A Thrilling and Scary Adventure Outside My Comfort Zone in Public!

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Lately I had been craving doing something very sexual, but it had to be extremely sexually thrilling and scary at the same time. I wanted to do something that would get my adrenalin flowing even before the actual sex happens. I wanted a lot of sexual tension to be built up in me to the point I was about to explode. I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and see just how brave I could be.

This sexual craving had been growing for some time now, and I needed to fill it.

After talking about it with my husband and one of one of my female friends. We came up with a plan to help me fill my intense sexual cravings. My friend and I would dress up sexy and the three of us would go to a nightclub. We planned on making a game out of our idea. My husband would tell us sexually thrilling and scary things to do.

As the night went on, each sexual task he gave us would get more and more sexually daring. The first one of us that chickened out would lose. Just thinking about what he could tell us to do made me very horny. I will admit, I was also very nervous. Roy, my husband, has a very sexually wild imagination.

When we arrived at the nightclub and got settled in, I took a deep breath and said to Roy, “What do you want us to do first?” He smiled with a devilish grin and gave us our first sexual task. My friend and I both swallowed hard and knew we were in for a very sexually intense and scary night. And hopefully we would not get arrested. Let the hotwife games begin.

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