“Birthday Surprise Plus 2” starts off with Danielle preparing for the birthday surprise Roy has planned for her. She gets dressed in something very sexy and very short per Roy’s request. She even puts on a garter belt and stockings.

Roy takes Danielle out to one of the local nightclubs that was in walking distance. Once they were seated, Roy starts to play with the insides of her thighs up under the very short mini skirt she was wearing. He knows that turns her on and makes her very horny.

Danielle notices two hot guys at the bar. Roy notices that she is getting very turned on by them. He gets up and walks to the bar to get himself a beer and Danielle a fresh drink.

While Roy was at the bar getting drinks, Danielle noticed that he started talking to the two guys she has been eyeing. That got Danielle a little nervous. When the bartender gave Roy his drinks, the three of them started walking towards the table Danielle was seated at. That got her very nervous.

Roy sat one of the guys down on her left side, and the other on her right side. At that point, Danielle knew Roy was up to something. After a little small talk, Danielle suddenly feels a hand on each of her thighs. Let’s just say that the rest of the night got a little wild and crazy.

Find out what Danielle’s real birthday surprise was, and what happened in the nightclub that drove her crazy in the story below.

Birthday Surprise Plus 2