We received an email from the underground sex club we recently joined that they added a new sex playroom. The email just teased about what it actually was. It only said the new room was called “The Wheel of Sex.”

I told Roy about it, and we were both very curious about what it could be. So, we decided to go to the sex club this weekend to see what it was all about. I really like going to the sex club because they send a limo to pick up all the girls and the guys have to take a cab, or a ride share. The club treats all the female members like royalty. I love it!

Now I just need to figure out what I am going to wear to the club. I decided to borrow an idea from our friend Julia who is also a member. The last time I saw her, all she wore was a very short and sexy robe. So, I decided I was going to wear an extremely short red satin robe, a red thong and red heels. That’s it, nothing else.

Roy decided to dress casually. He was going to wear nice fitting designer jeans, a red dress shirt to match me, and a black sports jacket.

I was looking forward to going to the sex club all week. Saturday finally arrived and the two of us got dressed up and ready to go. Roy called a ride share and headed to the club. I decided to have a little drink while I was waiting for my limo to arrive.

The knock at the door finally came. I walked over to the front door and opened it. I was expecting to see one of the usual hot guy limo drivers, but it was a female driver this time. She looked extremely sexy in her very short limo driver skirt and top. She looked me up and down and smiled. She then said, “Are you ready to come with me Danielle?” I nodded yes with a big smile on my face. She then said, “May I take your robe?” I think I like her. She laughed a little and put her arm out to escort me to the waiting car.

She opened the back door for me, and I climbed into the limo. There were three other girls in the limo that she had picked up. I introduced myself to them and they all thought the tiny robe idea was great. The four of us got to know each other on the ride to the sex club.

All three of them were also going to the club to find out what the wheel of sex room was all about. We all had fun making wild guesses about what it was. I was getting a little horny just trying to figure it out. It looked like the three of them were also.

One of the girls that was sitting across from me said, “I have got to see what you are wearing under that robe.” She then reached over and opened up my robe. When she saw that all I had on was a thong, she smiled and looked at me very seductively. I leaned towards her and gave her a kiss. The other two girls started cheering us on. They kind of sounded like a couple of guys making cat calls at a sexy girl walking by.

I climbed over into her lap, and we gave them a little show. OK, I’m super horny now! But we are almost at the club. So, not enough time for even a quickie with her. I told her that we would have to finish what we started later tonight. She agreed with me. I slid back over to my seat as the limo pulled up to the front door of the sex club.

The sexy driver opened our door and helped each of us out of the limo. The driver slipped a piece of paper into the front of my thong and winked at me. Once I was inside, I took the piece of paper out of my thong to see what it was. She had given me her number and wrote a note for me that said that she thought I was hot and to text her if I wanted. Going to have to get Roy to put it in his wallet until we get home.

I looked around and found Roy and told him about the note. He smiled at me and tucked it in his wallet for safe keeping. We talked for a minute, gave each other a kiss, and agreed to meet in the wheel of sex room about an hour after it was open. We wanted to wait till the rush to see the new room was pretty much over. We then headed off separately to mingle with the party guests.

I went and found Amber, the girl I was kissing in the limo. I wanted to see if she wanted to mingle with me. She said that she would love to see what type of trouble the two of us could find or get into. She did make me promise to introduce her to Roy sometime tonight. I told her that Roy will just love her.

The two of us walked around and flirted with several guys and a few girls. We had a little game going. When we saw someone that gave us the tingles, we walked over to them and then started making out and groping each other in front of them. We would then both look at them and say at the same time, “Want to play with both of us?” We would not give them the chance to reply. We would just move close to them and start rubbing and kissing on them. Not a single person male or female that we did that to seemed to mind at all.

Amber and I had a lot of fun playing our little flirting game. I noticed that it was a little after 11:30 PM. The sex rooms opened at 11:30 PM and everyone staying for the sex party had to be nude by midnight. I suggested to Amber that we use one of the stripper poles in the main socializing area to take each other’s clothes off.

She loved the idea and we headed over to the stage to have some fun. When we got to the stage, we asked two sexy guys to please help us up on the stage. They both quickly agreed and helped us up. After 11:30 PM all the DJ plays is slow sexy songs that are perfect to erotically strip to.

Amber and I started dancing on the pole pretending it was a giant cock we were both worshiping. The guys watching us seemed to love it. As we danced, we slowly took each other’s clothes off. Amber, of course, had more on than I did. But not for long.

Once we were both naked, we started kissing and playing with each other as we danced. We got some great cat calls from the guys and a few girls. I dropped down to my knees and put one of Amber’s legs over my shoulder and started to eat her pussy. That got the guys really going. She tasted really good also.

It was a little after midnight when we decided to go secure our clothes in our lockers. We looked down at the guys and asked them who wanted to help us off the stage. I think every one of them raised their hands and offered to help us down. I looked at Amber and said, “You pick two and I’ll pick two.”

We picked our guys and had them help us down off the stage. Of course, we had to give them hugs and kisses and a little groping for helping us. All the attention made me feel very desirable. I loved it.

Once Amber and I secured our clothing in our lockers, we headed to the sex rooms to do some exploring until it was time to meet up with Roy in the wheel of sex room. We decided to go hangout in the girls only room until then and get to know each other better.

We went inside the girls only sex room and found an empty bed. We laid down on the bed facing each other so we could caress each other’s bodies while we talked. I know I was starting to get really wet. I decided to check and see if Amber was also. I moved one of my hands down between her thighs and slid it slowly up to her pussy. She opened her legs wider as I did this. When I reached her pussy, I felt that she was very wet.

I slid two fingers inside her and fingered her for a little bit. She looked directly into my eyes and started to moan. I pulled my fingers out of her and placed them in my mouth so I could taste her. That seemed to turn her on big time.

She put her hand on my left leg just above my knee and pulled my legs open. She then moved her head down and laid it on my inner thigh. She started to play with my pussy and blow on it gently. WOW, did that feel good.

She then started to eat me and tickle my ass with her finger. That made me start to moan. I wanted to continue what we were doing but it was time for us to go meet Roy in the new sex room. So, the two of us headed to the wheel of sex room extremely horny. We both looked at each other and agreed that this new room better be good.

When we got to the new sex room, Roy was waiting for me just outside. I greeted him and introduced him to my new friend Amber. She jumped up on him, wrapped her arms and legs around him, planted a big kiss on his lips and said, “Hi, I’m Amber. Want to fuck me?” Roy actually stuttered on his words and looked over at me. I said, “I think you should answer her question.” He looked at her in the eyes and said, “Yes!” He then grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and kissed her back.

I told the two of them to save that for later. We were here to check out the new wheel of sex room. I thought I was going to have to hose the two of them down to break them up for a minute. I guess Roy approves of my new friend.

The three of us then entered the new wheel of sex room to see what it was all about. There were three large padded round tables in the room. You could hear a lot of girls and a few guys moaning. The room was filled with a lot of sexual energy. The sounds alone were making me extremely horny. I saw Amber was biting on her lower lip while looking around. I could tell she was getting very horny too. Roy? He basically looked like a kid in a candy store. Mouth open and wide-open eyes.

The three of us watched the action to see how the wheels of sex worked. I quickly could tell that this was going to be one of my top three favorite rooms.

The tables were round and padded. They were lower than regular table height. Each table had ten sections that girls would position themselves in doggy style with their butts facing out. Each section had an optional adjustable wedge that the girl could use to support her body weight in the doggy position.

Each position on the table had a pair of virtual reality goggles that the girl would put on. This would give her a 3D view looking down on the table. She could look around at herself, or another girl if she desired. It even had a control that you could use to zoom in and out.

Each position also had a pair of headphones the girl can put on. It had a selector in front of them where they could decide what they wanted to listen to. Each girl had a choice of listening to white noise, music, an erotic story, the sounds of the room, or they could set it so the headphones blocked all noise, and they could hear absolutely nothing.

The table would spin and stop in a position randomly about every five minutes. There were drawers under the table at each girl’s position that would spin with them.

Each of the drawers contained a large selection of different sex toys and a bottle of lube. Some of the sex toys were dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, anal probes, and several other types.

Guys and girls would stand around the table facing the girls that were on the table. Since each table held 10 girls, it would have spots on the floor for 10 guys or girls to stand on around the table.

When the table stops spinning, the person standing can start playing with the person on the table in front of them. They are allowed to do anything they want to the girl on the table.

After about five minutes, a bell rings and the table starts to spin again. Once it comes to a stop, the people standing on the outside of the table can start sexually playing with whatever girl is on the table is in front of them. This process of starting and stopping continues as long as there are active participants.

Hearing all the girls that were on the tables moaning got me having some major tingles. I looked at Amber and she was grinning from ear to ear. I said, “We got to try this.” She agreed and we looked at each of the wheels of sex in the room and found one that had two spots open side by side. We ran over and grabbed those two spots.

When I climbed on, I decided to use the wedge so I could relax my body more. Two guys helped to adjust it for me. Once I was comfortable, I put on the VR goggles and headphones. WOW, I could see everything going on in very vivid 3D.

It was a little strange at first looking down on myself. But I got used to it fairly quickly. I decided to set the headphones to listen to an erotic story. Once all the girls were in place and there were 10 people standing around the table, it started to spin slowly. My adrenalin was already starting to flow a little from not knowing what to expect. I reached over and felt around for Amber’s hand. I could feel Amber’s hand shaking a bit. So, I knew she was excited too.

When the table stopped turning, Amber squeezed my hand and then let go. I felt something moist sliding up and down my pussy. I used the VR goggles to see what was being done to me. A hot guy was licking my pussy. He started to slide his tongue in and out of me. He then started to suck on my clit. This felt really good. He knew how to eat a woman’s pussy.

Between listening to the erotic story and having my pussy eaten, I was really getting turned on. I started to moan a little and breathe a little deeper. I heard the bell and knew the table was about to start turning again. I kind of wanted him to keep eating me but was also excited to find out what was going to happen to me next.

When the table stopped, I felt someone playing with my pussy. I watched through the VR goggles, and it was a girl playing with me. I saw her pull the bottle of lube out of the drawer and poor some in her hand. She then applied the lube to me and her fingers. I watched her slide two fingers as far as they would go inside my pussy. I gasped a little because it felt so good. It made me moan and smile.

I decided that listening to the erotic story was distracting me a little. So, I set the headphones to silence. They canceled out all the noise in the room. The only thing I could hear was the very muffled sounds of me moaning. Not being able to hear seemed to intensify everything else.

She finger-fucked me and massaged my clit at the same time. She got me very horny. I then felt her slide three fingers inside me. That made me start to moan. I loved the full feeling. She then started to lick around my asshole while she played with my pussy. I tensed up and let out a much louder moan. I loved what she was doing to me.

When the table stopped turning next, I saw it was Roy behind me. He went down on me very quickly and started to eat me. I saw him reaching down into the drawer and pulling out the lube. He dripped it down the crack of my ass. It tickled a little when it reached my asshole. Roy then started drawing circles around my asshole while he was sucking on my clit. That felt really good.

He then slid one finger into my ass. I gasped and started to moan. He slid it in and out while he ate my pussy. He then slid a second finger inside my ass. I gasped again. It was really feeling good. When I watched him slide a third finger inside my ass, I moaned out very loudly. I thought I was about to cum it felt so good. He finger-fucked my ass and sucked on my clit until the bell rang and the table started to turn again.

When the table stopped turning, the guy standing behind me did not waste any time. He slid his cock deep into my pussy and started to fuck me. He felt fantastic inside me. I then felt him slide a finger into my ass. I moaned out very loud. I could feel my body starting to tremble. I was close to cumming and so was he.

He pulled out of me and shot his cum all over my back. I could feel it starting to drip down my sides. It really turned me on watching him cum in the VR goggles. I could zoom in and see my back covered with his cum. This time the bell seemed to ring extremely quickly. I guess I was just enjoying myself a lot.

When the table stopped turning this time, I felt a little pressure on my asshole and then felt a cock slide deep inside. Boy did I gasp big time. It felt great.

I looked around to see what Roy was doing. I saw that he was fucking Amber. Well, she did ask him if he wanted to fuck her. I could tell he was very close to cumming. So, I watched him fuck her while I was being taken anally. I started to moan much deeper.

I saw Roy tensing up. I then saw him thrusting her hard and staying deep inside her for a while each time. I knew he was cumming. That made me start to cum.

The guy that was playing with me fucked my ass for the entire five minutes. After seeing Roy cum, I started to scream a little from watching him, and the sensations I was feeling were driving me over the top. When the bell rang, I felt him pull his cock out of my ass slowly. That felt really good.

When the table stopped again, I could see the guy behind me was applying lube to a dildo. He then slid it into my ass and started pumping it in and out. I was starting to cum again. He then slid his cock into my pussy and started to fuck me with his cock while he fucked me in the ass with the dildo.

I could feel his cock throbbing as he started to cum inside me. He was thrusting deep inside me and then staying there while he came. It felt like he was cumming over and over. I loved the sensations of his warm cum shooting inside me.

My entire body started to tremble. I started screaming in ecstasy as I orgasmed. I was so glad I had the wedge under me because my entire body collapsed. I had a very strong full body orgasm and felt great. He pulled the dildo out of my ass and pulled his cock out of my pussy when the bell rang.

I felt really good and very sexually satisfied. But my body was trembling so much, I could not get off the table before it started to turn once again.

When the table stopped turning, I could see a girl behind me with a very long and intimidating anal probe in her hands. She was lubing it up from end to end. I got very nervous seeing how long it was. She applied a little lube to my ass and slid it in about three or four inches and started to slide it in and out of my ass. It felt really good. She also started to massage my clit. I quickly felt another orgasm starting to surface.

I felt the anal probe going in deeper and deeper as she fucked my ass with it. She was sliding it in and out very slowly. The sensation of it sliding inside me and being pulled out was driving me crazy. The sensations were amazing.

She had the anal probe so deep into me that I could feel the sensations of it being slid inside me for seven or eight seconds. I could also feel the sensations of it being pulled out for about the same amount of time.

Those long-lasting sensations caused my entire body to tense and relax over and over. My entire body started to shake. I had an anal orgasm that seemed to go on and on. I was in pure ecstasy. I was feeling extremely good. When the bell rang, I felt her pull the anal probe out of my ass very slowly. That sent shivers up and down my spine it felt so good.

When the table stopped turning this time, I was not sure I could take anymore. My body was spent. I looked through the VR goggles and saw the guy behind me had a Double dildo in his hand. He slid one end deep into my pussy and the other into my ass. He started fucking both my holes with it.

My entire body started to react to the sensations of being double penetrated. I started to scream again while my body trembled. I had another orgasm and this time I had several smaller ones over and over. I was feeling very euphoric and felt like I was about to blackout. When the bell rang, I somehow managed to raise my hand and say that I can’t take anymore.

I saw two of the guys place their hands on me and told me that they would help me down. One of them slid the headphones and VR goggles off of me. They then picked me up and helped me down. One of them picked me up and said that he would carry me to one of the beds so I could relax and recover.

When he placed me on the bed, he gave me a kiss and a little hug. Roy climbed up on the bed and cuddled with me. He asked me what I thought of the wheel of sex. I told him that I loved it and wanted to do it again. A few minutes later, I saw one of the guys carrying Amber over towards us. He placed her onto the bed beside me and said, I think this is yours.

Roy cuddled with both of us as Amber and I slowly recovered from the exhausting but amazing experience of the wheel of sex.