Recognizing swingers at a swingers club or party is easy. Recognizing possible swingers at regular bars and nightclubs is a lot more challenging but possible if you know what to look for.

So, how do you recognize swingers in bars and nightclubs?

When trying to identify swingers at bars and clubs, look at how they act and what they are wearing. Look for very friendly and flirtatious couples. Look for jewelry, clothing and accessories that indicate that they are swingers. You need to look for multiple signs, not just a single sign.

Let’s move on and explore in detail exactly what to look for when trying to recognize swingers at regular bars and nightclubs.

How to Recognize Swingers in Bars and Nightclubs

The signs you can look for to recognize swingers in bars and nightclubs are not always 100% accurate. This is not an exact science I’ll be discussing.

When trying to identify swingers that are out at regular bars and nightclubs, you have to take into consideration the entire picture and not just a single possible sign you see.

Many swingers are very private and do not want to be recognized as swingers in public.

The swingers that do want to be recognized while in bars and nightclubs will make it fairly easy for you to spot them. They will usually do something to make themselves known to other swingers.

Also, when reading through these ways to recognize swingers, keep in mind that some will only hint at it.

Swingers Tend to Be More Friendly Than Others at Bars

When looking for swingers in bars or nightclubs, the first thing you should do is look around the crowd and see what “couples” seem to be the friendliest.

They may be talking and laughing together and also looking around at the people that are at the bar or club. You may see them pointing other couples or singles out to each other.

If you do see a couple pointing out someone to their partner, watch the facial expressions and body language they use.

Here is an example. You see one partner point out someone to the other partner and they look back at their partner and smile and nod yes. This could be something as simple as pointing out something the person was wearing. It could also mean that one partner was asking the other if they might be interested in the person being pointed out.

Not all friendly couples are swingers and not all swingers are friendly. But, when you do spot a very friendly couple, you need to look closer at them for more positive signs that they are possible swingers.

Swingers Tend to Mingle More Than Others at Bars

Swingers are used to mingling with others. When at a bar or nightclub, look for the couples that are mingling more than others.

These couples will be getting to know many other couples and singles that are at the bar or club.

You will see them walking around and introducing themselves to others a lot more than other couples.

You may also see a couple that splits up and mingles with the crowd alone. You could see one partner talking to one couple while the other partner is talking to a group of single guys or girls.

Swingers tend to like to get to know others more than regular couples going to a bar.

Watch out for couples that are regulars and know a lot of other people at the bar or club. These are usually not swingers, they just happen to know a lot of people.

Watch for couples that seem to be introducing themselves to others and not just saying hi to someone they already know.

If you see a couple that is mingling with others and appear to be introducing themselves, look for more signs that they could possibly be swingers.

Swingers Tend to Be More Outgoing and Fun Loving Than Others at Bars

Watch for couples that seem to be very outgoing and look like they are having a lot of fun. Swingers tend to be more outgoing and fun loving than others at bars and nightclubs.

Especially look for couples that swap partners when dancing with a couple that they have been talking too. This could be a sign of a couple that has a semi or fully open relationship.

If they are slow dancing, pay attention to how friendly they are with the other couple they swapped partners with while dancing.

If you see a couple that one of the partners is out on the dance floor slow dancing, with someone else besides their partner, this could be a sign that they are swingers. This is especially true if they seem to get a little frisky with the person they are dancing with.

Keep in mind that some couples are just very outgoing and love to have fun. So, if you do see a very outgoing couple, watch them for other signs that they could be swingers.

Swingers Tend to Be More Flirtatious Than Others at Bars

When swingers are out at bars and nightclubs looking to meet others to swing with, they tend to be a lot more flirtatious than the normal flirt at a bar or nightclub.

Watch for couples that are flirting with other couples and singles. Watch for flirting that is a little more intense than regular singles flirting.

Is the couple making more physical contact with the couple they are flirting with than normal?

Swingers are intimate people in general. They tend to touch people they are talking with a lot more than what you normally see.

Especially watch how the two women are interacting. Since many female swingers are bisexual, you will see women flirting with women more than you normally see at a bar or club.

If you see the partners of the couple you are watching, flirting with others on their own, this could be a very good sign that they are swingers. Or at least an open-minded couple.

So, look for couples that are acting more like they are single. This can be a strong sign that they are swingers or possibly be interested in playing sexually with another couple.

One warning, some people are just big-time flirts and are not interested in sex with someone besides their partner. So, always look for additional signs that they could be swingers.

Swingers Sometimes Wear Identifying Jewelry and Accessories at Bars

If you have seen couples showing any of the signs I have mentioned, look closely at what they are wearing or carrying.

Swingers that are looking to meet other possible swingers will sometimes wear jewelry or have accessories that identify them as swingers.

I’ll start off with the jewelry that may indicate that they are swingers and then move to other jewelry and items that will be pretty much a sure sign that they are.

If you see a man wearing a black ring on his right hand, this could be a subtle sign that they are swingers.

Sometimes a woman wearing an anklet, toe ring or thumb ring, can be a sign that they are swingers.

Also look for couples where the woman is wearing her wedding ring on the right hand.

Be careful with those three possible signs as they may not mean that they are swingers. Notice the item they are wearing and ask about it. If they are swingers, they may just mention it.

Here are some signs to look for that you can almost bet on that they are swingers.

Watch for wristbands that have male and female gender symbols with the circles interlinked. On each side of these symbols, you will see either three plus signs or three minus signs.

If the wristband has three plus signs, that means the couple plays together. If it has three minus signs, that means the couple is open to each partner playing alone with others.

Look at any bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and earrings the woman partner may be wearing. Here is what to look for when looking at jewelry.

If you see a piece of jewelry that has what is known as “The Swing” (\_/) on it, they are most likely swingers. This is the symbol many swingers use to identify themselves to other swingers.

Pay close attention to any jewelry that has gender symbols on it. If you see more than one gender symbol on a piece of jewelry, they are most likely swingers or are very open minded about sex outside of their relationship.

Here are some of the gender symbol combinations to look for.

Two male and one female. They are interested in threesomes with another male.

Two female and one male. They are interested in threesomes with another female.

Two male and two female. The couple is interested in sexual adventures with another couple.

Three or more sets of male and female gender symbols. The couple is interested in group sex or orgies.

One female gender symbol and three or more male gender symbols. The couple is interested in having a gangbang or multiple guys pleasuring the female.

When looking at jewelry, also look for pineapples that are upside down. This is a symbol of a swinger looking for a party.

Be careful that it’s not just a piece of jewelry with a pineapple on it that has accidentally flipped upside down.

Pay attention to any rings they may be wearing. It’s harder to tell but look for the symbols mentioned above on rings.

When looking for these swinger symbols, make sure you look at their clothing and accessories they are carrying. Also, pay attention to any tattoos either of them has as they can contain swinger symbols,

If you are not sure that a piece of jewelry or an accessory they are carrying is a sign that they are swingers, ask about the item. Mention how you like it and ask if it has some special meaning. You could also ask them to tell you the story behind the item.

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