A couple we know were members of a very high-end underground sex club. They were telling Roy and I about it and that we had to try to get on the guest list to visit it. They said that it would blow our minds. They could only tell us a little about it because when they became members, they had to agree to never give out any details about the sex club and what went on inside it.

They did explain to us that it was not a swingers club and the rules were completely different. But felt that we would love the experience. They said if we were interested in going as guests, they could setup the required interview and that we would have to be approved to be able to attend.

We talked about the club a little more and decided to let them setup the interview. Our friends told us to make sure we dressed to kill for the interview because looks and open mindedness were two of the criteria we had to meet to get invited to the club. I asked them how exclusive is this club? They said extremely.

They setup our interview for Tuesday evening. The woman that would be interviewing us would come by the apartment at 7 PM. When Tuesday came, Roy and I were actually quite nervous about the interview. We got dressed up as sexy as we could and waited for her to arrive.

When she arrived, we invited her in, and we all went and sat down in the living room. She said that she would be asking us a lot of personal questions about our sex life, relationship, and fantasies. She also said we would discuss what we like sexually and what we don’t like.

She was not kidding. She asked us both all types of very personal questions about our sex life. She also asked me if I was on birth control. I told her that I was no longer able to get pregnant, so I did not need any type of birth control. She said that was great and wrote down a few notes.

She also asked questions like, how we felt seeing the other one having sex with someone else. We told her that we were both very open-minded and that we actually enjoyed that.

She then asked us both to stand and turn around slowly. That felt a little awkward. She then asked us both to remove all of our clothing. Now that felt really strange. But we did.

She got up and walked over to both of us and started looking us over like we were on an auction block. She then started to fondle both of us. I don’t know why, but I felt that I needed to react to what she was doing.

I reached over and put an arm around her and pulled her into me tight. I licked the side of her neck and then started to kiss her very passionately. I motioned to Roy with my eyes to join us. He came in close beside both of us and ran his hand up the back of her skirt and started playing with her butt. He was also playing with mine.

I slid my hand up the front of her skirt and started to play with her pussy. I could tell she was liking it. She was starting to breathe deeply.

After a few minutes, she moved back a little and said, “We need to finish this interview before I forget why I am here.” I gave her pussy one more squeeze and then let go.

She sat back down and told us we could put our clothes back on and have a seat. Neither of us put our clothes on. We both just sat back down. She kept nibbling on her lip and playing with her hair. You could tell that we got her sexually excited.

She took a few deep breaths like she was trying to calm herself down. She then looked at us and said that she felt we would be great candidates for possible club membership.

She did say that since we were a couple that we would have to agree to some very strict additional club rules. She went on to explain that we would have to act single while attending a club event. We could interact with each other from time to time, but we would both have to explore the club alone most of the time. That made us very curious as to what went on in the club.

She asked me if I was bisexual. I told her yes. She said that was good and that all women entering the club must be bisexual.

She said the club does have two areas of playrooms. Both areas of course allow for female-on-female sex. The other area allows for both female and male bisexual play. That side could also be used by bi-curious males and saying no was allowed.

She then said she would explain how the club works and what to expect. The first thing is that the two of you must arrive to the club separately. Roy would have to arrive at least 15 minutes before I did. He would have to arrange for his own transportation, but they would send a limo to bring me to the club. I smiled at Roy big time about that. I’m already liking this sex club already.

She also said that all guests are required to bring proof that they do not have any STD’s or STI’s since condoms were not used in the club.

She said once we arrived at the club, we would enter the main social area. It has a dance floor, a stage with stripper poles on it and a bar area. There were also stripper poles and conversation pits scattered throughout the social area room.

We would use this area to introduce ourselves to all of the other guests and get to know them a little as they got to know us. This area is not for sex. It’s used for getting to know each other. We would be expected to mingle on our own while getting to know everyone.

She did say that dancing, kissing and heavy petting was allowed in this area but that was all.

Everyone would be partying in this area until 11:30 PM. If we were not comfortable with any of the guests, we would have to leave before 11:00 PM and that we would understand why they have that rule in a moment.

At 11:30 PM the themed sex rooms open. Before heading to the sex rooms, you had to remove all of your clothing and place it in your assigned locker. Once you were nude, that signaled other guests that you were agreeing that anyone was allowed to touch you or have sex with you. Anyone that is not nude by midnight has to leave to club.

She did mention that each sex room had a sign on it that said exactly what it was for sexually. Each room also had a window you could look through to see what was going on in the room. We were both warned by her, not to enter any room if we did not want to experience what goes on in it.

She said one of the clubs’ strict rules is that we can approach anyone in a sex room and start having sex with them without asking for permission. They could also do the same. Anyone can approach either of us and just start having sex with us. She said the only time you can say no, is if something is painful.

Now I understand why she said to make sure we got to know everyone and to leave if we were not comfortable with all of the party guests.

She asked us if we would like to attend. I looked at Roy for a moment and then looked back at her and said, “Yes! It sounds like it will be a great experience.” She got on the phone to set a date that we could come to the club.

When she got off the phone, she said that we could attend a party next Saturday night as the couple that recommend us would not be going to the club on that date. I looked a little puzzled. She then said that a member that is sponsoring a possible new member was not allowed to attend any events their guests attend unless they are voted on to become full members.

We thanked her for coming and approving us to go to the club as guests. As she left, she said that it was up to us to fit in well with the other guests if we want to possibly become members.

Once she left, Roy and I talked about it a little and admitted that we were both very nervous about going. I told Roy that we were looking for new sexual experiences that were outside of our comfort zone. He agreed with me and said that this was going to be way outside our comfort zone but sounded very exciting.

When Saturday came, we both got ready to go to the sex club. We dressed extremely sexy and made sure we both were well groomed down below.

About 20 minutes before my limo was scheduled to arrive, Roy left in a ride share to head to the club. Now I was getting really nervous.

I sat down and basically fidgeted waiting for my limo. When I heard a knock on the door I got up, took a few deep breaths and opened the door. The limo driver was a very hot guy dressed to kill. I smiled and he reached out to take my hand and escort me to my waiting limo.

He opened the door and helped me into to back of the limo. All I could do is smile and look at how hot he was. I think I may have giggled a little. I noticed a bar in the limo and made myself a drink to help calm my nerves. I was enjoying this ride.

When we arrived at the sex club, he pulled up to the front entrance and got out of the car and opened my door. He helped me out and walked me to the check-in area. I’ll admit, when he was walking me to the door, I did let one of my hands wander down to his nice butt. I was just getting in the mood for what was to come.

When I walked into the social area of the club, I looked around and saw nothing but really hot guys and girls. WOW! Major tingle time! I did not see Roy, right off, but they did say he was already checked in and was here. Then I remembered, we were supposed to be acting single.

I started walking around and getting to know all the guests. Everyone I met seemed really nice and really hot. Some of them were so hot, I really did not care if they were nice or not! I also liked all the attention I was getting from the other party guests. Many welcomed me to the club with a big hug and kiss. This felt a little awkward, but I did like it.

I finally did spot Roy and winked at him as I walked by. He was talking to two sexy women that were a little touchy feely with him. I know he did not mind at all.

I continued to walk around and get to know more of the guests. I even got a little touchy feely with a few of them myself. Both male and female.

I danced with a few of the guys and even got up on one of the stripper poles and teased a few more. This was fun.

When it got close to 11 PM, I hunted down Roy to see if he wanted to stay or go. He said he was comfortable with everyone and wanted to stay, but only if I was comfortable and wanted to stay. I told him that I was extremely nervous but really liked everyone. He said that he was nervous too. We both took a few deep breathes and said at the same time, “Let’s stay.” We got a little laugh out of that and went our separate ways again to mingle a little more.

When 11:30 PM came, I saw many of the guests over by the lockers getting undressed right away. I walked over near the lockers so I could get a better look at what I might be playing with. Yes, my mind was already in the gutter.

I started walking around for a little bit more and started to flirt a lot more aggressively. I did see Roy across the room, he had his shirt off, but still had his pants on. I bet one of the girls took it off him. I can’t see Roy just taking off his shirt. He was kissing one of the girls I had my eye on. Hmmm… Maybe we could share her later. At least he better share.

I got back up on the stage and started to dance and tease a little more. I really enjoy doing that.

Roy saw me on the stage dancing and motioned to get my attention. He pointed at the clock. When I looked at the clock it was almost midnight. I almost missed the time to make sure I was nude. I just continued to dance on the stripper pole but started removing all of my clothes as I danced. I saw Roy head to the lockers and take the rest of his clothes off and lock them up.

Once I finished my striptease on stage, I grabbed up all of my clothes. Two naked guys helped me down off the stage and each one gave me a kiss. Of course, I grabbed both of their tight asses and squeezed. I then went over to the lockers to store my clothes for the night.

Roy came over while I was at the locker to check and see if I was still OK with staying, and did, I see anyone that I wanted to have sex with. I told him I had eyes on too many men and women to be honest. He told me that was my problem and not his and laughed a little.

He did tell me that he asked several people if couples were allowed to play with each other at all. He was told that it was really not a problem as long as we did not focus on being together all the time. He said he was told the best thing to do is while you are walking around, if you see your partner having sex, go and join in as long as it does not go against the room theme, they are playing in. I really liked that we could still play together off and on throughout the night.

Roy said he was going to go look around and would keep an eye out for me. He gave me a kiss and headed down the hall to check out the themed rooms.

I went back to the social room because I had promised two guys dances once we were all nude. I promised a girl with big boobs a dance also. I wanted to make sure I found her and got to dance a nice slow song with her.

When I got to the dance floor the two guys and girl were waiting on me. I slow danced with the two guys first. Both of them felt good against my body. Yes, I did let my hands wander a lot and so did they. One of them got an erection while we were dancing. That turned me on and made me feel really sexy.

Once I finished dancing with the guys, they said they were headed to the sex rooms and if I want, keep an eye out for them. Once they left, I walked over to the girl with the big boobs and asked her to dance.

I loved feeling her body next to mine. Especially the boobs. I let my hand wander down to her pussy and felt that she was really wet. She moaned in my ear when I touched her pussy. We actually slow danced several songs while kissing and playing a little with each other.

We talked a little and decided to go explore the sex rooms together. That made me a lot less nervous about heading to the sex rooms since I did not need to do it alone for the first time.

When we got to the hallway that led to all of the themed sex rooms, she told me if I see a room that interests me, just let her know. I decided to walk all the way down the hall first so I could see all the sex room themes.

As we walked down the hall, I have to admit, I kept getting distracted with all the hot naked people walking in and out of the sex rooms. Plus, I was with a girl that gave me major tingles just looking at her.

I suddenly realized that we did not even know each other’s name. I stopped and told her what I just realized. She laughed and said get used to it. Many people here get so distracted that they forget to introduce themselves. I told her my name was Danielle and she told me her name was Julia.

As we walked down the hall, I started reading the signs for each sex room and peeking through the window of each room to check it out.

One of the first rooms was an MFM threesome room. Of course, that one looked fun. I also saw a FMF threesome room that looked like fun. They had three different BDSM rooms. They were labeled light BDSM, BDSM, and extreme BDSM. The light BDSM looked interesting. The other two, intrigued me but I was far from ready to play in either of those.

We continued down the hall to check out the other sex rooms. They had a gangbang room and a reverse gangbang room. Of course, I looked in both. I also checked to see if Roy was in the reverse gangbang room. I was surprised he wasn’t in there. They had a group sex room, an anal play room, a fisting room, a girls only room, a masturbation room, a glory hole room, a water sports room, a food play room, a sensory deprivation room, a sex show room, a squirting room, and rooms for just about every fetish and kink you could think of.

At the end of the hall was a room labeled “Anything Goes.” I looked in the window to see what it was all about. WOW! They meant it when they said anything goes! I looked at Julia and said, “Nope! Not ready for that one.” She laughed and said, “If I got my nerve up to let her know, that it was really a wild room and a lot of fun.”

She then started to play with my pussy a little and asked me what room I wanted to visit first. I thought about it and said, “Let’s start with the FMF threesome room and find a guy to play with.” She said, “Sounds like a good start. Let’s go.”

We walked down the hall to the FMF threesome room and walked inside. There were several threesomes going on and several hot guys watching. Julia told me to take my pick of the guys and we would go fuck his brains out.

I saw one of the guys that gave me some major tingles and pointed him out to Julia. She said, “Let’s go get him, he’s not allowed to say no since he is in the sex room.” We walked over to him, and I grabbed his cock and said, “You are ours now! Do you think you can satisfy both of us?” Julia looked at him, smacked him on the ass and said, “You better be good!” He just smiled and we led him to a bed by his cock.

When we got to the bed, Julia pushed him down on the bed and started to suck on his cock. I climbed up on the bed and straddled his face and told him to eat me. He was actually really good at it. I started to get very sexually excited very quickly.

Julia climbed up on his lap and slid his hard cock inside her pussy and started to ride him. We started to play with each other’s boobs and kiss each other. I could hear his muffled moans and they actually made me get more sexually excited. Both Julia and I started to moan.

Julia started to orgasm and was trembling a little. I wrapped my arms around her. Feeling her body tremble started me to orgasm. We both held each other while we came. She got off of the guy and we both started to suck on his cock back and forth. He was tensing up and I could tell he was about to explode.

When he started to cum, we placed our mouths on the sides of his cock like we were kissing each other with his cock in between. We ran out mouths up and down his cock until he shot the last drop of his cum between our lips. Once he came, he was useless to us, so we decided to go check out another sex room. We left him lying on the bed so he could recover.

We went back out in the hall and Julia asked, “What room next, Danielle?” I said, “How about the MFM threesome room next?” She said, “Sounds great, let’s go.”

When we got to the MFM threesome room and went inside, I saw Roy was in the room looking around. I pointed him out to Julia, and she said, “Can I have him for my next play toy?” I said, “He is all yours. Let me introduce you to him.”

We walked over to Roy and Julia reached around Roy and grabbed his cock. She said, “Danielle just gave you to me.” Roy turned around and looked a little shocked. I gave him a kiss and told him he had better fuck her really good. He stumbled on a few words as she led him by his cock to find another guy for their MFM threesome.

I then started looking around the room for two guys that I wanted to pleasure me. I saw the two guys I danced with nude a little earlier and walked over to them. I reached down and started playing with both of their cocks and said, “You two are mine now. Let’s find an empty bed to play.”

We looked around and found an empty bed and went over to it. They guys picked me up and laid me down on the bed. They both started to caress my body and relax me. I was liking this.

Once of the guys started to suck on my nipples while the other spread my legs apart and started to eat me. I could feel his tongue going in and out of my pussy. I started to moan a little. He moved to my clit and started to suck on it gently while fingering me. He was doing a come here type of motion with his fingers inside my pussy. It felt a little strange at first, but it started to really turn me on once I was used to the feeling.

I told the other guy that I wanted his cock in my mouth. He positioned himself so I did not have to move, and he started to slide his cock in and out of my mouth. I could taste his pre-cum and it was turning me on.

I felt a swelling inside my pussy. The guy that was fingering me said that my G-spot was swelling up. He started to vigorously stimulate it and the sensations started to send me up the wall. It felt wonderful. Then next thing I knew, I was having a full body orgasm and squirting all over him. It felt amazing!

He then started to fuck me, I told him to fuck me hard! He lifted my legs up high and raised my butt off the bed and started to pound me. I was loving it! The other guy came around behind him and I could feel him lubing my ass. The guy fucking me bent my legs back further so they both had access to me. I then felt the second guy penetrate my ass and started fucking me with long strokes in and out of my ass.

I really liked the way I could make eye contact with both guys while they were fucking me. It made the experience very sensual.

I started to cum and got very vocal. I then felt both guys cocks throbbing inside me. That pushed me over the edge, and I had one hell of an orgasm as they both shot their loads deep inside me.

Once they were both finished cumming, they laid down beside me and held me as I laid there trembling. That was an amazing sexual experience I would never forget.

After I recovered, I got up and looked around to the room to find Julia and Roy. I found them. Julia had worn his ass out. She said, “It’s going to take him a little time to recover, let’s go find another room.”

We walked back in the hallway and Julia asked me, “What room next?” I said, “Why don’t you surprise me?” I pretty much instantly regretted what I just said when I saw the huge smile on Julia’s face. I knew I was in trouble.

I knew exactly where she was taking me. The “Anything Goes” room. When we got to the anything goes room, Julia asked me if I was ready to have some real fun. I said, “No.” She said, “Too late, let’s go in. You’re going to love it.” I took a few deep breaths as she opened the door. She took my hand and led me into the room.

When I looked around the room, I noticed it had a huge variety of sex toys on tables along the walls. The room also had all types of sex furniture. It actually seemed to be a very popular sex room. But I was still very nervous about being in this room.

A tall sexy guy walked over to me shortly after we entered the room. He did not say a word. He just grabbed me and pulled me close to him. He raised my right leg up and wrapped it around him. He then picked me up and walked me over to the wall and pinned me against it. He slid his cock deep inside me and started to fuck me.

I actually liked the way he just took me and started to manhandle me. It felt raw and exciting. He started to kiss my neck as he fucked me hard. I started to cum almost immediately. Once I came, he pulled out of me and just walked away.

I saw two girls walking towards me as I was catching my breath. When they got to where I was still leaning against the wall, they both started to fondle me and kiss up and down my neck. I started to breathe a little heavily. The sex I just had and what these two girls were doing to me felt almost tribal. It was like I was under their control and was willing to do whatever they wanted me to. This was pure raw unbridled sex, and I was loving it.

The two girls told me that I was going to be their sex toy and led me over to an empty bed. A guy standing by the bed, picked me up and tossed me onto the bed.

I then noticed that Julia was bringing Roy and a girl over to the bed I was on. She said Roy was going to bend this new girl over the foot of the bed and fuck her in the ass while he watched me being pleasured sexually.

Julia then bent the girl over the foot of the bed and told Roy to take her now and slide his cock deep into her ass. She began to moan with pleasure as Roy began to fuck her anally.

The two girls that had brought me over to bed climbed into the bed with me. They had several sex toys with them and a large bottle of lube. I started to breathe heavier. I was getting very horny and very nervous.

One of the girls started to use a toy on my clit while she fingered me. I could feel my pussy stretching as she slid her fingers deeper inside me. I heard her say to the other girl that I was not ready.

The other girl moved up to my head and straddled my face. She lowered her pussy on to my mouth and told me to eat her. She was very wet and tasted good.

The girl that was fingering me removed her fingers and I heard her telling someone to prepare me. I was not sure what she meant by that.

I felt the other person climbing onto the bed and positioning themselves between my legs. I felt pressure on my pussy opening and then felt the tip of a huge cock penetrate me just a little. The stretch was extreme but felt good. I relaxed into it.

I then felt his cock slide in a little deeper. That caused me to gasp as he was so thick. He slid it in deeper and I heard him say that he had it in as deep as it would go. I felt the girl that was sitting on my face pull my legs up and tilt my pelvis up a little. I then felt his cock go much deeper inside me.

I heard the girl ask him if all ten inches where inside me. He said yes and started to fuck me. The depth, stretch, and fullness felt amazing. I did not understand why it did not hurt. I guess it was because of how horny I was.

After he fucked me for a while, I felt him pull his cock out of me. I heard the girls thank him and felt him climbing off the bed.

The other girl started to finger me again. This time she was able to get her hand much further inside me. She told me to take a deep breath. As I let it out, I felt her pushing hard on my pussy and an extreme stretching sensation. The stretching sensation quickly went away and I could feel she had her entire hand deep inside me. I felt extremely full and loved it.

She moved her hand around inside my pussy and I felt myself rocking my hips a little. It was turning me on. I could feel her turn her hand so her fingers were facing up. She started to massage my G-spot. It made me feel like I had to pee. But that feeling went away after a bit. I heard her tell her friend that I was swelling up big time.

She then placed the toy back on my clit. I was starting to climb the walls at that point. Everything felt so good. The girl that was sitting on my face was getting extremely wet and started to moan and squirm a little. I grabbed her hips and dug my nails into her. She started to tremble and moan louder.

My body started to tremble, and I could feel a huge orgasm starting to come on. The girl that had her fist deep inside me started to apply pressure to my pussy mound with her other hand. She was massaging my G-spot from the outside and inside at the same time.

The sensations I was feeling where almost too much to handle. I kept feeling like I was going to blackout. Suddenly I felt my entire body starting to convulse. I started to squirt all over her. She kept telling me to give her more.

The girl on my face started to orgasm wildly. This caused me to squirt even more. My body finally went entirely limp. I just laid there breathing heavily. The girl that was on my face collapsed onto me and laid their trembling.

I felt the other girl slowly remove her hand from inside my pussy. I could see her rubbing the other girl’s back as the two of us just laid there. That sexual experience was beyond description. I wanted to do it again.

The two girls moved to each side of me and the three of us cuddled while watching Roy fucking the girl that was bent over the foot of the bed. I winked at him and smiled.

I then saw Julia walking back towards the bed with two girls. When she got to the bed, she told Roy that both of these girls love anal. She then told them to bend over the foot of the bed side-by-side. She looked at Roy and said that he could thank her later, but that she had one rule. He had to bring each of them to orgasm through anal sex only.

Julia asked me to toss the bottle of lube to her that was still on the bed. She lubed up both girls and played with both of them for a minute. She said, “I’m just getting them ready for Roy.”

She smacked Roy on the ass and told him he better get to it. She then climbed up on to the bed and the four of us cuddled and watched Roy attempt to fuck three gorgeous girls until each of them had an anal orgasm.

Julia looked at me and said that the two of us should bend over the bed and make Roy give each of us an anal orgasm too. I told her that I had never had an anal orgasm. She looked shocked and said that we need to fix that. She went on to tell me since that the first anal orgasm can take a long time. So, this would not be the best time to try it. She said that she would arrange for several guys that where good at giving anal pleasure and teach me how to have one and to just let her know when I wanted to go for the gold.

We all continued to watch Roy sexually pleasuring the three girls. I don’t know how Roy managed it, but he fucked all three of the girls that were bent over the bed until each of them orgasmed. He looked exhausted. I bet he was glad that he did take that little blue pill when we first got here. Once he could not go on anymore, he climbed up on the bed with us. The three girls Roy just fucked also climbed up on the bed.

All of us had, I guess what you could call an orgy cuddle. It actually felt really nice.

After we all recovered from the wild sexual experience, Roy, Julia, and I went out to the social area to sit and talk. Julia said that she really liked us and would love to get together with us again. We exchanged numbers and told her that we would love to see her again too.

Julia then said, “What room should we go to next?” Roy and I both looked at her like we were going to slap her silly. She laughed and called us light weights.

We decided it was time to go home. We both knew we would be sore tomorrow. But it was worth it. We both had a great time and wanted to come back and explore some more sex rooms.

As we were heading towards the door of the club to leave, I saw the hot guy with the ten-inch cock walking towards us waving. We stopped and when he got to us, he said that he wanted to introduce himself. He said his name was Gavin. He then told us that he has a beach front home that he holds swinger parties at, and that he would love for us to attend them. The three of us chatted a bit and exchanged contact information.

Gavin then gave me a big hug and kiss goodbye and said he would hopefully see the two of us at his parties. I could not resist temptation. I reached down and grabbed his ten-inch cock and fondled it for a few seconds. I then asked him if I got to play with his cock if we come. He laughed and said that I could play with it anytime I wanted. We both thanked him for the invitation and told him that we would see him at his next party.

A few days later, we got an email that said that the members had voted and the two of us would be allowed to become full members of the club. That was a pleasant surprise. But at the same time a little scary.

We decided to put each themed sex room, well, most of them, on our bucket list. Even some of the scary ones. I looked at Roy and said, “There is a whole other side of the sex club we did not go to… Yet.” I smiled at him and winked. When he gulped, I could tell he knew exactly what I was thinking. I love messing with him.