If you have been looking into the swinger lifestyle to see if it’s for the two of you, you probably have heard the term full swing.

If you are not sure what full swing is, read on and you will find out what the term full swing means.

Let’s start with answering the question, what is full swing and then look into if full swing is for the two of you.

What is full swing?

Full swing is a term used by the swinger community to define a type of swinging. Full swing refers to the sharing of partners for sex between couples. It also includes sexual acts like threesomes, wife swapping, group sex and orgies.

Now that you know the quick and dirty definition of the term full swing, let’s look at it in more detail and how it is used in the swinger community.

What Is Full Swing?

Let’s now answer the question, what is full swing in a lot more detail. We will first look at what is considered the main definition of the term full swing. We will then explore the main types of full swing, how full swing can have minor rules, and the importance of discussing rules and limits with other couples and singles in the swinger lifestyle before any sexual encounters.

We will also discuss how many couples in the swinger lifestyle have a bisexual partner, and how some play alone without their partner.

Common Definition of Full Swing

Full swing is also referred to as full swinging. The definition of full swing by most swingers is as follows.

Full swing means the sharing of partners with others for sexual encounters. Penile vaginal penetration is allowed. Basically, all types of sex are fine during sexual play with others.

In a nutshell, if you are having sex with a person that is not your partner that includes penile vaginal penetration, you are participating in what swingers call full swing.

The Main Types of Full Swing

It’s easier to understand what full swinging is if you know the main types of full swing. Here is a list of sexual interactions that would be considered full swinging.

Wife Swapping – This is actually what most people think of when they hear the term full swing.

Couples get together and swap wives for sexual intercourse. This is also referred to as full swap.

Once the couples have swapped partners, they either have sex all in the same room or go to separate rooms to have sex.

You can learn the benefits of same room sex and different room sex in our article Same Room vs Separate Room Sex – Swinger Partner Swapping.

Threesomes – A threesome is where three people have sex with each other at the same time. A threesome is usually either two females and one male or two males and one female.

Group Sex – Group sex in the swinger lifestyle is usually two couples having sex in the same bed or location. Typically couples switch partners during group sex. Also, the sexual attention can be given to one person by the other three.

Orgies – This is usually an all-out free for all. A large number of couples and singles have sex with each other in a large bed or in a dedicated room.

Gangbangs – This is where one person has sex with a large number of people of the opposite sex. The person’s partner either participates or watches.

All of the above sexual interactions would be considered full swap if actual intercourse occurs between others that are not your partner.

Full Swing Couples Can Have Minor Rules

Occasionally some couples that participate in full swing will have minor rules or limits. Usually, these minor rules or limits are actually just preferences.

Here are some examples of rules or limits some full swing couples have.

  1. Condoms are required for penetration.
  2. No kissing. Some couples consider kissing too be to intimate to share with others.
  3. No anal sex.
  4. Etc.

As you can see, these are more preferences than rules and limits.

If a couple does not allow penile vaginal penetration, they are actually soft swing swingers and not full swing swingers.

Always Discuss Rules and Limits Before Sexually Playing With Others

It’s always a good idea to talk to anyone you are about to sexually play with about rules and limits.

Find out if they have any rules or limits and tell them about any of your rules or limits.

It can kill the mood and fun being had if you need to stop and tell someone that you don’t do that or allow that.

Find out before the sexual play starts so all can have a great sexual experience without mood killing interruptions.

Also, if you are not into something, bring it up while talking about what you do like. For example, I love to be fucked hard doggy style, but I’m not into anal.

Here is another example. I love to be spanked but not too hard.

Make discussing your rules, limits, likes, and dislikes sexual foreplay.

Many Swinger Couples Have a Bisexual Partner

It’s very common in the swinger community for the female to be bisexual or bi-curious. Occasionally you will see a bisexual male or bi-curious male. But the bisexual females way outnumber the bisexual males in the swinger lifestyle.

When you meet a couple or single you want to sexually play with, it’s best to find out as you get to know them if one of them is bisexual.

If one of you is bisexual it’s always best to mention it when getting to know another couple or single.

If you meet a couple where one of them is bisexual, it’s perfectly fine to let them know that you would love to play with them, but you are not bisexual.

Some Swingers Play Alone

From time to time, you will meet a couple where only one partner sexually plays. The other partner may like to watch or is not interested in participating in any fashion.

You will also find swinger couple that are only interested in wife swapping and having sex in different rooms.

You will also hear the term hotwife from time to time. This is when the woman has sexual relationships with others besides her partner with her husband’s approval and encouragement.

All of these types of swinger couples are perfectly normal in the lifestyle. It’s their decision and choice. Respect it.

Now that you know what full swing is, let’s explore when full swing is the best option and when it is for you.

When Is Full Swing the Best Option?

Let’s take a look at some of the many reasons that full swing could be the best option for the two of you as a couple.

When the Two of You Love Having Sex

If the two of you just really love having sex and being sexually adventurous, full swing could be your best option.

Full swing gives you the ability to explore your sexuality and sexual fantasies. It allows you to try new sexual acts that you could not do on your own.

Full swing can also allow a bi-curious partner to explore their potential bisexuality.

Full swing can allow you and your partner to feel that butterfly feeling you have when having sex with someone for the first time. You can have that new feeling over and over with different couples and singles.

Full swing helps to keep sex exciting. It can also help to prevent sexual boredom that can happen from doing the same thing over and over the same way.

If the Two of You Have a Trusting Relationship

When it comes to full swing, trust between you and your partner is important. The more you trust your partner, the more you can relax and just enjoy the full swing experience.

If you and your partner have rules or limits, do you trust your partner to stick to them even when not in your line of sight?

Do you trust your partner to tell you if they have suspicions even if they are not founded?

If you can answer yes to the above questions, full swing may be the best option for the two of you.

If the Two of You Have a Strong Relationship

Strong relationships can get even stronger with swinging. You learn about each other. You discover new things that excite your partner.

If the two of you are truly in love and know that you are meant for each other, full swing can be an exciting option for the two of you to explore.

You Get Enjoyment From Seeing Your Partner Enjoying Themselves Sexually

Do you enjoy seeing your partner getting pleasure from sex? Do you get turned on from knowing that your partner is enjoying sex?

Does it excite you when your partner just lets go and have raw unbridled sex?

If you can answer yes to the above questions, full swing could be an excellent option for the two of you.

You Want to Learn More About What Sexually Pleases Your Partner

Do you enjoy learning new things that excite your partner sexually? If you do, then full swing is the best option in the swinging lifestyle for the two of you.

Full swing allows you to observe and learn about your partners sexual interests. Watch them when they are having sex. Does something appear to bring them sexual pleasure that you were not aware of before?

If you see someone doing something to your partner that that they seem to really be enjoying, you can introduce that to your private one-on-one sexual encounters with each other.

If you are not sure how to do it, get the person that is pleasuring your partner to show you how.

Take advantage and learn more about what your partner enjoys during sex.

The Two of You Consider Yourselves a Team

Do the two of you enjoy doing things and accomplishing things together? Do you use team work to accomplish goals? Do the two of you work well as a team?

If the answer to these questions is yes, full swing can be another adventure the two of you could pursue as a team.

Full swing is a lot more enjoyable when you and your partner can plan sexual adventures together. Working as a team to expand your sexual experiences can be extremely rewarding for both of you.

Planning, doing and talking about a sexual experience can even bring the two of you closer.

When One of You Enjoys a Particular Sex Act and the Other Does Not

Does one of you enjoy a particular sex act that the other one does not?

With full swing you can find other sexual playmates that do enjoy it. This way you or your partner can still enjoy the sex act that the other one does not enjoy.

Each of you can enjoy the sex acts that you enjoy without depriving the other.

Full swing is perfect for situations like this. Take advantage of it.

You Both Enjoy That Feeling You Get When You First Have Sex With Someone

You know that nervous butterfly in the stomach feeling you use to get when first meeting someone and having sex with them?

That feeling of being a kid in a candy store. Or that feeling of not knowing what to expect on a first date.

Keeping that newness feeling in sex can bring the two of you even closer.

Full swing lets you experience the newness feelings anytime you want.

Now that we have explored when full swing is the best option. let’s now explore when full swing is not the best option and when it may not be for you.

When Is Full Swing Not the Best Option?

Now let’s explore some of the reasons when full swing is not going to be the best option for the two of you.

If You Are Not Sure the Swinger Lifestyle Is for You

If one of you or both of you is just not sure that the swinging lifestyle is for you, full swing should not be an option.

If you want to experiment with the swinger lifestyle, you could start off with soft swing.

If later, you find out that the both of you enjoyed soft swing, you could move on and try full swing at that time.

When the Two of You Have More Than Minimal Rules or Limits

Full swing does not mix well with couples that have lots of rules and limits. Full swing swingers want to engage in sexual play without worrying about rules and limits the other couple may have.

It’s perfectly fine to have minimal rules and limits and still be full swing swingers.

It’s when your rules and limits start to make the sexual experience for others not as enjoyable.

So, if your rules and limits are more than just minimal, full swing is not the best option for you.

When You Don’t Allow Penile Vaginal Penetration With Others

If you don’t allow penile vaginal penetration when playing with other couples or singles, you are not participating in full swing. You are practicing soft swing.

If the two of you decide that penetration is not an option at this time, full swing is not an option for the two of you.

When One or Both of You Is the Jealous Type

If either of you is the jealous type, full swing is NOT going to be a good option for you.

Jealousy can quickly destroy a relationship. It’s just not worth it.

Mild jealousy can be worked through with good communication between you and your partner.

Work through any jealousy before even thinking about full swing.

When You or Your Partner Is Trying to Get Pregnant

If you or your partner is trying to get pregnant, you may want to go with soft swing instead of full swing.

Soft swing does not allow any penetration when playing with others. You don’t want to accidentally get pregnant by someone beside your partner.

The Two of You Are Just Not Ready for Full Swing

If you are just not sure that the two of you are ready for full swing, it’s OK! You don’t have to be full swing swingers.

When the time comes or even if it never comes, you will know it. Don’t rush into full swing. Wait until you both are ready.

If you feel you are not ready for full swing, soft swing may be the better option for you. You can find out more about soft swing in our article What is Soft Swing? Is It for Us?

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