Roy and I were going to a new swingers club tonight. We both decided to dress to kill since this would be our first visit to this club. We like to make an impression when we go to a club or out on the town.

We took a ride share to the new swingers club. When the car pulled up to the club, we could see that it was huge. When the car drove up to the front entrance, a valet opened the door to the car and helped me out. This was already starting out very nicely.

After we checked in at the club reception we ventured into the club. We looked around and found a table near the dance floor and sat down. A very scantily clad good-looking guy came up to our table and took our cooler of drinks to the back for us. He told us whenever we want something from our cooler to just ask one of the hosts or hostesses.

I don’t know what got into me, but I reached over and grabbed a handful of ass cheek. He just smiled and asked me if I liked it. I smiled back at him and licked my lips. I could already tell that I liked this new swinger club.

I noticed a cute couple on the dance floor and pointed them out to Roy. Roy agreed with me and thought she was hot. So, we decided to say hi to them when they left the dance floor.

When they went to exit the dance floor, I looked at him and smiled. I said hi and introduced myself. Roy stood up and introduced himself. He took the girl’s hand, raised it, and kissed the back of it. She actually blushed a little.

We asked Carl and Gema to sit down and join us. They said that they would love too. Roy pulled a chair out for Gema and slid it in as she sat down. She seemed to like that.

I motioned to the male hostess that took our cooler to come over to the table. Once he was there, Gema and I both grabbed an ass cheek and squeezed. I asked him if he could please go get a few things from our cooler for us. He said he would love to but we had to release the death grip on his ass so he could. We both smiled and reluctantly let go.

As he walked away, I could see Gema had her eye on him too. I asked her if it was OK for us to grab a host like we did. I did not want to do anything to get in trouble on our first visit.

Gema explained to me that the hosts and hostesses were swingers like us and volunteer to help out. She also said most volunteer for the extra sexual attention they get. Dirty evil thoughts started running through my head after hearing that.

When he returned with our drinks, Gema reached over and unzipped his pants. She then reached in and pulled out his cock and started sucking on it. My eyes got really big when he got an erection. He was huge!

Gema glanced over at me and pointed his cock my way. She said, “Go for it girl, I can see you want it.”

I did not hesitate at all and started to suck on his massive cock. We went back and forth sucking his cock for several minutes. Gema then put his cock back in his pants and slowly zipped his pants back up. She then smacked him on the ass and told him that was all he got for now. He bent over and gave each of us a kiss and went back to work.

After the four of us chatted a bit longer, I felt Gema’s hand rubbing the inside of my thigh. I leaned over towards her to give her a kiss. She met me halfway. She started playing with my pussy as we kissed. I moved my hand down to her legs and slid it up under her dress.

After a few minutes we both started talking to the guys while still playing with each other under the table.

I was very happy to know that she was bisexual. I was starting to get really turned on. I really like this new club.

After another drink, I suggested that the four of us go find a playroom. Everyone agreed that it was a great idea. So, we headed to the locker room to take off our street clothes and then go find a playroom.

When we got to the locker room, Roy and Carl helped to undress me. I liked that. They then helped to undress Gema. I could tell Roy was having a good time by the smile on his face.

Once the four of us were nude, we walked to the the playroom area. Gema said, “I have a great idea!” Gema turned to me and asked, “Danielle, have you ever experienced a glory hole?” I told her that I knew what one was, but I had never even seen one in person.

She said, “Well then, we all need to go to the glory hole room so Danielle can experience one.”

I thought about it for a second and looked at Roy and said, “Why not? Could be fun.” Roy said, “Let’s do it.”

Gema then led us to another area in the club that had three doors. The first door said, “Male Glory Holes.” The second door said, “Glory Hole Lounge.” The third door said, “Female Glory Holes.”

Gema opened the door that said “Female Glory Holes” on it. I was a little confused. I knew a glory hole was a hole in the wall that a guy would stick his cock through and on the other side someone would give him a blowjob. But what was a female glory hole?

We entered the dimly lit room, and I could hear a few girls sexually moaning. There were several curtained off areas against the wall that the glory hole lounge was on the other side of.

One of the curtained off areas was open. Gema grabbed my hand, and we all went into that area. There was a narrow, padded platform built into the wall. At the end where it was attached to the wall, I could see a large oval shaped opening. It had padding all around the opening.

Gema told me to lie down on the platform face up and to pull my legs up and back like I was going to have sex. I was getting a little nervous now. I had no idea what was going to happen. But I told myself that I wanted to experience new sexual things.

Once I was lying down on the platform and had my legs pulled up and spread wide, Carl and Roy helped to slide me down to the oval shaped opening.

The guys slid me down until my ass and pussy were about five or six inches into the opening. Once I was in place, Carl adjusted the leg supports so I could keep my legs spread wide and pulled back comfortably.

Once I was in this unusual contraption, it was extremely comfortable. Gema then told me that nothing was going to happen until I was ready. That helped me to relax a little. I was still very nervous though.

Roy and Carl were standing on each side of me. I reached out and started stroking their cocks. Gema started to massage my temples to relax me. That felt really good.

She bent over and kissed me and fondled my breasts from time to time as I relaxed. Once she saw that I was relaxed, she told the guys to leave and find something to stick their cocks in. She actually told them to shoo. I like her.

Once the guys left, Gema explained how a female glory hole works. She told me that on each side of the platform was a switch. If I turned on the switch on my right side, that would signal to the people in the glory hole lounge that I wanted to be sexually pleasured.

She then told me if I turn on the switch on my left side, that alerted everyone that I wanted to be pleasured anally.

Gema told me that I could turn on either switch or both when I wanted. She also explained that if anything got too intense and I needed a rest, I could turn off both switches and the rule was anyone sexually pleasuring you had to stop until you turned a switch back on.

This was starting to get interesting. One thing I immediately thought about was that nobody in the lounge area could see me. Except for what was sticking through the glory hole.

That helped to relaxed me a lot. I knew that I could let my hair down and respond anyway I wanted without anyone seeing me. Just thinking that gave me a very strong tingle down below.

Gema started to massage my tits and lower abdomen. That felt very good, and I was enjoying it.

She then straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I started eating her. She tasted good. She started to moan a little and told me to turn on one of the switches when I was ready.

At this point I was getting very sexually excited. So I reached down to the switch on my right side and turned it on. I started playing with Gema’s ass while I ate her very wet pussy.

After a minute or so, I felt someone on the other side of the wall playing with my pussy very gently. I got a little nervous again, but it felt really good. So, I just let things happen and enjoyed touching and eating Gema.

Whoever was playing with my pussy started to massage my clit. This got me even more sexually excited.

I then felt some pressure on my pussy and felt a hard cock slide deep into me. It felt strange not being able to see who was fucking me. But it felt really good.

I could feel his cock going in and out of me. I could also tell he was massaging my clit at the same time. This got me breathing a little harder.

After he fucked me for several minutes, I could hear the guy moaning while he orgasmed. Hearing him got me even more excited.

After he pulled out of me, I felt pressure on my pussy again. This time the cock I felt entering me was much larger. I gasped a little and moaned as he penetrated me. The fullness felt wonderful.

I started thinking, was that Roy and Carl? Or was it two total strangers? Not knowing seemed to turn me on.

I continued to play with Gema while someone was fucking me deep and hard. I started to moan loudly, and he started to fuck me harder. After a few more minutes, I had an amazing orgasm. I could feel him cumming and his dick throbbing inside me. WOW was that intense!

Once he pulled out of me, I felt someone eating me. It was gentle and I figured that it must be a girl eating my pussy. I relaxed and enjoyed the sensations she was giving me.

Once the girl in the lounge stopped eating me, I just laid there for several minutes. It was actually very suspenseful. I had no idea when someone else was going to touch me.

A few more minutes passed and then I felt someone applying lube to my pussy. I was already extremely wet, so I was not sure why they thought I needed lube. WOW! Did I soon find out why!

I felt several fingers start to finger fuck me. The person kept pushing their hand deeper inside me. I was extremely relaxed, so they were able to get their fingers in pretty deep.

They then pulled their fingers out of me, and I could feel pressure on my pussy opening. I felt him slide his cock into me just a little and then he paused.

I quickly realized that he was extremely well endowed. He then slid his huge cock a little deeper inside me. I was feeling a stretch that I never felt before. But I was so relaxed, it felt amazing.

He slowly started to move his cock in and out of me. Every few minutes he would go a little deeper inside me. I really loved the way he was taking his time and letting me get used to his size and length.

Once I was fully relaxed and extremely sexually excited, he was able to go deep inside me with his massive cock. The fullness feeling was beyond anything I have ever felt. It was slightly painful, but it was a good type of pain. It was an amazing stretching and fullness feeling that made my body start to tremble.

Gema started to massage my lower abdomen while he was fucking me with deep strokes. She looked up at me and smiled. She said she could feel him going in and out of me.

She took my hand and placed it on my abdomen so I could feel it. I gasped big time as feeling his cock through my abdomen was moving me closer to orgasm. I never felt something like this before.

She told me to squeeze down like I was trying to give him a handjob through my abdomen. I did and the guy on the other side of the wall started moaning extremely loud. I was really enjoying feeling his cock and hearing him moan.

I was so sexually excited I started screaming in passion. I started to orgasm. My entire body started to shake uncontrollably. I started to get louder and louder. I heard him getting louder and could tell he was close to cumming. He started to fuck me hard with his massive cock.

I had a total body orgasm that was way beyond any orgasm I have ever had. I could feel him orgasming at the same time. His cock was pulsating deep inside me. I could feel his cum squirting inside me for what felt like minutes. He seemed to keep cumming and cumming. I could feel his cum dripping out of me and down my ass. It tickled and I liked it.

While the guy and I were cumming, Gema was also having an orgasm from me eating her. All three of us screaming at the same time was incredible.

After he and I finished cumming, he left his cock inside me but kept it still. It felt very good. Gema started to kiss me and asked if I enjoyed the glory hole experience. I just smiled with a big grin on my face at her. I then told her that I wanted to do this again from time to time.

After several more minutes, I felt him pulling out of me. I had a totally relaxed feeling come over my entire body. I could then feel that someone was cleaning me up very gently. That was also very relaxing.

Once my body quit shaking, Gema helped me out of the glory hole. We left the room and decided to see if Roy and Carl where in the glory hole lounge.

When we went inside, we saw both of them pleasuring two of the women that were in the female glory holes. We sat down on one of the couches and enjoyed watching the two of them having fun.

I then notice that the host that Gema and I really liked was in the room also. He came over and sat down beside us and asked if we had a good time. I asked him if he was one of the guys that fucked me. He just smiled and kissed me. He took my hand and placed it on his cock and looked me in the eyes and said, “Yes, and your pussy felt amazing.”

As I sat there reliving the experience I just had, I thought to myself, maybe next time I’ll turn on both switches. I know I had a big smile on my face as everyone in the room was smiling back at me.