Before we explore why couples should try the swinging lifestyle, I want to make one major caveat. A couple that is considering exploring the swinger lifestyle needs to be in a secure relationship.

If you or your partner gets extremely jealous easily, you need to figure out why and fix that issue first. You want to enhance your relationship, not destroy it. The two major forms of jealousy are usually brought on by not trusting your partner, or feeling you own your partner. Both can destroy an otherwise good relationship.

If the two of you are not the jealous type and enjoy seeing the other partner having a good time in and out of the bed, then by all means read on.

Swinging Lets You Experience Both Worlds

Couples in the swinger lifestyle get to experience a deep emotional loving relationship between the two of them. The swinger lifestyle also allows for each partner in the relationship to experience the excitement and nervousness of dating and having sex with someone for the first time.

This lets swingers have a great committed relationship while still enjoying the freedom to enjoy other sexual partners that they don’t have a deep bonded relationship with.

If you or your partner enjoys something sexual that the other does not really enjoy, it gives them the freedom to still enjoy what they like and maintain a serious and committed relationship.

The swinger lifestyle lets a couple share the experiences they have with other sex partners with their partner by having sex in the same room. Or the couple can experience their sexual experiences with others alone in separate rooms.

The swinger lifestyle gives couples a choice on how they want to explore the best of both worlds.

The Swinger Lifestyle Can Help the Two of You Escape Sexual Boredom

After a couple has been together for a long period of time, both partners tend to get in a sexual rut. Many couples will never admit this but know that their sex lives with each other have become very mechanical. They have sex the same way over and over. They tend to stop exploring new ways to please each other sexually. So, the sex, even still great and enjoyable, becomes boring.

The swinger lifestyle gives couples the opportunity to mix things up and experience sex in a new and exciting way. The extra benefit of this is that you and your partner get to experience new sexual adventures together.

Have you ever had a dream or fantasy of watching your partner having sex and being pleasured by someone other than you? Many people have this fantasy, and they find it highly arousing.

I’m going to touch on a subject that I don’t like even talking about. But I feel it needs to be mentioned. Boredom in the bedroom can lead to one partner cheating on the other. This does not happen in many relationships, but it does happen to some couples.

Swinging keeps everything out in the open. It gives both of you an avenue to relieve boredom in the bedroom and spice up your own sex life together.

The Swinger Lifestyle Can Make You Feel Younger

The longer a couple is together, they become more comfortable being around each other. This is a great thing, but it leads to each partner not taking care of themselves like they used to. They no longer keep in shape, dress nicely, or try to always look their best for their partner. They both start feeling old and not sexually desirable.

In the swinger lifestyle, couples tend to like to dress up and look their best to attract other couples and singles. Dressing up, getting in shape, grooming and taking better care of yourself leads to receiving compliments. These compliments then lead to you feeling sexually desirable and attractive again.

Once the compliments start rolling in, you tend to dress better, groom better, and get in better shape to attract more compliments. Who would not want to feel sexy and desirable? Taking care of yourself has a side effect, you start feeling younger.

When you start meeting swingers, look around, you will see many of them take very good care of themselves and dress to impress. You will also find many that are a lot older than they look. They will also have a fun youthful glow to them.

So, if the two of you are feeling old, the swinger lifestyle may be the perfect way to reverse the aging process and feel young again.

The Swinger Lifestyle Lets You Be Yourself

Have you ever had to act differently or in a way that is not you, because someone might get offended? Well, the swinging lifestyle provides you an avenue to have the freedom to just be yourself.

Swingers are some of the most free and friendly people you will ever meet. Most of them don’t have any problems with others just being themselves, even if some may find them offensive.

This rings true, especially for nudity and sexual situations. A true swinger will never judge you.

Being friends with swingers also gives you an outlet to talk about sex and sexual situations with other likeminded people.

Actually, being able to talk about sex with others, can give you a big boost to your libido.

Swinging Can Add Spice to Your Sex Life

The swinging lifestyle can add lots of spice to your sex life. Many people secretly desire to add spice to their sex lives but are afraid to mention it to their partner. Being around other swingers that openly talk about and participate in sexual adventures, can help the person open up and start talking about their secret desires.

Swinging lets you explore a wide variety of sexual partners and sexual encounters. You can discover new things you enjoy and have an avenue to experiment with sexual situations you are not sure you will like or dislike.

Every sex partner brings something new and different to sex. This helps both of you to discover new ways the two of you can enjoy sex together.

Swingers can pursue and participate in many types of sexual encounters. Two guy one girl threesomes, two girl one guy threesomes, group sex, partner swapping, orgies, gangbangs, voyeuristic sex, and exhibitionist sex, are a few.

Swinging opens up doors to the two of you can discover all types of exciting sex adventures the two of you can share.

Swinging Can Improve Sexual Communications Between the Two of You

Swinging as a couple opens up sexual communications between the two of you. It gets the two of you actually talking about sex more often. That gets the two of you a lot more comfortable about discussing what you like and dislike when it comes to sex.

If you see swinging as an adventure, the two of you can explore the lifestyle and talk about new sexual techniques you may want to try.

After the two of you are feeling comfortable about talking about sex, it can lead to actually opening up about your fantasies and sex acts that are considered taboo by many people that have been raised that sex is bad or forbidden except to procreate.

As the two of you become more open and with each other about your sexuality, you can even start talking with each other about your fantasies in a pleasurable and enjoyable way. Read something that turned you on in a book or watched? Take the time and talk to your partner about it.

Talking about your sexual desires, can bring the two of you even closer.

Swinging Can Enhance an Already Strong Relationship

Only couples that swing will understand this. Most that don’t understand what the swinger lifestyle is about or think it’s a sin, will never understand how swinging can enhance a relationship. I can give you clues, but you really have to experience it to fully grasp it.

Swingers tend to live life to its fullest and share more intimate moments with their partner. Swingers tend to not care what others think and they don’t seek their approval. They live life the way they feel is best for them.

What could be better for the two of you to share, than each other’s sexuality and sexual desires?

Now, think back to when you were single and went out on a date with someone for the first time and it turned out to be a great experience? Or think back about a one night stand you had when single that turned out to be some of the greatest sex you have ever had. Remember talking to your best friend about it? How excited you were telling them about it? Swingers get to talk to their partner about sexual experiences they have together or in some cases alone. What could be better?

Having sexual experiences and sharing the excitement with your partner, can make a strong relationship even stronger.

Swinging Allows You to Explore Other Sides of Your Sexuality

Swinging gives you an opportunity to experience bisexuality if you desire. If you are bisexual or bi-curious, you can explore this other side of your sexuality in a guilt free and nonjudgmental environment.

Do you have any wild fantasies? How about fantasies that require more than one sexual partner? The swinging lifestyle is an excellent way to try out your fantasies and deepest desires.

Some swingers love to role play. Have a fantasy you would like to act out? Find other swingers that are interested in the same fantasy to explore it together as a group.

Would you like to experience sex with someone besides your partner alone? Many swingers swap sex partners and have sex with them in different rooms or locations.

You can find out more about the benefits of wife swapping in the swinger lifestyle in our article Wife Swapping in the Swinger Lifestyle Has Many Benefits.

You can find swingers in almost every fetish or kink you can think of. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try new and exciting sexual things.

Swinging Can Expand Your Social Circle

Find it difficult to find and make new friends? The swinger life gives you ample opportunities to expand your circle of friends rather quickly. What’s extra nice, is these new friends will be very open minded and nonjudgmental.

Just about every time you go to a swingers club, party, or other event, you can easily make new friends. What’s really cool, is once you have made friends with one couple, you usually meet a lot of other swingers they are friends with.

It will amaze you just how fast your new circle of open-minded friends grows.

Let the Swinger Lifestyle Be Your Next Adventure Together

The swinger lifestyle can be a fun and exciting adventure the two of you can take together. The lifestyle will help you to learn more about your partners sexuality and sexual desires.

The swinger lifestyle adventure is something the two of you can do together. Start exploring swinging and learning about it today.

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