I was checking my email and I saw one from Gavin. I opened up and it was an invitation to another one of his sex parties. It said that this was going to be an “anything goes” party. It also said that you did not have to dress up because the theme was going to be no clothes allowed. Once you arrive to the party, he had an area setup to remove all your clothing and store it safely before going inside.

The email also had a list of everyone that was invited. I looked over the list and I knew almost all of the people attending. I had met them at one of Gavin’s other parties or at the underground sex club Roy and I are members of.

I noticed that Julia was on the guest list. I sent her a quick text message to see if she was going. She said if Roy and I were going to go, she would go also.

I went in the other room and told Roy about the party invite and that Julia wanted to go if we went. He said that it sounded like fun and let’s make plans to go. The Roy said, “Since Julia’s place is on the way, why don’t we see if she wants us to pick her up.” I thought it was a great idea so, I messaged Julia about the idea. She texted me back to please pick her up on the way.

The party was next Saturday night. Since the theme was basically, everyone naked, we did not need to decide what to wear. When Saturday rolled around, Roy surprised me and had a limo waiting for us outside to take us to the party.

When we arrived at Julia’s, the driver went up to her front door to let her know that we were here. When Julia and the driver returned to the limo, I noticed that Julia was just wearing a very, very short sexy robe. No shoes, nothing under it, just the robe. I thought, why did I not think of doing that?

Julia climbed into the back of the limo with us. Roy gave her a big kiss and then said, “Want me to take your robe for you?” Julia laughed a little and then took it off and handed it to Roy. OK, good move Roy.

The three of us chatted a little on the way to the party. Julia then told me that I was over dressed and to do something about it. I decided to go ahead and remove all my clothes and get naked like her. I could tell that Roy had no problem with being in the back of a limo with two naked girls.

Julia and I played with each other a little. We told Roy that we were warming each other up for the sex party. Roy joined in and the three of us warmed each other up very well.

When the limo arrived at Gavin’s, the limo driver opened the door for us and helped us out. He had a big grin on his face when he saw that Julia and I were naked. Julia and I made a mad dash to the front door. Gavin was at the door greeting the guests. He looked at us and said, I guess I don’t need to show you two where to store your clothes. We both gave him a big kiss and hug, and then went inside to wait for Roy to get naked.

The three of us walked around the party to say hi to everyone we already knew and to introduce ourselves to the ones we did not know.

Julia and I quickly noticed that there were a lot more guys than women at this party. In fact, it was about four guys to every girl. Julia and I went back over to the front door were Gavin and asked him why were their so many guys at the party? He laughed and said, “When I noticed that the RSVPs were more guys than girls this time, I decided to add a sub theme to the party. I made the sub theme, Lady’s Choice.” I asked him what lady’s choice meant since this was an anything goes sex party.

He explained that the party was now anything goes for the women and that the guys could only fuck or play with a girl if invited by her. In fact, they were not allowed to say no to anything any of the girls wanted. Julia and I both looked at each other with big grins. I knew we were both thinking the same thing. That this party was going to be fun.

I quickly noticed Roy was already flirting with the girls that were at the party. So, Julia and I decided to go exploring to check out all the guys and to see what Gavin had setup in all of the sex playrooms.

After we flirted with the guys and checked out the playrooms, we decided to go find Roy. We found him in the living room with a very sexy blonde that neither of us knew, sitting in his lap. One of his hands was down between her legs playing with her. She seemed to be very interested in Roy.

Julia and I sat down on each side of them, and Julia said, “Roy, who is your little sex toy? Did she give you permission to play with her?” She laughed and said, “I’m Eve and I did not give him a choice.” She smiled with an evil grin and then lip locked Roy big time. Julia and I looked at each other like we were very impressed with this little blonde vixen.

The four of us chatted a little each time she let Roy come up for air. Roy had a look on his face like he was not sure what he had gotten himself in to. I was enjoying watching her dominate Roy.

Julia and I got up off the couch and started to mingle with the guys and the other few girls that were at the party. Julia and I went around and stroked the cocks of all the guys at the party like we were sizing them up. We found that we had a wide range of sizes to choose from tonight. A few were just way too large for me. But Julia seemed to drool over them.

Later that night, Julia told me that she had an idea. I have learned to get a little scared when she says that. I reluctantly asked her what she had in mind. She said, “Let’s get Roy and Eve first.” So, we went back to where the two of them were sitting and Julia said, “You two follow us, I have an idea.”

I looked at Eve and said, “When Julia comes up with ideas, get a little scared.” Julia smacked me on the ass and said, “All of my ideas, always end in fun!” I smiled and smacked her back on the ass.

The three of us followed Julia to one of the playrooms. The four of us went inside and closed the door. One of the rules at the party was no guys were allowed to open a closed door. So, the four of us had a private place to hear what Julia’s idea was about.

The four of us sat down on the bed and I asked Julia to tell her about her idea. She looked at me and asked me if I remembered the first time we met at the sex club. I told her of course I remembered. She then asked me if I remember what she put Roy through. Roy looked really nervous when she said that.

I asked her if she was talking about how she made Roy bring three girls to orgasm by anal only. She then said, “Remember how I was talking about how the two of us should bend over the bed and make Roy bring us both to orgasm with anal sex only?” I told her, yes, I did. She then said, “Remember me asking you if you had ever had an anal orgasm, and you said no?”

I told her that I did remember that conversation and that she had told me that the first time may take a while and that it was not a good idea to try right then. She said, “BINGO! What about tonight?” I stuttered on my words a bit, but I did feel some strong tingles starting to happen from thinking about it.

She then said, “You’ve got to try it. I’ll make sure it’s an extremely satisfying experience for you. Since it’s Lady’s Choice, we have all the control. So, this would be the perfect time.” I took a deep breath and said, “Let’s go for it. But, if I get to overwhelmed or don’t enjoy it, I have the option to stop.” Julia wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big sloppy kiss. She then said, “I promise, you will love it.” I grabbed a hand towel off the nightstand and wiped off my face.

Julia asked Roy and Eve if they wanted to watch. Eve answered before Roy could take a breath to reply. Eve said, “We would love to watch.” Roy just raised an eyebrow and said, “Whatever my little sexy toy wants.” He knew he really had no say so if he wanted to fuck her later.

Julia then said, “First, the two of us are going to have a little fun.” I liked that idea. The two of us started to explore each other’s bodies and massage and caress each other. This was making my tingles stronger. I noticed I was already starting to breathe deeper.

Julia and I quickly moved into a 69 position and started to eat each other. I had a butt cheek in each of my hands and was squeezing them while I ate her pussy. I could feel her tongue going deep inside me and making little rotations. I started to moan a little. The vibrations from my moans got Julia very sexually excited.

I felt her finger start to tease my asshole. That felt really good. I told her that I wanted her finger inside me. She asked Eve to hand her the lube. She placed some on her finger and started to draw circles around my asshole. I felt it relaxing. I then felt her finger slide inside me. That made me moan louder. The sensations of her finger going in and out of my ass felt fantastic.

After the two of us played with each other a little longer, she said that I was ready to really have some fun. We each moved to a side of the bed, and I asked her what she wanted me to do. She placed a padded sex wedge on the bed and told me to lie face down on it and get comfortable. The wedge had my butt pooched up, so my ass was easy to get at.

Then, Julia does what Julia does. She threw in an unexpected surprise. She tied my wrists and ankles spread eagle on the bed. She then started to give me a massage. She started with my arms and legs and moved slowly to my torso. That was extremely relaxing. She then started to massage my butt and caress the crack of my ass. I could feel her dripping lube down my asshole and pussy.

She started to play with my ass and pussy. It felt very nice. She massaged my clit while she finger-fucked my ass. She started with just one finger. Once I was relaxed, she inserted a second finger. The stretch felt very good. She worked up to where she was finger fucking my ass with three fingers. I started to moan because it felt so good. I noticed that she was no longer playing with my clit and all the sensations were coming from her playing with my ass. Just the thought of that made me very horny.

Julia then told Roy and Eve to take over pleasuring me while she went and rounded up a group of guys just for my pleasure. I remember her telling me that it would take several guys to bring me to a full anal orgasm the first time.

I was really getting nervous now. But, when Eve and Roy started playing with me and rubbing my back, the nervousness went away. The two of them were making me feel really good. I was at the point the I wanted someone to fuck me. I was extremely horny. Eve was fingering my pussy while Roy was playing with my ass. I could see Eve take the fingers that she had inside me and place them in her mouth. She told me that I tasted sweet.

Julia returned with a group of guys and had them line up on each side of the bed so I could see them. They all looked hot, and I was so horny I wanted to be fucked now by all of them. I started to tell them what I wanted them to do to me. Julia smacked me on the ass and told me to hush or she would gag me. She said, my only job was to lay there and enjoy.

Julia started to play with my ass again. I started to moan. I felt her sliding her fingers back inside my ass. The sensations felt great.

I could see her pointing to one of the guys and motioning for him to come up on the bed with the two of us. Julia started to stroke his cock until it got nice and hard. She then applied lube to his cock and told him to start fucking my ass nice and slow.

I felt him move around behind me and felt him playing with my ass a little. I then felt him slide his cock inside me. I gasped for a second and let out a moan. It felt great. He started to pump his cock in and out of my ass. It felt really good. I tried to move my hand to my pussy so I could play with myself. But I quickly remembered that Julia had restrained me. I now know why she did. I was here to orgasm through anal sex only. I then relaxed and just enjoyed feeling the guy fucking my ass.

I looked over at Eve and Roy. She was on her knees going down on him while he was watching me having anal sex. He smiled and blew me a kiss. I winked at him and blew him a kiss back in between moans.

After a while I felt his cock starting to throb deep inside me. I knew he was about to cum. I saw that Julia already had another guy on the bed with us and was sucking his cock. The guy that was fucking me started to moan loudly. I felt him pull out and then felt his warm cum shooting all over my back.

He got down off of the bed and the guy that Julia had fluffed for me, mounted me, and slid his cock up my ass. I gasped again and started to moan a little louder as he pumped in and out of me. I felt Julia pouring more lube on my ass. She said if I ever felt even the slightest pain or discomfort to say so and she would add more lube.

I felt Julia’s hand on my pussy. She started to caress it very lightly. Each time she got to my clit I felt extremely strong tingles. She then stopped and motioned for another guy to get up on the bed with us. She started to give him a blowjob while the other guy was fucking my ass.

This guy lasted a little longer than the first. Once he could not take anymore, he pulled out of my ass and shot his warm load all over my back. I could feel a bit of it rolling down my sides. As soon as he was done cumming, the next guy got on top of me and slid his cock inside me. Julia told him to fuck my ass a little harder. She added more lube and he proceeded to pound my back door much harder than the first two. The sensations I was feeling intensified, and I felt myself moving towards what felt like the start of an orgasm, but it felt different.

I was moaning much more vocally now. I could feel my body going back and forth between trembling and tensing. I was enjoying this a lot. I then noticed that Eve and Roy had gotten up on the bed near my head. Eve started to rub the cum in that was all over my back. Roy started to caress my hair. What the two of them were doing to me made intensified the sensations I was feeling.

I could feel the guy’s cock starting to throb very strongly. He started to moan and fuck my ass much harder. After another minute or so, I felt him cumming inside me. This drove me crazy as it felt so good. I knew I was close to cumming.

Once he climbed down off the bed, the next guy slid his cock inside me and started to fuck my ass even harder. He was much longer than the others and it felt great feeling him thrust his cock very deep inside my ass. I started to moan louder. My entire body started to tremble. I could feel myself cumming.

Eve moved around to the top of my head and positioned her pussy so I could eat her while watching me being pleasured anally. I looked over to the side of the bed for a second and could see Roy had Julia bent over the bed and was fucking her from behind. This made my tingles get even stronger.

Once I started to get extremely vocal, Eve moved and got off the bed. She then bent over and told Roy to fuck her in the ass now! Julia started to caress Roy’s back while he was fucking Eve anally.

I started to cum. My body was trembling and tensing at the same time. I started to feel a little lightheaded and screamed out loud in ecstasy. I was having a full body orgasm. The louder I got, the harder the guy fucked me in the ass.

When I finally came, I could feel the guy’s cock throbbing deep inside me. I could feel his warm cum shooting deep into me. My body at that moment went totally limp. I just laid there smiling and breathing heavily. I had my first anal orgasm, and it was wonderful.

Julia and Eve finished off the remaining guys. I just laid there listening to the sounds of sex. I was a very happy Danielle.