Today let’s take a detailed look at the swinger lifestyle members only site named SLS. It’s also known as Swing Lifestyle. My wife and I have been members of SLS for a very long time. We started out being just free members. We then upgraded to paid monthly members and are now lifetime members. Once we were sure that SLS worked for us, we discovered the lifetime member option that saves you a ton of money over the years. We upgraded to lifetime member status and have been extremely happy.

SLS is open to couples, single women, and single men. If you want to check it out as you go through our review of SLS, just click the link below.

SLS – Swing Lifestyle

Let’s dive into the deep end of the pool and take a very detailed look at SLS. We’ll start off by taking a close look at all the features and benefits of the SLS members only swinger lifestyle website.

Features and Benefits Inside the Swing Lifestyle (SLS) Swinger Lifestyle Website

Let’s explore the main features and many benefits you will find in the members only area of SLS once you have joined and signed into the private members only area.

The Home Page of SLS

When you first login to the members area of Swing Lifestyle, you will see the main menu that lets you navigate to the other areas of the site. You will also see the following on the home page.

Who Viewed Me – This section shows thumbnails of the latest members that have viewed your swinger profile. You can click on the more link to expand the list.

Newest Matches – This section shows you other members that seem to match your profile. It also has a link to view more matches.

Random Matches – This section shows random matches for you to check out. The view more link will expand this list.

The home page of SLS also has a tabbed section that displays entries from the hot date, clubs, socials, parties, travel, SLS groups, and other sections. These are usually the most recent entries and most pertinent entries to you.

You can also see and access your groups that you have joined and see what favorite members have been on recently.

Your SLS Profile and Privacy Settings

SLS provides you with plenty of profile options. You can create a very detailed profile about you and what you are looking for in the lifestyle. You can also upload pictures of you for other members to see. SLS also provides the ability for you to create private picture galleries that lets you determine who has access to them.

You can also customize what shows on the home page when you login to the members area.

View Who Is Online

The view who is online page shows a list of the people that are currently logged into the members area. Each entry shows a little about the person or couple logged in, as well as buttons to message them or video chat with them.

The SLS Search Feature

The SLS member search feature can be a little overwhelming at first. It has a ton of search criteria settings. It lets you really narrow down exactly what type of member you want to find.

The distance feature is very useful. You can set a radius in miles and only display members near you within that distance.

You can also save the searchs you use most so you don’t have to enter all the search criteria over and over.

Your SLS Friends List

The SLS friends feature lets you manage all of your friends on SLS. Besides listing your friends, it also lists pending friend requests, and friend requests you have sent.

Your SLS Favorites

As you start actively participating on SLS you are bound to find members that you want to remember. The SLS favorites section lets you manage members you have flagged as favorites.

This list gives you a quick way to find them, message them, or even start a video chat with them.

SLS Chat

SLS has a full featured live chat. It’s usually very popular and loaded with other members to chat with. If you are sitting around bored, login to the chat room and have a little fun. The SLS chat is a great place to meet other swingers.

SLS Private Messaging

SLS has a nice private messaging system for member use. You can easily send and receive private messages with other members. You can save and delete message threads easily. You can also filter messages by who is online or not online.

SLS Mobile App

SLS has a mobile app available for android and iOS. You can locate the links to install it on your phone in the members only area.

SLS Hot Dates

This is the SLS area I really like. You can advertise that you will be in an area or at an event and want to get together with other members. This is a great way to let others know you will be going out and would love to meet other members. You can also browse the hot dates and see if any member is looking for someone like you to basically go out on a date with.

Swinger Events

SLS maintains a list of swinger events and parties. Check this section of the members area when you are looking for a party or other swinger event to attend.

Swinger Forums

Swing Lifestyle has user forums inside the members only area. You can start or join in on discussions on a long list of swinger topics. This is also great area to ask questions you can’t find answers to.

Swinger Clubs

SLS maintains a swinger club directory that you can search through for clubs. You can also drill down by country and state to find clubs in a particular location. Many of the clubs also maintain a list of upcoming parties and events on SLS.

Swinger Groups

SLS has a large variety of discussion groups you can join. They have them on just about any swinger topic you can think of. You can also start your own special interest group if you desire. Groups are a great place to find likeminded swingers and local private get togethers.

Swinger Lifestyle Travel

Like to travel? Keep an eye on the travel section inside the members area of SLS. They list swinger cruises and other travel that would be of interest to swingers.

SLS Tools

The SLS Tools section of the members area let’s you manage and edit your profile and picture galleries. You can also change different settings and privacy features.

Sex Stories

If you like sex stories, SLS has a ton of them. They are organized into topics to make it easy to find the type of sex stories you enjoy or are in the mood for. You can also submit sex stories you have written to SLS to be included in the large collection of stories in the members area.

Getting Help

If you have a question about the SLS site or your membership, use the help section. They have an extensive FAQ and a support ticket system you, as a member, can use.

SLS Membership Types

SLS Swing Lifestyle has several membership plans available. You can start off with a free trial membership to check out the members only area to see if it suits your needs.

Once you are ready to become a full member you can move to either a 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or a lifetime membership plan. Check out the SLS site for current membership rates.

Click here to check current membership rates

How to Join SLS

Joining SLS is quick and easy. All you need to do is click the link below and then click on any of the join for free or join now buttons. This will bring you to the new member registration form where you will select if you are a couple or single. You will also need to enter your desired screen name, email address, your desired password, and location.

Once inside, you will be able to set up your member profile and upload your desired profile pictures.

Here is the link to go check out SLS Swing Lifestyle. See you in the members area.

Click here to check out SLS