer were on board, we pulled out of the dock and headed for open water. When we got offshore a mile or so, Tanner told the photographer that he was free to use the entire yacht for the photo shoot. He then explored the yacht to decide where he wanted to photograph the guys for the calendar.

I asked the photographer if I could tag along and watch the photo shoot. He looked at me and smiled. He told me to feel free to follow him all I wanted and that he would love the female prospective on some of the photo ideas. So, I got myself another drink, wrapped the Pareo around my bikini bottom and told him to lead the way and I would follow.

Watching these hot guys strip down to just their bathing suits was extremely fun. It was also turning me on to the point that I wanted to just jump a few of them. Actually, seeing this many hot guys almost naked was a little overwhelming. I caught myself almost hyperventilating a few times.

The photographer asked me if I would like to be in a few of the pictures with them. I looked at him with a big smile and said, “Love to!” He thought for a second and then told me he had a few ideas that would make great pictures.

The first picture he took he had one of the guys toss me over his shoulder and act like he was walking. That guy was strong, he had me up and over his shoulder in seconds. I actually let out a little squeal when he picked me up. I can say one thing, from my vantage point looking down his back, he has a really nice butt.

The next picture he had me laying back on the couch partially sitting up. He had two of the guys pose like they were feeding me grapes. I liked that one.

Another picture he took was with me standing between two of the guys with our arms around each other. I got to admit, I could not resist, and slid my hands down to both of their butts and grabbed a handful. I came on this boat ride to have a little fun, so I did.

After the photo shoot was done, everyone met back in the main living room area of the yacht for an after party. Tanner had setup a huge food spread and bar. I made myself a drink and grabbed a few little snacks and started to mingle with everyone.

I don’t know what got into me, but I was like kid in a candy store. I had to keep checking to make sure I was not drooling while looking at all the hot guys. I danced with several of the guys and flirted with all of them. Since I was all hot and bothered, I wanted everyone else to be, too.

Roy came over and asked me if I was having a good time. I told him I was, but it could be a lot better. I winked at him, and he knew exactly what I was thinking. He told me to go for it then. I told him that I definitely planned to but was not sure how to get the party going.

I decided to remove my Pareo so I could show off my butt better. I made sure I bent over several times to look at things in the room. I could see in the mirrors that I was getting their attention.

At that moment, I said that I was going to go out on the bow and get some sun, and if anyone wanted to join me, feel free. Roy and I went out on the bow area of the boat. I found a lounge chair near the front that fully reclined. I laid face down and undid my bikini top, so my back was totally bare. Roy sat down in a chair a little behind me and kicked off his shoes.

After a little while, several of the calendar guys came out on the bow of the boat. I asked one of them if he minded rubbing some suntan lotion on my back. He sat down on the edge of the recliner and grabbed the bottle of suntan lotion. He dripped it down my back to the top of my bikini bottom and rubbed it in nice and slow. I moaned a little and felt myself pooching my butt up just a little.

I asked the other guy if he could rub some on the back of my legs for me. He kneeled down near my legs and started to rub suntan lotion on my legs. I spread my legs open and told him not to miss my inner thighs. I felt him squirt lotion on my upper thighs and rub it down my inner thighs. I know I started moaning a bit too loud, but it felt really good.

I then pooched my butt up and told them to not forget my butt. They each applied lotion to a butt cheek. I pooched my butt up nice and high to make it easy for them.

I asked them if they minded applying lotion to the front of me. Neither objected and I turned over. Of course, since my top was untied, it fell off. I said, “Oops… I forgot I had untied that.” I smiled and laid back on the recliner topless.

They rubbed suntan lotion over the front of my body and seemed to pay a little extra attention to my boobs. I then spread my legs nice and wide and told them to lotion the creases between my legs and pussy because I tend to burn there. They both looked a little nervous but did rub lotion where I told them. When they were applying lotion to beside my pussy, I raised my hips a little and moaned.

I heard Roy say to grab the little tease and bring her over here. Both of the guys took my arms and put them around their necks and scooped me up off of the lounge chair. I let out a little scream because it startled me. I decided to pretend I was struggling a little and told them to put me down. But only for a second because I was actually enjoying it.

They carried me over to Roy in basically a sitting position. When they got close to him, Roy stood up out of the chair and he told them to open my legs. Roy then pulled the side strings to my bikini bottom and untied them. I liked where this was going. I think I’m going to owe Roy for helping to get the party started.

Roy then removed my bikini bottoms and sat back down. He told the two guys to bring her over nice and close and to spread my legs wide. When they did, Roy grabbed both of my butt cheeks and buried his face in my pussy. When he started eating me, I gasped, titled my head back a little, and started to moan loudly. It was feeling great!

I then looked up at one of the guys and he leaned his head towards mine and started to kiss me. I looked over at the other guy and he did the same. I went back and forth between kissing the two guys while Roy was eating me. I was enjoying this a lot.

Roy stopped eating me and told them to put me down. He then looked at the guys and said, “Now that she is warmed up, let’s see how much trouble she can get into.” I thought, me, a whole lot of sexy guys almost naked, and me very horny now. What trouble could I possibly get into?

I then looked around and saw several more guys watching us. One was rubbing himself a little through his bathing suit. I made a bee line for him and said, “Can I help you with that?” He looked a little nervous, so I told him to stand up. Once he did, I slid his swim trunks off. I told him to sit back down. I then spread his legs open and knelt down between them and started sucking on his cock. It got hard extremely quickly.

Two of the guys came over and started to rub my back and butt while I was sucking on him. One ran their fingernails up my back and that felt really nice. I moaned a little when he did that.

I moved myself more to a doggy style position while I was giving him a blowjob. I felt the other two guys hand start to play with my butt cheeks. One hand slid down to my pussy and started to massage it. I pooched my butt up a little so it would be easier for him to play with me.

I then felt someone else moving between my legs. He grabbed both of my butt cheeks and spread them apart. I then felt his tongue licking my asshole very gently. That got me moaning a little louder.

I could feel the guy’s cock throbbing that I was sucking. He started to moan. A few seconds later I could feel him shooting his warm cum inside my mouth. I let some of it drip out for the other guys to see that he came. I then licked the rest off of his cock. I then stood up and walked across the deck. I could see I had a trail of guys following me.

I then said, “Why does everyone still have on clothes? Since I’m naked, you guys have to be naked to.” Most quickly took off the clothes they were wearing. A few had to be teased a little to get them to disrobe. But, in the end, we were all naked.

I then heard Tanner holler out the window from the bridge to feel free to use the estate bedroom. I smiled at him and Roy and I, and the trail of sexy guys headed for the main bedroom. When we went inside, it had a king size bed and a few couches and chairs. It was very luxurious.

Roy helped me up on the bed and told me that this was my party and to have fun. I laid back on the bed and spread my legs open nice and wide. Roy sat down beside me and started to caress my boobs. I felt someone else climbing on the bed with us. In fact, I felt several of the guys getting onto the bed.

Two of the guys started to caress the insides of my thighs. They would rub their fingers up to my pussy and back down towards my knees. This was getting me very hot. I then felt someone starting to eat me. I moaned very loudly when he did. I could feel a few little trembles throughout my body.

I pulled my legs up towards my chest and then felt him slide his tongue down to my ass. That got me moaning even louder and shaking a little more. It was feeling great. I then saw another guy pass him a bottle of lube. He then applied it gently to my ass in little circles.

A few moments later, I felt him slide a finger inside my ass while he was sucking on my clit. OK, that felt really good. He finger-fucked my ass while eating my pussy for several minutes. I was getting more and more worked up. I wanted to be fucked bad.

I sat up and said I wanted to be on top a bit. I asked for a volunteer to lay down on the bed. I got several volunteering. I picked one that was already hard and told him to lie down.

I straddled his body and lowered myself onto his cock while facing his chest. I moaned and gasped as his cock penetrated my pussy and slid deep inside me. I started grinding on him and squeezing his chest. Two other guys were kissing on my neck and playing with my boobs. They were also caressing my back and butt. I was loving this.

A few minutes later, I leaned down towards the guy I was riding and started to kiss him a little. I then felt someone behind me applying lube to my ass. He slid a finger inside me and started to finger-fuck my ass. I told him I wanted more. He then slid two fingers inside me and started to pump them in and out. This was feeling fantastic. But I wanted even more.

A minute or so later, I could feel that he was moving into a position so he could take me anally. He slid his cock deep into my ass very slowly. I gasped and started to moan again. I loved the sensations from being fucked in my pussy and ass at the same time. It was overwhelming but drove me wild. The sensations made me want more and more.

I could see Roy off to the side of me and I motioned for him to get up close. I leaned over and started to suck his cock. I took him as deep as I could into my throat. I could hear him starting to moan with me. The two guys continued to fuck me while I gave Roy a blowjob. All this was sexually exciting me, almost more than I could handle. But there was no way I was going to stop!

I could feel the guy’s cock in my ass starting to throb. He was thrusting a little harder. I then felt him cumming inside me. It felt great, but I wanted more. When he pulled out of me, I motioned another guy to take his place. He got up behind me and lubed up his cock. He then slid it in my ass and started to fuck me.

I could the feel Roy getting close to cumming. I deep throated him several times and he came in my mouth. I continued to suck him slowly until he could not take anymore. I then went back to concentrating on how great being double penetrated felt.

I soon started to orgasm. This one was causing my entire body to shake a lot. I had to collapse onto the guy below me. I held on to him tight. He reached his arms around me and squeezed. I came and came. It was like the orgasm was going to last forever. The guys started fucking me harder in both holes. I was in pure ecstasy. I believe I bit down on the guy’s chest when I finally exploded, and my body went limp.

I could feel both of the guy’s cocks throbbing as they came deep inside me. It felt extremely soothing. I loved it. I was extremely sexually satisfied. I just laid there on top of the one guy while the other one collapsed on top of me. I could feel a few of the other guys caressing the sides of my legs. It all felt great. I could just lay here like this for a long time.

This was one yachting adventure that I would never forget.